$68 GUCCI Foundation… Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!

Publicerades den 12 jan 2021
HAPPY NEW YEAR and HIIII, How Are Ya??? Today we're doing the first makeup review of 2021!!!! It's time to test out Gucci's brand new Fluide De Beauté Natural Finish Fluid Foundation! It's Gucci's first foundation in years and I actually reviewed their first attempt at one on my channel years ago. They are back with a revamped line and I had to put it try it out. I also test their new mascara and do a 10 hour wear test. Will the products be Jeffree Star Approved™ or a flop?? Watch and find out. WANT MORE?
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  • i personally am not a fan of jefree but yall are the people giving him view and are probably the ones subbed to him if you want him cancelled unsub and leave him alone and let him live his life

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  • i love how y'all in the comments are saying all this bad shit. like ok we get it he did something bad again no shocker there so just mind it already. y'all arent in the situation Jesus fucking Christ. yes bullying someone is never ok but ffs its not new. and im on nobody's side either

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  • You are amazing jefree xxx

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  • I suggest y’all let this man continue making his coins on SEnewss & stop bitching about drama ya’ll wasn’t there for! You don’t know this man or anybody else involved. Jeffree is a businessman & an entertainer at the end of the day. Grow up


  • god what a waste of a human being who has a lot of potential to be a better person, but i guess the devil has a different plan🤡

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  • Does anyone even care if something is “jeffree star approved” anymore? Didn’t watch.

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  • Hair by J ist just a puppet the real Evilmind is Jeffree Star its no wonder many friends left him. He came from nothing and now that he has everything he lost himself which is really sad. I hope he gets his Karma!!!!!

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  • the fact all of you are really taking time out of your day to comment hate on his posts when you “don’t support him” is honestly so funny. you’re clearly just waiting for him to post so you can comment. FAN BEHAVIOR. if you don’t support him just go away. i’ll always support him bc yeah he’s made mistakes but EVERYONE HAS and honestly the things people are mad it is really dumb so haters just ✨go away✨

    • @Chin Chin no worries! i honestly can’t imagine what it would be like to be famous and have all eyes on you at all times, i mean just everyday life is stressful enough

    • @jordan strouse I also apologize if I came off as argumentative....i kind of feel bad for everyone involved....i don't like how public everything has become. The situation is bad enough without the whole world getting involved. Fame is not worth it lol

    • @Chin Chin yes i agree, and thank you!! i hope you have a good day as well! i understand what you mean too, and i’m sorry if i came off rude, but thank you for understanding! :) have a great day!

    • @jordan strouse I can understand that....it's so crazy how much we have to watch what words we use....i hope you have a good day and don't let anyone get you down! I know you were just trying to defend someone you like...and I can appreciate that.

    • @Chin Chin i know i’m just saying i think we should all accept eachothers opinions. i didn’t mean to seem rude when i said that and i should’ve worded it differently, i just don’t like seeing hate comments. i respect others if they don’t want to support him and i understand why, it’s just in my opinion i don’t like seeing the hate.

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  • Like the review of other kinds , do you think Gucci was just following the trend of the nude lines... kkw feeling 🤔🧐

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  • PS bragging about spending $45,000 on a purse while other people are starving and living on the street makes you look like a big douchebag that is all

    • Here is what he thinks of the homeless, it's been years but nothing has changed : senewss.info/slow/baraaryCrc-VjrY/video

  • You just keep doing you Jeffree... the people who is leaving negative comments is acting like they are holier den thou... geez.... there's was a time in everyone live that they did made an uncalled for comment about a school mate or strangers. ❤️❤️❤️

    • Yeah because body shaming someone doesn't exist to you apparently

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  • Jeffree might be evil! But he is entertaining to watch IMO! I don’t even wear makeup but i like watching his videos

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    • @G H this is why I said to reevaluate the purpose of your comment cuz girl you ain't right LOL

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  • There have been a STAGGERING number of severe adverse reactions to the Pfizer and Moderna shots. They're not even legally vaccines, but untested genetic engineering, not even FDA approved. They're going to end up being taken off the market, people are getting hurt and dying!

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  • Just wanted to say thank you for your amazing palette sale! I finally had the money saved up to buy one and OMFG GIRL I GOT 2 CAUSE ONE WAS FREE!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK. Then my hubby surprised me tonight with the news that he ordered me BLOOD MONEY!

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