She cheated.

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I knew this would happen...
Everyone Fights For A Reason. November 28th #TysonJones
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  • his dad is soooo funny

  • So did you

  • jake: “you’re looking like a real snack” Nate: “shut up bitch”

  • it’s five and a $500 and a PS five and a $500 reward and I want no we remote for the PS five

  • jake fuckin nocked his week ass out

  • I’m glad she cheating🤣🤣🤣

  • I love how Jakes dad want going full Savage mode lmao 😂😈💀

  • Best part of the video 11:18

  • Jake Paul is a child

  • Them mad hair style's 🤣😂🤣

  • their dad voted for trump i just know

  • “if there was a 5th rope you’d be shorter than it “ 😭

  • 2:18 😭

  • awh makes me sad in the begging gn seeing nate lmao , he seemed so scared

  • She deserves better than you

  • If your a real dog come on Jake!! FIGHT ME YOU BIT$%!!

  • Yo Jake come fight me man!!! Im calling you out BOY!!!!

  • She belongs to the streets 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • tf is this mans hair

  • Is that the disney guy?

  • He's so fucking stupid and his whole family and paparazzi needs to learn they ain't all that.

  • Real Nice Dad

  • I think he Sounds like lil peep

  • 4:56 yeah your welcome

  • Buh his dad cussed the F**k out of him

  • she deserves better

  • I mean at least he still has a sense of humor

  • haha bot

  • I wonder why 😂😂

  • Damn the entire comment section is just people roasting Jake Paul LMAO

  • Well shes Ugly tana yep much better

  • “Flash!” “I work for no comment.” Lol

  • I Kind of Miss Old Jake

  • 11:16 thank me later

  • i would to

  • Such a jerk

  • There are club fighters that would beat this guy's ass

  • DID I ASK!?!?!!??!?!!?!!?!?!???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!?!??!?

  • Clickbait garbage. Give me 3 rounds with this insecure little boy😉 comment back if you wanna talk something out Jake

  • Jake Paul if you see this comment your clapped and delusional

  • I like how the only hashtag is Tyson Jones lol

  • i miss the old jake paul with no bread

  • A lot of jealousy in the comments. 😂😂🥲 💵💵💵💵

  • What’s the song when he’s punching and doing his cinamatics

  • This just seemed like a good video to come This you have a new girlfriend every week like come on

  • Jake didn’t come from the mud. Both his parents had 2 story houses in the suburbs 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️😂

  • Funniest part is this is one of his only well liked video but i can't blame her either

  • I wouldn’t be surprised like I would to

  • Thank god

  • jakes dad is just embarrassing.

  • I like you jake paul

  • I love how they were just playing a bleep sound and you could still hear the words

  • nate to chill man

  • Wow this is funny cuz he git knocked out

  • I would cheat to

  • " im gonna be bouncing his head off the canvas" 9:46 yea jake's right

  • I now why she would tho

  • Jake is completely right; Nate knows nothing about coming from the mud what he talking about. Jake doing his job; getting in his head which didn’t seem that hard too. I’ve seen 3rd graders go at each other harder, Nate was just hurt all the time.

  • 5:47 lol wtf was that

  • I haven’t even watched this yet but who wouldn’t cheat on his dumb ass? He’s fucking awful I feel like being respected is out of the question for any of his “women”

  • 3:37 wth is wrong with him

  • 0:25 be careful girl your milkers are falling out 😂

  • He put trunks as his pfp. Trunks aint a bitch unlike this guy. Big difference 😒

  • didn’t ask

  • Good

  • well good.

  • He reminds me of the guy at school that thinks they're cool and bullies everyone.

  • Jake paul waste 50 million on a fight but can’t get a good editer that can’t bleep stuff out correctly

  • Ladies and gentlemen, The PROBLEM CHILD

  • So this is the guy who primary/secondary school girls knewst to have a crush on...

  • Why did she do that you’re sooooo nice the nicest guy in the the world!


  • Cahiqenfiwernckwefnire

  • Jake Paul looks like he’s trying to look 30 years old but he just looks like an average 20 something year old that drinks too much alcohol and does too much cocaine.

  • I didn’t even bother to watch this useless video but if they title is true he deserves it

  • Jake Paul do you know I’m coming to join you

  • i misss bizaardvark version of jake paul

  • You hit her tho

  • Dude you're so annoying that its entertaining

  • Jake Paul is aaasss

  • Tana's Top Is Very Revealing.

  • make a video where are you fighting messior ronaldo

  • 3:29 everything up to this moments makes sense to why he’s like this lol

  • The girl is like a man ew

  • When puberty didn't hit:

  • Haha u got cheeted on lil wite boy hahahahahahahs oof oof get yeeted

  • OMG this family is the most insane family i've ever seen.

  • No robotic arm?

  • Nate was so nice in this video. Jake is painful

  • Now it makes sense, look how the dad acts.... good parenting (sarcasm)

  • Literally when he beeps out stuff out does nothing. You can hear EVERY. WORD. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • If there was a 5th rope u would be shorter then it😭😭

  • Idiot

  • It's annoying how he takes his mask on and off like boy decide take it of or keep it on

  • JP:'but everyone wants to fight me *fakes straight face *' Me: wtf- you.. Who would. I can't be bothered, I ain't gonna waste my time on this 1 brain celled animal

  • Stop commenting, I can't stop the liking

  • How to describe Jake Paul in 1 word: Ew

  • What’s the point of wearing a mask if you’re just going to take it off every 5 seconds

  • Jake Paul is the definition of a child that has never grown up