HELLUVA BOSS - The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5

Publicerades den 30 apr 2021
Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!
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WARNING: for horse!
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  • Who else voluntarily watches the advert at the end to support

  • 17:19 why is no one talking about the imp on the right

  • I love how this is a reference to the pink moon that happened April 26th 😊😊😊😊😊

  • I love how everyone is just talking about the end or the fight scene but no one is talking about the fact blitzo is in the roof and just drops into the bed without making a sound

  • No one: Me who got lazy while typing this comment[*insert joke*]

  • I’m not the person who likes hell I like god but I love these videos

  • That's more like it!

  • the fact that stryker is voiced by norman reedus is what sells it ontop of the content itself 💯

  • Blitz Krieg

  • Are we not going to talk about the fact that they got Norman reedus to voice striker

  • I'm not the only one who is obsessed with Sally May

  • Stella is my favorite antagonist, now. Maybe she can get CHERUB to bless weapons for her assassins and keep sending them after her husband that way. It's hard to imagine demons being able to bless their own weapons with holy power and holy, godly intent. It's also hard to imagine demons being able to KEEP their taint from undoing their blessed weapons, alternatively the blessed weapons might AFFECT the demons wielding them and make them more meditative and balanced and even help them develop a tiny bit of conscience if they continue to stay within a certain proximity of their blessed weapons. I can't imagine the average demon likes to stand near such a weapon and feel like they're ready to meditate and purify themselves at a temple Sala or church when trying to be a sexual baddass with their buddies. The aura would mess with them... except maybe for Succubi who would feel they're engaging in Tantric sex while holding a blessed weapon and maybe want to share the feeling.. like the dangerous, half demonic, half angelic temple foxes of the East. I wonder if Octavia will care though, after she finally takes her headphones out. Royalty were scary people in real life, children of royalty often ended up killing their own parents and I'm sure you wouldn't want to fuck with royalty in Hell, so I wonder if Octavia will suddenly rise up and kill or dominate her own mother at some point. I'd be surprised if Octavia was just a harmless little _owlet_

  • senewss.info/slow/lLjaZ9Coes-bZbo/video

  • Sees Striker "Google, show me this guys balls please"

  • I know that there are always a bunch of those hype people being like "Oh Stella is assebling her own counter team against Stolas and Blitzo, and the members are the Cherubs, Verosika, and now Striker!" But in this episode, I saw several hints that this did actually happen to some extent. When Moxie was stating what that special rifle was, notice how he said "blessing tipped" in the middle of the description. While I do believe that this has something more to do with the Extermination Angels(or whatever their called), I wouldn't consider it to far of a stretch that the three Cherubs banished from heaven would have something to do with that weapon being "blessing tipped." Anyways, this is how I see this whole "union of I.M.P enemies" going down behind the scenes. The Cherubs wandered the Earth for some time, hoping to cross paths with Blitz and the Imps in order to get revenge. However they run into a separate batch of demons: Verosika and her cronies. Seeing their hatred for Blitz, Verosika would offer to take them back to hell with them to find a way to settle the score. The Cherubs agree, and the two groups head back to hell. However, angels in hell doesn't go unnoticed, as they are immediately attacked by various demons of hell out of anger, fear, or ambition. Luckily for them, Striker sees this happening and decides that he could benefit from them in the long run. After saving them, Striker would reveal that he had been recently hired to take out "Demon Royalty," but lacks the tools to do so. The cherubs were reluctant at first, but upon Cledus hearing that the Imps of I.M.P may get caught in the crossfire, he helps Striker immediately by BLESSING his weapons. The stage is definately set for a sort of union to take place. The question is, will Vivzie do it? Who else would be recruited? And how would Robot Fizzeroli be recruited?

  • Bruuuuh Im so happy this series is a thing


  • I would love to see them use their tales as weapons

  • For some reason blitzo looks HOT in this ep

  • man dude this series is not doing it for me I gotta say

  • Hell fuck yes give me more of this shit

  • Will someone recommend me any cartoon on SEnewss such as HELLUVA BOSS?

  • The fact that we prolly won't have the next episode until August is upsetting However Its so gonna be worth the wait

  • blitzo should’ve said “no homo”

  • Is anyone else a bit bothered by the thumbnail cause the title of the EP isn't next to the EP number :V

  • Adult/Dad joke: If they don't do "that" without condoms then stolas will get *Imp* regnated

  • It’s so funny how the ep started with blitz and bird perv fucking

  • We need a Loona episode.

  • Moxie: sponsored by warpath

  • Each episode just keeps on getting better!!!

  • this is just a fucking cool episode

  • Are they only doing helluva boss or are they still gonna make hazbin hotel

  • nice

  • striker got me feeling some type of way damn

  • i really liked the fight and i hope they do more funny and intense episodes more

  • When is episode 6

  • So you there's a person who likes Harvest Moon games on the helluva team, he l l yeah

  • 9:06 what?

  • I was just searching up Norman Reedus because I love the guy and this came up??? Holy shit they got FUCKING REEDUS!?

  • When are you guys gonna continue hazbin hotel

  • Bruh moxxie get his big boy pants on this ep

  • the fact that Norman Reedus is in this and i didnt even notice at 1st says alot about this mans voice acting talent.

  • Blizto: "TELL ME WHERE THAT TIME MACHINE BE" Moxxie: "it's down the hall in the armory" Blizto: "the what?" Moxxie: "AR MORY" Blizto: "Armory? I've never heard this word before" Moxxie: "it's down the hall where the guns are" Blizto: *slaps him* "why didn't you say that before STUPID?" Please tell me someone knows what I'm talking about...

  • I really would love to lend my voice in your animations

  • Oh shoot... So HIS WIFE WANTED TO KILL.. HIM.. FUTCH..

  • No one gonna talk about how striker called blitz blitzy which is stolas's pet name for blitz

  • В целом мульт адский бос норм хотя он на английском

  • They never saw a shark at the mud wrestling XD

  • excellent episodes

  • Hey your patreon links isnt working

  • Helluva Boss is awasome, I get it but where is Hazbin Hotel???????

  • Damn, probably saw that coming on how his wife wanted him dead but DAMN

  • 4:49 The fact that Blitzo doesnt know how to take a sincere compliment😭 It says a lot about his true self I think even if he likes to do as je wanted and seems to doesnt give a fuck about anything, he truly loves he's family and he has some self confidence issue . Plus before he fought, I think even for a few seconds he really was affected by what Stricker said Bonus: 5:03

  • When hazbin hotel ep 2 coming?

  • It's the funny little details in the background that always get me. Awesome work!

  • 3:57


  • I just realized that male imps and female imps have different horn

  • So far it made me laugh every time

  • I love these eps I hope there is more

  • I love this show so much

  • Thay really sounds like norman reedus for some reason

  • Pretty good episode

  • That was AMAZING! A new reoccurring character!! I love him so much.

  • Besides the funny and sad scenes, we have an idea on how serious Blitzø can get during the job, and when his co-workers are involved. We know how lonely he is and how he adds himself in to cover that loneliness, so it could be a "oh you fuCKING DIDNT" type of thing


  • Ok cool episode an all but I’m saying this as nice as i can WHEN WILL HAZBIN HOTEL come out

  • Hey I hope this isn't a bother but are u working on hazbin hotel?

  • Loved how everything suddenly got real, and you actually were afraid of moxxie dying, I hope y'all continue this, also big applause for getting Norma reedus he fits the character so well! One tiny critic I do have tho, I think it kinda ruins the plot of Stolas wife screaming "I want him dead" at his face, like if it would've just ended with her talking to striker in secret it seems much more threatening and serious, and makes us feel like we actually need to worry for Stolas life, instead it comes off as a comedic effect and is potrayed as less serious, otherwise I loved it!

  • When are you going to show blitzo's family.

  • wen hve ss6

  • Can‘t wait for the next ep!

  • 2nd time watching and I just noticed the car stickers

  • When will there be another hazbin hotel episode coming

  • Holy shit It really was Norman Reedus got damn

  • Spamming everywhere until this artist gets some more likes, they are amazing! senewss.info/slow/iq6obNNkgN-tnq4/video

  • So is no one gonna mention that stolas has finally realized how bsd its gotten?

  • Octavia just vibing

  • Stolas- "Wait, what was that last bit?" Stella- "I called you a cheating prick" Stolas- "Oh, thought I heard something weird, carry on then" *goes back to reading*

  • Shoutout to Octavia just vibing at the table

  • Her shows are so good that I would really love if she enable the option to make subtitles for her videos for better range around the world. More people need to have the chance to appreciate this.

  • Moxie is my spirit demon

  • Striker is hot.

  • I prefer to live in the imagination most of the time... The world of dreams is a lot more exciting than anything else, especially when you can build your own adventure, and live that adventure. So very understandable how sometimes people love their dreams, and can't get enough of them. I usually used to have nightmares, but when I had a good dream, it was like a movie but being inside of it. You know, one of the old-fashioned spy action films, or something like a deep jungle trek. Even like a journey to the center of Earth sort of thing, with dinosaurs and everything, and natives trying to get you at every turn. Those kind of dreams are some of my most memorable, because adventure is more likely to cause for excitement in me, not just because I'm scared of failure in them... No. I used to be more or less a little dare devil, trying to impress the muse I longed for, even going so far as to create design after design to make sure things got done. I'm on the verge of getting back in the habit after all this waiting around. The shut in made my drawing and writing hand get cabin fever, I'll be there in no time, out of sheer boredom. 🤯 Imagine having an aether reactor... Using geothermal energy from the building up of aether, and revolving it to embrace the reception in contact of static electricity output. A whole new way to use aether from around us using heat energy as a catalyst, and making it usable for electrical outlet. It's so simple and easy, and it's practically emission free. 🤯

  • Can you do episode six pleases

  • I knew Striker’s VA sounded familiar!!! Omg Norman fucking Reedus - that is amazing. This whole episode was amazing. The animation, the dialogue, the characters (old and new).. Helluva Boss gets better with each episode 😌

  • This episod sick dang! I well with next episod!



  • As much as I love a strong fucking woman like millie, I would also like to see moxxie just go ape shit on somebody. And not some weak stuff like shooting or whatever but I mean gruesome, horrific murder. One that'll make the whole gang just shocked with disgust and awe.

  • Did anyone els read the sign 🪧 on the motel? I did

  • Wonder if the next one could take place in a more fancy/regal setting

  • 9:01 Stolas in the stands guess he likes seeing Bitzo as the dominant one XD

  • So basically moxie is basically a male demon version of meg from family guy 😂

  • DAMN blitzs can throw hands 15:35

  • Loona's ears perking up and twitching has got to be the cutest thing ive seen

  • Weak again, but more in boarding and script ways than the Cherub episode. Fun and inventive concepts like this series deserve better quality output.

  • Her sister has a man voice dam

  • I’m addicted