I was paid to speedrun Cooking Mama

Publicerades den 4 apr 2021
Jaiden stopped by the stream and donated subs to speedrun cooking mama 2: dinner with friends. So I beat her record.
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  • One of my new favorite past times is watching unassuming innocent souls be terrorized by mama, thank you for this (oh and congrats on the record hahaha!!)

  • Never before have I been more invested in a speedrun

  • you use NDS

  • good job

  • Jaiden drag his soul to hell with that challenges

  • 26:22 remember: Share, share, share!

  • 28:14 Why us it that I can just imagine Cooking Mama 3: mama goes to jail, then one of the recipes is just how to make toilet wine

  • 5 hours !

  • :):)

  • 26:38 dialtenhof: Remember WHO YOU ARE, SIMBA. HAHAHAHAHA

  • Please speedrun the Bee Movie Game for the DS if it is speedrun-able.

  • If cooking mama goes to jail she will force you to go to jail with her and she will become the cafeteria lady

  • cooking mama 3: prison food

  • Is it me or do I really a murder mystery 2 account with the same name🤨

  • Gordon Ramsay wants to hire you

  • What did you record your DS with?

  • That's a chocobo leg...

  • Tanner : ah ah ah. Oh oh oh. The DS: sounds about right

  • SmallAnt: prepares pizza perfectly Also SmallAnt: 25oC

  • Do the Wii version


  • "Do you like your corn on or off the cob?" S H R E D

  • And thats why there's so many used nintendo ds with f**ed touch screens on ebay

  • Now, make it in real life

  • .

  • "I bet you can't even taste this Mama, you don't even have a nose" -SmallAnt

  • take a shot every time he says “EVEN BETTER THAN MAMA”



  • i remember playing this and a pokemon bootleg meant to brain wash kids into becoming tree hugging veggie eating hippes didnt work on me tho i just saw them both as hey free game i gave NO FUCKS and still dont free is free who cares if its made by a bunch of hippes you cant brainwash someone whos really stupid

  • Ant: I bet you cant even taste the food. Your nose isnt even there. Me: I- but- she still has her- i- **thinks harder than i should** i give up

  • I just realised the pointcrow merch

  • 8.19

  • well i was going to try this but i only have cooking mama 3 :( i have more but i cant find any of my wii or gamecube games so :|

  • would've been funnier if he said 'Cooking Mama 2; Electric Boogaloo'

  • S

  • This isnt in speedrun.com

  • SmallAnt you should do Apple Pie % where you have to burn the apple pie as quick as possible...

  • Hmmmmm 0:19 Everybody came??

  • even better than mamma

  • he stupid for that ending lmfao

  • When he said corn soup, I thought he meant corn bread

  • Back when Cooking Mama first came out PETA had a Flash game on their website called Killing Mama where you had to slaughter animals to cook them. There was lots of blood. There was also a Super Meat Boy clone called Super Tofu Boy.

  • That chicken was from monster hunter world


  • SmallAnt : see it was an easy one Jaiden : Listen hear you little shit

  • You can hear the pain in his voice

  • in brazil we eat a kind of little shark called dogfish

  • Most emotional victories in anime: Number 1 , Smallant1’s victory against cooking mama

  • Hahahaha this was great 😂

  • Take a shot every time he says "even better than mama"

  • 26:35 you blind? the instruction right there say remember where the line is to trim the meat

  • My friend is a big fan he says he will get oddesy and beat your records

  • I like at the beginning you can see Pokémon bank

  • Wow 🤩 this is :) great now you feel the pain of not getting u gold medal and doing it again and again and again and again :)

  • Wow

  • Does anybody else calibrate the ds touch screen or am i just dumb for doing the right thing

  • aahhh nice and slow, nice and calm... nice and calm, don't mess them up... go slow, and steady, its not a speedrun, you're cooking some eel for your family and friends who are coming over tonight, you want to make it as best you can for them, to make sure- *_DAMN IT_* make sure they have a good experience, _dammit_

  • nice.

  • Even better than mama bro

  • 21:30 Eggbender xD

  • He do be kneading dough

  • "We're making pizza" and other lies you can tell yourself

  • s

  • To the person named "mythwatch" in the chat at 13:59: I care that you are here

  • man tries to cook (loses his sanity) - colorized

  • Krinios was there POG

  • the speeeeeed clicks are real

  • I wonder how many people end up hating mama while playing this game.

  • I was playing Arma 3 while watching this and at 2:15 I thought that was the sound of an enemy firing at me so I got up from my prone position, laid down supressing fire, and died and had to restart from the last checkpoint that was like 20 mins earlier!

  • 21.33

  • 11.35

  • I like how he shouts "WE CAN GET MAMA ARRESTED" so excitedly.

  • HAHAHA that broccoli soup had to be good with that blowing

  • She got another 2 million in like 10 days.

  • Hi i saw you lost on hide and seek across the earth i was going for you

  • You beat jaiden's record!!

  • Did anyone see that Jaiden also drew Ant when she was talking about speedruns

  • I would love to see him try and continue training to get sub 5 hours!

  • Wonder if Jaiden would try to take back number 1 spot

  • Look on the bright side, at least mama isn't making you do the dishes

  • “IT SHRUNK, I HATE THAT!” Smallant 2021

  • e v e n b e t t e r t h a n m a m a

  • howtobasic would be trembling in their seat

  • I wonder hmm 🤔... should I subscribe?

  • Why did they add shark fin soup??

  • Dere's a neat lil' secret 'round 15:30. Look for it yerself.


  • The fifth element: eggs

  • No turning back now, oh but not for me

  • *C O O K I N G M A M A *

  • This game looks like such a nightmare. My god, why would anyone program this?

  • Spliced 100%

  • That scream though

  • I keep coming back to this when I need some perspective on my own hardships

  • Only smallant gets roasted by his mother during a speedrun. Got roasted by his own Cooking Mama.

  • Noice USB Videout 3DS

  • 4:16 did he say **** soup orr ok im sorry

  • Looks like you lost a fridge from mrbeast

  • This brings back memories