The funniest game nobody is playing (Intruder)

Publicerades den 6 apr 2021
Intruder is a game
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  • I want to hear a song with kryoz and Matt Watson of super mega, I feel that would be a sick collab

  • 0:46

  • yo thats fire

  • Always love the lobby moments

  • We need more of this crap

  • 2:09 anyone else think of that scene from Scott Pilgrim?

  • why did he do the "ayo the pizza here" scream 10:33

  • the funniest game no one is playing? criken years ago? kaif weeks ago?

  • In case you were wondering, we do want more of this.

  • when the intruder is dubious!!1!

  • No one plays it because it was popular like 6 years ago when idubbbz still played video games

  • The world's greatest infiltraters right here

  • Play this again this is hilarious

  • I remember watching idub’z play this like 4 years ago

  • dat beat at the start is a banger

  • This really Killed me 10:24

  • Just the start got me crying with laughter cause of dem BEATS

  • 13:05

  • 4

  • 1:00 DA BABY

  • I couldn’t stop wheezing between Carl and this game lmfao

  • Lol

  • Finally a big youtuber played intruder yesss

  • yo what soundboard was used, asking for a friend whos into music composition and 808 whale sounds

  • This is great! Please play more of this.

  • Yo what sample was at 0:40 that shit was fye

  • I remember this game from one of the expired milks

  • Is this game free?

  • this game died last year:(

  • If rainbow siege was made in beta source engine

  • had me crying the first minute XDDDDD

  • The ragdoll immediately after the death. 😂 5:10 - 5:17 😂 9:04 Oh! It’s old Wildcat. 13:11 - 13:46 😂

  • Please play more of this,never seen something so funny

  • Intruder is sooo good I’ve been playing it now for some time the community is amazing

  • found this first at kaif

  • i guess i'm a Nobody then.

  • nah dude Kaif plays Intruder ive watched him

  • More of this.... NEEDED

  • This looks like cooked r6


  • Play Payday 2 with the boys bro. Would be the funniest gameplay ever

  • I recently got this game because of this video but i've seen criken2 and bedbannana make videos on this and I forgot about it

  • 0:46 what is this song plz I need to know

  • 8:00 is funny

  • 11:30 in the video i for some reason decided to drink some water then the photo happened and i laughed so hard that water came flying out and got all over my laptop thank god I had a towel next to me or it would be dead by now.

  • Why's no one talking about smii7y's perfect dog impression at 8:25

  • Definitely need more of it


  • I like your banana jimmy 🤣

  • This R6 update is insane

  • am I the only one who things the gratuitous sound effects in post ruin this video?

  • looks like a half-life mod

  • Smiithy would you like my banana instead? This one came straight from the Philippines, the Banana Country.

  • dude what is the name of that sample in the beginning, that was about to go HARD

  • Rainbow six siege, the better one

  • There were multiple points where it sounded like General Sam’s voice, he actually made a video on this game recently(sometime within the last month or two) so I was really whole heartedly wondering if you guys somehow were playing with him. Don’t think that’s the case, but it would’ve been pretty poggers if it were.

  • Guys member back in the day when idubbz played this and over growth?

  • I can't get over how perfect the picture at 4:04 is

  • The best part is when they slip on a banana The fucking noise it makes when they cartoon flip is amazing

    • Plus how fucking affective it is at making them slip XD it's overpowered

  • I came back to watch this for like the second or third time and the "Uhhhh I'm doing pretty poggers" just catches me off guard every time XD

  • Why did the ragdolling remind me of Scott Pilgrim

  • Bro did a whole wwe drip kick on the glass

  • i thought i was the only one

  • 3:26 this bit took me out lmao XD

  • I need more of this game

  • paying attention to school? Nah, Smiity video :D

  • 8:21 A-10 Warthog go brrrrrrt


  • Csgo friendly servers the prequel

  • That intro though 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Im downloading it now hahaha

  • General Sam made a vid on this game too! So glad that other people are starting to play this game.

  • Do more of this game😂

  • Carl Wheezer was the best part of this video change my mind

  • 13:38 sea of thieves is looking pretty good

  • "I'm doing pretty poggers."

  • I have cetaphobia, fear of whales and that beginning was like "WTF IS GOING ON????? I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA WATCH A GAME. NOT SOME WEIRD NOISES!!"

  • this is15 minutes of cancer

  • Ok but what the fuck is this game about

  • Carl sings redbone 👌

  • 2:10 prediction MASTAH

  • 2:51 hit me like I am stuck step bro lmao 😂

  • Lol 0:13

  • You should listen to Carl Wheezers soundcloud its actual flames. No ironic shit, dead serious, Carl Wheezer has a soundcloud and it slaps

  • We need more of this, this is great!

  • 2:55 “step bro is that you?”


  • This games ight but can get boring after playing it for a bit

  • Rainbow 6 really went downhill.

  • Ok tbh the photos were absolutely funny

  • Bro this man fuckin funny

  • this game is amazing, criken and his friends play it all the time

  • Something tells me that when you play this game online, it's super easy to tell who's new. xD

  • 0:00-1:21 is why i always come back

    • and then 1:22-15:51 is why i always stay subscribed

  • 2:53 what are you doing step bro?

  • The open accordion moberly jail because crow histologically beg besides a quixotic minute. pushy, exultant poet

  • I don’t care if u won’t but more carl

  • cool game

  • What happened to PURGE smp?

  • 13:30 why does he sound exactly like soup