Todd McShay explains putting Justin Fields No. 15 to the Patriots in his 2021 Mock Draft | KJZ

Publicerades den 7 jan 2021
Todd McShay joins Keyshawn Johnson, Jay Williams and Zubin Mehenti to discuss his latest 2021 NFL Mock Draft, where he placed Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback No. 15 to the New England Patriots, with BYU QB Zach Wilson going No. 4 to the Atlanta Falcons. Keyshawn also asks why Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence is always No. 1, this time to the Jacksonville Jaguars, and what the New York Jets will do.
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  • dudes spot on

  • The best thing that can happen to you as a college QB prospect is Todd McShay believe you need to go back to college for a year. For some reason Deshaun Watson and Justin Herbert needed to go back for a year. And now Justin Fields.

  • Cool!😍

  • There’s only two teams that Justin can land on Falcons or the Panthers. NY just don’t draft black qbs because they just don’t so it’s one of those two teams in my opinion that he goes to

  • I would love that but it ain’t realistic

  • Todd McShay is insane.

  • Nice video!😍

  • Mcshay sounding real "Make merica great again" Wilson isn't a better player comparison to their careers in college and of their ceilings

  • Todd McShane on that stuff

  • What pedigree does McShay even have that leads people to care about his mock drafts when he's never very accurate on who goes where. Fanmade mocks are just as accurate

  • Todd McShay is just butthurt that Fields outplayed his darling Lawrence in the sugar bowl and sent him home. He doesn’t really believe Wilson is ahead of Fields.

  • He talks about Trevor like he was Luck I think he going to get hurt in the NFL being big and he takes a lot of big hits he is not going to last long he move Justin fields back because of Dwayne Haskins and he is out mind he think Chris Olivia 25th he is going to be a still and if he have a big game in the national championship he be top ten 2nd WR drafted

  • I think Trevor will be another J. Allen

  • Wait till they play Bama. If the buckeyes win they will be a different stance

  • How many times have we seen this

  • He really couldn't explain why he likes Trevor or why not to knock him for his faults

  • Some needs to give this guy and Mel Kiper drug test

  • You keep talking about that Indi game! That one game DOES NOT DEFINE HIM! Justin has BEAT OUT TREVOR SINCE THEY WERE KIDS! Todd picking Trevor cause he’s biased. That’s it!

    • 🎯.. Since they where teen's very important point💯

  • Todd mcgay is a racist and he’s aging in dogg years

  • McShay is just trying to "shock" people into listening to him.... He's an idiot

  • I truly cannot with this ridiculous evaluation. Everything said about Trevor Lawrence, you can point to the same thing about Fields, except he ain't 6'6", pale, with long flowing golden hair.

  • WE ALL SHOULD COME BACK TO THIS CLIP AFTER THE DRAFT....When Justin goes number 7 Detroit or 10 Dallas, Mcshay should be banned from ever speaking sports again.

  • "Draft a quarterback first round" is the football fan version of a 100 IQ: you ain't dumb, but you ain't smart either.

  • Tard

  • Is Keyshawn racist against Trevor Lawrence or something? What’s his deal

    • Racism is white supremacy only White's can be racist... Now go on my little mutant child😂😂😂

    • Is todd mckgay and Mel are racists they hate black QBs they said tribisky was better than pat and deshun and said russel Wilson would never be a starter in the league they said Lamar is a wide out they said kyler Murray couldn’t read defenses they said

    • You should do stand up comedy

  • i hope this is true we will definitely take justin fields🤤

  • If Urban Meyer goes to work with BB and pick Justin Fields, they're going to hire Ryan Day as well down the road. This will be a continuation of dominance and dynasty. Not as a creation.

  • I bet Belichick would rather have Mac Jones,Trask or some degree Sam Ehlinger tbh and Justin Fields is great but he not going there.

    • Yeah i can see Trask going to New England

    • Belichick would rather have guys who will do what they are supposed to do, than a "talented" guy who won't.

  • I'm here to gallop down the comments after these analysis.

  • Todd McShay is an idiot. He doesn’t need explanation.

  • If Justin Fields is sitting there at #4 and the Falcons don't draft him. Throw the entire franchise away.

  • This dude just described fields while trying to describe Lawrence then talks about how the talent is higher?....

  • Why would Atlanta pass on a hometown kid. Did you explain how he tore apart Clemson. I hate to say it but it's white privilege. The white kids are fighters and leaders. Black kids can't read through progressions. Same old story.

  • Tua and Devonte, two shorties in game of giants. We're taking Jusin.

  • This mans on drugs

  • If the Jests stick with Darnold they are crazy.

  • If the Jets draft the O lineman instead of Wilson or Fields then they will continue to be losers.

  • This guy don’t know wat he’s talkn about🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Todd Mcshay must be racist.. nobody with a pulse would take Wilson over Fields. ESPN be acting like there squeaky clean when in reality they’re no better

    • Nah bro watch the tape most tape says Wilson 😂😂 fields was incredible against Clemson but still cmon bruh

    • theocratickingdom30 Sorry buddy my New Years resolution was to stop arguing with the mentally challenged..

    • Anyone who has watched tape would take Wilson over Fields.

  • Mcshay smoking that good stuff

    • Nope he’s definitely on that Reginald. Ain’t no good finna have you thinking on this level or ridiculousness lol

  • I hope Justin Fields drops to the Pats so he can have a great career with BB as his coach. Jets will ruin him

    • At this point let him drop to the goat coach with Josh mcdaniels 😂😂😂. Man when they scheme people wide open like they did for Brady , y'all better be ready . I want him to fall to Patriots , man the league will regret it.

    • No. Pats can’t get any talent.

    • Tell em!!!

  • Yeah this is still dumb

  • Trevor Lawrence can lose 20 straight and still be projected number 1

  • McShay was at the “Rally on Capitol Hill”

  • Quit drinking

  • Todd McShay is cap. I find it hard to believe NFL teams have Zack Wilson ranked over Justin Fields

  • What a joke simple as that

  • if any of the top 10 team draft picks pass on fields, wow.

  • Keyshawn & Jay putting that pressure on Todd lmao

  • The Falcons aren’t taking a QB that early, you’re gonna get either Kyle Trask or Mac Jones in the 2nd Round anyways

  • Yes he is a middle first round player but BYU dude is #4, you clearly have 2 different (black & white) lenses.

  • Can’t back your way out of this one just take the L

  • That's a long explanation when he could've just said the real reason, it's because he black.

    • I actually kind of thought he was doing the stereotyping black QBs thing too. Then I went back and looked at some of his QB takes and I think he's just bad. It's tough to watch enough film on all these guys and he's always on TV. I don't think he watches enough film on any one player, nor do I believe he looks at data

    • @Jordan Davis sounds true

    • Thank you. Fields has gotten better every year. And Covid messes up his team as much as Trevor was when his receivers left for the NFL. Fields' interceptions had to do with not being on the same page as receivers who were pulled off the practice squad. Trevor is better as a pick and I like Zack Wilson' arm but if anybody from two on down, unless they have a solid QB, that passes on Fields they are crazy. And Fields has shown that quality the NY Jets need: mental toughness and the ability to handle adversity which he showed all year with sketchy practices, Covid situations and that hit on the ribs. That showed me a lot.

    • Jay and Key had him in the cooker? "What do you mean by talent level?" LOL Todd: Ummm...Ugh....Wel...... Made me uncomfortable to watch haha

    • @Da'mon Bigsby Cuz ain’t no way he would have Fields ranked below Zack Wilson after the performance Fields had Against Trevor Lawrence and Clemson if he was White. No way

  • No excuse.. Complete clown

  • McShay is drunk.

  • todd mcshay youre on some heavy meds