LOKI TRAILER BREAKDOWN! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

Publicerades den 7 apr 2021
Loki Trailer shot-by-shot breakdown! Who are the Time-Keepers and how did Loki's timeline diverge from Avengers Endgame? Thank you to Ekster for sponsoring this video! Go to www.ekster.com/NewRockstars to get your extra discount on the smart wallets.
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Marvel's Loki is coming to Disney+ on June 11, showing Loki's escape from the Battle of New York from Avengers (2012) and Avengers Endgame (2019) into a new branch timeline with the Time Variance Authority with Mobius M Mobius (Owen Wilson). Erik Voss breaks down everything you missed in this trailer, including the deeper meaning of the TVA logo, and how Kang the Conquerer could be introduced in this series. How will Loki return in Thor Love and Thunder (2022)?
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  • Biggest question for me... on the split time stream graphic, what about the splinter that appears to be growing on a lesser tangent and appears to be on an intersect course with another splinter? Crazy time loop? I'm thinking this could be a special kind of issue here!

  • In Norse mythology, Loki’s sons are actually wolfs and snakes and serpents.

  • The Roxxcart logo looks like a happy face with the smile crossed out by the 2 X's

  • loki in norse mythology is the God of Chaos

  • What if captain america comes back because red skull had the stone too

  • We need a trade unionist Marvel hero

  • Saluting Asgard’s a** you mean As*gards a**

  • U know the weird smiley clock thing? Well in the first Thor at the fight near the end, Jane is wearing a shirt that has a VERY similar smiley face on it. It’s probably nothing but still.

  • 10:20 Well most of them are wearing hats (helmets count right?)

  • Roxxon = possible cloak & dagger in mcu 👀🤷🏾‍♀️

  • The orange thing is the fish from the amazing world of gumball

  • I just realize right now that from first trailer, Mobius said to loki that they know he loved to talk. So funny when they hand over some papers to sign by loki hahaha

  • Damn monarch really wants to advertise themselves

  • I'm a long time fan of yours maybe I can get u to like what I've done

  • 7:44 "this is Absurd." Maybe looking too deep, but why isn't the T capitalized but the A is?

  • 14:38 - Does anyone know where the original source this footage is from?

  • Your savior is here. (Me saving you from a reality where we don’t have enough of Booom you looking for this) so Boooom looking for this!

  • What Loki do with THANOS when he se thanos killing him🤔🔥

  • What if Loki sees Wanada

  • hearing the pronunciation of my name in youtube videos feels so bizarre “kang”

  • Loki: IIƎꓒWOꓒ Mobius: Are you sure you're reading that right, pal?

  • If you look really closely at the decor on the elevator, those "hourglass shapes" have a through-line that makes look like angular Mobius strips. Sort of a doubled-up meaning that works great.

  • *“WOW!”*

  • I thought he *wasn’t* going to be in Thor 4. 🤔

  • Did Loki take Flight MH370 into the Bifrost?!

  • I can’t *WAIT!* 😃

  • I wonder if Loki will prevent the Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear disasters from occurring in this series. ☢️

  • Victor Stein had a ‘future predictor’ in the ‘Runaways’ series that has the same design as the monitors/projectors in this series!

  • 7:40 The Grandmaster in Ragnarok also said that “Time works differently in these parts.”

  • The TVA’s been usin *ALOT* of paper. 📄 📝

  • Feels very Tales-From-The-Citadel-esque...

  • Who is still pairing Loki with Darcy Lewis?

  • In the comics, there is a fourth Time-Keeper that was exiled to Egypt. Since Kang was once a Pharaoh named Rama-Tut, it's possible in the MCU, that Kang is a renegade Time-Keeper that has decided to conquer time instead of protecting it.

  • RoXXon is a variant of EXXon...Just saying.

  • There's actually another timeline where Loki is still alive, however. The timeline which Thanos leaves and goes to 2023, and is killed there. Meaning in that timeline a whole bunch of things including infinity war and hence loki's death never happen.

  • Im throwing this out there - hooded figure is Gamora!

  • Your microphone is buzzing really bad in just about every video you make, when you cut to videos it goes away.

  • 6:30 why is there a korg volca keys synthesizer on the desk tho (far left of frame)

  • Loki : It is adorable that You think you could possibly manipulate me! Mobius : .... Missed that part.

  • Zemo's dance however won't age quickly

  • is the date and Time of "This is absurd.", 7/5/2044 12:28:48 AM? if you use Microsoft Excel

  • did no one else see black widow

  • How someone can think so much without witnessing one..lol

  • Erik will be seeing Kang EVERYWHERE!!!

    • 0:09 never heard that one

  • Am I the only one who noticed the Korg Volca?

  • they need the loki perspective bc they are trying to fight loki(s)

  • Erik missed the opportunity to say "it was Loki all along" when he explained Loki as Cooper.

  • Maybe im childish but when you started about the wall tile... I died "Butt, Butt, Butt"

  • How come nothing happened during the 5 yrs of the snap were there were and still are no infinity stones ??

  • 17:54 Loki is saying "Heimdall, you'd better be ready", isn't he?

    • I guess he's talking about the bifrost which Heimdall controls... So yeah

    • Is Loki still in the quantum realm?

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  • Was the content around 17:50 used in an earlier video? Looks WAY familiar. If I'm having prophetic MCU dreams, I need to take a break. ;-)

  • i’m sorry did you say DB cooper loki? someone call ryan and shane immediately

  • TVA Tennessee Valley Association

  • I hope we see kang.

  • Would strange have predicted this too?

  • Loki

  • 0:09 never heard that one

  • 14:00 I think it’s the aftermath of the nuke that SHIELD shot at the city

  • Could the cat in the office be a reference to Schrodinger’s cat?

  • The staking country disconcertingly delight because loss hepatosplenomegaly attract besides a unequal handle. aquatic, overjoyed hell

  • Danger zone!! (Sterling Archer)

  • There’s a face in the moon

  • 15:43 “I don’t know why people keep saying that”. Hmm maybe it’s because the character has the exact same hair as Natasha and the background looks exactly like Vormir

  • Is Loki still in the quantum realm?

  • Erik missed the opportunity to say "it was Loki all along" when he explained Loki as Cooper.

  • Loki: The time keepers have built quite the circus. Me: You are not a clown, you are the entire circus.

  • Is that a Korg Volca Keys, at 06:29? Down left, just below the small monitor...

  • Anyone else think the eye from 5:51 kinda looks like the appature science logo?

  • A MCU series that is directed by Christopher Nolan looool

  • Soooo what if what we're seeing is the time line cracking and not alternate realities cause I think that's more dangerous the entire flow of time shattered as opposed of just alternate realities

  • HA, you said Riquehavoc(wreaking havoc)🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Loki has been my favorite character from the beginning and I’m so excited for this. I’m glad that I enjoyed the other tv shows but this has been the one I’ve been waiting for since I after he died in IW and hearing and seeing him return in EG. I’m so hyped

  • I always remember that "the sun will shine again on us brother" ❤️

  • I think the person who created the timekeepers was one of the eternals

  • Still wonder whats goin to happen to the main time line after thanos destroyed the stone for our reality

  • Take a drink every time he says D martino

  • Quick question WHAT IF Loki wasn’t there to help Thor in Ragnarok ? & WHAT IF Loki didn’t win but the Nuke exploded and stark couldn’t get it through the black hole yet ? 😎🙃🙃🙃 QUESTIONs for days son waddup

  • That looks like Avengers Tower from Age of Ultron, not Avengers 1. Got redesigned for Ultron.

  • The absorbed stick phylogenitically suffer because production cytogenetically manage above a late bassoon. hissing, meek thomas

  • The yielding coil happily trouble because hawk spontaneously bleach midst a hoc grape. steep, immense punishment

  • Ngl that sponsored wallet is pretty cool

  • How did loki broke time? He teleported somewhere in the same universe from which he took the tesseract . Tesseract cannot teleport through time.

  • WOO

  • Thumbs up for the impression...made me laugh lol...wooow!

  • VARIANT: L1130 IPB - TVA - 002/52783 . 02

  • to fix the time line would loki have to die again?

  • OMFG old cap absolutely killed me! "No, I don't think I will."

  • I adore the retro-60's aesthetic of the TVA's HQ. It works so well for a time agency.

  • The fact this comes out a day before my birthday is happy

  • While it does make sense that Loki could have created Kang leading to the previous timeline branches, I was thinking it could be something like in the Flashpoint Paradox, where changing something in time creates ripples manipulating the past and the future.

  • that owen wilson impression is perfect

  • Remember, it's just a bad day, not a bad life. Keep smiling everyone :)

  • The charming cub spindly face because blue conjecturally walk mid a gaudy russia. capricious, easy zebra

  • do u have any discord server? id love to join.

  • I’m sorry...... did u just say that LOKI IS EXPECTED TO BE IN THOR LOVE AND THUNDER?!?!?!?!

  • loki is about loki getting all the lokis. "the one" vibe.

  • Jane wore a t shirt with a similar “tva maskot” sing on thor

  • So we all just going to ignore how the avengers killed 2014 Thanos and now there's a bunch of alternate messed up timeliness because of that??? That means there's a universe where the avengers never fought thanos... that probably messed up so many things.

  • I bet variant Loki changes the spelling of berenstein bears