This Is BETTER than EVERY SMG in Warzone! 🤯 Use This Class!

Publicerades den 30 apr 2021
This Is BETTER than EVERY SMG in Warzone! 🤯 Use This Class!
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  • I was using the XM4 yesterday and this video appears in my recommended

  • I’m a god with the xm4 and a og

  • TIMMIES 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • Timmies number 1 eh

  • That squad description tho...lolol

  • What’s two bar threat?

  • OMG!.. I didn’t believe that this dude could be so true..I mean *MG_OFFICIA* on Instagram, he got my Fortnite account unbanned in less than 20 minutes of chatting..Try him out guys. I love him.

  • OMG!.. I didn’t believe that this dude could be so true..I mean *MG_OFFICIA* on Instagram, he got my Fortnite account unbanned in less than 20 minutes of chatting..Try him out guys. I love him.

  • Lol tell them to buff the p90 😂😂😂😂

  • Ayyyy Tim Horton’s

  • How does Nick get 6 attachments?

  • That's cap

  • Aye, tell them to buff the p90 lmaooooo

  • 3:03- How the fuck did you know the guy was at the front entrance. Literally there was no sign on of the enemy and some how you still saw it.. hmmm you dodgy guy.

  • Which guns are that? Can somebody send me this class please...

    • looks like krig 6 and xm4

  • N Tims def been playing sweaty😭

  • 🍷

  • Ha nice gold chain you massive bender

  • First stupid video love your vids though no hate man peace n love baby

  • Bro that’s just the blueprint I have it to lol

  • Loadouts at 1:57

  • AK-47 close quarters over xm4 from AUS peace

  • ive said the xm4 was good since the day that we got the first cold wr update and ive used it since then

  • you are wide in a good way

  • Did nick change his nvidia filter? Game looks more cartoon like

  • Nick makes my day ten times better

  • xm4 has 60 round mag...

  • i like he likes timhortons more than dunken donutes, thanks bro

  • I’m Canadian and thank you for finally putting it out there!

  • "TELL EM TO BUFF THE P-90!" Amen brother, Amen. A map wide P-90 showdown is what we need in these dire times.

  • did nick get a new chian

  • Wow what a good class. So good 🗑️

  • 20:10 he threw 3 semtex

  • Its d thumbnails for me this days 😂

  • Am I the only one that noticed he throws 3 semtex at 20:10

  • Dunkin’ taste like arabica beans I’m good on that lol. First time watching good video.

  • Dunkin is trash hahaha

  • Nick just made Tim Hortons millions

  • Anyone know what he changed his graphics settings to?

  • I was telling everyone about this and no-one believe 💀💀💀💀

    • This is ground loot how is this meta

  • stfu and stop the cap

  • Nick is arse, literally such a boring player to watch, ive tried to watch you man and give you the benefit of the doubt you would be such a better and more popular streamer if you played more aggressive and didnt act like such a meathead.

  • Unsubbed for the Tim hortons comment. I trusted you nicky

  • Jd complains about a sweaty team while they proceed to be the sweatiest team in the lobby 😂

  • hold on wait that kinda shreds...

  • Nice bump on your head lol

  • Wtf are those attachments lol it's literally the attachments from the blueprint

  • Damn i wish i knew the name of the song on the weapon loadout inspection

  • PLS try BULLFROG!!!!

  • nick use susat zoom on ur krig no recoil

  • Nick you love football but don’t care for baseball? Not hating just surprised, I took you to be a sports junkie type of guy who just loves them all.

  • Extra inning rule? Is there a new one? Shit actually I really don’t care the MLB is dead to me now.

  • Try this build fellas; no stock, infiltrator grip, whichever mag you prefer, suppressor, and for the last you can do ADS grip, barrel, or a laser. I don’t hipfire much so I go with a barrel to help bullet velocity.

  • Question. Are the metas only blueprints or do people actually do builds and figure them out?

  • you should party up with booya sometime... you guys could break records!

  • Nice forehead g

  • 15:41 it's a lot faster to clear your pings by pressing R3

  • I swear I saw the guy in the back of the truck

  • 7:19 he was literally standing on the Bertha lol

  • Somebody drug test this man lmao them pupils locked in bro.

  • Trash

  • bro i literally saw this at the right time coz i wanted to use a sniper as well and i was considering using an smg but i took so long to level up the m4a1

  • “It’s me, fat and fatter” 💀💀💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣

  • The only words I heard Tim say is on bullet

  • You should really use the kilo

  • The kilo is as good. Try it as SMG

  • That’s actually so fuckin sick your one of the most popular twitch streamers and still find time to read and like your comments!

  • @dunkindonuts

  • dunkin’ + nick = coming soon

  • in 14 minutes and 5 seconds nick says we can't push that T your too fat careful that one was a violation

  • Try this Cold War Mp5 Class Agency Suppressor 9.1 Rifled barrel SFOD Speedgrip/ Field Agent Grip 50 Rnd Fast Mag/Drum Serpent Wrap for the Rear grip

  • bruh the xm4 can hold 60 rounds

  • Bro. People don’t like it when u call them fat. Even if u do it lovingly.

  • My guy you were just using the blueprint and no attachments

  • Open map and press R3 to remove pings way faster/ easier

  • Every Canadian watching just Boston creamed there pants a little bit.

  • Wish nicks gone full slap head

  • Better player than Swagg, don’t change my mind

  • Alternate title: yet another smg that isn’t an smg

  • Wait at 20:10 you threw three grenades in a row how!?

  • Who is a sussy baka

  • When he sead a tall order

  • Courage has no clue what he's talking about when it comes to the baseball extra innings rule.

  • Does anyone know the song that was used when he was displaying the xm4??

  • Me having it maxed out 😏

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  • Which gun is "this"?

  • Timmy clutchin up LET’S GO BABY!!!!!

  • 1:25 the face got me lmfao

  • I’m get hate but I lowkey don’t like tha vid titles it’s always next new meta or this is the best gun in the game just keep it simple

  • Tim's coffee is hot, putrid sewer water. That statement alone completely negates your previous statement.

  • This was a good video

  • Like for p90 buff

  • Hey

  • Tim Hortons represent!

  • “It was me n fat n fatter” -Nickmercs 2021

  • Tim is getting good bro

  • nah nah dunkin aint it nick...

  • Which one is the vex lord

  • lemme see that dent boi