The BIG TURBO LS6 Swapped Volvo Wagon RUNS! (First Start)

Publicerades den 22 jan 2021
Today we finished everything on the Turbo LS Volvo Sleeper. The Holley Terminator X system, the turbo kit with the VS Racing 7875, the custom alternator setup, and the power steering system. After a bunch of headaches with the ECU, we get it to run!
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  • About the white board you can buy a pen that you can erase and write on top of the words you can't normally erase. It will come off.

  • Some dream of ls swapping some cool ass JDM car, this wagon has been a dream swap/sleeper for me. Such a solid chassis to start off with.

  • what was wrong with the first alternator

  • Can you wear a 🤠

  • Just upgrading the comments section with a SEnewss algorithm comment

  • Makes me never want to buy anything holley related

  • Why is your next video available a week ago and your SEnewss channel has to wait over a week? To build on your channel more content will be needed

  • Use the dry erase marker to write over the permanent marker and it will come off.

  • you do know that if u have permanent marker on your whiteboard, you can remove it by writing over it with a whiteboard marker and then wipe it.

  • The lack of consistency in his upload schedule is why I am unsubscribe. Bye 😁

    • Are you trying to be noticed? No one cares, you left the same massage in his insta you weirdo

  • This car is gonna be a beast cant wait to see it rip

  • i saw in the car

  • Dude we need more content even if it's not much it's better than nothing for over a week. I'm sure we all miss you.

  • I have done the same thing with pinning a plug wrong

  • Great video and watching ur expressions n stuff was funny roo

  • Been here since the old Forza Drag build video's and my god man.. It's so fu**ing cool to see how far you come. Inspiring if I'm being honest, to always follow your dreams. I'm excited for the continued awesomeness from your channel!

  • If you plan to continue stripping every other AN line, perhaps just buy twice as many fittings.

  • Just use brake cleaner to remove permanent marker

  • You should watch boosted lifestyles videos

  • lmaoo you could've used germ x or dry erase marker and the permant marker would've came off

  • I recently bought a 92 Volvo 240 wagon that is turboed and manual swapped, kinda cool I bought it and one of my brothers told me you started this Volvo wagon build, I am excited to see how it turns out I’m planing on building another b230 red block for more power for the future. Also will you be putting bucket seats and harnessed in the car?

  • Burnout!!!

  • Did that thing really start with 74k on it? That's so low for that year of 240

  • Question - are you planning on doing any body work? Removing the rust? Fresh paint? I feel like the performance deserves a clean exterior but also takes away from the ‘sleeper’ goal

  • Ah yes, Volvo content.

  • Fucking “Turbo brick” status lives! 😂

  • Imagine that, this is the Volvo’s first start. And it has already put me to shame, in terms of power numbers. 😂

  • Oh, so it runs? MORE BOOST!😂

  • Fun project, more than one of V8 conversions have been done in Sweden in the past. Rover 3.5l V8 was very popular, and the Ford small block, they where registred as 221CUI but more common was 289 and 302's since they look visually the same with distributor in the front of the carb.

  • me: noticing caleb has half a mill subs, can fab custom suspensions, ls volvo, built miata also me: remembering calebs forza 6 videos slamming cars by softening the suspension and going over ramps

  • There was a recent video on a Chevy SS “sleeper. They need to watch this video and see what a real sleeper is. Sick!

  • Gingium, if you are reading this,I wanna give you a tip. Next time you are going to pour engine oil into any engine just hold your canister horizontally and not vertically so that air can escape from the canister. That way you won't spill oil ever again. Cheers, Oleg


  • Caleb : "Don't write on white boards with permanent marker" Also Caleb : *writes on white board with permanent marker

  • I wish you could deep clean the interior

  • Am i been sleeping or why the altenator swap?

  • Fuel Tech é a melhor

  • If you want a cleaner way of getting permanent marker off a white board, scribble over it with non permanent marker. It will soften the permanent marker and will allow you to wipe it off properly. You may have to go over it once or twice.

  • I love the intro. One of the best things about this channel is you show your mistakes. So we can learn from your mistakes. Keep up the good work.

  • why does it look like the power steering pump is moving in and out

  • Gingium: *tells us to not use permanent marker on a dry erase board Also Gingium: *Marks off accomplishments with a sharpie on a dry erase board

  • but if you think about, that is the LS turbo with the best oil pressure built up procedure ever

  • Reason why i watch your channel: my dream build is volvo 740 with turbo ls6 i was talking about that with my friends and next day i discovered this channel it was when you started to build this.

  • Love how the white board left a thing on the wall 😂

  • Rocky mountain race week 2021?

  • gingium, if you use permanent marker on a whiteboard and cant get it off, scribble over the permanent marker with whiteboard marker and then it'll come right off. best thing i've learned in school tbh haha

  • Is does come off if you write over the stuff you wrote with the permanent marker with the marek thst comes with the board

  • Yo Gin, promise me you'll record every time you gap those fockers ✌👌

  • 0:37 herrlich

  • this is my dream car

  • You should put bigger cams in it eventually and make more power

  • GM style connectors suck

  • I really love that you aren't afraid to share and go into detail on your mistakes.

  • ahhh the old flipping the usb over 3 times to get it in the port trick

  • Gotta love the snail mail 😂

  • Lol 😂

  • Like always the finest of car building quality on SEnewss!! I love every vid and can’t wait to hear this thing scream!

  • Really excited about this one G. 👍👍👍

  • Hey gingium over here in sweden we have a company they have a lots of volvo parts go and check them out i have buy lots of them to my volvo duett and they are manufacturing most themself Ps exuse my english

  • Power steering pulley is walking. Bolts may have backed out

  • If you write on a dry erase board with permit marker you can just write over it with dry erase and it will wipe off just so you know.

  • Caleb you have a future, your projects are insane, but the best thing i love of your videos is your spontaneity and sympathy. Every time you post a new video i'm looking forward to watch it😍 Hope the best for you! You are fantastic!

  • how working on cars goes: finds issue, thinks its an east fix, spend 300$ on it, still broken, realizes you did something backwards, rethink life decisions

  • You told us not to use sharpies on whiteboards, and yet, here you are

  • This is what coding feels like

  • To get permanent marker off of a whiteboard just use dry erase markers over it and erase it.

  • Pins not making contact. First test, always.

  • Happy birthday ‼️ Gingium ‼️

  • Also that pcv! Plug the valve cover nipple and vent both sides. Cheapest and best option

  • YO, don’t use a restrictor for a vs 7875. Ask Viren (owner of vs). Rip to that turbo

  • Use dry erase Over the permanent marker it’ll come off

  • It still blows my mind that you started out a gamer and now look at you welder, fabricator, programmer there isn't anything you can't do when it comes to cars ! Great job

  • All you need to earase sharpie is write over it with a erasable marker

  • Always check the simple stuff first. Been there done that with my moto always a wire.

  • Next time try hairspray on the whiteboard...

  • Just a little tip on pouring oil from those 5 quart jugs- if you pour it sideways (large flat side towards the engine), it flows very consistently and it won't spill all over your engine.

  • Bruh just draw on what you wrote with fresh whiteboard marker and erase and itll work

  • I know it's really frustrating to work on something without seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, congratulations for keeping to work hard at it and getting it going!

  • You can us the dry erase markers over the permanent marker and wipe it off

  • Alcohol will get the marker off!

  • Just FYI refrigeration and 1/4 gas fittings are same as -4 an fittings, most hardware stores have them

  • I'm almost surprised with Holly's lack of help. I would have thought they would have been more helpful and at least tell you how to check things in more detail, not through parts at it and then return it.

  • This isn’t only a sleeper build. This is a work of art

  • I've had troubles with an MSD standalone transmission controller harness as well. The Packard/Delphi connectors they use are knock-offs and just don't grip/connect well. When mine acts up due to random vibrations, it goes into limp mode which is 2nd gear. Most annoying. Will have to cut and replace their junk connectors when I get the chance. Hope you don't have any more issues!


  • But the feeling when the car starts is sooooo good 🥰

  • the youtube algorithm is completely fucking with calebs views. these should be getting 300k at the very least

  • 20:31 look at the wall :Ddddddddd

  • your channel is so damn good man, that was a great episode. you should be very proud.

  • you poor oil like komplet amatour, you do it SAIDWAYS

  • Awesome job man!!! Sometimes it's just like that, things just fight you and you just need to fight back :) I'm just happy everything sounded good! Keep up the great work!

  • Congrats on getting it worked out!! But dude you kill me with your organization! Your work bench gives me anxiety. Your wasting money and time by leaving your shop a mess.

  • “Now let’s melt them together” 😎

  • You use alcohol

  • Ait so what kinda exhuast are you gonna put on this thing? A nascar boom exhuast would be sick with that v8 lol

  • Gingium: *Struggles cleaning sharpie of whiteboard* Also Gingium: *Continues using sharpie on whiteboard*

  • Mans said, don’t use a sharpie on your dry erase board and does it who whole video

  • Oh boy let me tell you about the time my supercharged car wouldn't start hot. Boy I spend money on every sensor in the car. What was the issue? The car was lean at hot start. The progrmammer tuned the car in the middle of winter and didn't account for summer. The ECU saw hot coolant and refused to give enough fuel as it would with a cold start. I either had to w8 for the car to cool down or unplug the water temperature sensor and plug in another out of the car to trick it into thinking it was cold. Took me about 2 months to find the issue.

  • @Gingium at 12:45 you can rotate the oil container 90° to the side, this way they oil wont slosh. Its kinda contra intuitive, but it works. Good video as always! :)

  • HELL YEAH DUDE!!!! Thats sooo exciting, i freaking love this series, and all series as a matter of fact, even the previa!!