Solar Powered Electric Boat!! (pt1)

Publicerades den 31 mar 2021
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  • Get 20% off your first monthly box when you sign up at and use promo code SRIPOL20 at checkout!

    • build the tiniest camera ever

    • Maybe try and make an rc b17 f memphis belle

    • Can you make the among us airship please

    • Peter, my friend and I have an idea for you: Build an R/C airplane but powered by a servo as in drive the propeller with the servo.

    • Hey @peter_stropl I watched this and it reminded me of POP-POP/putt putt boats what if you made one big enough for a human ^^

  • bro can u make sumarrne

  • Need a solar boosted speed boat that can hold up to 1.5hrs of 70% running 1hr hot passes. Can BBQ while it charges for bit more run time per day.

  • Thats a nice and easy way to bend wood. I dig it

  • make f 35 is cool vertical take off

  • Bro you need to add Zinc Anodes as the sacrificial metal to help mitigate and prevent fast rusting to your hull.

  • Hey Peter, how about a potato battery powered airplane?

  • make Buzz Lightyear fall with style! you could get at toy of the guy, make him some new wings, maybe something to represet his jetpack too (or some fireworks, I dunno. I just want to see buzz fly.)

  • i like all your videos your a creative amazing person i wish your luck and i wish to meet you some day and help me with my crazy project thanks for all great information that helps me finally take care 🤍

  • Make a flying hovercraft

  • Can you drop water from your plane

  • Are you a half filipino?

  • What was that outro song on making an rc rigid airship (explode)

  • Why is there a discord sound effect at 5:21??? lol

  • What part of Florida are you visiting?

  • create nasa ingenuiti helicopter please thank you

  • Whens 1 month

  • Part 2-3 pls

  • Needs pole holders

  • Can I plz have it I need it

  • build delta wing powered with rockets

  • he got a discord notification at 5:21

  • Pretty cool project. If you are not “on plane” the speed is controlled by “hull speed”. Once at hull speed it takes an enormous amount of power to get on plane and go faster. There is a formula to figure it out but it is where you are stalling at partial throttle. All boats are subject to this.

  • the next time you need to paint stripes between wooden strips put the paint in a turkey basting syringe squirt you a long bead out then hit it with a paint brush

  • the next time you need to paint stripes between wooden strips put the paint in a turkey basting syringe squirt you a long bead out then hit it with a paint brush

  • You should get you a clothing steamer

  • Why the hell would you make the canopy taller seriously you have to take into account the height of people

  • 👍

  • make a solor power plane

  • make a color power plane

  • *but hey*

  • fuck 5 minute craft this is better

  • Parasitic electrical drain is all i thought about after seeing title

  • HEY! i have a question 🙋‍♂️ can you build a mech?


  • This' the first time I've seen Totalboat's products used properly tbh.

  • I am excited why didn’t I receive the notification

  • Is it possible to make maned drone type vehicle using jet engines?


  • Who thinks he could make a aircraft carrier and actually is able to launch jets

  • Build a human lifting drone hoverboard like hunter kowald or Omni drones did like a hoverboard

  • I can even make a rc airplane

  • You should build a C.450 Coléoptère

  • Video idear: you shuld make an ac-130 style plane and drop an rc tank from it whith a parachute

  • There's no solor panels on boat.

  • not infinite range, to claim that the boat has to be able to navigate anywhere in the world.

  • You guyes should put solar panels and other stuff and go on an adventure

  • Hydrofoil Canoe !!! I'd like to see your least expensive hydrofoiling canoe. Can it be done with an electric trolling motor?

  • Make a model steam boat (maybe something based off a classic tugboat or ocean liner) with an actual live steam engine inside.

  • right on man perfect for the neighborhood meth addicts they can go n go till they starve to deeth.

  • Dude, I'm glad you're getting sponsors. Because you should be paid, and I don't want to pay you ;). Glad they are. nice boat.

  • Amazing idea.I think you can use some sort of origami pattern to make a really wide solar panel. But that could be a problem when there is wind.

  • Pedal powered airplane when?

  • Make it an aircraft carrier maybe?

  • You should do a skateboard electric skateboard project or electric scooter project are you should try 4x4 skateboarding yeah as in a 4x4 electric skateboard

  • All those heavy metals that had to be strip mined, and refined using highly toxic chemicals. Chemicals that are probably poisoning some kids drinking water in China or India. But hay, out of sight, out of mind. It works for all the recycled plastic burning in open pits in those countries. Makes you feel so good saving the planet.

  • Terrific job. I love watching your build process.

  • If you want guaranteed alcohol poisoning, take a shot every time he says 'actually'.

  • Could u build a flying pyramid that would be epic

  • Imagine a boat powered by wind energy which can even drive in the night.

  • Can you by any chance bulid a bigger zeppelin that can fit u???

  • Hey Peter, it would be really cool if you made the odyssey from super mario odyssey.

  • now i want a boat.

  • I think the roof needs to be higher

  • Disappointed, where is flex tape!

  • Looking great waithing to see part 2

  • Can sripol make engine power rc plane

  • Legend has it that the knife is still flying through the air 14:11.

  • Dude, get a loan from a bank and start a small scale production of these. You never know where it could go. I'd buy one.

  • Nice! I think you hit hull speed

  • that "blue paint" is actually a specialty marine paint that prevents growth of marine organisms like barnacles and mussels on your hull. Good decision, enjoy cleaning your hull.

  • GENIUS!!!

  • Peter, look up "hull speed" that explains your power curve

  • Ponyo: Sosuke's boat.

  • Make a working roc model of BlueBird the boat which went over lake Coniston by David Cambell but sadly flipped and died

  • Do part two

  • Great content. New subscriber here. Is your mom filipino?

  • Come on Peter, you dont have to post only once a month.

  • It hurts my back looking at those seats

  • put a servo in a rubber chicken and scare people in walmart

  • Is it possible to have an electric plane powered by wind mills on the plane, infinite range plane?

  • If you'd like a tip - next time you want to get paint off of metal, find a can or two of aircraft paint remover. Do it outside. Spray it, let it work for a few minutes, wipe it all off with a paper towel. Bad, bad stuff though so be careful with it.

  • Make a Submarine

  • Make a wankel engine 3d printed plane

  • Please make the among us airship please

  • Part two?

  • Your face like indonesia people😆

  • Yeet

  • Just the most stupid design you can’t even sit up straight, not even in the front because you rack your head on your dumb ass canopy. Total hack job.

  • Is Elon musk gonna start making electric boats too now

  • 5:22 me when discord not open: 0_o

  • You should have walls and have Windows on it

  • Thank you Peter. We enjoy your videos.

  • Make a inflatable plane

  • to bad the batterys are so expensive

  • I was able to accomplish this goal with my 16 ft, sailboat and a small electric panel and a couple of deep storage batteries.

  • Do a tutorial on how to make a plane like a legit flying plane that you can ride in

  • The boy who will never grow old

  • Can you make a airplane glider pls

  • can you revisit you old rc submarine with wireless camera in it and advance on that old creation. that was my favorite video of yours