FaZe Clan Real Life Treasure Hunt - Challenge

Publicerades den 19 mar 2020
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  • Who do you guys have winning this challenge?? 👀

  • Alright bet czzz

  • FaZe up

  • cizzorz puts in £1 dollar (another dollar this game is so expensive)

  • Wow time flies

  • FaZe Rug my boy won the race FaZe nikkon my boy too won the race

  • Go team Middle East

  • everyone is working and rug is just is taking pictures with fans

  • Yes i love the rug and nikan team Middle East!!!!

  • I wanna do this with my 5 friends

  • I like how realistic tiko was being

  • Half of the vid was Rug just taking pics with fans (^^)(^^)(^^)

  • Who need a team 👀👀👀

  • vegan

  • team middle east all the way

  • Before COVID-19 😐

  • ?

  • It was funny how orba wanted to win but teego just wants to chill

  • Can the faze clan go to gta v and fined the faze house and make a video

  • Lol

  • I watched all

  • Yall need to do another one!!!!

  • Nobody: apex throwing cizzorz hat

  • Watched whole the video just found out that it took an hour but its worth it

  • Started watching last night and fell asleep 😂 time to pick it up from where I turned it off lol

  • And can’t of Ford it

  • Will y’all pls lower the price for your merch bc I really like it

  • How does this vid only have 140 thousand likes

  • Will y’all do the same thing but where no one cusses

  • Everyone wearing hoodies expect orba

  • Fgh

  • Fire video

  • The bihbdawchaverb Irafegifureblivelifblaife cfilae cfjvae. I,f I flea. Fadli

  • Nice $gucxii916 🙏🏽

  • The fact that I couldn’t watch a 1 hour film but I easily watched this and didn’t even notice😂

  • 1 hour

  • The whole vid teeqo and orba just chillin the whole time lol

  • Comment

  • i watched the whole thing smh

  • I just realized it’s 1 hour

    • Yea it 2 am im like 15 min in... 😴

  • Do miss the old days but this is not bad content at all, Merry Christmas everyone👐🏼

  • This was awesome I need more plz @faze clan

    • If u do this more I will pay u a 100k

  • Yes gooo ! to the middle east I love being middle eastern we number one in everything you already knowww

  • None of them had masks Covid 19

  • I am a new faze member btw

  • 🫔🫔🫔🫔🫔

  • 3:59 reminds me of GTA 5

  • Fam faze rude like they keep laughing even if the man says stop like fam

  • FaZe Clan in gta5

  • That's in gta 5

  • Team middleveast

  • Rug and nikan are dealers 21:14

  • who else saw that guy in the back at 51:53

  • This is how many people agree that the beach and peer look like the ones from GTA 5 👇

  • 5:00 im dying 😂😂


  • Is this like the first time rug's in a faze video

  • 7:46 lol that girl said to you hi and you just ignore her

  • Best faze vid please faze do moreeeee

  • Everyone's cameraman: omg this is so bad im geting so tired Teeqo and Orbas:This is chill bruvva😴😎🤙🤘

  • dfdfdf

  • Is it just me or teeqo got on my nerves of how many times he mentioned he was just chilling and walking around

  • Leak the number

  • i love teeqo hes the best

  • The place there on is the gta 5 mapp

  • Who is with team rug?

  • Who is with team rug?

  • Who is with team rug?

  • Who is with team rug?

  • Who is with team rug?

  • Who is with team rug?

  • Who is with team rug?

  • Nobody: Me:is that lester

  • Rug was really thinking bout a different four letter word. If u know what i mean😈

  • God bless everyone and protect everyone y’all be blessed and safe Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Can’t believe I stayed here for an hour 😂😂😂😂

  • Hi

  • Y’all 2021 is coming

  • Where's mystic7

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  • This had me dead. Can’t believe I watched the entire thing 😂

  • The part where they said they where gonna leak there number got me dead

  • Fazzup

  • Who else watching this in 2020 4 the 100th time,this video is amazing

  • The aspiring development lily tire because wrist karyologically admire abaft a smelly burn. obese, spectacular rooster

  • Yooo I'm like halfway through the vid but im thinking if I look at the comments they have to mention the winner so I aint taking a chance, any1 else like me???

  • Faze Rug has more subs than Faze

  • P

  • Faze

  • Apex should have been like what the clue or you kick from faze

  • Nikkan- say it really fast.. Faze rug- agoatoastafenern

  • At 8:11 that dude merch said Adpt that Adapt

  • NOOO..... I.. I.. broke the replay button by accident :(

  • Me

  • Apex was getting mad like hell

  • Apex is rude asf


  • Who’s watching this when u actually have to wear masks now

  • In the beginning you can see GTA5 from the road and the buildings

  • hi