Joey Galloway reacts to Dabo Swinney doubling down on ranking Ohio State No. 11 | Get Up

Publicerades den 29 dec 2020
Ohio State Buckeyes alum Joey Galloway reacts to Clemson Tigers head football coach Dabo Swinney doubling down on his decision to rank OSU 11th in his poll. Galloway and Marcus Spears then preview Clemson vs. Ohio State in the College Football Playoff semifinals.
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  • Destroyed Clemson

  • It’s the right opinion. You can’t say Ohio st is not as fresh and injury free as the other teams. They should not even be eligible to play.

  • Where do you rank them now Dabo? Wherever it is you have to put your team behind them!

  • Was Clemson exposed? Or Was OSU so good, they took them behind the woodshed for an asswhoopin?

  • Dabo is a pos and going forward will not be successful. Jk not!!!

  • Doesn't matter how many you played, you lost the one that matters.

  • Clemson should have lost last year & they got whooped this year. LSU now OSU. Congrats to the Buckeyes winning the Sugar Bowl 🏆

  • 1..outta 4😂😂😂😂 ENJOY

  • Well, Sermon ended up preaching a sermon to Clemson, so maybe he will Sermon Alabama.

  • O-H!

  • Dabo is a giant POS. He's the used car salesman of the sports world.

  • What back peddling! Dabo's team played a bunch of fluff games so, in reality, they didn't really play more than 6 games either

  • Beat bad by 11th ranked team must make Clemson like 30th

  • He’s probably right it’s a CB popularity poll ! Maybe #11 can beat # 2 on any given Saturday as the do every few weeks since forever!! BCS is BS every league champ deserves a spot .

  • Get ready for Bama to show them why you don't put 6 game teams in playoffs!!! 🐘🏈🏆🅰️🐘

  • Ohio nutz are all giddy now in comments congratulations you played almost half the games in the same time span as them and beat them by almost twice as much..... You must be so proud.... Coin "THE UNDESERVING"...

    • @Carl Rice no I was preoccupied in 2015 , how's that creating your own reality working out for you?

    • @Carl Rice so you think I was right about something you're ASSUMING that I thought??? FYI nut , I'm not an Ohio fan , I'd be saying the same thing no matter which team it was. Even if it was my team... Which happens to be the team that's about to show everyone why you don't put 6 game teams in the playoffs..


  • Joey you are so watered down…. You don’t seem to have much loyality to Ohio State. PS…..I’m from Steubenville, Ohio… neck of the woods but still disappointed.

  • Swami says: "Fields will torch the Tigers for 6 TD's, and Sermon will steamroll their defense for 254 yards. OSU will win in a blowout, and Dabo Sweeney will still defend his #11 ranking of OSU." .......... Vegas odds are 1000000 to 1 against this happening. (Heh Heh Heh)....

  • This should have happened last year too. Dobbins getting hurt, targeting, running into the kicker, Scoop and score I could go on all day. BUT it was so sweet watching them not only beat but DOMINATE Clemson

  • So who did y’all expect to play? Better yet coach Dabo! Who would you like to play?🤔

  • Looks like dabo, trevor, and clemson lost all credibility last more overrated, heisman hopeful, and coach respect I O

  • That’s why they got destroyed lmfao

  • yeah Dabo wasnt the only coach that said this....... it was him and 8 SEC coaches lol SEC coaches think their teams should get playoff spots by default just because they're in the SEC.

    • @Carl Rice you ain't lying. and don't forget OSU has about 8 players from the south on their roster, so that equates to 175% of their roster being southern players to southerners

    • @Carl Rice some fans of Team SEC actually really believe that haha one guy told me the other day that vandy would be the best team in the B1G

  • If Dabo wants to rankings based on work, he may want to be careful going down that road.........

  • the poster child for an idiot --and, Lawrence will be the next Ken Dorsey

  • Dabo lost to a # 11 team. makes his lost even worse.

  • "Dum'bo" is just a big crybaby and can't handle the FACT the Buckeyes are a better team!

  • Open mouth... insert foot...OH

  • He has no right ranking anyone

  • He should change his name to Dodo Swinney.

  • He didn’t say anything wrong! It’s not fair that one team plays 11 games and the other team only plays 6 games and makes the playoff game!! That’s a 5 game difference!!! He said “It’s not that they are not good enough!” The big 10 decided not to begin their season until late, so none of their teams should have been eligible for the playoff games!!!

  • Ohio state beat the brakes off Clemson last year two. SEC REFEREES CHEATED OHIO STATE PLAIN AS DAY, WON THE GAME FOR CLEMSON LAST YEAR.

  • Let’s give a hand to Notre Dame for consistently being overrated👏🏾

  • Imagine people not understanding that he said they could be better but we don’t know because they hadn’t played enough games🤦‍♂️

  • Don’t like how he thinks Buckeyes are just big in Ohio. One of the largest alumnus programs all over the country. I make friends in every state who are fellow Buckeyes while on the road.

  • UND loss, Clemson loss, Miami lost to the 3rd best Big 12 team, NC State gonna lose to 4-6 Kentucky. Clemson looked good in a G5 like conference.

  • For a Christian man he forgot one important verse.."pride goeth before the fall" Proverbs 16:18

    • I'm sure you're a good guy Carl ,,I can't troll you no more ....good luck in the championship game

    • @Carl Rice oh and I almost forgot.. Yale has 16 or 17 national championships.. Does that make them a better football program??? Yee Haw. South out

    • @Carl Rice what do you mean southern states didn't take it serious? I'm from the south and When the virus hit and people were told to stay home.. people from Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, And the list goes on, packed up the cars and packed up the kids and came south and started taking vacations... We couldnt believe it.. The only reason big 10 canceled was because they were trying to be politically correct. And southern schools didnt play that stupid game.. And guess how many players were hospitalized because of covid 19 out of all the NCAA players..... 0. Because the chances of these young athletes getting sick because of this disease was super small.. They knew it then and they know it now...Dabo stood by what he believed.. So what.. If OSU was insulted good for them.. Now instead of being 0-5 against Clemson they are 1-4 .. They should act like they been there before.. I promise you just because Clemson lost they not going to build there whole season next year about playing OSU again, and hang signs all over the football complex and talk about OSU...

    • Wow a cristian man ,,,what does that mean???? You cant be proud ?? You cant be confident?? You cant speak on what you believe in.... I think He gave a good explanation of the things he said and did... If its about ranking OSU #11.. He said that he knows OSU is a great team that is capable of beating Clemson and winning the national championship. He said he thought it was unfair that the other teams would have to play 13 games to win the national championship And OSU will only have to play 8... I think he is right.. He placed them 11 because of the amount of games they played as compared to the other teams.

    • i agree!!

  • the results of the tOSU/Clemson game still don't change the ideology of Dabo's poll. He SAID up front that "tOSU is good enough to win it all, to beat us",'s just that he didn't think it was fair for a team to play half as many games to get into the CFP. For those who there ANY amount of games played that would change your mind?? Meaning, what if tOSU only played 2 games?? You still think they would deserve to be in??? What if they only played ONE game and then the rest got cancelled due to Covid??? You still put them into the playoffs?? Everyone knew that tOSU had the horses to win against Clemson and even Bama, but if we're just going off of "potential"...then why even play the regular season? Just put in those 4 teams that have the best rolling 4 yr average recruiting rankings.

    • Total rambling , What if ? what if? what if ? what was!!

  • Dabo put a bad taste in my mouth earlier this his team has paid for his sins

  • Trey still had time to put up 197 yards between all the touchdown bombs that Fields was spreading around the Super Dome.

  • I guess that makes Clemson number 12, at best. Dabo is a loudmouth and a fool.

  • How does that foot taste dumbo !


  • Eat Crow Dabo..

  • Galloway was a stud player and is one of the best analysts out there now - and he's a gentleman

  • Clemson coulda skipped playing the weak conference schedule and still lost game. He just didn’t want to face OSU. Thanks for locker room wallpaper!!!

  • CFP is an're invited because the committee believes a team is one of 4 Best teams. 4 best teams. tOSU proved on the field that they were one of the best. The consensus was Clemson was going to destroy them...GO BUCKS!

  • Ha Ha Buckeyes Won!!!

  • First he said “it wasn’t right” then literally turned around and said “I don’t really care” which one is it Dabo

  • Oh yeah tell dude on the very left that it turns out northwestern and indiana were better than Clemson lmao I don't think he knew😂😂😂 lol I think 21 points is a blowout right lmao

  • We’ll call it a rivalry coming from a buckeyes fan Clemson has been better for a while that’s why this game was specifically special and for the little amount that we play each other this will be a great match up for years to come!

  • Dabo is om his way out lol. This could be clemsons last year in the spot light. Ohio state will always be here. Just blew clemson out

    • @Jay Crowe ok but osu is always ranked high Clemson is just riding a 5 year high

    • @Jay Crowe same year you had players busted for PEDs?

    • Settle down Buckeye, after losing the next game to Bama, Fields is not coming back and it's right back to being whipping boys to Saban.

    • That's the first time Ohio State has ever beaten Clemson I quess you forget when clemson beat them 31-0 will be back

  • 👇🏾 Field delivered...👇🏾

  • This aged well...

  • 49-28 lol 😂

  • Buckeyes Pride!

  • Well this is embarassing in hindsight.

  • What does he have to say now after losing

    • He just got done eating an entire humble pie.

    • He can't say anything with his foot in his mouth

  • Well this aged like milk.

  • Mouth of the South. Daboo should be glad it wasn't #10 as a opponent. Many teams in the country better than Clemson.

  • Dabo just Jinxed himself and his Clemson tigers against the Ohio State.

    • @S Chao - Yeah, how about that!

    • @Disco/Secret um Acc had 2 top 4 teams that was ranked in the playoffs.??? But they both Lost.. big ten only had the 1 which was Ohio state.

    • No jinx, they’re so overrated. ACC? Please!

    • @ S C - You think the Ohio State kids read the bulletin board this week ?

  • Trevor Lawrence looked pretty pedestrian and he got pounded all night. That was pleasant. Aside from that, Clemson got whooped and Swinney looks like the buffoon he is. What is a “Dabo” anyway? I know ...Dat bo’ oughta’ keep his mouf shut. Bahahahaha

  • This didn’t age well

    • No it didn't buddy!!! 😁 It aged about as well as a fermented fart 🤭

  • Dabo was told the refs are going to help them as much as they could like in 2019.

    • The refs tried to help them in the 3rd quarter but the only way they could have helped Clemson was if they took points off the board because Buckeyes just kept scoring!! Loved it 💪💪💪

    • 🤣

    • 😂

  • Ohio just beat Clemson😂😂

    • If Dabo was a player, he'd been considered a distraction to the team!🤣

    • Ohio didn't play Clemson.

    • WOW! #11 beat Clemson

    • Ohio State beat Clemson, but your right Ohio probably would have beat them too!🤣

    • He still don’t regret what he says but try to say that with dj

  • Dabo got humbled

  • Hey Da-bo now what do you have to say. We beat you even though we only played 6 games and with your dirty play trying to take out Fields. Oh yet that's right we didn't belong there and we didnt have a chance according to all you know it all espn sports so called analysts. Bring on bama we like being the under dogs OH baby.

    • That's right. The more we are talk about the more we want to proof them wrong

    • I-O!!!!

    • IO!

    • Also, I’m not a Clemson fan. I hate them just as much as you

  • Lawrence looked very average tonight

    • That buckeye dline is lethal

    • @Robin Banks Facts!!

    • Couldn’t see the spirit of a champion in Lawrence, yet every Buckeye showed determination and spirit to take Clemson down......and that they did.

  • Dabo feels real dumb now.... Now hold that L !!

  • now they losing 28-14 to ohio

  • well Dabo we dont really care what you say

  • If coaches gave more respect to 'its tough to win games" an undefeated Gof5 would get more traction. 🤷‍♂️

  • He complains about Ohio yet he promotes Trevor Lawrence for the Heisman and he missed 2 games. I call that a hypocrite

    • Excellent point!!

    • What ever you think is fine.

    • @J Walk They're the top conference, but if you were to watch sports tv you would think they're NFL teams, and they are not.

    • @General Lord Jowbra I certainly don't think the SEC could be labeled bad by any means. I think it is a fact the SEC has been the Champion for the majority of the time. Can't Cherry pick, you have to remember LSU and Alabama and Auburn all have chips, and UGA will have one next season

    • @J Walk Cincy did deserve it. Though we have to wonder how good the SEC is given how bad they have looked, and usually look in bowl season. It's worth noting that OSU does really well when underdogs, 02 Miami and 14 Alabama can confirm that.

  • Hope OSU takes them out.

    • Joey is a straight shooter. He knew that Dabo trash taking would infuriate OSU.

    • And then they did. Bahahahaha

  • I think Justin should play one more season at OSU, especially since this was a shortened season. I think he needs the experience.

    • There's a slight chance I'm biased as an OSU alumni.

  • Records don't mean everything to me. I like the eye test method. But let's be honest we need a larger playoff system. Also Ohio St has never beat clemsuck or the university of South Carolina.

  • Cry baby. Make that early going get taken to Task today dumbo...good luck

  • Dabo dabo ding dong is a clown and the joke is on him!!

  • Whaaaaaa I hope Clemson has bad carma going

  • Running game will beat Clemson not justin fields cant do it

  • It doesn't matter Bama will win it all no matter who they play.

    • I wouldn't be so about that. No games are guaranteed.

    • @Andy Phung destroy Bama I doubt that they have way to much talent to be destroyed possible they might get beat but I doubt it

    • Buckeyes will destroy bama!!!

  • I'm still waiting for someone to call Dabo out for his hypocrisy. He says this about playing less games, yet also calls out the Heisman committee saying Lawrence should win it, when, wait for it, didn't play as many games as the others in the final 4.

  • Thats not Ohio states fault

    • ​@M Cat well dont come at Ohio State

    • but it is the fault of their conference.

  • The dude in the middle of the screen here is admitting he is not impartial by saying I'd be mad if he were Joey. I am not a Clemson fan or a fan of one of the left out teams but Dabo is right. To be declared a national champ you should have to run the gauntlet which Clemson and Alabama and for that matter ND have done. OSU has not this season. If if they win one or both of these games that doesn't change the fact they have played so few games which made their path much easier. Period! Just think of the times OSU has lost to someone they should have beat during the regular season and knocked themselves out of the running for a title. This year that didn't happen because they simply didn't play the teams that could have derailed their chances.

  • He can only beat OSU if the refs are on their side again.

    • stop crying. We beat ohio state FOUR TIMES!!!! LOL!!! I'm assuming you think the refs were on our side 4x, huh? LOL!!!

  • Big 10 was down as a whole this year. It was the same with the ACC last year

  • Try playing without stealing signals then talk to us about anything! Why do you have to cheat to win?

  • Dabo is 100% right AMEN BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!


  • Humility, authenticity, & character vs pompous, arrogance, & self glorification. What you sow so shall you reap.

  • Galloway was a great player.

  • If T Law had played all 11 games lil Sweeney would have said if you haven’t played 11 games then you should be this and that but since he only played 9 you know the rest lol 😂

  • Your QB only played 9 games and other Heisman hopefuls have played 11 so right is right Trevor shouldn’t be in the Heisman race

    • A QB isn't winning the Heisman...just saying.

  • Ohio State had their best opportunity last year however they got robbed even their coach mentioned how dirty the refs did them. Unless Ohio State can mount a strong secondary against Clemson's strong offense than their doomed!

    • @Jerry Wilkins Cool good 4 you 😎😆 that's good to know but it doesn't matter as that was his last game anyways. One game fam check put his highlights vs Notre Dame and fyi he will be solid.

    • @Jerry Wilkins He's a good back bro he's going to have success in the NFL.

    • @Christian Raines top pick maybe, any good once picked who knows? All the same the monster back had a leash on for the game. FYI I knew what ya meant ;)

    • @Jerry Wilkins I was refering to his talent fyi. And he's going to be a top pick in the draft anyways.

    • Monster back had how many yards rushing in the game? Lol

  • It kills me how they prop up the narrative that OSU earned that spot. The Big 10 was gonna cancel the season then at the last minute decided to play half the season and now are being rewarded for it.

    • So regardless that ohio state destroyed clemson you still believe they shouldn't have been in the playoffs? Good luck with trying to convince others they dont belong.