Cool Tech Under $50 - April!

Publicerades den 3 apr 2021
Today we've got a fire episode of some cool tech gadgets under $50! Want to save some money?
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🔥 360° Face Tracking Mount:
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🔥 Bass Shaker:
🔥 RGB Ring Light:
🔥 Gorgon Mount:
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  • Yup, as I predicted the RGBW ring light sold out in minutes. Just a heads up: the link below is correct. If you don’t live in the US it’ll obviously bring you to a different product, because it’s an Amazon US link lol. Keep an eye on it, save it to your Karma dashboard and it’ll let you know when it’s back in stock 👌🏻

    • You can find the ring light on aliexpress. Search “ Nordic RGB Lamp Circle Led Table Lamp”

    • @Mopantsu aukey aura had something similar

    • Top order 100?+ Give a way?

    • Anyone have the link for the ring light for the UK?

    • Just loaded the link up on the US Amazon and still takes me to the wrong product

  • the rgb ring light is my favorite because of course ITS RGB, RGB = FASTER PC lmao

  • If the light is still available, It was my favorite

  • 360° Face Tracking Mount, This is great for me to get videos of my grandchildren.

  • Yoooo that rgb rink light is fucking AWESOME! I'd love to have one!

  • I'd love that face tracker, specially since I've been recording some dynamic videos

  • Ive been looking for a buttkicker for ages as I mostly play games while others are sleeping in the nearby rooms so I cant have a loud speaker setup!

  • Can someone comment the link to the ring light becuase when I use the link it directs me to industrial tube lights

  • Camera mount is designed for people to walk around and yell at people over Zoom

  • That base tech is super intriguing 👀

  • I really like the tracking mount you wouldn't need a cameraman to do like cooking episodes and things like that.

  • 0:56 frank is jacked!

  • i really like the 360 camera 0:45 i think it would be a cool product to have

  • AUD?

  • Rgb ring light, that thing is awesome, keep up the cool tech under. Can you do a cool tech under $100.00?

  • Yooooo that Ring Light tho.. Could say goodbye to my old incandescent lamp

  • Oh this 360 mount is amazing. Maybe we shoot a live video with it 👀

  • That headset mount looks sweet

  • I need the headset mount , dont have enough space on my desk for the headset and ps4 controller

  • Gorgon mount looks soooooooooooo handy.

  • That bass shaker would be sick for my Sim racing setup!

  • That light is awesome

  • That light ring tho😍

  • Gotta love that light, but who doesn't?!

  • Gotta get my hands on that light!

  • That light looks pretty sick

  • My fav item is the rgb ring

  • you, you're my favorite item

  • That 360 camera is sick

  • I like the 360 face tracking phone mount, I think it would be useful for video calls and content creators. I probably use it for those group video chats while I'm cooking dinner.

  • Controller/Headphone hanger I don't has headphone hanger plus I play a lot of fps games with a controller and I have 2 controllers so 1 out of the way is pog yes

  • Only rfp would drop $160 headphones and a controller 😒

  • This was a great episode

  • does anyone know what game was he playing??

  • I love that ring lamp ❤️

  • Why am I not being notified even if I ringed your bell

  • 5:33 what game are you playing plss tell me

  • The tracking mount wasn't tracking his body movement, it was checking out how swole you are now

  • I like and maybe need the first one

  • Your curl form was pretty dog man gotta keep it real with ya

  • Dangit. Still sold out. I don't normally beg but,,,, hook me up buddy!!!!

  • bro that base thing looks cool as, imagine when Godzilla starts charging up with that puppy under the desk

  • That ring light would be awesome! I hate they sold out so

  • That RGB ring is pretty cool

  • I want the controller and headset holder that would be useful and clean in my set up

  • hi i like the rgb ring lite it can make my room look better

  • Can you do these for canada because I live in canada and I would like if I could see some cool tech under $50

  • Light ring is sweet and need one for my desk that's my pick

  • The round light looks great, gonna have to look it up.

  • RGB Ringlight was my favorite

  • Man the ring light is by far the best in this video , starting to upgrade my desk with lights and this will just fit in perfectly with the look I’m going for. Thank you bro

  • you are good at bf5

  • The headset mount is my favorite for sure! Been looking for one that isn’t ugly

  • Bruh

  • The 360° face tracking mount is great. It would be really helpful to do facetime with my 2 and 4 year old daughters when I'm away. They always grab the phone and leave it on the floor, or if my wife puts it leaning against a wall or something, they will move out of frame almost immediately.

  • Frank, I want to win your contest and I choose you

  • I really like ther rgb circle❣️

  • Do you have no idea, I was about to build a sub setup inside my desk spending like $100 but now I don't need to lol Thank you.

  • I would love the moodlight... I just moved into my dorm room but im honestly too broke to make it feel home-y. That mood light would fix the mood a bit i think XD

  • Just discovered your channel, super impressed and addicted now! Love the TACAHE RGBW Nightstand Circle Table Lamp, Hope it becomes available in Canada :) Thanks :) Keep up the GREAT work :)

  • That ring light be lit tho👀

  • I loved that first 360 tracking camera. I've been thinking about starting a cooking channel and this looks perfect.

  • That face tracking phone mount would be hella clutch!

  • I know the competition is probably over but I would really like the rgbw mood ring light for my setup to put on my shelf above my pc in place of nano leafs 😅😊

  • My favorite item has to be the RGB Ring Light. It was dope

  • The RGBW ring light is INSANE!!!!!!!!!

  • Ring light 👌 great tech. What's the machine you we're using to train?

  • I’d love to win the ring light!!

  • I love the gorgon

  • The headset stand please , the reason , I just would like one XD

  • bro i want that headphone mount, if only i wasnt a poor 15 year old

  • Hey I think that the base shaker is really usefully for my setup because I'm setting up a racing sim and I think this would be a really good edition also great video and keep up the good work.

  • Nice video. I always enjoy watching and learning about new tech with Frank. For the giveaway, I really liked the RGB ring light. It could be really useful for me because I currently run a small business and the products would look awesome under some light effects such as those. Thanks for another great video!

  • i like the rgb ring light as i like good lighting

  • The ring light is the coolest... gotta pick that up... especially when it’s against the table... 👀

  • I want to see you play warzone in one of your videos since you showing gaming

  • Love these cool budget gadget videos!!! Thats what got me here in the first place years ago. 😁 I really appriciate that you havent stoped doing it + keep on suprising us with new tech each and every time 💪 In the past it have helped me even getting a dongle for my laptop. This time my favorites have to be the spining 360 camera + the ringlight 😊 1 would be amazimg for recording cool moments or talk to friends and family in my uni form setting (while cooking etc.) The other would go greatly with my planned gaming/entertaiment/priductivity setup either on the desk or mounted on the wall 🤩 ( in the dorm room) Cannot wait to see it properly back in stock here in the UK & upcoming tech gadget videos 👍

  • I'd love that RGB light. Just started adding colored lighting to my basement and this would be a huge help in the look I'm going for.

  • The rgb ring light it so cool! I love it! Wish I could buy it. Would rlly make my setup look so cool. Hope I can at least win it!

  • why no timestamps?

  • the 360 face tracking mount would be PERFECT to film some Kendama tricks! With this, there is no way i'm getting an out of frame trick.

  • i like the rgbw ring mood light because my brother streams and he has a camra but he dousent have good lighting and he would love the ring light.

  • Thanks for the Karma coupon codes app, I love it and I use it nearly every day! $Dappawaan

  • I really like the light ring

  • I can't really decide on what Item I liekd the most! XD Maybe the last 2?

  • Can you do a best gaming mice under $30 please

  • what is your wallpaper on ur pc?

  • 0:57 every buff guy I see at the supermarket be like

  • The ring light would be super cool in my workstation.

  • Awesome video! That RGB ring light is sweet. I like how it could also be used as a more modern desk light.

  • Does anyone know when or if the mousepads from his collab will be back in stock? I really want one 😫

  • I would love that Gorgon mount! It would save me so much room on my desk!!

  • My favourite item is the gorgon mount, i use controller to play games on my pc, but I don't have a place to put it when I'm not using it, also I don't have a mount for my headset, so I hang it on the monitor and it is really annoying, been a great video, peace✌️

  • That rgb light ring is sick

  • so no head? 0:57

  • that shaker is pretty neat. Id like to give it a try

  • Where can I buy the face tracking mount in Europe? Amazon doesn't seem to have it and it's not convenient to buy it from UK since brexit.. thanks!

  • I love that ring light!!

  • for those are looking for the RGB, similar ring light has been there for almost 1 yr. or you can just buy a normal version light ($5 on Taobao/aliexpress) and buy an 1m rgb light strip with remote controller (for $6 on Taobao), swap that on then good to go

  • It's either the lamp or the camera for me, ngl. Probably tiebreaker gonna go to the lamp, bc I'm an RGB goblin, lmfao.