We Buy a $5000 Corvette, and Thrash it Immediately. Breaking in Our New Sh*tcar! // HHH Ep.005

Publicerades den 30 apr 2021
What’s a brand new shred lot without a brand new Sh*tcar? Except this is Tire Slayer Studios… we gotta step our game up. Grab your leather jackets and cutoff denim, because we got ourselves a C5 ‘Vette for a song. And we’re giving it a proper break-in for its first ever yard session.

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  • Hert and Scotto become dads and now they are going full midlife crisis, someone needs to buy them some white New Balances lmao

    • Scotto gotta kid too? Haha

    • I feel this needs to be full Bosozuko.

    • So pretty much just dress like rob dahm did ls fest

    • @NONo443 absolutely.

  • Just wait until you have to replace the clutch. You will wish you didn't buy it.

  • Do a full build with the vett

  • You guys should do an interior delete maybe a panel delete lol

  • i miss shit car

  • Kids, never buy a car at night. #themoreyouknow

  • i stopped watching these cause you idiots wear masks lol

  • Best episode ever

  • Needs a cam ASAP

  • Doubt y’all will see this, but the top seat belt will not lock. Pull the bottom half of the belt all the way out and let it back in. The bottom half will lock to hold you in place.

  • 13:22 Posted a month ago and we haven’t even seen the car again.

  • We need the original shit car back for sure!

  • Why do you guys keep copying Cleetus? Have him out to do some burn outs and drag races ! We're all waiting.

  • Give it side pipes

  • Sr20 swap that vette

  • Where do you find a $5000 Z06?!

  • Call it the Yard 'Vette. Simple as that.

  • Bring back shit car! But keep this one too 😂👌

  • It's shitcar if you treat it like shit car

  • Do you guys get to write off your tires on company taxes? Lmao

  • I think a simple angle kit and handbrake maybe a wheel and some seats would make it perfect for the yard

  • I want a C5 so bad and these dudes just buy one to destroy 😭

  • OG Sh*tcar ftw

  • Shartkart XL 2.0+

  • Me: My whole life every sense I was 5 have wanted A Corvette I'm 31 now. Never even gotten to sit in one. Hoonigans: we buy a C5 Corvette just to thrash is..... Me: 😳😳

    • @DeathxEnabled yeah, go ahead and add another 5k on for that trans and you got a 10k corvette.

    • @DeathxEnabled coupe?

    • Well depending where you live, in Ms theirs a yellow C5 that needs a rebuilt trans for sale for 5k lol

    • Same, especially finding it for 5k

  • Dan is such a good driver.

  • please bring back shit car with a new livery

  • I’ve heard that it’s possible and actually easy to flip a quad! How do you do a donut on a quad without flipping it??

  • I would love to see ya help a newbie with helping their cars better from each car manufacturers.

  • Y’all realize every fucking car y’all put on SEnewss instantly becomes priceless...everyone wants an arm and a leg and you’re right nut for the car you want..

  • I like how the workers from the other side just watching 😂

  • Return shitcar to when it was painted black with chevy wheels.

  • Shit Vette

  • 10:00 does the hert break happen? 11:45 no it does not....

  • shoulda bought a sc400...posh supra with a v8 for 6k

  • lmao its not a zo6 lol

  • a $5k c5 zo6 holy shit where

  • you should just call it YARD CAR!!

  • Give us back the shīīt we love pls

  • return the shit car please

  • 5000$ You say, I'd like to see this ad ....

  • Get shit car to his original form and bring it back! please :D

  • For fuck sakes...... Lose the masks. You guys are outside. Fucking weak.

  • Please call it 'Z0-SHIT'


  • Look ridiculous in masks

  • Damn man, that E36 is a beast....I have an E90 that I try to NOT kill ........but it dies on me all the time. Last week was $900 for a water pump and some new hoses. Whenever something breaks it costs me a grand. I literally have a box that I always keep $1500 in for unexpected repairs because everything that breaks costs a grand plus.. It really is the Ultimate Driving Machine* though. *When it's not in the shop


  • The sh*tvett

  • Something tells me Cleetus will be around the yard to handle things for Ruby's sister.

  • The red sled

  • Revive Sh!tcar, and give this two a maching paintjob!!! 🙋‍♂️

  • Song , track , beat , Dirt primosux or mind on them stacks lil dola thank me :-)

  • When is part2 teach pizza guy to do a burnout? Or skids????

  • “what should we do to it?” 🤣 Let it cool down already need a new engine

  • Ruby

  • Please Bring back shit car, it deserves to be REIN ''CAR'' NATED!

  • I love that gen "RX-7" 🤣

    • The C5 is just a V8 RX-7, and the FD is just a rotary Corvette.

  • Why the fuck are you guys wearing masks?

  • restore it, and show us how.

  • Every car guys dream job

  • Why are you still wearing masks? Your outside.

  • All you need to do is a trunnion upgrade, suspension, angle kit and 255 rear wheels & tires and it'll be great 👍

  • If y’all hiring, I’ll quit my job 😃

  • Return shit car to it's first form

  • Return shit car to former glory

  • Why tf are u guys wearing masks outside and inside the car????

  • Put a jdm engine in it

  • Those are some pig squealing tires lmao

  • There is no such thing as a male mid life crisis: It just takes that long to afford all the shit you couldn't at 18.🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Yard car litty titty

  • Cut it up

  • I know I'm late, but, yes... make shitcar driftcar again.

  • Supercharge it, no one needs suspension or seats or harnesses. All you need is some bald eagles!

  • Nice

  • $hitcar #2 = 2 $hitty Fun times to come for y’all

  • I don't think I'm ready to buy a car of $5000 and trash it😂😂 I will invest it all in stocks and earn profits within 2 or 3months. Spend wisely people.

    • @Alexa Fox when someone is honest and good at what he or she does people will always speak for them

    • @Noah Arthur okay thanks. What's the faster way I can get to her any company number?

    • @Noah Arthur wow! You know this lady too. She got some good reviews on trust pilot. Nice of you to recommend her on here.

    • @Tasha Sause I work with a US based financial consultant and analyst Rachel Marie lage. She has been influtial to my financial journey and will be of great help to you. Look her up on Google to know more about her ser vices.

    • @Nevan Tyrone 🤣



  • Little Dan needs to invest in a CG Lock

  • Shitvette. Please call it Shitvette.

  • Angle kit. Texas Speed bald eagle cam. Done!

  • - Blower - Angle Kit - Breaks - Injectors - Drive Train - Dollar Store Wheels

  • I call bs on 5g’s for that Vette especially after COVID tax “4 million miles” or not and it’s a stick that car was at the very least 10,000 unless they got it from a friend or a seller that fanboyed out. But mainly I’m just jealous y’all found it and not me :’(

  • Hert really did give us what we all wanted 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • how did Hert not break the Shitvette?!

  • Cut the BS no way you got that for 5000

  • Bull shit you found a 6 speed for that cheap!

  • herts a og shread master

  • bring og shit car back

  • Time to ditch the masks

  • Definitely give shitcar its former glory back!

  • You need an angle kit on the vette....

  • If you're going to call this 'Tire Slayer Studio', you have to get DDE's next version of the 'Tire Slayer' to the yard after they can travel back to California!

  • Dude I woulda bought that thing in a heart beat for 5k God those tires are annoying lol

  • You should call it yard car !!!!!!

  • "It comes LS swap'd" lol best line.

  • That's a steal for 5k

  • Someone make Vin stop saying “donies”

  • Dream car