Republicans Force Delay Of Biden’s COVID Relief Package | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Publicerades den 5 mar 2021
Welcome back to The Daily Social Distancing Show. Today Trevor Noah covers the San Diego apes getting their COVID vaccinations and Republican attempt to stall Biden's COVID relief bill.
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  • How did Ron Johnson force the reading? Couldn't they just say no??

  • Democrats need more progressive senators to make senators like Manchin irrelevant.

  • I have to make a correction on that news story, Gorillas were the second great apes to get Covid. Humans are great apes. Get over it. XD

  • Loved your cameo in coming 2 America watched it last night you were great hope you get more roles

  • They should just record the reading in advance and play it at 5x or 10x speed 💁‍♂️

  • Wow man....

  • Never happier to be a Canadian. Political America has become a terrifying place over the past 6 years. We've got our issues up here, but we are nowhere near this polarized.

    • @David Murphy Yea,...but if I'm being honest, I feel sad that the States have turned out this way. I'm in my late 40s now, and I still remember having that unconditional place of support for those south of the border. So, yea. Feel sad a bit. Anywho, cheers.

    • I couldn't agree more - I've always loved being Canadian, and, seeing what's happened to the US these past 4 Years, and, now, well, it's only reinforced My appreciation for the Country we live in.

  • Hail Ceaser !!!

  • Time to separate party from common sense.

    • GoP is not a party at this point...but a cult.

    • That can't happen......who said they ever had common sense??

  • Is it 600 or 700 pages long, you shouldn't be able to vote on a bill if can't even say how long it is!

  • Funny that Republicans are Americas greatest enemy and there own followers believe them. A cult of the privileged.

  • What's that app that reads out document?

  • Whom has the 6 hour delay benefitted

  • Reply my Comment Comedy Central UK I dare you!!!! 😂

  • *All they want is to break the govt/country. They are the party of fascism, of sabotage, and just being trolls.* When they make the President fail, they make the country fail. rip America. You are all *Fk'd!!*

  • This is called POLITICS! USA USA USA 🇺🇸 ‘Merica 😹😹😹😹😹

  • Jokes aside, you REALLY don't want a similar - but different - species to contract a dangerous disease, because it's a recipe for mutation. That's how you get a virus with a 3% mortality rate to turn into a virus with a 40% death rate.

  • Why are they doing this, it affects all people, people are dying just give the vaccine doesn’t matter what your views are just give vaccine and save lives

    • @Jeff Brailsford 1.9 trillion dollars for covid bill! and how much is actually aimed towards americans? very little. republicans's proposal is less that that because they will not be wasting money on gender programs at pakistan.

    • @Vaas Montenegro Ummm... the Republicans want substantially LESS money going to people in this bill. They wanted it to be only a third of the size it currently is.

    • Its plain propaganda dude. Republicans are not delaying the bill, they are pushing for it to be reformed so that more money is provided to the citizens in the covid bill, as was promised by Biden before getting elected.

  • What happened to the billions that was passed last December? Where did that money go?

    • America has a lot of people. The December relief was next to nothing. Look how much furlough pay brits and Canadians get

    • Ask the former celebrity in chief

  • 3rd

  • They don’t care about the average person

    • Its actually democrats like Manchin that held it up. Although I'd call them republicans.

  • first