My Girlfriend, My Best Friend and the Barfy Beach Date

Publicerades den 10 okt 2020
My Gif is the best Beach
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  • I only ship anime characters so like UwU P.s I love your videos UwU

  • I have a Pomeranian

  • Why don't u post so much enmore😔

  • His girl friend is floof and really he got another dog and doesn’t have a name for the new dog yet...

  • Maaz and James. Need ship now.

  • I have a feeling his gif is maaz 😳

  • I’m gonna get hated for being a furry now aren’t I

  • Its jaiden

  • Did anyone else see the stickers on his suitcase 😏

  • yeah that dog voice thingy out of style and tacky af

  • 0:37 hiw I feel when I do one sit-up

  • Ah the dumb mistakes of youth. So like, you're ill-prepared in the napkin department but that's fine. You should still be able to exit the vehicle, wipe your hand on some hard outside surface, and then re-enter the car and use some of the non-drinking water and hand-sanitizer that you most *surely* brought with you...cause like what's the point of all this mask protection without being prepared with sanitization? Beyond pandemic amenities, this story just reeks of "inexperienced-city-dwellers-unprepared-for-the-beach" energy.

  • James are you a simp?????


  • "You're being a lot right now" is my new favorite phrase

  • Next thing you know his girlfriend likes girls

    • I'm just messing fwi

  • 0:44 well ouchies for the fangirls and fanbois

  • My question is, why is jaden and him a ship? I mean I know I haven’t been on his channel for to long but I didn’t they were a ship ;-; Also congrats bro!You got a gif! Proud of you man 😄

  • Yo James I saw some guy drive around to three different beaches and not even go in bro. Also they had some really cute dogs

  • Ok james we get it, your a god, stop making us feel bad

  • Does James even animate his stuff anymore because I saw two animators in the end card

  • i just compared his first vid to this one his most resent, and WOW the difference HOLY CRAP lol good job James!


  • It’s kinda weird hearing James curse sounds weird

  • Clolad

  • Collad

  • What’s her name?

  • Hey James I have a recommendation for you. I know you met a Karen in your life at sooubway don't deny this...TELL US YOUR STORY! :D

  • This is the first time that James even said a swear word


  • Do U like Thomas and friends?

  • James I found somebody shipping you with adam:

  • Just think of how awkward it would be if you and your best friend got shipped and people really went into detail with it Treat others the way you want to be treated

  • He is definitely liking maidenanamashins

  • YeHeS I wAs HoLdInG tHaT pUpPy I iN bUt NoW wE'rE aT oUr DeStInAtIoN

  • i like it how everyone thought it was jadian

  • 0:50 Thank you for that. People just don't listen. Now they will (at least most). They think it's "cute," and it's fine because it's "just a joke."

  • Floof 1 Rapper 2021 -- Floof 2

  • Hiii i bought some of ur merch i got the plush anf i love it so much

  • Soy el unico wey que habla español Like si tu hablas español ⬇

  • 2:42 I think that dog- sorry, Floof 2 just had a stroke

  • I bought a "I'm odd" mask :)

  • Just call her "PERSON"

  • watching this at the beach. i hate it.

  • Its jaden anomation

  • Lmao can’t wait for Odd to say they are expecting

  • The day of the frow up

  • Que ago aquí en un canal de inglés

  • My son just got his James costume in the mail! So cute! Thanks for being awesome!

  • mama

  • 2:08 did anyone notice the pansexual and gay pride flags on the box thing

  • plot twist: *maaz is his gif*

    • Real

  • Plot twist: James found his girlfriend at a gay pride convention


  • Why won't you draw ur girlfriends' face?

  • Arent there beaches in arizona

  • I never knew James was into guys

  • The elephant broke up with me because I kept calling her an elephant

  • Wait Bowser and Clifford!?

  • did no one else see the pan flag???

  • OH MY GOD, HE FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE!!!!!!! What took so long??

  • Hmm why does James gif have like a men's shirt throughout the video or he's just hiding something about his gif

  • i love youre chanel youre the best you shuld be a bilyener

  • Why dus she sound like a boy WHAT is James gay.

  • Does James swear more

  • Yes, wear a mask.

  • Wait people ship james and jaiden? Disgusting.

  • DARN IT if it was jaiden and james then us shippers would be complete >:I

  • Another man lost to simping

  • I mean sure, I do ship real people and think it would cute but I don't be like "[Insert ship name]" over and over again. If they make a video talking about it and would appreciate it if everyone would stop it, I would listen. I didn't even KNOW people shipped you with Jaiden. I just see you guys as friends. I should've known people do anything.

  • I SHIP

  • You should move to south Carolina

  • Wat da hec dude😂😂😂😂

  • 2:21 and 2:30

  • James remember the movie the dark Crystal? Well it's on Netflix

    • He made a video about it like 6 months ago i think

  • When James said The elephant broke up with me I felt that

  • Hi I love your videos

  • Hi enfrom brazil portuguesa

  • I just got a baby James plush 10/10

  • Eddsworld SHipping: Oh shit

  • hes gay

  • 3:56 when james goes trans and weird

  • What about Adam

  • 2:02 good second alliteration reference.

  • Did no one else notice the pansexual flag in 2:09 on the bag? I can’t tell if it’s intensional or not. There’s also a rainbow flag so uhhhh

  • I know that James is flexing his Gf on us but he doesn’t realize that now we can call him a SIMP!

  • In the first time in months, James has posted


  • Are you in to guys

  • 1:45 James with the BLM, wear a mask, and love sticker

  • 4:35 they say that they need the bag but if they didn't need the bag well some people will get out of the beach very sick :/


  • Who has been watching a video for over 40 times 👇 like if you have-

  • Great! That was great. Another amazing *video* .

  • You know what after this video I'm gonna ship James and Gif cuz it's the right thing to do cuz I'm not actually going to ship them I'm just gonna say in this comment for them to have a good time in their relationship

  • You need to make money so your merch is expensive,I respekt that.....but plz make your merch cheaper (i beg u)

  • james what happened to your last gf

  • James in smash bros confirmed

  • Everyone - 'Talking about shipping two people' me - "ARey Bhojpuri Kutta" (a bhojpuri/autotuned dog)

  • 2:08 james has a LGBT sticker on his chest thing he opens