Speedrunning Flash Games from your childhood

Publicerades den 1 maj 2021
Pandemic II, Frog Fractions, and The Worlds Hardest Game! I am so speedy
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  • Deaths :69

  • easy speezy?

  • Hey SmallAnt just wanted to throw some props your way. I love that you have a channel with so much less swearing than that of other big SEnewssrs (who I still enjoy). I think you make your platform a lot more accessible to people who don’t want to hear crazy amounts of profanity but still enjoy your personality and gaming skills.

  • I’ve only played the world’s hardest game. Never heard of the other two 😬 also how’d you access these with flash gone?

  • You should try playing pixelmon

  • 6:40 Badigascar

  • Oh so this is the EazySpeezy collab

  • Am I coin cofer

  • When will you and marissa play minecraft again

  • Ehh, these Flash Games weren't that fun even in the mid 2000s. Let's see some Ball Revamped. Or older games like Dim (Made by Dex and Yomamasmama), maybe some Dex games or even the click the button game.

  • Petition for him to play pixelmon

  • Easysqueasy

  • how are you playing these? is it like an emulator or ruffle type thing?

  • Amphibious, your honor. That got me 😂

  • Hey buddy can you complete Pokemon unbound at insane difficulty

  • Watch Cj's most first video ant

  • Hey smant, can you do minecraft but you can only move in a boat

  • Play achievement unlocked

  • You should speed run Mother Load. Was a great game back in the days of school

  • Adult gamer can't locate the middle east

  • You should do Pokemon Ruby but only "not -effective" moves do damage that would be impossible

  • What the hell was that frog fraction game? Looked like it was made with the creators on acid.

  • Do a pandemic playthrough with the goal of killing everyone except canada


  • Dude, Madagascar... It's always been the make or break of that game!!!

  • Can’t give me depression if I already have it. Outstanding move

  • What or who are you going to raid? You can't just leave me in a cliffhanger like that.

  • yknow, theres a difference between speedrunning and playing a game with a timer on

  • Some wack games he selected to stream for 26 minutes theres way better that would of replaced these.

  • Do another super Odyssey vid

  • SmallAnt’s out here to end EasySpeezy’s career

  • I have an oddesy challenge suggestion. Superstar no cap throws no jump no walk no 2 player no coin

  • can you do tastey planet?

  • Try speedrunning geometry dash :^()

  • When Frog Fractions was asked what type of game it was it simply replied "yes"

  • I was at this stream

  • pause at 21:28 look what he is about to hit

  • play pokemon snap plzz

  • Petition for SmallAnt to speedrun Undertale, like and comment so he can see lol

  • I spedran this video in 13.04... Wait, what happened to Duck Life? And Super Stacker?

  • Can you please speedrun N it’s my favorite game series

  • Buzzword could have been a parasite.

  • 17:45 Autotune

  • Flash? Never heard of it in 2021.

  • 18:35 you’ve been gnomed

  • Smallant: Spedrunning Also Smallant: spent so much time on frickin sign

  • 4:30 the Cordyceps fungus that turns insects into zombies is an airborne parasite, its spores are small enough to be spread via air. It's a bit of a stretch though.

  • where the fuck is bloons tower defense

  • Yo, #SmallAnt. I have the perfect challenge for the next The Legend of Zelda: BOTW speedrun. It is beating the game without the Paraglider. Because, that will tell if it's impossible or not to beat BOTW without the Paraglider.

  • Sorry forgot it was your birthday so happy birthday

  • Corvid eh?

  • smallant you're the best!

  • Biggest cliffhanger ever.... can't wait for next episode to see who he raided

  • Eazyspeezy: "first time?"

  • If this pandemic doesn't kill us wooper king will

  • SmallAnt next do Pokémon Tower Defense PLEASE.

  • How? Isnt flash down?

  • Has anyone else noticed that smallant and pointcrow have basically the same profile picture and both speedrun/ have speedran botw? Sus.

  • Mega Ass Scar had me dead

  • Pandemic II was so good

  • Sad that he didn’t do any Inkagames Puzzle Adventures.

  • R. I. P. Adobe Flash

  • Speed run Oregon Trail! DO ITTT

  • Let’s name the parasite Ant:*names it CHAT*

  • This was boring

  • Since when was there a Flash version of Plague Inc.? I know I'm still decently young but dang.

  • SmallAnt: Furiously Playing Open Office 4: helo

  • dude the thumbnail made me think this was an EazySpeezy video

  • now speedrun, run.

  • And no loading

  • If you use a glitch then you restart the entire game

  • Play Zelda speed run but with no glitches

  • Play Zelda plz

  • Play Zelda plz

  • Play Zelda plz

  • Play Zelda plz

  • Play Zelda plz

  • 10:47 as a Michigan resident I can confirm that symbol as Michigan state

  • Rip-off easy speezy

  • 19:18 didn't know Ant has a kitten

  • Quick question: how are you playing flash games in 2021??????

  • no bloons? wtf bro

  • We are going to raid *raid shadow legends ad appears*

  • Can you make a SEnewss stream?

  • The world’s hardest game was beat by Ant. Not so hard now, r ya? Probably should’ve used different words...

  • You should do duck life 4

  • Since you seem like the "Un-earther" of games long forgotten, there's a game I have been trying to remember from my 3rd grade (approx. 2000-ish) I feel like it was creepier than it should be, or maybe I just didn't like the art of it. but it was in my schools computer lab. I feel like it had an "Angela Anaconda" vibe to the art of it but I can't really remember. you could choose 1 of 3 kids, for being "Fast/weak", "average", and "slow/strong" I really don't remember the objective of the game-if there was one. I never won. I usually played math blaster or something like that over this one cause I didn't like the way it looked. But It has bugged me for years cause im curious about it now, wondering if my puny mind was just too stupid to know how to play. lol I just can't remember the name of it. It seemed like they were going along pathways trying to figure out puzzles, maybe at a beach or an abandoned carnival? Like there's a part that reminds me of a beach and a part that reminds me of a carnival. Does anyone else remember a game like that? Or remember what it was called?

  • 69 and 420 can I get a Nice in chat

  • the worlds hardest game 2 is merely the continuation of the worlds hardest game. because as the worlds hardest game, it is a never-ending game.

  • You murder me first

  • Why did I think this was eezyspeezy when I clicked on it

  • Speedrun Run or you cant!

  • 3:34 imagine that out of context

  • Can you do pokemon platinum but onlly shinies i think that would be interesting

  • what's a parasite, what's a parasite........ "chat"

  • I remember that strean that was like a couple months ago

  • where is the 25/30 lvl of the world's hardest game ? and it's a realy bad "Speedrun"

  • I remember Pandemic 2. I used to play it occasionally on Andkon

  • That signature segment felt really tense