2021 Lone Star Classic | RD1 F9 | Gurthie, Barsby, Conrad, Williams | MPO1 | GKPro Disc Golf

Publicerades den 3 apr 2021
2021 Lone Star Classic driven by Innova presented by Tito's
2021 PDGA B-Tier
Round 1 - Front 9
Met Center DGC
Austin, Texas

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Bushnell Range FInders through GK Pro
Drone Sponsor
Commentary Team
Nate Perkin & Bradley Williams
Garrett Gurthie
Gregg Barsby
James Conrad
Bradley Williams
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  • Great pacing and tone on the commentary!

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  • This got to be a joke. There are so many commercials that I’m watching commercials over commercials. Wtf

  • I love Bradley acknowledging that his approach on hole 2 was good. It was clear that he was speaking purely objectively and not in a boastful way; it sounded like he was talking about someone else's shot. I'm really enjoying the Nate-Brad commentary

  • Course art there is awesome !

  • Absolutely love this commentary team. Been a fan of Nate Perkins for a long time (as a player and broadcaster) and Bradley is a master of form, shot shaping, and the mental game. So much insight here. Again, GKP killing.

  • Played this course approx 20 times back in summer 2007. This is awesome, only watching the tour for 4 weeks already a course Ive seen.

  • Not sure what cameras GK Pro is using these days, but the picture is so good. Thanks guys.

  • Instantly I tapped 🔄after the breath taking Double G Drone shot! And what an edit! Best dg ad !

  • What a way to start off the coverage by Double G throwing anhyzer over planet earth... F'in animal!!!!

  • Did Nate just say vodka 0:15? 🥴

  • James looking like he's still getting comfortable with that plastic

  • Great camera work guys but Nate Perkins is difficult to listen to. Please replace him with anyone else.

  • I feel like James is completely uncomfortable with the switch to mvp

  • 29:03 thats a Calvin Heimburg Destroyer dyed by pastry

  • I enjoy having Bradley in the booth. He really does know the game

  • 38:07 no, not firebird right there. That's his tour series Eagle

  • It looks like it WAS the same stick on hole 3. You can see the marking paint on the end of it.

  • Bradley Williams, last year's champion, commentating his own tee shot on #1: "I'm going Savant just because I'm terrified." After his throw: "That's terrible." A man of humility and high standards.

  • At 31:07 it looks like someone from another dimension turns his disc. I've been telling my group about the disc moving dimension hoppers. Idk why they exist but there is proof.

  • 30,000 added for a B tier? WOW!

  • Lol this Tito's sponsorship cracks me up for some reason.

  • 31:00 disc robbery, changing directions on its side!

  • Horrible fps

  • I’m not sure what you’re revenues are from these vids, but along with your in video ads...the SEnewss monetization is a little much.

    • @Conner Williams ...and they are making money...through the ads they place IN the video. Not a ton I'd imagine. I'm happy for the coverage, and once again...it just seems a bit much.

    • @John Kirby once again, it's free content for the viewer, and the production team deserves to make money for their work.

    • @Conner Williams I mean that in conjunction with the SEnewss ads, there are also ads they have independently for the video... I feel like its either or. Buying YTP doesn’t negate the ones in video. So you’re term of free... isn’t necessarily true... if it was... I would do exactly that and get YTP. Not my channel, and just merely a suggestion. I find it a bit much having both.

    • Lmfao, the coverage is free. Don’t like the ads, buy SEnewss premium.

  • Bradley full of spoilers had to mute the volume.. tough front 9

  • TITO'S for the new sponsor???!!!!!! Good stuff GK

  • 🍻

  • Did Bradley say he threw a Savant on hole 1? I have never seen a pro throw that disc ever...

    • I haven’t either! Flight number wise, it’s so similar to a Thunderbird. Savant is 9|5|-1|2, Thunderbird is 9|5|0|2 It’s funny to hear Brad call the savant overstable. I would expect that to be flippy for a pro. Seeing that Garrett Gurthie can get an s-turn flight from a firebird.

  • Why did this course get picked over Roy G? It blows my mind

    • they had to use private courses this year. CC or Roy not allowed this year

  • Whats the point showing the leaderboard with everyone after different amount of holes played? Why not show scores for everyone after 9 holes so you can make some sense of the situation...

  • Is there anything better then watching Barsby putt? Gives me 2018 flashbacks of that run at World's everytime he cashes one 😎

  • Putt upside down on putts less than 10-15ft depending on skill lvl. That’ll help with spit outs for a couple different reasons. Takes a little bit to get use to but seems to work in my experience.

  • Looks like JC is missing those Innova molds. Lol

  • Just a thought: A shot count graphic on each player's scores, or even as they approach their shot, would be really handy and something nobody else does. Keep up the great work guys

    • Par Save and Gatekeeper both do that I believe

  • what is wrong with bradley williams

  • Awesome listening to Bradley! Thank you for the great coverage!

  • Thanks for the coverage, GKPro. Nate and Bradley did a nice job.

  • Did Met center get redesigned? I haven’t been there since 2016

    • Looks like it starts by where hole 8’s short tee pad used to be

  • I always find myself rooting for JC. I think its his demeanor. Best on tour I've seen. Love watching him and Calvin Heimberg

  • Finally! Coverage that knows the name of James’s new discs. Love it!

  • The camera guys should wear camo or black. Or stay all the way out of the way

  • I loved the clear and detailed analysis from Bradley Williams. Definitely invite him back for some more commentary. Thank you!

  • Love the tracking shots guys...keep that going!👊🥏

  • Ohh Yeah...Baller card!!!

  • Really tough course😳

  • Gimminy Krismas! This Bradley guy is superb. So much fun to watch and I love the commentary. Can we just always have a mic on him, please?

  • Nate and Bradley.....have to say that you two together has been a better pairing on the mics that any other I've seen on GK. Mellow, insightful, enthusiastic, appreciative...all the things we enjoy on from the commentators. Well done!

  • Thank you for calling out what discs they are using. I find it's interesting seeing what a pro will throw.

  • What a card!

  • Love the coverage. It would be great if you would leave the suspense for the viewer (only show leaderboard through 9 at the end of the vid, don't give away that there were no birdies on a hole until we've watched it). Looking forward to more coverage from you.

  • Very refreshing to hear Bradley say he is terrified, on hole 1. Terror isn't something I put high on my list of things disc golf can inspire in people, but I guess when you are a 1021-rated disc golfer, you can be terrified of playing like a 921-rated disc golfer! Like me. :P Thanks to GK Pro, plus Nate and Bradley for the excellent commentary. I want to make special mention of both Nate and Brad's Natural Voices - which they are both using in their commentary. Sometimes commentators deviate from their Natural Voice (which makes a slight buzzing feeling in your nasal cavities) and the result is usually... not good. Both these fine gentlemen-players are easy on the ear, and on the button with their calls. GK Pro: your coverage is increasing in depth, complexity, quality, and quantity - and it's a pleasure to see. You aren't a clone of CCDG or Jomez, and you're doing it right, as far as I'm concerned: You got me, I subscribed. As to the play, I notice Bradley is looking less like a McBeth clone in 2021. That's great because Paul's form isn't that great. He uses the fake power pocket and gets away with it because he's awesomely talented. This course looks like a lot of fun and frustration to play. It appears the designer spent quite some time crafting each hole to get the challenges right, and the risk/reward factors well-balanced. And you can't ask for much more than that in a course design.

  • The thumbnail for this is awesome: it shows Gregg perpetually getting ready to throw!

  • Yoooo that Double G commercial was amazing

  • I've been out of the loop for a few years. When did fairways drivers start including speed 9? Distance drivers used to be speed 8 and above.

  • James is still getting used to the new disc. Looks uncertain sometimes

  • So happy to see Tito's climbing aboard for the DG train. Played a round today and drank some Tito's tonight

  • I wish they’d play my fav course in Austin Roy G. It’s a gorgeous course played in between towering trees. Great distance throws even for pros. There’s a SEnewss video of Bradley tearing in up.

    • @Jeremy Ljunggren I hadn’t heard that. Thx for heads up

    • Think I read that this event was supposed to be at Roy G and Circle C but the city wouldn't let them hold any tournaments on city park courses yet.


  • Can you guys get Nate P and Luke Humphries to do commentary together so that it just sounds like one guy talking to himself the whole time? That would be awesome!

    • @Joe Johnson That's pretty awesome we have a similar tree. My grandfather was a Joseph Johnson as well as my father and myself. I'm the only that goes by Joe but still one in the same.

    • @Joseph Johnson Joes are pretty great, but Joe Johnsons are the BEST! My dad and son are Joe Johnsons as well and they are awesome! 😁

    • Man, I just had to comment cause we have the same name haha! One Joe may make a left but two Joe's make it right!! Much Love!......... and I agree i love me some Luke and Nate P!

    • Two guys that always sound like they just hung out with Cheech & Chong

    • @Zack Diodato The way to know it isn't Luke is there is actual commentary happening instead of just "Oh my gosh" on every shot.

  • Gk pro has been absolutely killing it. I gotta say though it's really fucking weird to show end of round scores for the players during front 9 coverage. Like.... just show the scores through the front 9 for the field

  • James foot fault hole 1 step on mini on putt

  • Brad's Disc Golf IQ is off the charts.

  • Camera work and editing is on point. Thanks for the coverage.

  • buck the masks

  • We need more Bradley Williams. His knowledge and breakdowns of the physics and mechanics of the game make it so much more worth watching.

    • 100% his mindset is very analytic. I like it. Borderline genius/crazy.

  • Awesome stedi-cam work!

  • Really awesome to see more of Texas area disc golf ! Thank you ! Great card too !

  • What is that constant noise in the background?

    • Met Center is an industrial complex that houses a whole bunch of data centers, so on holes 1 and 9 you can always hear the fan noise from the cooling plants of the nearby buildings.

  • Love seeing my local Met on coverage, awesome to see even the pros struggle out there on a windy day.

  • Is that the AC? 🤭

  • I found Bradley's commentary interesting.

  • This card is packed with explosiveness and touch simultaneously.

  • Definitely gonna play this course next time I'm in Austin! Will there be bottles of Tito's at each hole?!

  • Am I the only one that hears the "ambient music" at the beginning and end of the coverage? I am not talking about the GK pro theme between holes, I mean during actual play. I'm assuming that's just background sounds from the park/environment? I guess I'm just sensitive to that stuff but it's driving me a bit batty!

  • Look at the Tito's Vodka ad sneaking in there.

  • I came here to hype Bradley's technical commentary and then he said he could feel the sarcasm in his heart and I laughed out loud at the TV, he's sneaky hilarious 🤣

  • Garreth Jedurchie

  • I love the coverage, but alcohol and sports? Not so much....

    • Right because no other sport has ever had an alcohol ad

  • Love the coverage as always. Just curious, what's with the music between holes? I feel like we're trying to put babies to sleep haha

  • Really great commentary duo, Nate has a really smooth host style and Brad adds great insights. Was excited to find out Brad was on board since he is the technician of dg.

  • Lmfao a savant is NOT overstable!!

  • Hell yeah! Nate on the mic!

  • I dont think a card gets much cooler then these 4 gentlemen

  • Great coverage! Suggestion: After the 5th hole, you did a scoreboard check. Instead of showing completed rounds, either the show leaderboard for everyone through 5 holes or wait until after the first 9 to show everyone's score through 9 holes. I find that showing final scores for those that have finished can spoil coverage that hasn't been available yet on YT.

    • And before the group had teed off on 6, Nate said there weren’t any birdies on the hole for the day. Small thing, but still, I think it’s better to wait for the hole to be over before talking about field stats.

  • Could listen Nate forever and love Bradleys intelligent dry humour.

  • GK just made my day!! I’ve been disciplined to not check any spoilers online. Thank you!!

  • Having Bradley on commentary is special. Thanks for doing this.

    • @Jim Whitaker Music All I know is he got angry at a tournament and threatened someone.

    • @Jim Whitaker Music suspension for poor sportsmanship, if you look up on google you can find the recap

    • Russ Allen Guess I hadn’t heard specifics about his past. What did he do? LOL

    • @Russ Allen Exactly! He has grown so much over the years. Really nice to see him so involved in this Texas run, and hoping to see more from him after this.

    • So the day I learned of Bradley's existence, a lot of people online were being very negative about his past. I heard what they said, but now that I've seen him play and commentate on several videos, he seems like a great guy who knows a lot about the sport. Everyone deserves a second chance.

  • What a coincidence, throwing down some Tito’s and lemonade right now!!

  • Damn was it raining hard when you did the commentary ? I think it's what I hear in the back ground 😂 . always nice to see good coverage !

  • Solid card...some great all around skills combined

  • I've wanted to listen to commentary from Bradley for a long time. He's such a tactician/technician of the sport.

  • “cLuBbEd Up”.. youre not swinging a club

  • Every time I compliment Bradley Williams someone brings some random history up that I haven't heard of cause Im kinda new. But hes kept his temper and seems rather positive towards other players during the round I like him so far.

    • @Chris Davies Damn, dude, he's Bradley Williams not Micheal Vick.

    • @Fattyp90 Why do you pass such harsh judgement on a man who has been well and truly punished for his past actions? Bradley, like many men, had trouble with his mental game, and he has had time to mature and to contemplate his mistakes. His ban cost him a lot of money in lost winnings, and potential sponsorships, and his reputation took a huge hit. He appears to have worked very hard on his mental game since, and he was surprisingly candid and honest in this commentary - which he did a very good job of. I'd be inclined to forgive Bradley for his past sins, and try to judge him on how he's doing now. People change.

    • @Adam Hanover -well in his defense, it sounds like he figured it made the most sense to just stop moving while the other guy was throwing so he just stepped in with the crowd. Doesn't sound like anything nefarious or malicious was intended. Unless maybe I'm just misunderstanding what happened that day.

    • @Adam K there are differing accounts on some parts of the story, but the facts are that Bradley walked into another player as he was walking off the tee box and then stood in the spectator section instead of behind the tee while the player threw his drive. Someone on the card called him for a courtesy violation, but somehow it devolved into a heated argument and some supposed threats of violence against each other.

    • @Jonathan Tyree what did he get banned for? He seems so chilled out

  • Watching Gurthie and Barsby put gives me anxiety! LOL

  • that GG follow flight followed up by the beef jerky may very well be the greatest ad ive ever seen

    • Hey guys. I’m Ted and I and helping GG in the jerky business. I’m glad you liked the commercial. I hope you can meet GG some time. He is a great person.

    • Ya, that was awesome. I want to see more of that. Drones following disc. Probably not a good idea in a tournament incase the drone gets hit.. But, would be amazing.

  • GK pro!!! Y'all's edit team is outstanding!! Love the HD cameras. Maybe Nate shouldn't commentate and say no birdies before a hole as started...

  • This course is built by people drinking too much Tito's. No offence to Tito.