Trump Delights in Mitt Romney Getting Booed & Michael Flynn Can’t Recite the Pledge of Allegiance

Publicerades den 3 maj 2021
Americans are reportedly more hopeful about the future than they have been in 15 years, condom sales have skyrocketed over the last month, President Joe Biden visited an elementary school in Virginia, the crew of the Space X Dragon successfully splashed down after six months in orbit, Jimmy tries to deliver a Girl Scout Cookie to Guillermo via drone, casinos in Las Vegas are allowed to operate at 80% capacity, Mitt Romney was booed by fellow Republicans which was music to Donald Trump’s ears, and since Michael Flynn had a hard time coming up with the words for the Pledge of Allegiance we decided to show an experiment we did on Hollywood Blvd to see if average Americans have trouble with it too.
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  • That girl said "I enjoy working with dead bodies"...not that she thinks she WOULD like working with them...what?

  • Hahaha, Michael Flynn.

  • disgusting




  • Much like kimmel, mitt panders to those pulling his strings. What a shame the swamp didn't get drained.

  • Donald Trump will NEVER OWN ME, but he owns most of the Republican Party because those cowards have NO BACKBONE. They praise white supremacy like Trump does.

  • That's gotta be humiliating 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Wat do u want2become wen u r not dead!Definitely not jimmy

  • Having Guillermo chase a cookie like a dog was not cool Jimmy

  • Musk is forcing homeowners out of their homes next to his space x facility in Texas. Talk about that.

  • Jimmy, why didn't you question as to how many dead bodies a kid her age 'works' with??? Missed that one!

  • Flyn hasn’t said anything wrong.

  • Did...I'm sorry...did that kid say she enjoys working with dead bodies?

  • 6:10 Donald J. Trump truly is the most presidential of all Presidents.

  • Wow attacking Elon...find out a guy is a conservative businessman and you get triggered.

  • Repent Jesus is coming soon

  • Biden and his Regime are socialist and traitors….you support this⚡️⚡️get ready

  • Kimmel…optimism…..lie.❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️Listen to the “BIG LIE” Arrogant man…refuse to see the truth….

  • *What JIMMY KIMMEL is white? I always thought he was a black basketball player*

  • Thank goodness for politics, or this guy wouldn't have any material.

  • When Trump was handsome ...

  • Who would know about stone cold losers better than Trump? He sees one every time he looks in a mirror. Romney and Cheney exhibit intelligence, honor and fealty to our nation and The Constitution of The United States of America. They become pariahs of The Republican Party. Republicans have become the party of angry seditionists, misfits, malcontents and would-be fascists. You reap what you sow.

  • These latenight so called comedy show are junk u cant tell the diffrence between them and cnn..

  • Romney is demorat all they want is power and money and will do whatever to get it

  • Mr. Kimmel stop making a grown man look like a fool...I hate racism

  • And if Senator Mitt Romney gets re-elected you know this system is rigged

  • And ole Jimmy has been to epsteins island hmmmm

  • We love you, Romney !

  • Fun how Romney finally gets to know his former Neanderthal supporters.

  • Glad he was booed!!! Not a fan of Mitt Romney or you either Jimmy.

  • Has Jimmy Kimmel reduced himself to being the court jester for the Democratic party?

  • Condom sales up bc people are too poor and uncertain of the future to have kids . Wake up jimmy

  • Hi kernel jennet if you get him on ask him about policy bet he hasn't got a clue california isn't stupid unlike him

  • I’m so glad they tried the drone again. 😂

  • When I see this kind of programs I only see un respect and is not funny at all

  • He's a loser, but not as big as me!

  • Jimmy kimmel ekta khankir chele .

  • When I see this kind of programs I only see un respect and is not funny at all


  • Jimmy Kimmel is so pathetic.

  • 🤙😁😅😂

  • Guess the Pledge doesn't really mean anything to younger folks...I get that. Children should not be made to pledge allegiance to anything. They don't understand what it means. It is a form of brainwashing.

  • Demoncrats are simply demon possessed. It’s easy to see.

  • Trum is gone why he always bring trump on his every video. I think he is in love with him

  • SEnewss: Crowd Chants to Trump: "Vote Him Out" in front of RGB's casket. SEnewss: Crowd Chants "Lock Him Up" At Trump During World Series Game 5 2020. -Trump was greeted with loud "boos" and a special chant when he attended Game 5 of the World Series at Nationals Park. They sang: "TAKE HIM OUT OF THE OFFICE DRAG HIM OUT IF YOU MUST GO BACK TO TRUMP STEAKS AND LOUSY HOTELS TAKE ERIC, IVANKA AND JUNIOR AS WELL WE ALL ROOT ROOT ROOT FOR IMPEACHMENT IF TRUMP'S NOT REMOVED, ITS INSANE FOR ITS ONE TERM IS MORE THAN ENOUGH YOU'RE A SHAME, SHAME, SHAME !

  • orrin hatch was never in the spotlight in a big way but also never the brightest one in politics

  • ftw

  • How can you stand this guy, he is so lame!

  • Mitt should be an invite Zoom guest so Jimmy's captive studio audience can give Senator Romney a standing ovation for standing up for what it right. Mitt Romney, Senator McCain, Liz Cheney are true Americans!

  • Yeah Jimmy with mitt Romney is a loser just like you stop acting like he’s a loser because he’s a Republican he’s a loser because he supports your insane ideology

  • BSabc abcBS

  • The new GOP version: "I pledge allegiance to Donald Trump."

  • u are great

  • how

  • may

  • Mitt romney is a joke

  • People are playing safe below the waist, but above the waist hell no I won’t wear a mask! So how and why not care about both?

  • Disrespectful and democrats are corrupt

  • We all will be delighted when this show and it's host of ignorance is no longer!

  • "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." I don't understand, I'm not even American and I could just Google it and almost instantly remember it. It's not even half as long as the Boy Scouts oath. Also please don't treat Guillermo like a seal.

  • 5:45 "Show some respect!" yeah but Mitt Romney is a RINO, Republican In Name Only. Meaning a traitor to the party, but somehow he keeps staying up in there. Funny how that works eh?

  • Why they still talking about trump???

  • Bruh, how do you forget the pledge. Every time I hear an intercom turn on with the little ding noise I instinctively have my right hand over my heart ready to recite it. Whenever I travel and at a foreign airport I get a lot of stares.

  • That kid is a genius. I think that was a jab at Bidens dead voters.

  • You are so funny Jimmy and Guillermo. Guillermo the Chihuahua chasing after the cookie. No Guillermo the French Bulldog chasing after the cookie. Either way he is adorable chasing after the cookie. Utah gop are a bunch of embarrassing jackasses. Romney is the one Utah gop member with integrity. flynn is an idiot, he couldn't follow his own advise following along "with the words".

  • If and adult male named "Jimmy" who looked like Kimmel moved into my neighborhood, I wouldn't let my kids play outside.

  • I enjoy Jimmy. Especially the cute show openings featuring his kids during the lockdown. But I'm feeling increasingly dirty watching him demean Guillermo (err his mascot in the usher uniform). Really... he's got the dude hopping around fetching a cookie ! Jimmy I feel dirty watching because it is dirty. Fix this please.

  • Trump voters have lost their minds that aren't Republicans.

  • Stop the recount and charge everyone of them with tampering with government property

  • The majority of we the people love you mitt keep up the good work for the good of those who love what our American flag stands for ❤️👌 Thank you Jesus Christ For what our American flag stands for We love you Jesus Christ 🙏 ❤️❤️ l

  • Jimmy, please stop posting the former clown president's statements. He's banned from Twitter and FB for a reason.

  • Kimmel sure does miss Trump. He sure was good for the ratings, and now he's having a hard time coming up with original content. I'm sure his writers will find someone else...

  • I pledge allegiance to the flag and to the republic for which it stands with liberty and justice for all amen ...its been close to seventy years but that has to be close

  • Hope now you can leave the orange man alone

  • Jimmy jumped the shark when the girls stopped jumping

  • Kimmel jumped the shark when the girl’s got off the trampoline

  • Just finished Chomsky interview on Ezra Klein .... then switched to you.... you need to incorporate some chomsky ideas to your wonderful sense of humour. you have the power.

  • Jimmy eating the cookie at last is nice. True gentleman Jimmy 😊

  • Guillermo is a Trump fan right? . . .but he won't tell Jimmy that right?

  • We finally have a sane,presidency again!

  • Jimmy is a lowlife. Mike is a class act.

  • Do the russians have a pledge of allegiance? Does it go something like...putin Putin putin putin? What would the pledge have been like in trump's fourth term?

  • If you've never seen rude behavior from a bunch of Mormons then you probably haven't seen many Mormons. They just like any other religious zealot.

  • I enjoy working with dead bodies. 😂 that would have been me lol

  • Beside getting lost, Flynn said, “I pledge OF allegiance...” it’s a first grader mistake.

  • He treats him like a dog!!

  • *Those people who booed Mitt Romney at that convention should be ashamed of themselves. If they think 'former' President Trump did his best for them, they need to see and hear the truth when the DOJ digs into Trump's lies and fraudulent actions. Romney is honest and tells the truth all the time !!!*

    • Navillus 55-Actually i think Mitt Romney could be win a republican presidential nomination in 2024 if Trump does not run again. I am a democrat and not a fan of the republicans but if a had to pick a republican to be president i would select Mitt Romney. When he was governor of Connecticut he came up with a affordable healthcare long before Obamacare. He helped a lot of residents get affordable healthcare.

  • Standing up is a hard thing sometimes. Mitt is still a damn Republican but Bravo, Sir.

  • No, they are shameless losers 👎

  • Michael Flynn :where we one go, then they're all there?

  • Jesus... This horrible. Who watches him? Who are the people laughing? They laugh even if it's not a joke...

  • Mitt Romney is another Republican who will NOT back the BIG LIE! Stands for what he believes!!! That's Awesome!!! He stands his ground and tells the TRUTH............... Unlike the rest of the Republicans, who can't tell the truth. They are not capable of SHAME is right!!!! The Donald LOST the ELECTION!!!

  • Ppl who had their covid19 vaccin must have spend their Vegas holiday with no worries but those ppl without you could die with covid19

  • Holy Sh!t. I cannot believe so many do not know the POA. It's the ONLY thing I remember from grade school.

  • Sad about how many people cannot recite the pledge of allegiance :(

  • The Flynn Brothers can recite the Russian pledge!

  • It is impossible for jimmy to go 1 whole minute without talking about politics 🥱 find some new writers

  • The people in the street can't say it verbatim but they at least know the gist of the Pledge of Allegiance, Flynn just stopped outright.