Driveway so long it took over 8 years to complete!

Publicerades den 24 apr 2021
I actually dropped the first load of rock on this driveway clear back in 2013! since then Ive added on in several phases and it feels great to finally complete this monster!
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  • A river of lime 👻

  • Your blade work doesn’t look that bad, and maybe back blading the areas you want smoother might help

  • In the loader just take your time switching from forward to reverse, those older transmissions like a second in neutral before changing forwards to reverse

  • That rock alone properly cost more than my house?

  • For a sec I thought you were driving backwards on that road makin it look like it was nothin in the beginning of the video 😂

  • I love you kept the loader and starting using her.

  • You need a bigger truck

  • now you only need an bulldozer ^^

  • See the A car looks good , I rebuild 2 , a 60 an 63 model .

  • Congratulations Matt. I am so happy for you, reaching this big milestone. Love your videos. Have just finished watching all your videos from start till now. All the best from "Stralya".

  • Are you in sinking spring Pennsylvania it town that will live up to name.

  • 450'

  • He not going to sell it any time soon.

  • 1/2 mile

  • you can`t be far from me (pgh) had same weather when you what do you do for a living?

  • you heard the dozer subscribe

  • You do nice work. I'm a Carpenter (retired) but I know good work when I see it. That old loader ain't bad. That old girl ought to make you a few bucks down the road.

  • Nice place and good jobs I'm in Pennsylvania too

  • When it comes to spreading material for a drive way and leveling it the only machine you should need is a skid steer its size is just perfect for that

  • Gotta ask. - Why not back up as you are dumping the rock and spread it out a bit?

  • I stumbled across your channel and have been binge watching all your videos! Keep up the great work you do!!

  • I learn something every time I watch your channel.

  • Good video... Topping it with road planings....?

  • you could be spreading the stones with the truck only.

  • Is that a big block gas engine in that front loader? Doesn't sound like any diesel I ever heard.

  • Way off

  • 4374ft

  • Enjoying your vids. How many acres of land do you have There?

  • Does the weather change to snow that quickly. Rats to that! Wouldn't want to be in the middle of painting the house!

  • When you like these vids, you'll probably like Andrew Caramata too!

  • Wow if you look out your driver's side window your driving forward if you look out the back window your going backwards. Maybe I'm just tired

  • 👍👍👍

  • what size are those rock?

  • Can someone please explain to me how 197 people thought it was prudent to dislike this video? I have nothing but admiration for Matt has his can-do approach. Wish there were more out there like him, rather than the pissy moaning idiots.

  • Hello from Auckland new Zealand love the channel

  • That roller is sweet!

  • How many truck loads did you use? Looks 👍I

  • What do you do for a living.

  • Good to see the loader bring put to use and running! Btw, it may be easier next time to be driving as your dumping the rocks; that'll help spread them and eliminate the need for the big piles to push over.

  • Would it be possible to tailgate in some of that rock? Maybe put the truck in reverse so you're not driving on your fabric, but man it seems like you could save so much time if you could tailgate in some of that stone.

  • Each load of rock sure doesn't look like it goes very far in establishing that road. Should have a nice base afterwards though!

  • Im going to say 6,100 feet .

  • I was wondering why the plastic under the stones ? When they pour concrete they also do that, what is the reason for it ?

  • It has to be super satisfying when you get to the end result. And I think you're doing an awesome job on all those pieces of equipment. Very impressed!

  • i think its a foot n a half

  • next time move closer and will take only 4 years fool

  • why dont you use the dump truck to spread instead of using the skid steer?

  • I love your dog

  • I love your videos buddy

  • why are you going to build your future house so far away as to have a long driveway.??

  • Awesome video, really keeps the spirit up while stuck in quarantine! That is one hell of a job, especially on your own, having to switch machines all the time. One question - wouldn't it be easier to use "spread chains"(we call them that i Norway anyway, you migh call them something completely different) on the hinge door on the truck, adjust them properly and just back up while spreading and spread them in front(well, behind you) as you go? Might be to wet/unstable ground for it tho, not familiar with american soil. We use that method on our trucks when building logging roads, but we have 4x4(or 6x6), raisable axles, full diff locks + an adjustable blade under the trucks aswell...

  • Sorry if this is a silly question. When tipping the rock why not drive slowly backwards over it, would this not save you time when spreading it and save wasting rock at the edges?

  • Why are you not reverse dropping the rock? It would make things very neat and more efficient. Just a question. Not a criticism.

  • You got it going on, I love watching your progress... Again you have a beautiful place

  • Was that and old Koering next the the Komatsu excavator when you came in to the quarry?

  • Should have made the road much wider, but I understand the financial constraints with that. That could always be added in the future. I'm also has problem with the lack of drainage along the road and the non-placement of a length of 8" or 10'" diameter schedule 40 PVC pipe for drainage and smaller for utilities across the road at strategic places. Placing that in later would destroy the fabric.

    • Why make it wider? It’s actually already plenty wide enough, It’s probably about 14 feet wide in most places, your vehicle is only eight

  • What did all of the rock cost? You gave a price for the fa brick, just curious as to what you paid for the rock.

  • Love the content, Keep on going. 👍 Fun video idea: Steam-jenny the loader. I would love to see the hunk of metal looking all cleaned up! Greetings from UK

  • What part of PA are you in?

  • The reflection on the back window... Surreal!

  • 1847 ft? dude it is a long one👍

  • Im new to your channel and i love it, plus the doggie just sold it!!!

  • Dang, could see the whole truck lowering when hr dumped the load in back💪

  • 400 ft

  • Would you use shale Matt? For base & everything if it was free? Been researching a little on it. Found loads of it on land I purchased last year. I don't want to do it twice if its a terrible plan though. Your land is looking awesome man! Slow and steady improving! You and Dirt Perfect got to do an interview for the people! He has mentioned you guys need to link up at least 2 times recently

    • @Russell [] yes I actually did use shale on the driveway in the beginning it’s really nice to have I just wasn’t able to get anymore

    • @Diesel Creek He mentioned you on A few points from perfect several episodes ago, and once on his main channel a few months back. I dont recall which one exactly. Would you use free shale for a driveway and trails? Take care man love the channel

    • Which ones? I listen to his podcast and never heard that?

  • That’s great

  • That driveway could probably need some proper ditches on each side later. Beautiful work, I really enjoy your videos.

  • Nice job ! I put about 5' of boulders into a spring sink hole in my driveway same type of soil

  • Any reason you didn't set the tipper tail gate to a 8inch gap and drive forward and dump. Would have saved a bunch of spreading time.

  • So... 17 loads +1 in 2013? Is that a correct count? Nice that you have that 10yd dump truck, because easily the lions share of gravel cost is delivery. I'm sure that IH guzzles the fuel, so no insignificant cost there, but probably paid for itself just in savings vs having to have all that rock brought in by a contractor.

  • Andrew would have done this in a day and a half. 😄

  • “Shes big and slow” that’s what he said

  • I get up for work at 7am and theres usually light but you know you are up early when theres moisture everywhere

  • WOWZERS! A 988H, that quarry menas business, & is trying to move a LOT of material QUICKLY!

  • 1847.1' = 563m

  • Looks like you got everything needed to start an earth moving and paving business.

  • Good job 😎👍

  • Can you use your dump with gate opened slightly to spread the rock? Loves the #dieselcreek

  • "imma little more vulnerable in the excavator" leaves door open

  • 1847 feet is over 6 football fields long!!!

  • The ruling clan that gave us the "official 8+1 slash 10+1" pile of lies, and now the Charlie Victor 20-1 viral boogie man, control the weather along w/EVERYTHING else.

  • Awesome! Great job, good to see that major project off your mind and life alot easier

  • Lol when the kids go to shovel driveway I cracked up been there myself

  • The Confirmed jim farm Junky inoperable machines.

  • Is your mustache new? I have become an expert on watching folks work...skid steers, excavators, dozers, and loaders, but not road graders. Anyway I thought you have done very well with your dozer. I'm not complaining, or anything, but it would've been cool if you had graded it first, and put some drainage. You could have made 2-3 shows out of it. Just messing with you. You have done a great job.

  • You sure did right on the purchase of the pay loader . It’s making your life much easier . Will get jobs done faster too . Will come in handy when changing tires or doing brakes on the crane truck , and the like .

  • another totally satisfying video

  • I have been a subscriber for a while now. I love all your videos. I also recently subscribed to a channel called Carin Creek. Their channel is similar but also different. I would love to see you collaborate with Carin Creek for a video. They are in Ohio so probably not too far away.

  • ruff 8000 meters

  • well with what i am seeing and of course the expense of lumber ...time for a saw mill? drop me a line and i'll hook you u with some super information about taking your home out off grid and built to last generations with 2/3 less lumber and what you do use will be primo off the cuts you do on your own land ...Just retired and incorporated my own engineering firm called castle because a mans home is his me at school the best school nearly off grid with out sacrificing square footage or convenance

  • You seriously have like one of everything. Great video man.

  • I was impressed with your self proclaimed lack of skill. You can do a long drivelane for me anytime! Seriously. just before you criticized yourself, I mumbled to myself, Job well done! I work as a Truck Coach Mechanic which has a broad field including Heavy Equipment. I have seen unskilled operaters many times. I don't consider you one.. Have Good Day SIR!

  • Let's put some light and u have a cool driveway xD

  • 'Hopin' I don't get dead' - literally, my life philosophy for the past 71 years.

  • How long is the driveway, in meters? For the 98% of the world who uses metric ???

  • Good job man...looks good......

  • Its amazing seeing all of these machines he has revived and then actually getting to see them used for their intended purpose. Love the videos, keep it up!

  • Been watching since you got ole Christine just subscribed so I don’t miss anything new👍🇺🇸

  • Security looks awfully sketchy but I’m subject to correction. With all that equipment and surrounded by the woods how does he even manage?

  • Thanks again Matt always good.