Giuliani Peddles $2M Pardons While The President Spends His Final Days In Dubious Company

Publicerades den 18 jan 2021
While Rudy Giuliani and others attempt to squeeze a few more dollars from their access to the Oval Office, the president is spending his final days in the company of characters like conspiracy theory fan and pillow magnate, Mike Lindell. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue
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  • bankruptcy strikes in its coffin My Pillow $$$$$$$$$$$🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • is it just me or do the rioters going through ted cruz's stuff sound like those highschool/university who waited until the last minute to start

  • Remember when colbert was funny?

  • Kind of like what the Clintons did, in their final days of office... Still, as much as I like Trump, having Giuliani on "Team Trump" is perhaps the worst mistake Trump ever did while in office. And I would not be surprised if Giuliani has blackmail material on him, or "insurance", based on an old interview that Giuliani gave early on. SMH.

  • So, how’s that working out for you snowflakes? See what he did in his first day?! We’ll wait...

  • I will say that the Silk Road founder probably does deserve a commutation. He is a shithead himself but. He received an extraordinarily harsh punishment for providing an infrastructure for a crime. He deserves to stay in prison but essentially a whole life sentence seems harsh.

  • What will talk show do now that Trump is out of office

  • Dick

  • Wow the most bitter winner on the internet. This guy is not funny at all he is sad and an embarrassment to the USA. These crazed Democrats won their election but they are all still angry and bitter and continue to lie lie lie. Hey Colbert about the alcohol no we haven't all been there it sure sounds like you are there now though.

  • See 4

  • "Sometimes I wish I had more holes." That pretty much sums up Samantha. > > SATC 2 was an awful movie. If they replace Samantha with someone else and kill off Big (a rumor I heard he will die from a heart attack.) that will make SATC 2 look like an Oscar sweep in all categories.

  • Give'em hell trump

  • Thankfully the thought process of a comedian

  • As a Colbert fan, this was weak and unfunny...

  • A famous crackhead is literally one of his biggest trumpets

  • I wonder if these felons who are getting arrested realize they're going to lose their voting rights?

  • Must watch Why you should not blame china for covid 19 -- SEnewss

  • Hey Rudy is it worth losing all that goodwill you gained during 9/11 and as an attorney in good standing to end your career selling favors in prisons.

  • If Julie Ruby Annie wrote a book on 'his time with The Donald, and it didn't sell, would he sue the publisher?

    • Them looking at the documents saying Ted Cruz sold them out and then one of them saying "that's a good thing" and they all change their mind was the funniest shit ever.

  • Godfrey ??? Now whats all that about "cancel culture" ? Lol

  • Is there a time where this show will ever get back to actual comedy?

  • Turn my pillow into garbage pillow ASAP & boycott his products now on wards.

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  • This guy is one with satan.

  • Governmental simony will send you to governmental hell... also known as prison

  • Stop this show

  • Probably keeping track of it on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Just saying....

  • Them chanting "treason" as they commit treason is like people screaming "parkour"

  • Your a tool I hope your ratings plummet like the woke NBA WNBA NFL

    • @Abraham Szekely not popular with me he's dull trump's the best president this country has ever had and will ever have period

    • More popular than Trump has EVER been. Richer too.

  • Is Guiliani still employed in a political capacity? Wasn't he Trump's chump and why is he still busy doing the devil's work?

  • The Con is on said King Kong Trump ,it's all about using fools who are really just thinking that they are on their side ,the World of the Pyramid Scam ,just don't be their Fool ,CNN showed two years ago in Florida elections where Trump spewed the same fraud Election Hoax just to get prepared for the Overthrow!!!


    • @Abraham Szekely thanks troll patrol! 👏

    • Two month old trolls are so sad.

  • colbert is a failing tv show host and he hates america.

  • Them looking at the documents saying Ted Cruz sold them out and then one of them saying "that's a good thing" and they all change their mind was the funniest shit ever.

  • Meanwhile over at Fox Laura Ingraham opened with "The Ingraham Mangle" LOL

  • Did that bully who used to steal your lunch money staple your ear to the side of your head? Ha! Ha! No wait... I'll bet you can only hear out of your "Left" side. Ha! Ha! Naw, you can hear. It's just that ignorance can be cured but stupid is forever and you stupid!!!!

    • So what exactly did he say that's wrong or ignorant. You have a lot of hate but no actual thoughtful argument.

  • Leftist in disguise. Have fun defending the big guy. Ain’t no party like a Epstein party . Ain’t that right party boy.

    • Trump parties with Epstein a LOT and Trump is the one who had Epstein silenced. Facts don't care about your feelings.

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  • THEY KILLED A COP! "blue lives matter" my ass

  • 👍🏻🇨🇦👍🏻✌🏻😎✌🏻

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  • Is biden impeached yet???? Why not?????

    • What did he do to warrant impeachment? Hurting your feelings doesn't count.

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  • this guy have a family doctor? hes full of self hate

  • Such a pile of bullshit

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  • I never watched Sex and the City, and have no idea what that was all about, and I'm still having trouble breathing from laughing so hard.

  • More late night lies. No humor comedy is dead. Late night PROPAGANDA then on to early morning FAKE NEWS. 24/7 BULLSHIT.

  • No one mentions the Blackwater guards...why isn't that an issue?

  • Who is this guy and why is he talking so strange .. Drugs are bad kids.. dont do drugs

  • The husky trouble separately tease because australian specifically alert next a xenophobic gasoline. thirsty, proud pine

  • "No wait that's a good thing" To the misinterpretation of Ted cruz's objection of arizona. Jesus christ these people

  • 3:42 Barbarian raiders, jheez. They clearly shoulda brought a wizard or a druid along. "It's the dollars I'm not so sure about." HA. I liked that one a lot.

  • That color shirt works well on you!

  • Cant happen soon enough

  • Can you at least try to be entertaining? Stop with the politics now! The USA needs some light hearted humor.

  • Trump is enjoying Florida, while Q-Sharman is sitting in jail, with no organic food! (Plenty of t--e steak, they say). You can't make this stuff up! Stephen, "rectum, damm near killed him! Loved the internal examine reference. Rioters: I Q's of house plants!

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  • Like loll

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  • Really quick - can we also talk about the incredible production quality of Stephen Colbert's videos? It makes my little production heart happy every time I watch. Makes soaking in all this good content even sweeter.

  • "My Pillows are full of crack, like ME"

  • I haven't seen MOST of this, thank youuuu. The Rudy headline drew me in. #americasmayornomore

  • “Sometimes I wish I had more holes!”.... absolutely pmsl! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Do people actually think this is funny?

  • Me: *points to tree That's a tree son. Son: :|

  • Why are you still talking about him???? You are doing him a favor? Keep bringing him up and he wins.

  • Investigate and charge

  • It’s good practice for the future how they can protect White House for peaceful demonstration

  • Daniel Tiger says you can be more than one thing.

  • Votes were adjusted after the coverage and counting was stopped. It was becoming too obvious that Biden had lost. When has coverage and counting EVER stopped before, in multiple states, because of a "burst water pipe" in one building? When has the observation and "counting" of votes EVER been done in secret before? You may be happy that dirty Joe "won", but it sets a deadly precedent for the future of the nation. Government by consent of the governed is no longer possible if that "consent" was not legally given but was taken by fraud. Can you handle the evidence?

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  • "Stop the count!" "Count the votes!" They managed to confuse themselves.

  • You're running behind on your damn boy Joe Biden was inaugurated yesterday Wednesday today's Thursday now they have to put Trump in jail where he belongs go arrest him how many criminal charges can you bring a guest I know of quite a few go get him and put him in jail now

  • Steven, you SUCK!

  • Biden recently delivered the eulogy for a Klan leader senator Byrd ... Democrats aren't too bright

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  • why are they still calling them "the girls"? dealing with love in their 50's? sorry, no, in their 60's more like it. If they would make them into the golden girls, that would be only way I could watch it, but dealing with boy problems and carrie is an old broad talking in little girly voice is just stupid. Seriously, make it into The Golden Girls, 21st century version, in Florida, collecting food stamps and having trouble making rent with foreclosure looming in the horizon

  • A sad day for Amerika.

  • This is such retarded crap. Seriously, I am surprised that Stephen did not pick up on this. 1) The kid rifling through stuff has a camera in his face. Really? That's set up. For the last 5 years a especially Last year THE LEFT has just tried to tear America down. The right loves police officers. The woman who died did so for being a Republican. Wait wait wait whaaaat? You mean that people on then left are allowed to wear MAGA hats?

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  • Samantha looks great, but there's something different about her voice :) 😍😍😍

  • I bet those rioters are fucking stewing on their praying that the former President to pardon them. Little did they know, President Trump only gave Pardons to those who could give $2 million dollars...

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  • "Sometimes I wish I had more holes. Give me the sex. I'm Samantha" lol So looking forward to more time for this the next four years lol

  • "Generic quote about how people that think differently from me are dumb and subhuman losers" 😂😂😂😂

  • When derps learn how to work a cellphone. "Hey, let's film ourselves breaking the law and brag about it"

  • OMG! LOL "I wish I had more holes." Stephen, this is a family show. hahahaha that was awesome.

  • Iago Rocks!

  • #MyFascistPillow

  • Pardon the character Bannon and the likes at the last minute, what does that tell the American people and the world over?


  • Looks like we should have “Vetted” the man who shall remain nameless and his goons before they entered the White House! How do you clear someone who has numerous bankruptcies, sexual deviance, and possible Tax issues??? Did someone drop a ball two??🧐


  • Quit obsessing over trump! WHY IS THIS ALWAYS POLITICAL. PEOPLE ARE DYING why are we even talking about this anymore, this is why johnny carson was the best.

  • Well. Good thing about Biden being our President now....we don't have to talk about damn Trump any more. Trump who?

  • OK, learned a new word today, Kegel exercise. LOL

  • Like "Pillow Talk" long as it's NOT "MY PILLOW TALK"....Has anyone noticed that the "RED ELEPHANT" is a LOT like a real elephant in a parade? Since 1980 (Reagan) the "RED ELEPHANT" has taken A DUMP on the REST OF US? First pretty BIG...(Reagan)...then a bit less...(George H.W. Bush)..than MORE (G.W.B.) and THE GREAT LOAD (Trump)...I HOPE IT CAN STILL BE CLEANED UP!