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These were worse than I expected... Revealing your Snapchat Secrets
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  • did you know it is legal for you to have sex with a horse in Kansas. that should tell you something about it haha.

  • 12:49 ive been laughing at this for 10 mins pls help

  • cut it off, call the cops 💃

  • cut it off call the cops! yes

  • Why does your mind go to incest when reading a secret from Kansas?

  • hey

  • Ughhh this made my sadness go away 😂

  • I hate these videos but I love them I hate how much weird crap people send to you but like 💀💀💀💀 it's entertaining

  • Lol

  • An ex boss used to always keep trying to get my snap... we are both married.. but he was always snapping previous female employees 🙄 Hella creepy

  • i communicate on pinterest.....................

  • What do u collect "Oh i collect di-"

  • its just guys being disgusting

  • on the last secret i can understand if gore can "get you off" because i also have a thing for gore related things- all things considered i do self harm and have had past trauma with rape. the thing i find very odd which IS a red flag is that she knew the guy who was getting stabbed. i personally think that if she hasn't already she should probably talk to a professional.

  • I post any sort of reply comment or really comment in general expressing my own personal opinion, it's deleted by SEnewss within minutes. Pieces of shit post horrific disgusting death threats and abusive comments towards other people relentlessly? Oh that's perfectly fine. SEnewss is pathetically corrupt as fuck and it's truly sad.

  • does she not say „how’s it hangin?“ anymore?? :,(

  • Me: friends with 18+ year olds ;w; uhm- I know them all irl.

  • I literally want to be you ✋


  • Girl. Frand. This series is like an entire case study. It is really fascinating. Humanitity is doomed for sure but at least you make it funny to watch.

  • Anyone else curious about what the lyrics were to the 10 reasons why ur a sick song from the secret

  • can you do i revealing your cousin secrets video

  • so this was irl. i would go to by grandpas house about 2 times a week and he was retired so he had a lot of money put away. i ended up finding where his money was stashed. i stole about 20 bucks everytime i went there and i would spend it on the collectors item thing. i dont feel bad because i dont really like him. this went on for about 3 years

    • Did he like do anything to you to make you hate him?

  • 1:43 yes Alyx, also she could hack into the yearbook club's files _right before_ they are sent out to the publisher, and replace the pictures of everyone's faces with pictures of their parts on the other end of their torsos. 😏 I mean, they would _still_ be pictures of them, wouldn't they? 😄

  • ........ This one was a real roller-coaster today........ 😳...... 😶😑😳

  • I remember when a guy asked for nudes once I just sent a picture of Ryuk from death note and then put “no”

    • You said no? Where is your sense of fun? What about telling him that _is_ a real photograph of you, and then if he points out it is a cartoon, telling him "No, that's not a cartoon, I took that picture, myself". 🤣

  • dude these secret videos are fucking ADDICTIVE

  • my friends stood me up for the second time so now i’m here. 😍😍🔓

  • I know these are just for fun but I just wanna say thank you for making these. These cheer me up with your jokes n stuff, like today when I woke up crying I watched ur vids and they helped me a bit so thank you for doing these ❤️

    • @The Noisy Spectator no I’m not saying that I don’t believe any of them I’m simply saying that I find these videos entertaining and since she doesn’t do these videos for a real reason it’s technically just for for fun. Sorry if I caused any confusion 😅

    • You sound like you don't believe people really sent these to her, as things that had really happened to them. Are all of them so ridiculous that you don't believe any of them?

  • One of these has to be James Charles

  • alyx i know this is really late but i actually communicate on pinterest lmaoooo i was literally on pinterest while watching this video oopsies but i use pinterest a lot more than most people sooo

    • ... So, your point is that you watched this video while also watching something else on Pinterest, too?

  • i just noticed her right (in our pov it’s the left) eye is part blue. i don’t know how i didn’t notice that, but that’s cool! :)

    • I told you the real Alyx Weiss is no longer on this channel, and this is an actress wearing a costume...

  • not them defiling pinterest

  • So an ad came on as she said "'kitty cat'? ough that sounds- Moisturizing Dove body wash" and caught me off guard

  • "Fighting incest one hairy fat man at a time" thats senior quote material right there

  • 8:40. Wait... A shower with a giant window? 😒 What kind of a hotel would build something like that?!

  • 7:56 Felt that

    • LOL. Rest assured the teacher sees her as a child, and just thinks it is cute. 🙂

  • My bestie and I communicate over pinterest, we make each other boards and send each other cottagecore stuff and plan tea parties, pinterest it's valid!

  • Omg no I’ve done the second one ngl

  • 1st one is James Charles vibes


  • The second story is like Pokemon go omg brings a whole new meaning to "gotta catch em all" 🥴🥴

  • Does anyone know the song that was played at the end of the vid?

  • What’s up with Tony Lopez in the first story

  • Hi

  • i wish we were friends irl

  • Ur so fucking funny

  • You should do beach and vacation secrets because summer's coming up! Oh and also different languages might be fun- like Italian, French, Spanish etc.! :)) Love your content Alyx! :))


    • As long as she does _something_ tomorrow. 😞 She did not upload anything last Thursday. What if this video is her last one? 😢

  • The first one sounds like tony Lopez 💀💀💀

  • I found your channel like a week ago and just finished watching every single revealing you secrets and uber pranks lol

  • MAAAAD RESPECT for encouraging young people to cut off predatory relationships and contact someone. ♡♡♡

  • Can you do kindergarten secrets? 🤪

    • @The Noisy Spectator yes but ik people who have many and mabey she could do elementary school secrets? All the grades up until 6th

    • @Animefan Queen Well, I am not sure how many will be submitted by adults and kids that are true, and how many would be submitted by kids who just make up things for attention. That is why I want her to get up into the range of things experienced in adulthood, because they are more likely to be true.

    • @The Noisy Spectator ik I am an adult but I meant we all have secrets from kindergarten RIGHT!

    • NOOOOO! Please let her move toward reading more secrets submitted by _adults!_

  • You should tiktok secret s

  • I LOVE YOU❤️

  • Ayeee




  • Oof, if i knew you were gonna do a snapchat one, i could easily take the cakeee

    • @The Noisy Spectator alrighty! :D

    • @Rahiya Garvin You can still submit it, now is not too late. : )

    • @The Noisy Spectator yeah- but i mean likei had a hugeeee secret but chile anyways

    • Does it matter the topic? If it is something you are trying to keep secret, that is all it needs to qualify.

  • You ever just be watching and you're like... "You're a victim 👁👄👁"

  • Thursday, April 22nd is my birthday, so I seriously can’t wait for the next “revealing your secrets” video!! Btw, love you girly! 💕

    • Well, now it is the next Thursday, and she has uploaded a new video, after all. 😌

    • @Hayami yumi "Informing" you? I don't have any information. It is just my opinion. 🙁

    • @The Noisy Spectator nah nah it’s okay dw

    • @The Noisy Spectator aweee, hopefully she doesn’t stop!! But thank you sm for informing me!

    • @:] I suppose I don't know for sure, I am just cynical at heart. I was pretty tired when I posted that reply. Do you think I should delete it?


  • cut it off, call the cops

  • “i f*cking hate predators” same alyx, same

  • "Cut it off and call the cops :D!"

  • There is literally NOTHING wrong with being just friends with someone who’s 14 when you’re 21. I am a gamer and I’ve seen wayyyy more extreme age differences. Only gamers will understand there is no age limit for friendships. My friend is 58 and I am 24 we’re friends and she has a friend who’s 15. And I have a friend who is 13 though I joke around and cal him my son due to our age difference. In the gaming community nobody cares about age differences. (Talking about the actual gaming community not people who say they just play the sims and say they’re gamers lmao) But seriously there is nothing wrong with it. If it’s just friendship and nothing more then there is nothing wrong with it.


  • Loool

  • 14 and 21......... Y'all parents don't go through y'all phones like mines...and can't anyone find love with there own age group??? Why isn't anyone teaching there kids about laws so they can't be manipulated? Also I really hope these children get help.

  • you remind me of my english teacher, you guys look and talk similarly lol

  • I’m NoT sAyInG iTs RiGhT oKaYyY 😭

    • Personally, I don't see what is so bad about her being into teachers, if she is 26 years old. 🤷‍♂️

  • 10:50 i wish someone told me this when i thirteen

  • 6:17 wait wait wait wait wait so because so basically you got in trouble even though the school had nothing to do with the photo that that is some stuff

    • She _did_ get out of School for five days! That sounds more like a reward than a punishment, to me.

  • 'sigh' Well, this "Tom" has sure swung Alyx back to the "Straight" side, hasn't he? 1:41 8:11 8:31 9:23

  • okay but what did kansas ever do to u

  • Hey you should do sports secrets

  • It’s not Findom. It’s Femdom.

    • @Sophia Lockwood Give him a break, he is just a little kid. ☹️

    • @The Noisy Spectator Fin doesn’t have an L in it

    • No, "Findom" is being a fan of Rachel Ballenger's little boy, Flyn. Of course, that is no better.

  • Okay Alyx but for the next reveal your secret video, the theme should be about sneaking out 🤭

    • No! 😫 I want to hear secrets that are from adults, or at least not exclusively from teens!

  • i didnt even know you could message on pinterest WHAT-


  • she looks like luisa from jtv



  • Cut it off call the cops lmfao

  • Low key thought the femdom dude was gonna end up being her boyfriend

  • Hey! You might not see this comment but someone is pretending to be you in tik tok

    • @The Noisy Spectator is it hers?? I don’t know if I should let her know or not cuz the tik tok is just snippets of her video and never just her

    • Every day, someone tells her about that.

  • Me wondering why I am always singing "if you're homophobic you're probably gay"

  • Waiting for the new vid...

    • Well, she missed posting a video yesterday. (Thursday April 15th) It is only a quarter after nine AM for her, but... The Buffalo Fairies are very unhappy with her! 😒

  • 7:28 if she finished all her credits early, why did she not just _go home?_

    • No one agree? I guess school is so much fun these days that people would rather stay there. 😒

  • 7:37 (bookmark)

  • similarly to the teacher story, a teacher at my high school married a former student

  • I like death too tbh. I think its hot. Like, if you die- he embraces you. Sounds like the dad i never had

  • How have I never found your channel before I literally love your videos

  • I was 14 and he was 24 ahhh

  • just gained alot of respect for alex :)

    • You should gain even more respect for her! Amelia Nacgroomkisch owns and operates and plays "AyyDubs" all by herself! So, that wisdom now comes from _only one_ woman! When Disney's West Coast division of their Social Media branch Operated "AyyDubs", the had two or three teams of child psychologist, experienced social workers, retired high school counselors, ect. To answer these questions. 🙄

  • 13:45 yk that one video from the dentist that they know why you have bruising at the back of your throat...

  • i got a prolife ad on this video im gonna vomit


  • pleaseeee do driving secrets