World’s HARDEST Card Trick (IMPOSSIBLE) - #Shorts

Publicerades den 16 mar 2021
The World’s Hardest Card Trick... this one is interesting- enjoy friends!
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Thank you so much for watching friends!


  • Oooohhh you naaaasty

  • MAGIC TRICK REVEAL : In his deck of cards half of them were king of hearts because when he showed us the card that the girl choose That was king of hearts andon his other hand he also had a card of king of hearts look carefully .It is just my words you can tell me your opinion in voments

  • Gzjujh

  • Cool

  • Gelchpi झालर

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  • Why are you said I never did this before why are you still doing it

  • Amazing just amazing

  • never

  • It's so cool

  • sean: I did it! *throws card to glass mom's be mad*

  • Omg

  • Yeah she'd get it haha I'm not even gay or bi but I'd give her a try

  • Omg he's amazing

  • How did this??

  • All cards are king of heart

  • I mean I use water to wash up but also toilet paper to wipe the water off 😂

  • The knife just shuffle his card with dum

  • That's why i

  • I know she's cheating i know she's seen on camera

  • He should have been a banker and counting money with that card shuffling skills lol SO FAST

  • than they 3 having 3some gruesome

  • he : ever use toilet paper before she : sometime he : I haven't this is he's best trick than the card one

  • why you shout like pregnant women after your idiotic trick

  • Ahaahha

  • The more interesting trick is how he got her to appear in his videos.......

  • What how

  • its dangerous because he broke something

  • I mean he broke the light that’s pretty dangerous

  • Yes

  • How you gonna be a girl and not use toilet paper all the time 🥲

  • Gay

  • How you how you do how you can do that I don't know how you do it show me more tricks please

  • Be a man use your hand

  • She is girl is very beautiful 😘😘

  • Yes I am working 💪 and call her tomorrow and she said that we would have a good chance for her o

  • When Sean throw the knife Me:oh gosh! Do you wanna died !? My bro: no I don't want to DEAD Me: its not you,its someone My bro: is this my sister? Yep totally. I don't know she crazy😓

  • The end is so funny hahahahaha

  • Haha

  • Are you saying you've never used toilet paper you've always used your hand to wipe your butt when you got to poop

  • force card

  • Damn

  • Girls that have no business dying their hair blonde

  • He was nervous because he never used toilet paper before and it was his first time.

  • Bruh Sean ur mom exposed u

  • Are you a controlling guy or are you related to sven?

  • OK that is actually fake

  • Don’t tell it to dangerous

  • Bro she's beautiful

  • holy shit

  • Every magicians needs cards

  • She is sooo much cute 🥺👉👈❤🥰😘

  • We need a tutorial on this srly

  • Dang that's a sick trick 💙😎

  • Whats up with the jumpcuts eh?

  • That is so cool hi we do you do that

  • Pro tip: if you ever do a magic trick, don't use a cuts in your videoy it breaks the illusion

  • Yes a magic trick video with cuts how real

  • I've never done this trick before but I can shuffle the cards like I work in a casino. Lol

  • Card tricks are overused it’s not even worth doing any more or even watch a video

  • Wo its really not easy to learn the trick

  • That's easy when you mix the cards and give them a spring you get there a cut where there is a card and then you just simply put the knife through the hole .easy 😃

  • Wow: Super Girl 🤩🤩💖

  • When i heard i havent on the toilet paper scene i was YOU DONT USE TOILET PAPER EVEN ON THE TOILET!?!!!!!?!?!?!?!


  • Wait so how is it dangerous

  • My man is throwing away gold for a magic trick

  • Title *says is impossible* Me: well how can you do it if it is impossible

  • This is what I call "Full of luck"

  • would be better if you could time your cuts better so it doesn’t just jump and make it obvious

  • Baby he's playing you whatever your name is my name is Imani

  • No no that's dumb


  • That is so ool

  • Did you smash button ?

  • nah nah nah nah how do you do that..

  • He cut the video and peeked at the cards Found the king of heart . Placed the knife at that part and switched on his camera .. and that's how he makes us fool

  • WOW

  • Hi

  • The cuts in the videos make them seem very unbelievable please just do it without cutting

  • Him: mom! Mom: why is the chandelier broken?

  • 좋겠어요

  • Wow impossible

  • Everytime I see this useless fella I hit the dislike button and skip.

  • I think so Whole cards are KING (HEART)

  • "I never done this before...." Are you sure about that?

  • How do you do the thing where the cards are going down like that

  • Phew I was very nervous sense this magic trick is very dangerous, Im happy that the cards had no major injuries.

  • All of the cards are the same?

  • Your mom

  • Aaaaaaa

  • Crazy about this guy..

  • 😂😂

  • Wtf?! What?!

  • Did any one noticed why the girl playing with abdominal navel 😂

  • me before: oh most dangerus i wanna see. me after: how the freak dis he do that..that isnot that dangerus... but how 🤩

  • Every card is the king of hearts

  • Ha

  • nonsense u are mad u are understood making fool to everyone mad

  • Me: He is better then saksham probably Saksham: wait,what!!?