Cinco De Amigos | Ep 63 | Bad Friends

Publicerades den 3 maj 2021
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0:00 Happy 5 de Mayo
6:40 Three Amigos and Fred Asparagus and Justin Bieber's Brother-in-Law
9:36 Finis Henderson and the Comedy Store Legends
26:00 Bobby and the Other Jules
31:02 Bobby and Andrew's Awkward Moments
46:29 Why Mexico is Better than Spain
50:00 The Nun Who Dated Elvis
1:09:24 Fans Submissions for The Bottoms of Turtle Island
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Opening Credits and Branding: joseph_faria & jenna_sunday
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Character Design: jeffreymyles
Bad Friends Mosaic Sign: tedmunzmosaicart
Produced by: George Kimmel & Bryce Hallock - 7EQUIS
Podcast Producers: Andrés Rosende & Pete Forthun
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  • Andrew graduated high school in the suburbs of Chicago in 2002. He didn't live in the Chicago his whole life. Also, he's fake as fuck and will talk shit behind your back while pretending to be your friend. Went to school with guy he's a phony.

  • I replayed the credit clips so many times 😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Bobby could be asian or mexican

  • Who is the old chinese guy?

  • Santino's grandma has pictures of the transitioning Jesus in her house.

  • Andrew’s story about being nervous and intimidated by the girl taking her pants off made me think. I dated a guy and he totally ghosted me because of this. Possibly.

  • TigerBelly was a gateway podcast. Now I’m a junkie for anything Bobby is on. Who am I.

  • As Beaumont Bacons daughter this was hella cool to see that people recognize her still. 😂

  • And look what happened fancy B .....the first tropical storm has your name and it's hitting Mexico 🙊😰😂😂🤘🤦

  • I loved the ending lolololol!!!

  • This is the only podcast I will watch nearly every single time one is released (Including tastebuds and anything with Matty).

  • i almost gave up hoping on that "is is that" outro... perfection!

  • Andrew sorry to break it to you but you are NOT Irish

  • santino is ultra sensitive

  • so Steven Baldwin is the only Baldwin with brains? #respect

  • Careful now 🤣. Oh mituu.

  • Anyone else go back to watch the bottoms of turtle island part of last week's episode after see the movie posters? I hope this movie gets made!

  • _White feet_ Lmao love it

  • Such a great one!!! Enjoyed this podcast so much.

  • Did we just witness Bobby Lee fight off a possession at 17:20 ?

  • Rudy is they key component to this podcast

  • It's like mapquest hahahahahahahahaha

  • 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • 0:48 Rudy Bob Thornton FINALLY gets it.

  • Crikey, this made everyone at the billabong blubber into their damper 😢

  • The Unusual Suspects Hahahaha

  • That beanie Bobby has on tho!!

  • I looked up Beaumont Bacon and the first video on her Twitter is of her in the gym lifting weights for real, not as a joke, but with fuzzy white gloves that look like polar bear fur. She also looks like she's about 93 years old, but apparently survived "double aneurysms." Meanwhile Bobby's an addict who never looks older than 35.

  • Let's be honest! No one outside of Meh-ico thinks it is better than Spain in ANY way, other than it's narco-smuggling and rampant murders. Other than that, it's a cesspool everywhere except the coastal tourist destinations and far-flung rural areas. Fancy B is right to have a superiority complex.

  • Tito Andrew...that story you told about the girl who was WAY out of your league and ended up taking her pants off then you froze...way too real. You and I aren't so different after all my friend.

  • We want a special Bobby

  • There's nothing wrong with a good old fashioned foot fetish 😍

  • This is a balm to my soul.

  • NEXT!

  • Just finished watching every episode. Kinda sad that I have to wait till next week to listen again

  • Btw Jewel is from Willow Alaska, and the only reason I know that is because I grew up in the next town over and no one would shut the fuck up about our one success story.

  • I wanna see Bobby react to that really old Rucka Rucka Ali song “ima Korean”

  • Jesus definitely had dark skin. Sadly white people decided to depict him as a white man so they felt more comfortable in their own skin.

  • Why does every asian accent, devolve into his Toki Fong accent. "gimme de gun"

  • Bethlehem is not in egypt.

  • watching adreas dance at the end ruined my day

  • way faster googling than Nadav.......

  • that bald guy in the suit was the best

  • Papa Bobo has so many stories I could listen to him all day!

  • Love u guys. Great pod keep it up

  • Wtf did they say Jesus was Egyptian? He was 100% Jewish

  • Wow Andrew knows Hmong?!?

  • Andres def won that dance off

  • Fancy B was getting it!

  • the way bobby treats people in his life seems so poor. like he just has the lowest standards and everyone has to lower there standards with him. why would someone lower there standards for how they get treated to chill or work with anyone

  • Bro I think Mexico is Better 😭 sorry

  • I love this podcast so much! I’ve watched every episode! 🔥🤙🏽

  • Boycotting due to Good Friends having to forcefully change their name.

  • Andrew still sucks.. Hey Andrew you're a Pound Puppy.. I'm right here

  • Gilbert’s sister is smoking, sorry.

  • I feel like the youngest bad friends listener here


  • Let's face it, Jesus was the first white. Everyone on earth was tanned and he was the very first albino. He was just really nice, helped people feel better, and loved to drink wine. He had a band of cronies up the river who poured all types of wine in the creek. Once everyone was drunk, he spread his #siswhitemale seed. Of course he started a cult. You would too if you were the first albino.

  • 17:19

  • Haha sewn never realized he was on the office

  • New to this podcast, but love Bobby and Andrew. Who is Jules?

  • Rudy's last episode 😢😪 F college stay in Podcastville forever 🥺

  • 21:56

  • Im disappointed that know one said "chinko de mayo".

  • They left the ‘r’ word in this time. I like it! We need take it back!

  • The one guy mentioned the Mexican cartel like it was a positive for Mexico lmao.

  • More views than subs :/


  • 😂😂😂 Great show, gO_Odsh💩t Bad Friends.

  • Slept King was raw here, beaut

  • Love Bobby, Andrew isn’t funny, hate his sound effects

  • I'm so glad I discovered this pod through 2 bears, it's so much better

  • There should be a meme of Jules shaking her head yes with the sombrero shaking up and down when Santino says to her "You need to watch Three Amigos" hahaha

  • Bobby Lee is the Alpha 🇺🇸

  • Bobby Lee is the alpha

  • Andrew - "Egyptians where fair skinned like me" Rudy - *Doubt*

  • 17:21 you’re welcome

  • make these 1hr 30 mins please!! 😞

  • only 2 types of people go looking for Spanish food.... serial killers and Andres, I lived in Spain for 2 years but I’m still going Mexico all day! Tacos 4 life

  • I have a crush on mexican sombrero rudy

  • I am Bobby Lee and here are half of the stories I know. No, my stories... but only half of them are told. Wait, half of my stories, told. But only half of them. Right? Yea, each story but only half of each story. Told.

  • I love this podcast

  • Anyone else go watch bane say he was born in the darkness after they mentioned

  • Fancy B need to do that dance at the end AND the beginning of all podcasts moving forward

  • Selena is Tejana! Im giving you the same look as 2pac behind you..

  • Andres at the end was the best

  • Andreas far superior dancer

  • 👎 Not enough Jules. Other than that, good job!

  • Barbaduke lol

  • If Bobby wasn't a comedian we would see a Netflix documentary about a Ninja Murderer from San Diego.

  • OMG you are a bunch of gays

  • All Mexicans have Spanish blood lmao

  • This is so much better than TIgerbelly.

  • Anyone else have Spanish ads?

  • Jules’s hat

  • I threw up in my mouth so bad when Andres danced at the end

  • 17:21 OMG Bobby 😂😂😂😂

  • 41:35 I'm surprised that they didn't censor that😂

  • that Mexico has mexicans and spain has andres bit was funny af xD Im mexican and would like to visit Spain one day aha 😃👍

  • "Kinda like Bane did... in that prison."

  • Those mic cords are racist!