Air Bottle Helicopter

Publicerades den 22 apr 2021
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  • Pls tell me your next project would be a compound air engine / motor ;)

  • Love the video! I am curious, would it be advantageous to use something like an aluminum water bottle to store higher pressures in? The rest of the system would have to be upgraded to handle the higher pressure but I think it could be crazy enough to work!

  • I hope he pushes it further in the future and starts using liquid nitrogen for example as a gas source.

  • man makes air float

  • Wow 🤯, the slow mo shots of the air and your explanation of what you are doing and trying is what makes yt great, I don't have a clue on most of it but its what ideas others can have to improve, if enough rational open source thinkers got together free or very cheap power or energy could be made without all the fancy razomataz of government bureaucracy bs. 👍👍

  • I really dig these videos man. Keep em up

  • youtube just showed me this video because i'm subscribed to you and, quote "Tom Stanton viewers also watch this channel". LOGIC! also i love how that propeller just decided to carry on on its own while the bottle "landed" :P

  • You could get a longer flight by removing the nozzle on the tail boom. Vintage 3ch RC helicopters had a frisbee like disc on the tail boom instead of a rotor. This disc limited the spin rate to something manageable in a hover, and the curve acted like a wing enabling straight forward flight.

  • I'm not good in mathematics but I love watching your content.

  • Try this but with co2 canisters instead then meaby it could work well

  • On the speed record helicopters rc they dont have tail rotors the just have a tail and the forward speed keeps them straight. Dont know if that gives you any new idears.


  • Stanton is a genius.

  • Id like to see a brilliant fellow like you make a steam powered rc car that uses electricity for heat. Im sure the people would love it.

  • Can't believe prince harry made a youtube channel. thats cool

  • ik its dumb but we can launch satellites in space using this 12:17

  • Just make an air rocket with wings and be done with it.

  • How about a steam engine powered aircraft?

  • See if a 80gram co2 cartrige would work

  • Everything was good until you mentioned that fake helicopter on mythical mars the light in the sky.

  • All you need to do is build compressed air tank out of carbon fiber. I’m assuming it will be at least able to store more air.

  • Please, make a vedio on steam engine .. or steam rocket engine

  • Great video.

  • Haha air helicopter has evolved into invisible helicopter

  • Well, I have got a engineering challenge for you. Try this ("Spaceship" of Ezekiel) : Would be interesting to see if it is flight worthy as a drone.

  • Hey Tom. Have you tried a conic helicopter, where the blades rotate above the tip of a cone? I remember seeing this way back. IIRC, it has the advantage of having a low centre of gravity making it very stable and you can use deflector fins on the cone's surface to act as a means of counter rotation. Also, the cone acts as a lifting body. I'm actually unsure why development never went much further.

  • Hey tom , please try liquid nitrogen or dry ice as your pressure source (inside bottle) so that it can give higher flight time and take sufficient safety measures good luck

  • You only needed a ball valve on the nozzle so that it seals once the bottle disconnects from the line.

  • what if u went with a 2 smaller bottle and smaller propeller essentially the same setup but with 2 smaller bottles just a thought........

  • I think you need a separate release mechanism so that the bottle can get to a very high pressure before disconnecting. notice your last try was working before pressure and thus rotor speed and lift dropped again. maybe a mechanism that releases automatically once the bottle reaches full pressure.

  • Make a bicycle where the pedals drive both wheels, but that can still steer. Also, make an adult tricycle that actually has a differential.

  • props should be more like wings. helicopters fly with lift more then thrust

  • Tom: *doesn't have a big budget or uni connections like Veritasium for optical mirrors* also Tom: *understands the science well enough to design his own set-up with a magnifying glass*

  • you should make A engine powered by liquid nitrogen or by Cryo-Genic air

  • Love to see you come up with innovative way on forest fire.

  • I think you'd be better just throwing the bottle ;) Only messing. There's always lessons learned from projects, even the ones that don't really lead to satisfying result.

  • thumbs up

  • two variable pitch blade gyro energy storing balancing disc rotors, rc

  • i seen a prop where the air travels through the blades makes a turn and comes out the tip, like the stablizer you mad, just make them into a prop

  • I think those bottles will go up to about 100 psi. I don’t get the sense that you’re up there. If you want butter momentum transfer you might put a little bit of water upstream of your turbine. Make the air push the water, and when that water hits the turbine, it will spin the turbine. The tailboom is going to respond to gravity and give it a pitching moment. You might consider a static piece of that carbon tube sticking out the front to balance it. Winglets on the tips of the rotors do wonderful things for reducing loss. There are big wings where they will do a 10% reduction in drag. Some of the design constraints going into the commercially available propellers are speed of mass production.

  • Maybe, you should put the air inlet conector right below the rotor, so the lift is balanced, it is definetly the main reason whythe copter is going forward every time...

  • Tesla turbine vs compressed air engine

  • Counter-intuitively, bottle rockets are heavier and simpler, but have longer air time.

  • Go to Iceland dude, you can get 3L bottles there.

  • Someone please put tractor wheels on a F1 car, that'd be awesome!

  • Change thumbnail, its not interesting, may be u can't get enough click... It's your choice to change it😊😁

  • I like how he makes engines then makes planes out of them


  • Keep going sir; I have a feeling you’ll change the game in air pneumatics 🙏

  • Ok anyone else just watch the slow motion over and over to keep this flight alive for a few seconds longer

  • The intro fooled me into thinking it was an advert!

  • How about you make a bird powerd by air

  • Great video pal.

  • Closest slowmo ever

    • In theory, couldn't you just put some very little weight in the form of some landing rails on the bottom of the bottle, to keep it from rotating side to side?

  • Why not try a small multi blade propeller (8 blades) to increase efficiency?

  • You need a check valve for the inlet nozzle. Then you don't have to manage the outward flow, and you retain a little more air for propulsion. Looks like you're 90% there, and you just have to work on that very difficult 10%

  • maybe you could put a fin on along the boom to help counter the torquing of the craft with rotational drag.

  • Hey have you ever looked into making a compressed air drone or copter using a lightweight high pressure tank like meyer's HDRX-005-500?

    • please put what if you put dry ice inside the bottle ?

  • This machine: I use the air to stay in the air

    • perhaps a solution will come to you in the shower or when you are not focued on it.

  • That wasn’t a failure. You managed to make a helicopter that runs on compressed air. Great job.

  • Look up early helicopter designs. Very early models have two rotors rotating in opposite direction with an angle toward each other, (like a very shallow v) the steeper the angle the more stable is the helicopter. But it will have costs in efficiency. The reason is that if the machine tips to one side the rotor gains efficiency and the opposite loose it, pushing the machine back into a balanced position.

  • The shock diamonds don't necessary mean that your flow is supersonic. It only means that the air outside is compressing the flow enough to make it compress on itself and then explode, creating the shock diamonds. You can have shock diamonds with water behind a ship, but I hope you agree that the water behind a ship isn't supersonic.

  • Use a bleed valve to control yaw or another bottle

  • Sir please make the "warship" from avengers movie.

  • Does anyone know what program he is using to model his 3d prints?

  • Flying machine of the future!

  • Kobe

  • In theory, couldn't you just put some very little weight in the form of some landing rails on the bottom of the bottle, to keep it from rotating side to side?

  • Dunno but the rotor coming toward the high speed camera is somewhere between beautiful and scary as hell lol

  • Have you ever thought of storing air in the support beams of a plane?

  • I can say that this was never a failure. It's just a stepping stone to something great. Hats off to your attempt mate...

  • Tom likes air

    • Somebody should send him a link to Banggood...

  • Have you tried changing the shape or orientation of your air storage container? Though odd looking, would it work better if the bottle was vertical? You have made such progress, perhaps a solution will come to you in the shower or when you are not focued on it.

  • please put what if you put dry ice inside the bottle ?

    • I think this bottle can hold much more pressure! So why not to use it?

  • You should totally do a Stirling engine next! That would be super exciting

  • 4:30 it has a name in rocket science "the tyreny of [something I forgot]"

  • I absolutely love how you aren't afraid to show your failures as well as your success. You tried a path and showed us the results and that's amazingly valuable!

  • You can further improve blade efficiency by running a line of smooth bumps along the leading edge.

  • Make a vacume Powerd plane

  • I miss my air hog

    • 12:20 Bottle: Ight imma head out Blades: Ight imma stay here a little while longer

  • Tom pls try liquified air to fly aerial vehicles

  • Tom why not try an air rotary or something similar to an air drill used in garages

  • Dunno but the rotor coming toward the high speed camera is somewhere between beautiful and scary as hell lol

  • I think the people of the future will be indebted to engineers as skillful as you. In my opinion, the significance of these projects is of great importance.

  • attach compressed air to tesla turbine to generator to battery to electric quad copter. boom technically air powered? lol

  • I know a good youtube channel when i see 3 other engineering related channels comments in which im subscribed. -Integza -Practical Engineering -SmarterEverday Worth subscribing to you good sir. Bless us puny noobs like me with aeronautical engineering scriptures.

    • and a full sized car tyre valve to inflate it, which remained part of the rocket - which was also the main source of its potential to mame, kill or crack greenhouses.

  • Somebody should send him a link to Banggood...

  • Why not a Helicopter on Mars?

  • I think this bottle can hold much more pressure! So why not to use it?

  • Come on Tom just make it out of carbon nano tubes its so simple not sure why you have not thought of that yet.

  • Your pictures look wonky in the background at the start

  • Helicopter flies for a couple of seconds Propellers: ... My job is finished, I am outta here

  • 12:17 propeller: i belive i can flyy

  • 12:15 I'M FREE!

  • 12:20 Bottle: Ight imma head out Blades: Ight imma stay here a little while longer

  • It's gonna be a great day. Colinfurze & Tom Stanton uploaded video in the same day. completely!

  • So, maybe he can now inject some gas to the bottle and fire it up like in cylinder to sustain the pressure and have potato gun powered helicopter?!

  • I didn't understand anything but kudo's!! absolutely brilliant project and what an amazing job well done!

  • i think you're losing a ton of lift because of the flexibility of the plastic holding the top of the bottle, but i'm assuming you can't go any heavier without it just not being able to lift itself :[

    • for profit but for a better place in the cosmos...✨☄️🌌

  • Kinda missed the opportunity to put baking soda and vinegar in that baby. :P