Get Out of This Girl’s Way, She’s Here to See Papa! | RingTV

Publicerades den 4 maj 2021
When one-year-old Ember arrived at her grandparents’ house, she had one thing on her mind-find papa. Even though her grandma, Stephanie, opened the door and was ready to greet her with a hug, that didn’t stop Ember from staying the course.
“I watched her walk up, stick her thumb in her mouth, go around me, say papa, then she expertly navigated the step into the house for the very first time on her own to find papa.” Stephanie says. “I followed and placed her into her papa's arms and immediately hugged both of them!”
The family laughed in the moment, wishing they had it on camera. That’s when they realized that it happened in front of their Ring Video Doorbell. “Ring gives me peace of mind knowing my home is protected,” Stephanie says. “The adorable videos it captures are just a bonus!”
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  • That's how my daughters were when they were young. The Papa was all they wanted.

  • babygirl- Runs up to grandma with open arms Also baby girl- PSYCH! .....the burn was real that day lmao

  • And so I took offense to that.... and transferred all her college fund to her brother instead...


  • That’s the same thing my dog’s do when my husband is home.

  • Don't worry, there will be future grandchildren whose affections you can win

  • She said "Close them long arms Granny, they in my way, PAPAAA!" 🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂 DANG!

  • Guess we know who won't be inheriting grandma's pearls

  • Cute

  • To make sure Grandma doesn’t forget, SEnewss recommends this to everyone on Mother’s Day 😂

  • thats exactly how my daughter is lol she literally leaves my mom hanging to hug my dad however when my daughter feels like it she will eventually run up to my mom and hug her unexpectedly lol

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Grandmas trying to pretend she’s not dying inside 😔

  • 😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂🤣😅!!!

  • lol. I want to see papa first....

  • why ring has and publishes these videos ??🤔

  • That's the time grandma began baking edibles for her grandkids.

  • Innocence of a child. 🍃💕🕊

  • Somebody's not going in grandma's will

  • Grams can't help herself and came at that child with the pressure first thing "ARE YOU COLD????!!!"

  • Lmao! I see nothing wrong here.

  • Lol she said she ask for me ran by me and ask for you.. Sorry granny she never brought you up lol

  • Papa is papa.

  • what life is all about.. you all did a good job.

  • I just watched a video that promotes women only caring about themselves and their happiness by choosing not to have children or families. Maybe the kids are finally waking up to modern state of "women"?!

  • Why does everybody assume that the grandpa bribes the child for her affection with sweets. My daughters loved my dad for all they were worth, he did not bride them but they damn well know that he would drop whatever he was doing when he seen them. We would pull into the yard, he would be on his tractor mowing grass and my daughters would yell Papa! I will never forget the sound of the PTO getting shut off and the throttle increase as the governor on the engine adjusted to the decrease in pull on the rpm along with the sound decrease from the blades no longer spinning. He would drive straight towards them. He would kill the engine and they would swarm him. He was in his glory with his grand daughters. Nothing ese mattered to him and he was a busy man with his hot rods and yard work. My mom on the other hand would try to bribe and cajole them, it never worked, they wanted their Papa.

  • My mom moved in w/my grandparents before I was born so they could help her raise me since she was a single parent & my mom & grandma said when I was really little my grandpa went to bed early for work (he worked at Boeing) & I would sit in front of his door & cry for him & say BeBa (grandpa) for a half-hour every night because I was so devastated he went to bed & didnt stay up w/ me. I defintely was a grandpa's girl. & my mom said I was so spoiled he got me anything I wanted & said I said I wanted a soap dish while me & my gpa were at the store when I was like 3 & my mom said why did you buy a toddler a soap dish and my grandpa said "because she asked for it" 🤣🤣🤣

  • That's my 3 year old daughter all day 😂😂 her daddy and her pop pop are the most important people in the universe if you ask her

  • ...she never asked for you.

  • Well, that's not a blow to the ego.

  • 😬 🔥

  • That's the beauty of having a sense of humor, you can take a snub even it cuts deep. 💐😍🤗

  • That's the beginning of getting crappy gifts from grandma 🤣🤣

  • Kids are ruthless believe or not

  • That grandma must be devastated 😂

  • Hilarious! In all the right ways.

  • she finna start a fight with him later lol

  • I love ds granma...

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  • Beautiful😬😳😬😳😬😳😬😳😬😳😁😁😁😁😉

  • Lmaooo she love grandpa

  • And thus she smartly locked Grandpa in her favor forever.

  • Let's just face it, Grandpas can be the best....

  • GrandBaby: I ain’t got time for you grandma, me and papa have things to do. 🤭🤣🤣🤣

  • Lol, that was my daughter! She loved her Pop pop.

  • I bet grandpa is the one giving her the candy.

  • Grandma will remember that slight forever. Forever is a long time. They'll still be telling this story 20 years from now - and how it had 20,000 comments and 5,000,000 views.

  • Hope she likes hot sauce in all her cooking now on

  • From now on, ask gramps. My time is now my own. You eat what gramps cooks. He'll take care of all your boo boos & take you everywhere & my excuse would be I'm smoking🌳 👋🏻 B😎

  • I know baby is innocent but ... I will never hold you again😏

  • Papas little princess!!!

  • Believe it or not, grandma is going to remember that when this baby needs her later on in life, she gonna be like.." Nope little girl don't ask me, leave me alone, go ask you're papa" FACT...!

  • I want to be like that guy

  • My grandson dose the same thing to me But when he is ready for a nap its gram gram

  • Breaking hearts, already

  • Just remember who does the Christmas shopping little one!

  • Aww Grandma don’t be hurt her feeling will change in a week 😂

  • He must've a heck of grampa

  • Grandma, being a good sport!

  • Wait ring can access these video and put em online. That's scary.

    • @Ring Ohh I didn't know. I feel stupid. Sorry. 😌😭😭😭😭

    • Hi there. All videos are comprised of actual Ring videos that were shared with us from actual Ring users. You can check out for more videos shared by our neighbors. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • This is what kids across the world do in this age. They ask for the one who is not around just to reassure themselves everyone's okay. Don't feel bad Grandma, she loves you just as much!

  • I watched this three times lol I absolutely love this kid hahahahaha

  • Sheeeeeeeeeeeshhh

  • WOW that hurt

  • Grandma has some thick thighs.

  • Dang that was cold but at least we know papa is doing something right

  • love to see men getting the love!!

  • 😂🤦🏼‍♂️🤭😿

  • She never asked for you grandma

  • damn, I felt that burn!

  • It is showing innocents it has nothing to do with papa verses grandma only if your self centered 🐗🐗🐗👍

  • 😂😂😂

  • Candy

  • She was like"Stop faking, You don't like me or my mom" "Where's Popa"

  • That's cold. And adorable

  • Hug, denied. I know that her feelings are hurt, because that hurt mine and I'm just watching.

  • The only real video on this channel...

  • ‘CURVED’

  • Grandpa has the candy, tho. So move out my way grann lol 😆😂🤣 Omg.. I miss my grandparents.

  • *even as little girls women hate women.*

  • I think it's pretty normal for little girls to gravitate towards grandpa😄 My mom has all the money to spoil my toddler niece but she still comes running to grandpa😆 My dad is a big, tall man with a big laugh. He just brings his granddaughter around the garden and talk nonstop.

  • I wouldn't leave my child with that grandmother.


  • That was so cute

  • 😅❣️

  • That hurt to watch let alone be on the receiving end! 😢

  • That was precious 🥰🥰🥰

  • It's been a long day 🎶

  • Poor Grandma

  • She probably calls her "Ma'am" instead of grandma. LoL

  • Where is Ludacris when you need him? 🤔😂

  • Awkward and adorable

  • LoL. He put her un place

  • it makes me feel bad to say this but I have gotten some really good laughter out of this one:)

  • This will hit 1 million views that's for sure 😆

  • Haha....grandpa must let her have snacks that grandma won't let her have 😂

  • Awww😍

  • Poor Granny! Her granddaughter didn’t hug her nor did her daughter. She just gave her a little tap. Like “there, there” and walked right in lmfao

  • The way she broke nanas ankles tho