PS5 Fortnite Is Epic! (New Graphics!)

Publicerades den 30 nov 2020
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  • it hurt when he dropped the controller

  • Actually u kinda cracked I think u should low-key play with ps5

  • I'll beat you at ps5


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  • He see the née dedans animation a lot

  • U didn’t show us the next gen setting tell us now

  • The left field empirically crack because brother osmotically rush past a adjoining shade. anxious, sedate clerk

  • LG little goblins

  • Omg u r gonna destroy your eyes in front of that huge tv

  • Actually I play on console on a 240 hertz monitor

  • Nice TV man

  • ps4 players are trash

  • i’ve been playing on my xbox series x and it’s great. i’m still not tho

  • Bruh I was so scared when he dropped the controller

  • This is why us console players hate playing against PC players.

  • God blessed whoever see this

  • I love his videos

  • FUN FACT :If You Say Fun Fact People Read ur Entire Comment.

  • Oh man that looks beautiful!!!

  • PS5 is my dream!!

  • The only real change I see from the ps5 is the death scene and the sky

  • 4:54 I'm pressing keybind

  • ok lachy mabye sit back a bit lol

  • 2:06 that’s how I normally speak to myself while playing Fortnite

  • soo skilled...

  • cant u do xbox

    • Other people have done xbox

  • I was pressing the keybind

  • Ps5 graphics tho

  • Hi Otto

  • 1343543758436574365430000 k super hd

  • Me: wow lachlan, you are really close to that tv, you might get eye strain. Also me, watching on my laptop: 🖥👀

  • At

  • No kidding

  • I have ps5to man

  • 2:27 did you see that dog

  • As a console player, it was tough seeing Lachy do this, but he did GOOD!

  • I love the Ps5 ❤️

  • I play fortnite

  • Can you please give me a ps5

  • Great video!

  • He's cracked on controller

  • I play on that TV

  • Yo Lachlan do u want me to help u on console

  • Should I get one

  • How he captured on a tv can some one tell me

  • How

  • Im ps 4

  • I was pressing the key bind 😂😂😂

  • you the best pls never stop uploding do ps5 fortnite with fresh

  • Not. Bad

  • 4K

  • hey lachy love your skin in fortnite

  • just kidding XD

  • Who else is watching this in 2021

  • litterally i have the same TV Lol

  • Imma tell u something throw the headphone away the ps5 controller has a microphone and a speaker so the control or is the head set if u ask how i know then i have a ps5 to

  • OMG ur dog is sooo cuteee!

  • He really said I couldn’t place it I was pressing the keybind

  • Want to collaborate with you but I am not a popular SEnewssr

  • Lachy, even if You 86, You still a boss, keep playing, Your the best!!

  • Dr dude


  • Ps4 has so many malfunctions I don't know y would u get it u dingus

  • It's so horrible

  • Ur lachlan skin is trash

  • Your lachlan skin is trash


  • You cute🤗🤗🤗

  • Bruh

  • Ño

  • I play on Xbox I am so bad on pc or ps4 or ps5

  • ayeee its otto

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    • WHAT?????????????? ?

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  • im a xbox player but those graphics look surprisingly good

  • Can we just give attention to the f$&king AMAZING setup 😑😑

  • Lachlan Started to get better on PS5 When he was With his firend PWR radius I’m ngl

  • Why did you use such a small tv

    • Pls tell me your joking

  • I love how he says that he’s bad on controller but he could be playing on a iPad and be better than me. Lol😂

    • WORLD RECORD PS5 CONSOLE Fortnite solo squads on my channel please check it out I'd appreciate it hugely 👍

  • You can change your controller settings on ps5

  • If you don't want the ps5 ill take it 😅. Someone gave me a ps5 controller but no ps5

  • I swear I heard lachy say that at the end of CHAPTER 2 there used to be a water fall storm

  • Thos adaptive triggers hit different huh

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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  • lachy's eyes must be dead after being a foot away from a 65 inch tv

  • i play on a monitor and i have a ps4

  • I have a LG tv I use them all the time

  • Lachy Ohio fresh ...

  • Do some one play fortnite in 5 fps I thing its ONLY me

  • Ps5 OMG 😱

  • The ps5 is so bad xbox is way better man

  • did anyone notice the dog behind him

  • Its xbox series x not xbox one x

  • We play on the same tv

  • I have been trying SO HARD to get a ps5 and they are always sold out