Rep. Johnson on the significance of the newly released Russia probe docs

Publicerades den 16 jan 2021
Sen. Dusty Johnson, R-SD, discusses the newly released Russia probe documents, a Joe Biden administration and impeachment with Fox News' Griff Jenkins.
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  • Fox News is more dangerous than Opioids! That is called mind washing. Please broke away from is cult !💩💩👎🖕🏽

  • Democratic party are crooks and criminals traitors who have for years of criminal activity against Trump and his supporters

  • They will be covered back up to blame Trump. Both impeachment should be overturned and clear Trump

  • We shall see if that info ever comes to "we the people"!! I seriously doubt it!!

  • The importance is everything has been S.N.A.F.U. since before Trump. And that Trump was kept from cleaning house, by the same people needing to be removed from power!

  • The only thing that will change this corruption is civil war where these traitors are drug into the street and dealt with.


  • Typical RINO Republican caves to Democrat narratives instead of calling them out for what they really are - communist sympathizers and enablers - Traitors!

  • It's complete corruption right in the face of the American people.

  • There is no significance if Republicans have no power and the FBI and DOJ are compromised by deep state Obama appointees. The last time the foxes were in the hen house, they put in a back door. Now they are there permanently. Bill Barr just ran interference for the criminally corrupt Democrat Communists. Looks like Durham is doing the same. They sandbagged the American people.

  • The FBI cia and government spied on a sitting president!!!!!

  • Blah blah blah means nothing to us if you don't prosecute this blantant corruption

  • Probe doctrines reality but False investigation Bluff by Barracuda Obama

  • This is the problem with Republicans of his ilk: "it was a very bad piece of intelligence" referring to the Steel Dossier. It was NOT Intelligence of any kind. It was spam to get a coup started and as such , the perpetrators need to be brought to justice. Action please not words.

  • Arrest the swamp rsts

  • Casey, you’ll never hold a candle stick to your father , I will say he was never a liar like you !

  • There is no significance without accountability. The Democratic Party has been on a four year crime spree

  • CORRUPT Election and those should be held responsible.

  • And the same FBI is "vetting" the national Guard troops in washington. So reassuring!

  • Only danger to are country is Nancy Pelosi

  • How is trump ever gonna get equal opportunity against democrats when the government will never be fair. I’m beginning to see that trump won’t stay as president and this country will be at its worst if Biden/Harris has their way. I wish people will stop saying trump has involvement in the capital hill riot when he didn’t, dems are the ones who did this, antifa is the ones who hit capital hill why don’t they say what it is? God I’m so tired of hearing this crap, now that government is corrupt I will never give a dam about politics unless I see the people prevail and be shown we do matter.

  • Well Fix it

  • Question was what are you going to do with info. The problem happened. People are GUILTY, so what are you going to do with info. Will you arrest the guilty

  • It doesn't matter how much safe guarding reforms you enact. If you don't enforce it and those who circumvent it won't be prosecuted. It looks like nothing will happen this time and therefore this mess will continue. A sad American political saga!!

  • Funny how only just now they decide to release to the public all these documents that exculpate Trump. They only had to wait until his term was over to do it. Ugh! So sick of all this blatant corruption.

  • Why can’t I hear what their saying

  • Why do the Democrats throw Impeachment around like a flimsy accusation?

  • Impeachment without facts has changed AMERICA FOREVER. So sad when we were on top of the WORLD !

  • Another infertile politician, anybody going to jail from the democrats???? What do you think they(judicial system, democrats) have been doing to the conservative citizens??? How long you think they are going to take it??????

  • Stealing the election does not make him President. He will never be President

  • What was the name of his caucus? Wasn’t it “Problem Solvers”?? How can fix a problem you won’t acknowledge? 🤔

  • I think the elites found that things WEREN'T ramped up enough. .it's all in the plan to USE any people big or small to push their agenda: total CONTROL. Wake up world!

  • Corrupt corrupt lying FBI

  • 🇺🇸❤DONALD TRUMP❤🇺🇲 is an 🇺🇸American Patriot and Hero🇺🇸 And is 🇺🇸Our REAL PRESIDENT👍🏻

  • 👎🏻Fukk Biden Cheaters 👎🏻

  • Why in the hell didn't Graham turn this information in sooner, probably because he's working with the dems to get rid of Trump. Hope he's turned out next election!!! Or maybe he will switch parties!

  • Our President IS NOT a threat to our country but impeachment DEFINITELY IS THE MOST DIVISIVE language.

  • Lets also keep a very close eye on black listing of democrats

  • Until people go to jail you're all worthless

  • Who will be criminally charged for initiation and payment of dossier. Will criminal charges include coup attempt, return of all taxpayer money involved in investigation and character assassination of our country's leader?

  • I think anybody that lies about the Steal Rig of democrats needs to resign.. It happened, they as of right now are getting away with it..

  • Replace the Republican Party! With one that will fight for America. Graham is way too slow releasing this . Graham gets so hard to struggle the fence, that he has no balls left! He gets to stay safe by playing both sides and he is Luke warm. We need to spit him out.

  • President trump has been abused set up from the very start . now Americans want justice we want schiff/ Muller /Nancy , joe biden /hunter biden / entire socialist democrstic party plat form arrested

  • They better be doing the same thing when it comes to Jim Crow Joe and The Chinese.

  • Legeslative body you did not do your duty to remove the socialist democrat plat form and should be arrested.

  • President Trump only trust worthy PERSON there.


  • No Biden not accepted by the peoples.

  • How about the chinese tapes. And 3 hard drives. How about Biden and his son be sent to tri bunerials for insurrections and treason along with Nancy Pelosi

  • So let me get this right, So they broke the law, and nothing is going to be done about it again!

  • No, this will not be productive, it's a joke, no democrats will be disciplined.

  • Not accurate = LIES

  • Fox, we are coming for you, too. You were and are complicit.

  • Everything is about to be exposed and NO ONE involved will be able to run from it... Hopefully. Help us Lord, Jesus.

  • It's a way to late, Whay didn't Graham release this information Last Year

  • Take them down on purgery

  • I do not trust the Dept. of Justice, The last 4 years shown how crooked and corrupt they are. OH..yeah where is John Durham report?

  • As usual, Dem operators in the government skate away scotch free, but if someone connected to the GOP does anything, they go after them with both guns blazing.

  • who really gives a crap?

  • Stupid Amerika has always been one always. But Xina and Iwan are always their emty

  • The DNC may have some fractures but they vote party lines. They will not wait.

  • So Russia was a conspiracy theory even though our government said they were guilty of working with Trump to help him steal the first election over that other witch?The orange devil is bad people and im so happy he is gone.

  • You can never wake up someone who pretends sleeping

  • I found the origin of the Russia thing Trump “Russia if you’re listening...” There ya go

  • There will be no accountability because the democrats will be in office and they are the criminals, the elections need transparency so the public can be reassured- don’t think that’s going to happen either- we need whistleblowers please

  • Trump needs to declassify all of the Clinton and Obama Papers.

  • Wow! Finally republicans are acknowledging Rusia it’s a treat to America and now with dems in power they are trying to fix what they didn’t do with republicans in power

  • When a person makes a decision based on LIES They Were Told it is NEVER a Win or Victory. Just A Total Disgrace! . Joe Biden - MADE IN CHINA . Hunter Biden - MADE IN UKRAINE . Obama - MADE IN RUSSIA . Kamala - MADE IN WILLIE . Democrats - MADE IN MEXICO . NHL NFL NBA - MADE IN CHINA . MSM - MADE UP

  • Why is it whenever I see politicians speak I feel like I’m watching Samurai Cop goes to Washington?

  • Talk talk talk and the clinton's walk !!! There not going to do anything but dog trump ...

  • FBI & DOJ had political motivation. They still do.🤣🤣🤣

  • What probe? Show me any documentation that someone has been charged or even been held accountable for anything. This is just another talking point for the republicans and fox news. Nobody cares.

  • If they broke a law, convict them. I just want to ask a question. If Donald Trump had not had substantial business interests in Russia, if he had not taken such a Pro-Russia stance, do you think the FBI would have felt the "need to go out of bounds", or "allowed themselves to go out of bounds" even if the White House pushed. As a citizen of the United States, I have always been concerned about his relationship with Russia, as well as the fact they seem to get a pass any more. They are Communist, they have been an enemy for a long time, what does it really mean to say the Cold War is over? A bigger of 2 enemies does not one enemy make!

  • Dont matter none of them will be held accountable , so why even bother reporting it ?

  • democRATS are scumbags

  • Lindsey Graham is a TRAITOR, including anyone who supports him.

  • the issue is it isn't a factor, everyone who hears and is like omg how horrible already knew the probe was bs and everyone who supported it doesn't care that it was bogus

  • “People need to have some trust in security agencies”. More like absolute trust. You are a useful idiot Johnson.

  • new laws to enforce old laws ? that didnt get enforced

  • FBI mistakes? Mistakes? Mistakes? Please, don’t blow smoke my way.

  • If a proctologist was going to examine Donald Trump he'd have to pull several Fox hosts out of there first in order to do his job properly. Hannity would obviously be the most deeply embedded of the bunch.

  • Muller report, investigation, corrupt DOJ, corrupt FBI, sexual predator for Pres., idiot for VP. Future for America.?

  • So sad Drumph approval rating 29% what a shock crybaby loser now beginning to be clear to Trumpublicans

  • Drumph is biggest embarrassment ever! Impeachment will let worldwide and our country know we can root out evil and lies from our democratic government

  • Cannot believe you stupid people think that Comey investigation into Drumph loser criminals who he had to pardon for their crimes needs investigation? Totally a Drumph cover up the real truth as told multiple times but not here on Drumph TV

  • Jan: Russia Russia Russia!

  • Happy new year y'all Please repent because Jesus is coming soon, Like so more people can see this.

  • Meaningless.

  • No word from the republican traitor about the dead at the TRAITOR republican riot, no word about 400,000 dead Americans under Republican leaders. Republicans are TRAITORS !

  • Notice how careful Fox News is when speaking about the people involved in these crimes against President Trump and his supporters? Lazy investigations? Mistakes? Really? Not treasonous acts? Not criminal acts? President Trump holds a Rally and calls for peaceful and Patriotic protest....? INCITING INSURECTION! Needs to be in Prison? Criminal and all supporters are criminals!? Yep. Careful how you speak about the one's who own you, i guess.

  • Comey and his henchmen are traitors to America and the American people! They need to go to jail!!!

  • The things the Democraps get way with... it defies belief. What does that say about the mighty U.S.?

  • The FBI? Don't you mean the FIB? Nice picture @ 2:45: Could the man giving the injection, resist saying: "Just a little prick!"? A euthanasia shot springs to mind. Sorry, I am really a nice person.

  • Ehmm...So we say: Trump bear responsibility for this crazy stuff happened on Jan. 6th...but we will not charge him with anything...that unity argument is really BS. Imagine you fired a staffer in your small business and he need to leave end of the month. Now he complains over and over again till his family come to your shop and break your door open. You barely can leave through the back will never say...yeah...he is just there for 3 more days. I let that slip through....

  • Left wing activists posing as journalist arrested for inciting violence ahead of the Capitol riot

  • Time to abolish the FBI. We cannot have agencies with that much power acting on political bias, completely unacceptable on any level. At this point I would prefer congress do NOTHING at all, that would be better for the American people.

  • Republicans who work with biden will get primaried

  • I suspect that Droolin' Gropin' Joe B. and his Leftist cohorts will do more damage to America than Russia ever could. We will die from within.

  • How about the FBI actually do their job with Hunter's laptop??

  • They all should be held accountable