How to Create a Smosh Character

Publicerades den 9 feb 2021
We’re expanding the Smosh Cinematic Universe, so we’ve come up with a character generator factory to help us find our next Dumpster Wizard!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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  • Which of these characters do you wanna see again?! 👀

  • Damien I agree with you in that those two men did look like they were taking turns f*#$ing the dolphin.

  • Tommy was 1000% swedish

  • there's a wheel for tops, for bottoms.... nice

  • 1:33 ... ... ...

  • Damien character could be in horror movie but in a mental hospital

  • 10:00 That eyeball outfit tho

  • 14:23 and 16:19 I love Damien's "Singing in the Rain" references! Make 'Em Laugh is one of my fave songs from it.

  • Chippy grant my fav one out them all

  • Anyone else getting double ads like, every two minutes?

  • Also boneless needs some friends for sure

  • Chippy Grant is reading the stage directions from the old timer plays that’s why he doesn’t actually sigh 😂

  • We all know ian's the best at playing a robot pretending to be human

  • When they were explaining how the game worked that sword they were using was the one from Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 😢I miss that show

  • I feel like Tommy is just being Tommy Wiseau

  • “Always tries to say something deep, but in the end doesn’t make sense” Oh so- Noah Centineo writing tweets?

  • sharon, please give me the sharon, very good

  • Intrastink Questcom is Peter Lukas's extremely shunned younger sibling

  • Tommy says : That's so creative. He sounded like Courtney

  • Jackie's character is dressed like she wanted to stay in her pajamas and work from home, but she still has to take those Zoom calls.

  • The fact that Damien chose to say "a large sigh" and got a robot trying to be human is just perfect. 😂

  • 3:51 WHAT did you put on my beans??

  • What is stifling m'lad's creativity?? Stop making Damien administrative and let him just be.

  • Damien's name should have been a robot model number 😂

  • I HAVE THOSE RUBBER DUCKY PANTS that's it, that's the comment

  • no

  • Damien's character would actually give Shayne nightmares

  • SHARON NEEDS TO COME BACK!! I loved her and her tedtalks

  • Why are they the best trio?

  • Why did Damien say “see you next Tuesday” is it just me that knows what that means

  • Tommy and his reads are the reason I'm here if I'm honest haha

  • Interestink quescom need to be a permanent character for tommy, hes just so Interesting and mystery

  • Please bring back the tie dye hoodie 😭

  • Intrastink Quescom.

  • I like Tommy’s character the best.

  • Damien should just stick to the detective saying random stuff and ending with: I think what I’m trying to say is... you’re under arrest

  • Hold up... Has anyone ever seen Tommy and Fred in the same room together?? Strange...

  • I need more Sharon

  • Damien is just blonde Tommy Wiseau

  • I could see Sharon on a zoom call lol

  • I would love to see Intrastink Quescom again!

  • The doll is a robot operating Damien like in ratatouille

  • why do seagulls fly over the sea? because if they flew over the land, they would be landgulls

  • Every Ted talk ever featuring Sharon

  • when the crowd started to cheer for jackie i lost my shit😭😭

  • We don’t need a new Damien character for the smosh family, I just want the ‘what’re those’ presenter to join the family with breanna

  • Sharon I want more Sharon

  • You should do like TNTL episode where you spin a wheel of SMOSH’s most famous TNTL characters, and then you have to make jokes for a round (or while game).

  • "my mom was a dolphin" thats not a charecter youre just being olivia

  • Intrastink Quescom was by far the best. Please use him in the future

  • 1:34 i literally thought the say thing as Damien

  • For Damien’s I would been a cannibal robot chef. I’d carry the puppet to make myself look more normal and reduce suspicion of all the murders I’ve committed. I would think humans eat human meat and have my own undercover restaurant to spy on humans to take over the world

  • For Jackie’s I would have done a work from home sales rep that’s struggling to work from home. Like I can’t handle the screaming kid and barking dog, I’m just trying to hold it together, but you know, that’s cheese.

  • can we get a squad vlogs with keith, olivia, shayne, courtney, and noah?

  • What if. Hear me out, Damien's puppet is the real robot that has attached itself to Damien and took over his mind

  • Tommy bouncing his knee is so relatable and gives me the feels

  • I physically, emotionally, and spiritually need to see Intrastink Quescom on my screen again

  • I see Jackie, I click.

  • i can really see Sharon on like smosh vages

  • Jackie's character was top notch

  • I feel like Jackie's charater is like a wanna be motivational speaker that has no idea whats going on most of the time

  • Damien's was the best one

  • Olivia away is Olivia

  • Who remembers when this was Smosh 2nd Channel and not Smosh Pit

  • Jackie’s character is a professional who works in sales but only over zoom calls.



  • I love everyone on this show, but I have really missed Jackie!! So glad to see her in a video after a bit.

  • "Duck Destiny" was the only redeeming quality of this video

  • Pennywise the saiyan

  • defo wanna see interstink !!

  • Damn this channel fell off hard lmao

  • 14:02 should have said butterchippies

  • Love the idea, I wanna see everyone participate (especially kimmy, sara, and shayne)!

  • We need more Sharon

  • Felt like I was having a stroke watching Sharon's Ted Talk

  • I need Sharon to come back and evolve further

  • Can we appreciate Tommy’s top and bottom joke? Thank you

  • I would love to see the rest of the group do this. And Tommy's was my favorite. But a character I would LOVE to see put in with brianna boho and dumpster wizard would DEFINETLY be Jackie as uncle Jack from the bingo smosh vagas video. I LOVED uncle Jack in that video!!!💙💙💙

  • You need to do more but also get a hollywood stole costume monster makeup artist to do a "face."

  • Sharon Strait killing it

  • i think, I Think, I THINK


  • That was somehow the most casual insert about Tommy being gay

  • Sharon needs their own episode.

  • why is jackie’s character a mix of shayne’s life coach and cruise ship captain characters

  • "A large sigh" - Damien Haus That was my suggestion, this was amazing

  • I weirdly want a smosh office tour

  • Jackie’s character is probably the best one. (Sharon)

  • I love this so much 🤣❤

  • If Damien isn't an American Gordon Ramsey, then what's the point?

  • I think we need an "Every Ted Talk Ever"

  • Jackie's name should have been Sharron Wisdom

  • All 3 are great but Damien needed a stronger catch phrase

  • You laugh but I actually had a coworker who was Damian 🤣 dress and attitude all (im a chef for a living)

  • The three people who will reliably make me cry-laugh until my stomach cramps in one video?? Let's see if I survive!

  • sharon is hilarious 🤣🤣

  • How dare you play this game without Shane or Courtney

  • Who remembers when shayne was on e22 of Henry danger

  • I love the concept.