Debunking viral TIK TOK videos | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Publicerades den 9 apr 2021
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Hi I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. This week we are debunking viral Tik Tok and facebook videos that have been sent in to me. Fake food videos seem to be on the rise because they re being rewarded by the platforms with views. In this episode lets look at does Pepsi make worm parasites come out of pork? Can you dice strawberry with razor blades? Can you make pear jelly using lemonade? Does storing strawberries in a jar make them last longer? Can you cook steak in a toaster? Join me for food science, creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every second Friday.
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  • could u do more of this, thank u

  • Cant preorder but I've added it to my birthday gift idea list ☺️

  • i enjoyed this :D

  • congratulations on the book - you're a great youtuber and cook. most deserved good woman. Truly a pleasure to watch you and your content.

  • I you want to peel potatoes easily put them in a rotating cylinder with some abrasive. That’s how the industry does it. „Life Hack“ way maybe would be to use a washing machine and abrasive stones and then turn the washing machine slowly. If you want to ruin your washing machine that is. It’s only worth it if you need to peel many potatoes

  • I normally feel bad for Dave, but after that pear pun, he kinda deserved it.

  • I really hate how misleading and stupid people are

  • I blocked these pages theyre always siggested by fb. so annoying

  • oh god the parasite talk really revalidated my decision to be vegan

  • Stop Eating Humans Because Pig was used to Be Humans Ones a Upon a Time

  • Still number 1 best seller on Amazon

  • senewss.infob7bOrC0Ws9Q?feature=share. Just found this!!! I’m going to try it sometime

  • :)im not aloud to have pork

  • That 1st one was a joke

  • I’ve always poured Pepsi on pork. It’s a great way of tenderising the meat and can be used as a glaze/gravy

  • So 5minutecraft is faking stuff just for the sake of faking it? Wow, that's next level!

  • 4:35 I feel like it would be rude to say this but it looks like gore

  • “*ThE CeNtRiFuGaL FoRcEe*” 🙄

  • Pre-ordered!

  • 4:07 i was like: poor stelrawberrys 😢

  • There should really be a movement to display more informative stuff on tiktok. Think of the children ;D

  • are you able to make a cookbook with vegan recipes in it? I only have one vegan book but it’s a bit older.


  • I hope the lady payed for that orange and wore her mask after 😭

  • #freePalestine

  • I preordered when you were at #2

  • This channel should be nicknamed the sniper because it’s just straight headshots at those other fake channels! 😂👏👏

  • Another problem with the toaster is that you can actually cause a fire, if fat dribbles onto the heating spirals.

  • Thanks Anne, the Internet needs you.

  • The way this woman says food-words it makes them seem even more delicious

  • Who needs these? When are you gonna be put into a situation where you have potatoes to peel, no peeler, but an empty and clean Pringles can, three bottle caps, glue and a drill? Instead of Frankensteining that contraption, in that time walk to a store and buy a potato peeler. Done.

  • 4:05 me when i have guests i dont like n they’re hungry 😘🔪

  • Even if the razor/strawberry thing worked, you still have razors in your strawberries.

  • I... feel.. dumber...

  • I will love to follow you but you are kind of boring,you need to be loud,funny and energetic

  • Learning more science here than I did in year seven

  • Ik

  • You know you could just not eat pork

  • I love the new music! Definitely gonna get myself that cookbook.

  • Dave - "Marry a cook with 4.68m subscribers, they said. You will always eat amazing food, they said.

  • Dave's sheer agony upon trying that pear soup... can we applaud the man for his team spirit 👏

  • can you do a video on what you do as a food scientist? thats the career path im on currently and would like to know all the different things you can do with it

  • "I only have a toaster and coffee maker, and my boyfriend wanted steak." Does this... does this raise like... a THOUSAND red flags for anyone else? If my sister said this, id be DEEPLY concerned, and looking into whether theres some domestic abuse happening.

    • Not for me but from the video she looks very yough what is the concerning thing to me

  • *Mentions it’s on Facebook* Me: Oh that’s why

  • it does actually pull from the center. That is precisely how Watt's governor works.

  • When the jar strawberries worked I was like :0000

  • Wouldn't the icing one work if you did it before the frosting sets?

  • Leaving a comment to trick algorithm, I encourage you to do the same

  • "I DUNNO I MIGHT HAVE DIFFERENT HUMOR TO THEM" Ann's roasts are getting more savage day by day lol.

  • 8:56--Anne you absolutely deserve it!

  • Your voice reminds me so much of Janey from borderlands pre-sequel I feel like I’m on Elpis every time I watch a vid of yours lol

  • I want that book.

  • You can cook pork with coke though. I can only imagine it would take a lot of reducing to make a glaze.

  • 17:13 cute nails:)

  • If you don’t have a kitchen and you want to cook with a toaster, get a toaster OVEN

  • not gonna lie, you got me with the pork at first

  • RIP Ann’s Toaster. Also what if you make jello but instead of water, it’s milk and instead of fruit flavor, it’s like, sugar and vanilla flavor.

  • plz do debunking of homemade chocolate desserts, yummy desserts you can try by fancy cakes

  • My student life was saved with a rice cooker that could cook dishes other than rice. Why would one use a toaster just because they don't have a stove is beyond me.

  • Hi Ann I saw this video on Facebook which was completely fake ( it even used the hidden lines) if you see this comment please check it out

  • I love that lying, misleading and endangering people by getting them to try potentially dangerous "hacks" and that the legal liability is so easily dismissed by calling it parody and magic and entertainment. 🤦🏼

  • Wow you deserve all your success! Thanks for taking time to debunk this stuff. Edit. Oh and my wife and I can't wait to get your book!

  • Are we gonna think about the fact that they are in a store with a drill and a blow torch...

  • Ann is LEGEND!

  • Please please debunk this It looks like they use Mr. Clean sponges and this looks dangerous

  • That pork thing is actually a pretty old trend. This was a thing when I was brand new to youtube around ten years ago, but it was coke and beef.

  • queen ily

  • But did the bucket of water balloons become jelly??

  • I just listen to your videos when I fall asleep, and man how you describe the dumb stuff these people do. 😂😂😂

  • I hate Rick Lax. I reported his account

  • Will definitely get your cookbook!

  • How can 5 min crafts still be allowed on social media?? I get so mad when I see that they make a completely fake video and Anne can do the same thing, just as easily, but it actually works! 5 min crafts and all their other fake channels should be banned. It's just crazy they get rewarded for fake and bad content.

  • Can you please try making mashed potatoes out of salted lays

  • I knew that name was familiar. Drew Gooden has made a couple videos about Rick Lax and his magic tricks

  • 5 minute crafts should not exist in this world anymore

  • Just took a break from doing my physics experiment to watch some cooking videos. Didn't expect to see physics at the start. Cool.

  • So the strawberries... I'm sure that the shaking will push the razor blades into the strawberries but they will never cut through the whole strawberries. And other strawberries will probably get stuck

  • *Many water-balloons were harmed during the making of this video*

  • Can you please react to Olympia Avalanche's parody of you?

  • Whatever gross meal that "no kitchen" girl was cooking in her very existent kitchen in her second video, was an instant sign that nobody should ever take any food-related advice from her

  • 7:40 I laughed so hard at Dave's reaction to the seawater🤣🤣🤣

  • "I must have a different humour" yup, thinking that every day!!

  • I can't believe you've been doing these debunking videos for years and these videos just keep getting stupider and stupider. It's like an exercise in futility but at least you've got endless debunking material.

  • Omg...she literally scared me with that pork

  • 4:00 I always get worried that you'll get hurt while trying to test one of these stupid trends...I get why you're doing it, but I kinda wish you'd stop doing it for the ones that are really obviously dangerous.

  • I would purchase the book but i really hate cooking and baking so i avoid it so a cooking book is useless with my stupidity. But of COURSE people were going to buy it!!! You are incredible and I’m sure that cook book is as well!! Hope you show videos of people recreating the recipients. Maybe make it a challenge to see who recreated the meals the best!

  • The jelly thing didnt even need to be a lie. They could just say it was the gelatin thing.

  • 11:06 if you need that much bbq sauce then there’s something wrong with ur steak

  • Especially with the sugar number, a lot of Ann’s solutions to make these fakes actually work aren’t even difficult to do. ~_~ Thanks Ann for being a voice of reason in a wind tunnel echo chamber.

  • Guys this is one dangerous woman, she's giving out full set knives watch out men😣😣😣

  • 3:59 this made me laugh

  • I so appreciate your information.. so nice to see an honest person.. with a lot of subs.. successful ❤️. Now I need to grab your book!!

  • I like how you give better versions of the cake decorating hacks, which would actually work!

  • The blow tortch wasn't even on...

  • It is centripital such thing as centrifugal. Highschool physics

  • Congratulations mr and mrs reardon on the successful cookbook.

  • I absolutely love your debunking videos, but also how you show us how to do something if it’s possible.

  • I'm. So confused how the first pair got away with doing that... in the store. or why anyone would waste money on that many razors... or put razors near food you intend to eat...humans already scared me. Quarantine has done no favors for my faith in humanity;;;

  • Bless her, all the reason and knowledge as to how most of them won't work right away. But trys it anyway