My New Favorite Hobby

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it's not just a hobby it's a lifestyle!!!!
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  • some of these people are grown adults, who are they and what happened in their life?

  • tbh the sport in itself seems great but were the horse heads rly necessary?

  • Cody looking more and more like Egoraptor's younger brother to me the more I look at him

  • "Trying to stay composed, even with the booming sound of tens of people..." had me dying 🤣

  • cody is gonna be the newest addition to pony play

  • You should check out Chuckwagon Racing in America not the Calgary one

  • I'm an actual hobby horse and this made my day 😂

  • put it in reverse terry

  • Cut ur hair

  • fantastic video

  • I dont want to be swedish any more

  • As a Viennese, ye that was pretty accurate what they did. Weird but accurate xd

  • 8:12

  • Cody never fucking disappoints #HHOAS

  • where is this shirt from cody? link please

  • if they like jumping why don’t they do hurdles or high jump in track

  • This is unironically impressive not even gonna lie

  • And people say whites have no culture.

  • also the discoloration of the spanish horses' pants makes it look like they pissed themselves

  • great video cody thats all i gotta say thnx

  • imagine being a grown up doing hobby horse... i did that when i was 4 not you cody i was talking about them

  • me see horse, me click. I horse goirl

  • They’re little girls and boys, they’re having fun. It’s great exercise too, let kids be kids.

  • Me staring at Cody’s shirt the whole time 👀

  • The fucking baseball hobby horse had me crying

  • 3:05 Danny watchers: 👁👄👁

  • honestly mad respect to those people because that is humiliating

  • the judge was horse all along

  • tina belcher would love this

  • I actually have one hobby horse it’s name is Thunder aka Thunder’s Roar People can be so disrespectful people to kids I mean seriously be more nice to the kids it’s not just a sport. I’m into hobby horse jumping and I think anyone can jump high it just take practice.

  • you know what would make this x10 cooler? ....If they were on actual horses

  • ....sometimes I wish God would just annihilate the human race

  • Losers??? All these kids doing hobby horse that are jumping those hurdles will he track s t a r s, they're going to get scholarships and shit. Hate now, they'll be laughing from their cushy high paying jobs and STILL do gallops around their house. Instead of hating get your own hobby, maybe then you'll finally be successful enough to stop being so pathetically boring you have to be mean to everyone else who's got their own shit figured out

  • 3:46 wow I live near Ruidoso and had a cousin go to that-

  • That was some pretty good prop comedy at the end there

  • This is j Pony Play before it took steroids

  • Omigosh Cody, you have to watch the music video to Higher by Lemaitre 😂👏🏽


  • next thing u know cody is gonna be in the "that's cringe pony play" video

  • I honestly don't see anything wrong with this. It's just children having fun and getting exercise while doing it. It's only weird when the adults are doing it or if the kids randomly start galloping at school...

  • That news guy was so mean, they’re just kids!!!

  • this whole video literally made me laugh so hard and idk why

  • If there's one animal you should be afraid of it definitely is a horse. They literally could beat 90% of the animals, like a lion Vs a horse? Lion has no fucking chance, he'll get trampled thrown into the air and just straight up eaten. These motherfukcers eat live chicks in front of their mothers cause noone will stop them and they know it. I'm telling you these are some crazy fuckers

  • Good job making the video seem satire so you could express your hobby without looking weird.

  • Tina Belcher did it first.

  • I love watching white men play with a big horse stick 😖😫

  • Riiight hmmhmm, Scared of horses -> Horse riding -> watching hobbies horses, defending it -> end up at Pony play... Lockdown weighing hard on you Co?.

  • Freaking funny

  • The fact that Cody is a beginner is unbelievable he is so skilled on his steed he can 360 flip his dead horse

  • What

  • that's finland not sweden cody get it together man :/

  • That vienna hobby horse song would go hard with a drill


  • Helloooo!!! Hola; I’m from peru🙈🇵🇪

  • Oh my gosh you're a horse girl 😳😳

  • went from paralyzing fear of horses to a horse boi we love the character development


  • this has got to be the whitest thing I have ever seen

    • As a white person I have never been so offended by something I couldn't agree with more

  • E X T R E M E C A N T E R I N G

  • Notice how they are all white kids with wine moms

  • AHAHAHAHAA NO FUCK my ex was a hobby horser

    • @Antonia Köll that's pretty gay that your gay

    • and now i’m gay so that worked out pretty well

  • Cody looks like a young Kevin Parker

  • Do they get Ketamine like real horses

  • 10 s of people

  • So sick. 2 thumbs up chodester!

  • Cody is starting to look hecka old.

  • who else remembers the horse play video with Noel? can't get that out of my head😂

  • "no you whould naht"

  • i read a comment yesterday telling me to watch Cody when high. i can confirm that you should watch Cody when high.

  • Some of those jumps were actually epic and this is the kind of thing I would do as a kid

  • This gives off irl quidditch vibes

  • Yeah, ya know, it’s obviously strange. But felt kind of messed up for that news anchor to be laughing at children who admitted to already getting made fun of

  • I mean, hell I can’t even judge them. They all seem so genuinely happy and engaged, and a lot of that shit is actually pretty impressive. It’s not as if regular sports are a whole lot less weird, like, let them have this

  • Wouldn’t it be fakie not switch?

  • Damn, the world can be so random

  • shit i didnt realise how short he was until i saw him on the horse

  • I was doing WONDERFULLY until that girl was bucked off her horse 😐😐

  • What goes wrong in your life that leads you to hobby horsing? Not sure what’s more embarrassing, explain to your family your a SEnewssr or your a hobby horse ridder.

  • My friend does this and I’m not gonna say I didn’t laugh when she told me

  • This should've been a that's cringe lol

  • Pony play v2

  • Jesus loves you

  • shit cody knows his skateboarding shit

  • why Europe? I thought we were better than this

  • But dude u was hella out of breath

  • Cody I love your content. Don’t you ever stop my guy.

  • bro that switch front gallop is nbd

  • wtf did i just watch

  • Only white people🤣🤣🤣 (this is one reason they laugh at us)🤣

  • I don't think you could look more 90's grunge, it's glorious

  • What’s the edm song called?

  • I've never laughed at my computer screen before but "javelin" sent me LMAO


  • 7:52 Cody's judging results: Cantor form is excellent, but a little stiff. 7/10 Sloppy start with extreme cantor but evens out nicely to great form: 6/10 Backwards cantor has *beautiful* form and execution: 10/10 Kickflip is simply amazing: 10/10 Heel flip could use work, sloppy and incorrect form: 3/10 Sloppy form for 360, but still executed acceptably: 5/10 Excellent chicken run: 9/10 Amazing reverse pony, excellent form and execution: 9/10 Javelin throw is weak: 4/10 Pony putt has *amazing* form, sturdy and very nicely done: 10/10 Final Results: 7.3/10

  • Fun fact my friend acc broke her leg trying to do this

  • loved the post malone cameo at the end

  • cody being sarcastic about this horse thing is worse than the actual hate comments lmao i love it

  • Why have I never knew ab him and why is he so funny

  • Imagine the kids are like “mom I’m on tv!!” Only to be absolutely demolished by the news anchors 👹cackling laughs👹 in the background

  • Bro when he did a pop shuvet on his hobby hoarse, chills actual chills

  • Kai se sit olis että torilla tavataan