I got bored on 100 by 100 Minecraft

Publicerades den 2 apr 2021
Sometimes I just get bored and I want to chop trees on the 100 by 100 Minecraft World. I actually like it a lot haha.

@SubParTyson - Tyson
@Wahhfff - Collin
Rather_Quenched - Preston
Music Used:
"Andy Griffith Tribute" - Huseyin Aksu
hahaha youtube analytics go brrrrrr
These are like Crimes to Commit in Minecraft, but they could be considered the weirdest or weirder. But these are the Weirdest Crimes t
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This isn't a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin. This isn't 100 Days Hardcore or I Played Minecraft Hardcore for 100 Days and Here's what Happened. This is the 100 by 100 Minecraft World.


  • How to you enchant flint and steel!?

  • Perfect loop

  • When your so rich that you made an enchanted flint and steel

  • Weird flex but ok

  • You really need to show us a much longer video of the everyday stupidity of your friends and you in that world.

  • No ones gonna talk how smooth the cut was when the video replayed?

  • what is the enchant of flint'n steel

  • How do you make Floating water

  • I think he’s just bragging honestly

  • Wait wait wait you said duping was wrong but I see that name


  • Damn you where bored

  • Idk why i just love his voice

  • This should be retitled to 'damn bro that's crazy'

  • if you’re bored then stop playing 🥱

  • Song title on the background? Pls

  • Thorns doesn’t stack so if you have it on one piece it does as much as if you had it on all pieces

  • I do I same thing

  • Everyone talkin about the loop meanwhile I'm like.... u can enchant shears?

  • If ur bored can u atleast build my profile uwu im just kidding if ur tired lol

  • 1. Perfect loop 2. Thats kinda gamer pog

  • When the video ends and you play it again, it actually loops perfectly!

  • Nice loop

  • Woah the ending is kinda like a loop

  • Lol

  • Noice loop

  • I play this game only with my sister

  • The loop was perfect you earned a sub

  • Nobody Smps:

  • Bro go outside Biden is president now

  • Perfect loop

  • I love how andy griffith is playing in the background music

  • dude

  • Fdd

  • i love the transition for when it repeats its smooth af

  • That perfect loop tho

  • Everybody else: woah Minecraft blah blah blah Me: ANDY GRIFFITH INTROOOOOOOO

  • Thorn boots [bottom text]

  • I saw the re start

  • Its possible to be bored on the most creative game ?

  • Technoblade approves

  • "so, I did some mining off camera"

  • Play terraria its so fun

  • Breh

  • That is one of the smoothest loop I’ve ever seen. Props to you

  • Today i learned fortune hoes farm more potatos

  • how about you get a gf instead

  • Sziasztok!

  • Sad

  • Me who want to enchant flint and steel when story mode show up *GULP*

  • That 2016 youtube video whistle song in the background brings back memories.

    • That's the Andy griffith show theme song wtf

  • Grinding for resources and getting maxed out everything is honestly so much more fun than just beating the ender dragon. That's also fun but getting everything shiny is also my thing.

  • I feel the same way i did everything

  • that ending is so seamless is scary

  • The video is a loop

  • This is me in roblox or like minecraft

  • I didn't understand why you are bored, You didn't even convert diamond into netherite.

  • Fun fact: Wandering trader's Trade is OP in 100 by 100 world


  • Infinite loop

  • Get 10000 beacons and use them to blot out the sun.

  • Was this all for a bad loop

  • I think you should get a job

    • this is a joke

  • “*breath in* And then I just got carried away.” Sounds like me with everything

  • Jbuhih

  • I see why he put the flint and steel as the last item: to loop the video.

  • This is bored on another level ✨

  • It's a loop!

  • i’m at level 280 something on my world

  • The loop was so good

  • Iousuisj


  • I say if your bored make a YT short where your exploding tnt to get netherite or something

  • This is when you finnaly stop playing and go outside and do something with your life man

  • This man is completely bored at home

  • You sooo should make longer videos bc you are really interesting and cool

  • Well... Play Terraria.

  • perfect loop

  • Why don’t you Max enchant and every piece of armor and tools

  • Hloy shit the loop

  • Loop

  • The only way you can truly know you have nothing left to do is when you get a netherite howe

  • He burned down the most sacred house in all of Minecraft, the Minecraft construction handbook house...

  • Dude this man is so alone and bore😂😂😂😂


  • Fact: Thorns sucks. Whenever the Thorns enchantment kicks in, it eats at your armor’s durability, making your armor not last as long as it originally would.

  • Over Powered

  • Go outside my dude

  • why not just get netherite?

  • Stupid

  • Get all possible achievement in the 100x100 world

  • Why did you use silk touch on a diamond hoe for leaves when you can make shears for 2 iron and no enchants

  • Its like Fallout 76

  • Imagine when he upgrade his tools and armor with Netherite

  • How do I dupe I’m playing on a anarchy server and I don’t now how to do the regular stuff

  • Can you make netherite