Intel Core i9-11900K Review, The Worst Flagship Intel CPU... Maybe Ever!

Publicerades den 31 mar 2021
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00:00 - Welcome back to Hardware Unboxed
05:31 - Application Benchmarks
08:14 - Gaming Benchmarks
11:35 - Final Thoughts
Intel Core i9-11900K, The Worst Flagship Intel CPU... Maybe Ever!
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  • Synopsis of the review: How do I shit on this thing and move on with my life as fast as possible. At least run the fucking FPS benchmarks at 1440p next time.

    • Why are you interested in GPU benchmarks for a CPU review? That doesn't exactly tell you which CPU is faster for gaming. That data is important for CPU demanding sections of games, or upcoming games that will be more CPU demanding.

  • More Money! Less Core! :D Fuck Logic! :D

  • Injust bought the 19 10850k. On amazon at an error price of £295. Deal has now gone , but compared to the top AMD at £700.00 it’s a deal.

  • I dont understand.... Why people make 1080p test only with this high end cpu with an f.... RTX 3090!!!!!!!!. Even an i7 3770k and a gtx 980ti will be enought for every game to play in 1080p why so why people make tests in 1080p?????????

    • @Dane Gil Cabrales then they sould not buy an rtx 3090 or 3080. Its useless

    • Most ppl still play at 1080p m8


  • intel 💩💩💩

  • Intel: Its like sticking a truffle in your cpu socket

  • Intel potato architecture

  • I heard you like the 10900k

  • Sure, the 11900k was a terrible value at $540, but how about the current Amazon price of $840? :p

  • an i9 with 8 cores? is intel even serious anymore?

  • Dont let us see any 11gen cpu at store again or all will goes into Dustbin asap 🤣

  • "why buy this when you can get the 5900X"... answer. cause you cant buy the 5900X :-) Frustratingly i am being steered towards and intel for my upgrade cause i would need a new cooler for an AMD part and its equalising the costs, and i can actually buy a bloody intel. I feel dirty and need a fucking shower. (Also, without defending this shit pile, id really wish people would use the KF models as comparison, given the are the comparison and the K isn't).

  • A two word review. Forking awesome! I love this new plan. Review the item, tell everyone "It's Sh!t!" as the review, the prices drop. What's not to like?

  • What makes me sad is that I am currently using 5 year old i7 6700k on a Z270 mobo with a GTX1080 and 24GB of DDR4 2133 memory and a Samsung 960M.2 SSD. I really want to do a full hardware refresh as it's all getting a bit old but even as a developer who does a reasonable amount of gaming on a 34 inch ultra wid screen monitor, I simply cannot justify the cost for any real world performance gains I may see from anything vaguely sanely priced. But then I guess I dont really care if I game with 300fps or 60fps, since I have no pretense at being an eGamer and "my "skills" dont change with either.

  • This feels like a "politically" motivated corporate decision. By that I mean the management felt that against all argument from the engineering team, they needed to release something to keep the customers/fans "happy" and prevent drift to the competition because the real new tech wasnt ready for release just yet....and this is the usual dogs dinner that kind of decision results in.


  • intel is so lost right now... its going into direction of bulldozer amd cpus at the moment. 11900k is the most pointless cpu ever made. period. i hope they cut the production and re-re-re-re-fresh the 10th gen i9s with 10 cores.

  • Been hearing pretty much the same thing about the 11th gen Core CPUs everywhere. I honestly don't see how anyone can really get behind Intel CPUs in this gen. While AMD is getting expensive, I can say, at least you get what you pay for with AMD finally.

  • This is what happens when Intel hires people based on diversity rather than capability.

  • why is that when its on par with 5800x....i remember amd fx 8350 was flagship it did far worst than -80% slower than sandybridge

  • Intel be like: let's increase CPU power 10 percent per year for 10 years and become irrelevant.

  • AMuDe fx8520: I'm hot potato Intol I9-11900k: Hold my 400w

  • Intel's turn to ban you because you do not understand the full scope of their products....

  • Every one thinking how to make smallest semiconductor . Intel : bigger is better

  • However Intel 11900K is clearly better in the SuperPI 32M test (calculation PI to 32 million digits), which finishes in 331s and the fastest AMD 5950X needs 349s to finish the same test according to notebookcheck (5900X needs even 360 s). This test is most important and decisive for single core mathematical calculations. Multicore is definitively on the side of AMD, no discussion about it, but the single core not. Not all people play games, some also calculate mathematics, where not all tasks can be efficiently parallelized (and where you don't use graphical units at all).

  • So glad I went with AMD

  • ^^

  • AMD: "Our CPU's are offering more cores for less $$ and better price to performance, you love spitting in the faces of your customers with dodgy benchmarks, schemey cooling systems, you couldn't make anything worse or shit on your customers any harder." Intel: "Hold my beer"

  • Isnt it amazing that the top-of-the-line Intel CPU is behind 4 of AMDs CPU, and 5800x is so much less priced than this. This truly is back-stabbing for $$ move by intel on the fanbois

  • lol

  • Waste of sand

  • Yeah intel harvesting the results of being lazy for years, Hope they will react soon enough, gj AMD

  • Microcenter has 10900k for $399 and 10850k for $349 👍 11900k for $600+ 🤣🤣💩

  • I got an ad from Intel during this video. Lol. That's about as funny as the price of the11900K.

  • Nintendo: “Fooled you, it is a games console!” Intel: “Fooled you, it’s shit!”

  • The guys st intell are smoking to much pot. They need to get back into shape and in to the game.

  • InTelAviv's new chip comes in a black cube? Wow, who would have thought.

  • comments are roast central)

  • How does it even make sense for Intel to release a fucking 8 core processor in this day and age especially AFTER their last gen featured 10 cores ??

  • Thumb is kinda spoiler. Still watching the vid, Thanks!

  • Amazing video

  • would love to start seeing audio software in the benchmark line up, studio one, cubase, ableton live any of those would be great

  • Is almost as if the 11900k run like a 10700k with the same cores. I guess the only benefit to getting this CPU over the 10th gen is the Pci-E 4.0 support but that's about it. Intel really has alot of work to do to really start impressing us.

    • OC a 9900k and you have a 11900k lol

  • "Intel Core i9-11900K Review, The Worst Flagship Intel CPU... Maybe Ever!" Clearly you don't remember pentium 4 netburst.

  • Notification just appeared today HOW?

  • Everyone else: This processor is shit Userbenchmark: No, I don't think I will

  • The funniest thing is these dumb scalpers and late scalpers are trying to sell this cpu at $1k USD on ebay.

  • Amd ryzen 2700x and it's been pretty great even at 1440p with my 2070 rtx. Should I wait? I can't find any ryzen 5 5900x is around 700 Canadian.

  • Everyone who disliked is an Intel fanboy. I am sure they'd suck off the CEO of Intel if they could.

  • And here I thought the 5800x looked like a poor value chip...

    • ik I thought the 5800x and 3800xt were chart toppers in BS value, 11900k took it to another level

  • Lol? Just wait after 5 year lets see what cpu u guys roasting intel way more better

  • DAMN Steve.. what an ass whipping! 😮

  • right, keep reviewing games that run on potato cpu.

  • GREAT review guys. But @hardware unboxed can you guys review this User-bench mark website.-(ill post link at end of comment) . Its supposed to be pretty accurate , which doesnt make sense to me because your own personal bench-marking shows that the 11900k is NOT really that great. But on userbench mark its currently sitting at number 1. As the best of the best of ALL CPU's. So if you guys are keen id love for Hardware unboxed to review this bench-marking site & let us consumers know how accurate it is. As its suppose to be fairly accurate. & then after reviewing it. Please let us know what websites offer the best & most accurate hardware benchmark rankings etc. If so thatll be great. & no doubt will attract a lot of veiwers to that vid.

    • @Hardware Unboxed Okay sorry guys thats weird, it seems to have changed its results in the last 12hours. Original it was in order of points (higher is better). It was 1.5900x than 2.5950x .3 10900k & than 4.11900k . Hmm those sudden result changes thats suspicious . However if you ignore the score rating & just use to compare the differences between each cpu than i still think its pretty good.-(mostly!)

    • @Hardware Unboxed Cheers guys that was great info. Ive watched the video in the link above. & it kinda does confirm my suspicions that is not that reliable in terms of comparing which CPU IS Superior & which is not. And in the shortest way i can possible put it. I actually think most consumers would would love to have site that that they can go to & that shows them UNBIASED-(without been paid off by companies ) .So RAW data of what CPU's or GPU's or whatever hardware it may be & see straight up unadulterated results & then use those performance results to compare different hardware to garner which hardware is the better choice. & then compare with those results in mind, on websites in their countries which has the better price to performance ratio. & for in terms of just simply comparing which hardware is better id go to any day over user bench mark. & no, not affiliated with versus. com at all. But i do find that 98% of the time its raw comparison data is WAY better than user bench mark. & to finishing here ill leave this link here to show you what i mean. I think its great. Not perfect but its still good . Better than user bench mark Check it out its worth it.

    • @Hardware Unboxed Whoops i forgot to add the link :P . But glad you know what im talking about. I had a mate of mine in Taz whos built a number of PC's in his 31 years say to me that User-bench website was the go to sight for knowing how good cpu's are. & me looking at the numbers it wasnt making sense. I dunno maybe in the 90's or the 1st decade of 2000's it was the go to benchmark site, not sure. -(built my 1st pc last year). But especially after watching your video on 11900k user bench mark is definitely not seeming accurate at all. Like okay even as a 5900x user i can see the arguments for why 10900k might be better than 5900x, but the 11900k at number one ranking better than the 5900x on just doesnt make any sense.Although 11900k SHOULD be better than 10900k but its NOT & would ask what bench marking sites would you recommend. BUT ill watch the link of the video you youve given me to above first. Thanks heaps Guys! Keep up the good work.


  • I missed the sound of intel fanboys trying desperately to defend their beloved brand.

  • Thanks India.

  • After the BS with Nvidia, Hardware Unboxed isn't messing around!

  • This reminds me of the amd fx 8350 days when intel was beating it by like 3 fps per game and everyone was screaming "DEATH TO AMD" "AMD IS GARBAGE". The price is about 50-80 bucks off, but the vast majority of people using this level of hardware are using them for gaming and gaming only. Synthetics have their place, but they are not the equal to gaming benchmarks. For once Intel isnt 100% on top and everyone is losing their minds.

  • Best thumbnail ever

  • I'm definitely not an Intel Fanboy but have been absolutely satisfied with my 10700F. It has been solid as hell. I ran AMD several times in the past and was pleased, even though back then they weren't as good but cheaper than Intel. At this point and the way the trend is going, when I upgrade I will be going back to AMD processors. U feel that my 10700F has at least two or three more years of life in its future though. It will be interesting to see how Intel and AMD match up at that point. I seriously do not see a point to the 11th gen existing at this point. I'm almost expecting the 11th gen I7 being better than the I9. It's a super weird release.

    • 10th gen cpus are great the reason why rocket lake hated is because of its pricing and no different with 10th gen

  • Love Intel, but damn. What a stupid move. Wasn't planning on buying this gen anyway, now definitely won't be. Hopefully alderlake isn't garbage, otherwise might be looking at amd for the first time.

  • lets be honest, pretty much no-one will buy the 11900k over 11700k anyway, makes no sense to build right now, both amd and intel releases next gen platforms late 2021 or early 2022.

    • amd still has zen 3+ on am4, but Id even say the 11700k is bad value also compared to a 10700k on sale

  • stop quoting in US pricing when you are from fucking Melbourne. what a tryhard

  • Your pricing is incorrect, MSRP is not the price consumers can get. Ryzen 5900X is going for $1000 and 5950X $1400. While i9-11900K is $580-600, which is the same price of 5800X. It's like comparing apples and oranges. Also Intel 11th gen comes with pcie 4.0, thunderbolt 4. AMD is still in the lead for productivity for top end, but gaming about equal. This video is click bait and misleading, as it doesn't really do a value comparison. It's basically announcing you can get a RTX 3080 for $1100, which isn't true.

    • Lmao wrong 1000 dollars? Nope price for scalpers maybe, it's only a matter of time before intel becomes the same price

  • Лучше купи райзен 2700 райзен!

  • flagship that is outperformed by its predecessor.

  • Omg...what is Intel thinking? This is so bad...

  • I realy hope intel can introduse 16cores on 7nm next year

  • We appreciate your honest review. Not like all the Intel shill review publications.

  • When Intel security fix, cost u 2 cores... x:D

  • So you are saying its not worth it to upgrade for somebody that is coming from a 4 core flagship kaby lake 7700k, somebody that doesn't want the shitty overclocking and busted usb connectivity & hassle of buying an ugly amd waterblcock etc.? I have to disagree. You are just jumping on the amd bandwagon despite them not even being available! An AMD fanboy regurgitating your idol youtube reviewers comments verbatim & most importantly only taking Core Count into account. smh

    • @Ca9ine C0mic funny how I mentioned the "reviewer" jumping on the amd fanboy bandwagon because the both of you did the same exact thing. You both assume that I accused him of forcing me to buy amd lol. Where in my comment did I say I was upgrading? And how the hell could he force me or anyone else to buy something that doesn't exist. Now whos trying to "force" somebody to buy a cpu? an entry level amd cpu nonetheless? And why would I buy an outdated 10th gen intel, thats just stupid. I wouldnt give up all the new features Z590 offers. Like I said core count is not everything unless of course you just parrot the same shit your idol is regurgitating

    • The fact that you jumped right on the point where you thought HW unboxed is "forcing" you to buy AMD... mate, he's simply showing you that the latest 11th gen is worse than 10th gen, no one is forcing you to buy AMD. FYI usb connectivity issues are fixed, water cooling is unnecessary, OC unnecessary as well, 5600x is in stock and is a great upgrade from 7700k. Ur comment just shows ur an Intel fanboy overall, since you just keep repeating all the bad things over AMD and the issues they used to have, which they have fixed.

    • lmao, no body forced you to buy amd, if you wanna buy a cpu then go with intel 10th gen series since that is avaliable, i believe it has some discounts on certain websites aswell, it will be a nice upgrade for your 7700k

  • Is good upgrade from A8 6410 with R5 230?

  • hope intel will not ban you like nvidia did :D

  • Aside from the comparison to the 5900x, its hard to justify the $250+ over the 5600x when gaming performance is that close as well. Intel is just selling to the fanboys at this point.

    • Intel is basically trying to win over the budget oriented people while ignoring the high end guys

  • How many pluses does this one have?

  • I don't know why any consumer would need a processor with more than 4 cores or video with more than 720p for gaming. Intel and AMD processors could both do that 10 years ago. Everything beyond that is just waste. Someone should call out the consumers that actually even consider buying any of this stuff. The only cpu that matters for gamers is the bottom of the line i5 11400 because all of it is extreme overkill.

    • @rigbyme Oh sure, I'm not saying that there isn't any use for high core count cpus, but it isn't gamers or normal consumers that need them. It is business users involved in hosting hundreds or thousands of users or doing video rendering and high-end parallelable physics and mathematics calculations such as bulk data encryption, locating prime numbers, forecasting the weather and so on.

    • I do 3d rendering and 4 cores and 720p displays aren't gonna cut it.

  • Yeesh. Intel is losing it.

  • The worst, until they add the word "Xeon" to this thing and raise the price

  • 189 dislikes must be intel's board of directors

  • 14nm fail, 8 cores fail, 16mb of cache fail, is not even clocked faster than the 10900k fail. There is no point buying this over the 10900k. Why bother releasing this generation of cpu's if it's just a straight downgrade from the previous gen

  • 2600k still better

  • my shit cheap ryzen 3600 still in charts with the best cpus damn son

  • I'm happy to find the I9 10850k for 389€

  • powerhog

  • Joke 1: Lets do 14nm for years. Joke2: Lets stay on Skylake for years. Joke 3: Make a CPU generation that is worse than the previous. I hope you like it - your intel team...

  • gld i went for the i9 9900ks a year back

  • get rekt

  • 8:24

  • I was expecting the improvement to be marginal, but not backwards... lmao...

  • In other words, 11,900k = fast cash grab. Nothing more and nothing less. XD


  • I see why intel said "benchmarks dont matter".... and they released this cpu to keep some shareholders happy. they had to prove they could do *something* even if it was worse.

  • Still dgaf about PC gaming. Maybe next year....or three.

  • Its waste of sand.

  • Only way this makes sense is if they have a stock pile of 10900k they are trying to unload, makes people think they are getting a “good deal” on a objectively better CPU.

  • It is code name crap lake

  • Why don't you get off your lazy ass's and test the CPUz properly? Does AMD pay you more money? Another channel for Intel users to boycott!

    • @Ca9ine C0mic Timestamps?? Are you nuts. Take a look at the thumbnail is all you need to know! You need to slander? Do you see anyone bashing Ford, GM and Toyota on their channels even though they all build some bad cars? HELL NO!! Your arguments SUCK! Not ANY Automotive channel insults another cannels products or viewers who buy those products.

    • @wysetech2000 can you give me a timestamp where he insulted intel *users* ? oh and also you NEED to slander companies to force them to make better products, or else they will only make sub par products

    • @Ca9ine C0mic The point is that others have reviewed the 11th gen with different results and without insulting Intel users. Some people don't appreciate watching companies being slandered and to be made to feel inferior for using Intel products.. That's OK but things are going to have to change or subscribers will simply not come back! It's beginning to snowball already.

    • @wysetech2000 whatever you said sheep

    • @Ca9ine C0mic It's not so much the testing procedure, It's the way It's presented.

  • They are makin it easy for AMD. Can't wait to upgrade my PC and switch to AMD. #teamred