DOES THIS MAKE YOU HAPPY? | Ep 4 | Don't Try This At Home

Publicerades den 30 apr 2021
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Directed by NERF
Produced by Nev
Filmed by Oscar Alva & Kyle Carper
Edited by Eugene Weis & Oscar Alva


  • 👁️ 👃 👁️

  • Jeff, you ok?

  • David should be in jail

  • David has to grow, it's insane that he's still friends with him. I mean I would drag him through law suits if it was me.

  • I feel so bad for both of them Jeff is such a good guy for forgiving David and David he’s stupid for doing it but I can see where he is coming from that he doesn’t want to crowed him but dosent want to not see him his friend is in hospital with a traumatic injury so if I was in his brain I would be the same but it’s sad how he is being cancelled for his past pranks and what not get better Jeff

  • The anger building up in me while watching this video and it was not even me..I had to pause the video halfway through it because I could not stand to see or hear David anymore mother always said “watch your friends, because some friends will carry you but will not bring you back”

  • Forgiveness if for yourself not the other order for jeff to heal n be able to move on he has to forgive..but that doesnt mean be friends with david..i hate david n doesnt think he deserves ur friendship..forgive n close the chapter on ur friendship

  • It’s like whack a mole with all the bots below saying the same bullshit

  • please don’t turn this into a David redemption series

  • David’s emotions never change. He has the same blank face all the time even when he’s “scared”


  • Shit he’s still way better looking them me..... Give the rest of us a chance man.

  • Love you Jeff♥️

  • Lol, look at all these psychologists in the comments. The reality is, non of you know how Jeff or David feel or think and you especially have no place to tell them how they should react to the situation. They're adults and they are free to deal with the situation on their own terms, not how a bunch of random drama chasing people on the internet feel necessary.

  • I whole hearted believe David needs to step up and be more involved in making things right. However Jeff is a full grown man who admitted he knew he needed to make good content to out do himself everytime. So him being a responsible person knowing he also made the choice himself to get on that rope, is why he is trying to also forgive David. So all these comments of oh I would never fucking forgive him is dumb. You don't know the full story either just watching an episode of this show or 4 ... I'm sorry you are going through this Jeff, and just like you I hope all those trolls who were talking shit about you feel like shit and maybe you make some people better for calling them on their shit.

  • David is not nice

  • Dave made a mistake man, cut the dude some slack. It was an accident. Yall repeatedly trying to get this dude to kill himself instead of acting human and forgiving him and supporting him like we do in this country is repulsive honestly

    • @Jackson Silva thats good to hear. I don't know who either one of these dudes are but its def obvious rhe dude didn't mean to hurt the guy.

    • Jeff forgave him. The internet is dumb.

  • So what happened exactly?.

  • Awww the end 💔😭

  • Yo that punch scene tho.... Yo thats a no cap lets be real like.... Yall are still homies. You get to blast this dudes face atleast once man. But chill, hit the cheak bone. But you got a real chance to be the bigger man. You showed a lot and proved more. Your attitude before and after.... Makes me think highly of you.... Good luck man

  • Jeff you are still very attractive!

  • Get well soon buddyyy!!!❤️

  • I’m sorry about your eye, I hope you’re eye gets better ❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Hey guys send your best wishes to Jeff. He really lost his eye.

  • It's nice to see people joking again

  • Dam bro 🥺

  • Waiting for part 5

  • Jeff has a snitch personality.

    • lol yea. couldn't keep his mouth shut for 6 months or anything

  • Me waiting for the last episode to be released 👁👄👁


  • Jeff let me come on your barbershop show

  • This comment sections makes it painfully obvious y’all didn’t grow up with CKY 😂

  • Does anyone know if there’s another episode ? Jeff you good brother ?

  • were the clips with David recorded after his second apology if someone knows comment me

  • “i think it’s clear nobody should jumping out of a plane after what just happened to you” ...

  • Jeff got eye surgery on my birthday, how cool.

  • I feel so bad for him, the only reason he’s not livid is because of his fear of David’s diehard fans. Who will continue to excuse his behavior. “They were just having fun; he didn’t have to do it. Blah blah.” “It was the excavators fault.” lol

  • I pray everything goes right

  • Where’s part 5?

  • Jeff repping the local 3 sweatshirt!!

  • Man could he milk this anymore? Part 8 coming soon

    • Why TF not milk it and make money off a bad, life threatening situation.. also you must not know how fucking expensive eye doctors are

    • why shouldn’t he, he almost died i would try and make as much money aswell


  • Jeff you are lagging on posting buddy! Hope all is well🙌🏼

  • GET SAVED JEFF 🙏🏼 Jesus is waiting for you ✝️🤍 john 3:16

  • My vet didn’t even let me remove my OWN dog’s stitches and I’m a nurse and have 2+ years of vet experience, but Jeff can do his own for the ~views~ I hate these people

  • I love you man hope everything goes well please be patient with it and try not to stress yourself out

  • damn, theres just no respect left for David on my side

  • Jeffrey ! Sorry this happened your story is touching and inspiring still your sense of humour through it all 🙌🏽👍

  • Well edited

  • i love david still

  • Jeff drop him.

  • y’all i think jeff and david have sat down and apologized they just do this as jokes and shows how they are growing together

  • Now wonder Liza Koshi dumped him

  • Anyone else tempted to go report the people who posted the mean ass comments

  • "This may not be my final solution" *proceeds to Hitler salute*

  • I have a "lazy eye" as society calls it. I was born with no muscles in my right eye lid which effected the development of my right eye. But they don't know I went through 3 corrective surgeries by the time I was 6 years old. And this "lazy" eye works harder in 1 hour than most of those judging do in their entire lives. So fuck the haters. I don't like David whatsoever. I think he's a self serving asshole who gets a high off of other people's suffering. But you have a different vibe to you and it's clear that you are very much effected by David's negligence from that day. Yes, you chose to go on the rope. But he was ultimately the one with your life in his hands. He knew what he was doing was already very dangerous and yet he didn't care and still pushed it further, all for what? Clout? He was seemingly careful with the others but with you, it's like all bets were off or something. You have every right to be pissed at him. Your life was in his hands and he didn't do his part. I hope you've been getting therapy for the trauma you have gone through and continue to go through. I'm sorry that you are going through this shit. You are inspiring as fuck though, I gotta say. It's easy to beat yourself up and project anger into the world but you're facing it for what it is and that's huge. I hope you continue to heal. Mind, body and spirit. You deserve better.

  • Play stupid games win stupid prizes 😂

    • Shut up no one wants to hear this right now

  • It's good to hear both sides

  • The amount of money I would demand from David if I was Jeff. Take that couple million and run, Jeff. Far away from David.

  • imagine hating david dobrik😂

  • David Fucked up your life brotha sad too say!

  • I’m so glad you’re sharing your story .

  • ew david

  • When you get a near death expirence there will always be flash backs even if you try to forget

  • Crazy how they were able to lay low on allegations by releasing a series. money buys everything

    • wdym? everyone knows what happened now, but there’s no proof jeff did anything so he’s in the clear

  • I do hope David quits, ends this and starts from the bottom. I literally saw this coming. I got shit for saying his career was a ticking time bomb. It was obvious to me the giveaways and shit was all a cover up. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • @tyler owen maybe

    • @PyroMelody depends, if he changes then he deserves the right to be forgiven but time will tell

    • @tyler owen and that's the problem with this idolizing world we live in

    • @PyroMelody he’s not gonna do that tho he’ll be back in a year and in a couple years most people will like him again like logan paul

    • @tyler owen that's why I said quit and start from the bottom. He allowed the power to get to his head and he almost killed a guy. Jeff's been the only one with the balls to call him out on it.

  • David is gay

  • Wear helmets kids

  • They’re still milking this shit for views?

    • he almost died why shouldn’t he make as much money as possible

  • is it just me or does he have absolutely no responsibility for himself you a damn grown ass man no one made you get on that rope accidents happen when you doing stupid shit......

    • he never said anyone made him get on the rope? in fact he says multiple times that he knows it was stupid on his part too

  • Wait did he go blind from 1 eye or na ??

  • Ahh, this shoudnt be made as public drama. Hes clearly angry and just really needs to take some time to himself and heal. I really wish people would stop doing stupid stunt for views.

  • I feel like a lot of Jeff's feelings and actions through out this series are based heavily dictated by fear of whats to become of his eye and potentially a major case of PTSD, basically just feeling helpless through all of this and disassociating due to realizing how powerless we are in this chaotic universe with infinitely random possibilities. I'm sure a lot of his anger and grief is most definetly temporary and heavily misdirected, which is fine and completely normal for someone in his position having had such an experience. I completely understand and sympathize with dude, but I'm sure, even if the worst circumstance were to occur, he will eventually come back to himself and learn to overcome this and truly see that shit happens and not be so existentially bothered/angered by David. Also, regardless of weather or not I know the actual extent of their friendship, or even what kind of guy David really is, in my opinion, and from what I've observed from my prospective, I believe Jeff is a physically and mentally strong dude and an all around real person, and David is a solid guy with a good heart and good intentions, who just happens to be a bit goofy and gets caught up in the moment. Now with that said, I do think they really have some legit love and respect for eachother and will always have that view and mindset throughout their life times. Essentially, I feel that Jeff is struggling with accepting the reality of all of this and needs a bit of time for the smoke to clear and for the situation to play out for him to really solidify his feelings on the situation and be able to grasp how he truly feels towards all of this, but right now is still currently going through this very recent trauma. Now with that said, I think it's incredibly lame and weak af for so many people to be saying with such spite and irrationality, that David deserves no forgiveness for this situation and that he is fucked up for doing this to Jeff and putting so much heat on his name, with some people even going as far as saying he did it purposely, which is fuckin stupid by the way lmao Like, I'm not sure if this is just a ton of people dick ridding Jeff super hard and just being biased and ignorant to the reality of the situation, but shits just ridiculous!! People act like they've never fuckin had free will in their lives and have agreed to do something dumb or dangerous even after they had the opportunity or time to decline or at least consider the potential consequences of said action! Like fuckin a man, I can't count how many times me and my homies or my brothers pressured one another into doing something we weren't exactly comfortable with, or fully down for, yet we would give in and get hurt or have something go terribly wrong. The thing is, we wouldn't be mad at one another, or blame eachother for those negative outcomes, because we knew the potential risks, we knew the danger and the stupidity of the situation, and even though we are fuckin free thinking adults fully capable of saying no or just ignoring the pressure or the mocking or offers or whatever, we still fuckin did it, and at the end of the day, it was our choice and no matter what, family, friends, and close people no matter how goofy or excitable have fuckin common sense or general love or decency, and typically would never intend for harm to come the way of somebody they care about! Like fuckin a think for yourselves cunts nd stop getting sweeped up in some drama tryin to make everything always either just black or white or 0-100. Like damn, its a cold world out there a lot of the time fer sure, but lookin at everything always in such a bitter nd negative way wil sour your whole life to the core real fuckin quick palabra~

  • This is unforgivable. All he had to do, was be by Jeff's side 🤦🤬


  • Yeah I don’t think David would be my friend after that. He always takes it too far. I’ve always said that David was creepy and crazy.

  • Eat a duck david

  • I’d be scared of Jeff if I were David, I literally wouldn’t take any of those things as a joke 💀🥴 but that’s how friendly they are

  • Oof man the last scene almost got me crying with this guy

  • I honestly dont see whats all this about like u willing got on that rope u knew it was dangerous... whats all this shit about :/

  • As a new subscriber I really can’t feel your pain but all I have to say is you will be OK

  • wtf why was the doctor telling him to take the stitches out himself

  • Jeff, you’re still a handsome man. The good and the bad. I would still trust your ass to cut my hair!

  • is nobody gonna talk about the fact that jeff is now the second person david has disabled for life???

  • Loved the video and gave a thumbs up but I couldn't watch him taking the stitches out 😭💔

  • Kudos to Jeff for actually going out of his way to try and forgive David. Most people probably wouldn't

  • Ey man you still a cutie no worries

  • Where the hell is the new episode jeff?!

  • Jeff should sew David

  • this guy deserves better and more mature friends. hes on another level than them.

  • Everyone heals differently I get it. But it’s very uncomfortable to watch you making jokes out of an incident that could have taken your life. What a stupid and reckless mistake for David to make. Forgiveness doesn’t always have to be kumbayas. Forgiveness can also be understanding people make mistakes but choosing to let someone go. Moving forward set boundaries in your friendships! But keep moving forward with your recovery and I wish you all the best!

  • Davids just gonna buy him a car anyway, like a douchebag

  • Btw Jeff, you are gorgous. Also David should go to jail. doesn't matter that it was an accident, people go to jail for accidental murder/murder attempts.

  • I hope u get better man 🖤 For real

  • This is a roller coaster of emotions wtf

  • david needs to lose his platform period. he is actually dangerous

  • Great content btw. I just binged the series so far and it's really done well and entertaining.

  • Holy shit i hope he’s ok

  • David: it was an accident ***guy laying in water with broken face, foot, leg, head, eye. Accidents don’t kill people. This is called complete selfishness. He had one hand on the controls one hand with a camera. The blog was more important. The blog will always be more important

    • @tyler owen accidents are events the defy common sense, this is just just complete neglect.

    • accidents don’t kill people? okay lol

  • When's the next one coming out?!?