KSI - Patience (feat. YUNGBLUD) (Acoustic) [Official Video]

Publicerades den 22 mar 2021
Stream KSI - Patience (feat. YUNGBLUD) Acoustic - ksi.lnk.to/PatienceAcousticID!AOV
Stream KSI - Patience (feat. YUNGBLUD & Polo G) - ksi.lnk.to/Patience!ID!AOV
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  • Better than the original

  • Damn. This is good

  • I love how peaceful these dudes where in this one 💘

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Lit

  • Arteeeee

  • dababy car

  • Hey Mr.KSI I am a new sub of you f**king big ass😇

  • Apparently joe will be participating in the tiktok vs SEnewss fight thingy

  • How can people even dislike?

  • talented

  • U should link with einer bankz

  • Yungblud is beautiful. Love this guys..

  • Can somebody tell me why Yungblud sings in an American accent when he’s from Yorkshire

  • cold

  • Yesd

  • This song is better i just have the problem with the distortion in ksi's first verse.....like why???? His voice is good in that verse why ruin it?


  • I’m on the verge of tears JJ is just making me prouder every second. WELL DONE JJ AND YUNGBLUD

  • this is my favorite part 0:24

  • Where polo g?

  • I think that maybe jj should make a r & b track because I think that he’s got the proper vibes or maybe the right voice of maybe trying to make a r & b music and if you agree with this I think that you should give this a like my og’s fam or maybe post this in his Reddit

  • best acoustic he has done

  • I honestly think KSI doesn't need the auto tune. I understand why it's used I just think he has a nice raw voice too.

  • The fact that ksi and fucking yungblud two of my fave artists made a song together is amazing

  • Who remembers when he used to post videos that weren't music videos on this channel.

  • Is YUNBLUD Gay?

  • Pls KSI fuck Jake Paul up.

  • I juat realised i was watching ksi for 7 years or more and i wasnt subsribed to ksi but to the other channel only 😂😂😂

  • Noice

  • Dam it’s Kathie

  • Polo should be driving

  • ksi's rap part man... sounds so deep

  • Ksi: Alot can change with some pounds Me: I think hes referring to when he was "fat" even tho i don't think he was fat

  • Keep singing brother. This side of you resonates.

  • This song man

  • Just Speechless


  • Hey

  • Horrible music

  • Man, no amount of autotune can save KSI’s singing.

  • yung blud is a strange guy

  • TuT This video is so cool! Makes me feel nice

  • Fun fact: Every video on this channel has over 1mil veiws Even if u didnt ask btw

  • I wonder what polo g would sound like on this version because on the original he sounded great despite his normal style.

  • banger!

  • Fun fact i come here because Tommy innit

  • That's very attractive.❤💖❤❤❤❤❤💖

  • its just the Auto tune .. realisticly these guys cant sing but solid beat and nice lyrics i guess

  • I didn’t think Polo G’s verse could get any shorter than it already was, but here we are LMFAO

  • Is it bad when you enjoy acoustic more

  • Dude sings in cursive

  • 🔥

  • I wish polo g was the main but no it was yung blood think the song wouldve been better if polo g had more verses if u can make a polo g version like this one it would be appriciated

  • "You got 1m views in 2 weeks, which means 21 million people knew that this would be shit" ~ W2S 💞

  • 🖤🔥🖤

  • Who here after the real version

  • Ksi has evolved best song 2021 needs to win awards

  • facts

  • ew

  • At first it sounded like shit but the more i listen to it the better it gets. Damn the logic of music got reversed

  • Best song in 2021 for sure!!!!!

  • I love this

  • why is yound blud hair so fuck up, man some one buy him a comb

  • Go to bgt

  • Idk

  • I think the acoustic is great!

  • I remember when youtube rappers was but he's doing a good job

  • man jj impressed

  • Acoustic and still uses auto tune

  • Lord KSI

  • Beautiful vocals from the both of you. You’ve come so far JJ, keep going

  • New subscriber here. I absolutely adore this! You both did amazin! 🖤

  • What's NDL stand for


  • *Popular opinion: The majority of people prefer this version to the original.*

  • *What would you do if you saw Dom sitting on a car bonnet, playing guitar and singing beautifully?*

  • is it just me or has jjs songs slowly progressed from intense rapping to singing

  • Jj singing give me goosebumps 😭

  • Acoustic version !! Auto tune : ON

  • The 2K+ dislikes are all Jake Paul's alt accounts

  • This version is just too op

  • *confused twerking*

  • love this song still i prefer the "Tables turnin', I don't need bad energy" part so i guess im stayin with the other version

  • what is the reference to "don't call me Wayne" .... like Bruce Wayne lol?

  • JJ can sing that’s a fact

  • Polo is John cena

  • Went a little gay for jj when he started singing 😁

  • the acoustic hits so different and KSI singing hits just as different with that Guitar in the back

  • Love this song

  • Couldn’t get polo g back cause he only got 10 seconds of fame 🤣


  • So Polo G is a ghost,okay

  • Gg jj

  • Yungblouds on a car

    • Well done genius I never noticed

  • ‘Acoustic’ yet JJ is using auto tune

    • @TRM thankyou bro, finally someone who actually has ears

    • @Matthew Eder I'm trying to i am telling u

    • I really like watching JJ but this is autotuned lots skip to 1:24 you can hear echo and autotune

    • @G.C 9 so ur trying to tell me that U don't hear the autotune in his voice?

    • @Matthew Eder he has been taking singing lessons he sounds like that normally singing have u not heard him

  • I ain't cool with yungblud's basic major chords , boring, though this song is chill i loike it

  • Really class song🎶

  • JJ did not perform enough in the normal one so he made this to fill the gap 😅

  • A dumb as fuck guy like this who can barely speak English who makes himself a success on social media should be an inspiration to us all...