Which Current NHL Players Are Already Hall of Fame Worthy? 2021 Edition

Publicerades den 2 apr 2021
Okay, here is an updated look at a topic I covered in 2017.
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  • Marleau is very iffy to me. I think he gets in, probably 2nd ballot I’d bet, and I am not adamantly against it- I just don’t think he’s a lock if he finishes his career with no Stanley Cups and no individual awards. I think he had enough points to be on the fringe, but as impressive as the games played is- it has its own award in the Hall. Marleau probably deserves his number retired by the Sharks for his role in building up a fledgling franchise, and the time spent with the team, but I really don’t think the games played should be much of a factor. If Howe played in modern times he’d have another 200 games or so, but look at the rest of the stats and there’s no question Howe deserves it (that’s not even counting what he did as a builder for the sport). My take is definitely if you let Marleau in, you need to go back and let guys like Osgood in. Yes he played for a good team, but he has won individual awards, he’s got 3 Stanley Cups, and he had 1 season of being the best goalie in the league statistically at minimum.

  • Do you think Trevor Daley will become a hall of famer

  • I don’t think mcdavid, kucherov or draisaitl are hall of famers if they retire right now.

  • If Kariya made it in then Getzlaf probably will.

    • @The Hockey Guy Id argue what Getzlaf lacks in speed/skill in this comparison he makes up for in physical play, hockey sense and hardware. His playoff/international totals are impressive as well but I agree he's on the fence. Good video as always.

    • Kairya was an electrifying talent, one of the best in the NHL before concussions sidelined him. Getzlaf isn't on that same level.

  • Mike smith

  • Im not a bruins fan but I love Brad Marchand. That guy is one of the best rats in NHL history, which is very valuable. Plus, hes a pretty decent 2way player that can play in any situation

  • Man I might sound crazy, but in a couple years i think we are gonna look back at this list and think, "why was Ryan O'Reilly not at least mentioned?" I'm not sure he gets in, but if he gets another cup ring I think he definitely deserves to be in this conversation. One of very few to win the selke and conn smythe in the same season.

  • Did Fleury not win as the starter in 09?

  • There are a surprising amount of 1000 point scorers not in the hall. Eric Staal might make it, but I'm not expecting it

  • It would be so cool to see Crosby, Ovi, and Malkin make the hall the same year. Granted, that's coming from a pens fan.

  • Mikko Rantanen?

  • Tuukka Rask is probebly the most underrated goalie right now. And Quick the most overrated.

  • Gotta take olympics into account as well IMO

  • 1st ballot locks are Fleury, Ovi, Crosby. Probables are Chara, Thornton, Price, Kopitar and Kane. But i am no expert for sure

    • Thornton will be 1st ballot. Hes one of the oldest players in the league, 1500+ points, no question about it

  • Ovi having more points with less assists says a lot

  • I think now that both Ovi and Sid have won the Cup, lets just put this debate to bed...its not a debate worthy of their accomplishments to have lesser people comment on who is a better hockey player amongst those two. Cause the games and entertainment that they have provided and how they have changed the sport from what it was when they came into the league to what it is today, is a better testament to their rivalry then any pithy debate about "who's the better player".

  • Pastrnak - at the pace he’s playing - should end up in the Hall. Personal hardware (a Rocket Richard) helps too. The real discussion about Crosby shouldn’t be if he’s going to the Hall but if he’s a top 5 all time player. Bobby Orr seems to think so.

  • Taylor Hall won a hart trophy ?

  • Jordan staal

  • Crosby and Ovi would be awesome for them to go in together

  • Marleau should definitely be a NHL Hall of Famer.

  • I would have loved to see you take into account Olympic golds/international play. I think it pushes a few guys into the serious conversation (why I think Getzlaf is highly likely to get in with his contributions to Team Canada)

  • Tuukka Rask and Pekka Rinne have better career stats than Carey Price and Jonathan Quick.

    • 2015 puts price in the hall. It was at the worst the 3rd greatest goaltended season in history just behind haseks mvp years

  • Brad Marchand is sort of putting together a very interesting career. Didn't break into the league until he was like 24 and was labeled as a career 4th liner. Didn't sniff a powerplay unit until his late 20's. Yet looking at his stats and he's really not too much of a backseat to many guys on that list. Not his biggest fan but it's almost impressive.

    • I will tell you what. I’m a former varsity hockey goalie in Minnesota and no other type of teammate is as great as a player like Marchand. The player that can score goals be a leader and completely bother the other team with nonsense throughout the game is unbelievable. It takes a great hockey IQ and that’s why my best teammates were just like Marchand. The ultimate pest. He’s great at everything he does. He deserves to be in the hall.

  • Zetterberg and datsyuk?

  • you reward some for being stat compilers.. and give the boot to some

  • Alex petro?

  • Loungo is going in hof for sure

  • Odd you never mention international contributions....Tavares was huge on the international stage....why only mention NHL totals?

  • Fleury was the starter in 2009 and in 2017, fleury played in every round besides the the finals 🐧

  • Steven Stamkos minus the injuries would be near Ovi level

  • Its the Hockey Hall of Fame, have to take World Championships and Olympic medals into effect.

  • Is Chris Draper in the hall? If not I think he could get in the Warrior Wing

  • Zdeno Chara gets in the Hall on the “being able to play on stilts” category

  • How is Joe Pavelski not on this list.....

  • I think your on point on most of these. Would Spezza make the jump to yes if he re-signs with Toronto, hits 1,000 pts and wins his 2nd Stanley Cup?

  • Rask has a better SV and GAA for both regular season and playoffs compared to Price. Neither of them have gotten their team across the line in the finals. At least on paper they seem remarkably similar albeit with Price having a few more years than Rask.

  • I know he doesn't make the cut and honestly isn't even that close, but I would personally give Mike Green an honorable mention. The 30 goal season as a defenseman, back-to-back 70+ point seasons and coming 2nd in Norris voting in back-to-back years is very impressive. Definitely not hall worthy but I just feel like his accomplishments are never really acknowledged.

  • Jaromir Jagr?

  • You have Matthews there but not Pastrňák? That doesn't seems right.

  • Interesting to not see Pavelski on the list

  • Erik Karlsson

  • Weber is the leading goal scorer among active defenseman. He is in.

  • If you say matthews you gotta say marner simular to the backstrom ovechkin thing

  • When it's all said and done, I feel like Pasta might have to make it in the HoF. He's become one of the best goal scorers in the league right now and he's only got room to grow. If he plays like he is right now, and for long enough, he's going to get in. Mark my words. Also, Tuukka holds the wins record for the Bruins (a franchise that's almost 100 years old), 2nd in shutouts behind Tiny Thompson, and I think was instrumental in getting the Bruins to the Finals in 2019 as well as earning the team 2 President's Trophies in his tenure. I think the 2 Finals losses will taint it a bit, but he gets in, imo

  • also holtbys career playoff numbers are among the best of all time, he ranks 8th in career playoff save percentage with a 926 and have the most games played among all player in the the top 10 (97 career playoff games). His playoff numbers along should give him heavy consideration

  • as a caps fan i wanted to at least see holtby mentioned, but then again hes been pretty bad after his cup run but that run and his record for most wins for in season (tied with marty). To go along with his vezina i believe he has a better shot than sergei anyday of the week

  • Corey Perry also has 2 Olympic gold medals if that counts for anything

  • So Claude Giroux who is the same age as Phil Kessel is a maybe, while Kessel you seem pretty convinced wont make it. Kessel has 45 more points, 2 stanley cups and 2 Conn Smythe worthy playoff performances. Atleast one.

  • I know I'm in the minority here. But I put too much weight on Stanley Cups when considering Hall of Famers.

  • You have to count with one spot for JJ68, when he stops playing (sometime around Matthews ... )

  • the way goalies are evaluated is dumb. marc-andre fleury has been a mediocre to poor goalie on great teams so his numbers are inflated hes had only 2 or 3 seasons with gsaa in the top half of the league. he is not a hall of fame goalie

  • I think pavelski has a chance

  • dont like the guy because his not on my team but marchand is an easy yes, wheres joe pavelski??

  • Look at Girouxs cosi rating year after year and then tell me he is not a HOF

    • Offense is what gets you in the hall girouxs not gonna make it because his offense isn't comparable to other dominant players from his time. It also doesn't help that he hasn't won a cup

  • Where’s John Scott???

  • As a Kings fan, saying Ryan Getzlaf has never been a dominant player in the NHL is ludicrous.

  • Joe Pavelski!!!

  • Forgot to talk about Joe Pavelski. I think he makes it

  • Lundqvist is a first ballot hall of famer, it’s not close

  • thoughts on joe pavelski? hes a strong maybe for me.

  • Banger video

  • Pavelski?

  • What’s your thoughts on Letang?

  • bob might win a cup giving up 3 goals a game and a crappy sv%. how much would that help?

  • if Hank and Bobby Lou dont make it people will riot

  • I'm scared for any player who's projected to become something he's not yet. I'm a big Leafs fan from Europe, and I really dislike this kinda conversation. Let the KID play his game, before you award him three rockets ahead. Staying healthy in this sports is hard, look at Crosby, Malkin, McDavid, and so on. If Mathews stays healthy, keeps his swagger and stays with the Leafs, yes, then he's got a chance of doing more. But remember he's already had a very serious injury (that left shoulder which carried all of the body weight put down into the stick when executing the famous wrist shot. He was robbed basically of a cheating mode to score. Look at his numbers in Oktober 2018. This wrister has been deadly and accurate prior to the injury. It's not the same anymore, he's only too good alround, that's why he's still an elite scorer. But injuries can come back (he's already fought one this season). So let's hope all the younger players on this list stay healthy first of all. Thanks for the amazing channel though, Shannon. Love to watch your cats and listen to you! 🙏😅

  • No way guys like Staal, Giroux, Getzlaf, Spezza, Carlson, Marchand, Kessel will make it. It’s not good enough to be great - gotta be somewhat of a legend. HOF only has 4 swedes, 3 czechs, 2 finns, like ten americans. And there’s still many old timers like Fleury, Vanbiesbrouck, Mogilny, Turgeon, Alfie, Näslund, Tkchuck, Roenick, Gonchar, Elias, Lehtinen who haven’t made it! And a long list of guys who will be top candidates in the future like Sedin, Zetterberg, etc who will soon be candidates. In 10 years names like Giroux, Staal, etc will not be remembered as legends

  • Some international hockey clout could help. Olympics: Miller was mvp in 2010, Kessel was scoring leader in 2014, Kovalchuck was mvp and gold medalist in 2018. In the annual championship: Spezza was the scoring leader 2015, Rinne was mvp 2014, Josi was mvp 2013, Kovalchuck 2010. Kucherov has been in the top10 quite a few recent years. Okay maybe one win here and there doesnt help but if you’re a regular success internationally that can mean a lot.

  • there should be a wing for wingers

  • giroux dissed so hard lol

  • If Kessel can play until like 38 and keeps up decent point scoring, I could see him getting in based on his popularity

  • King Henrik of New York!!!

  • Bobrovsky is a no to me right now

  • What about Roberto Luongo? Is he HOF worthy??

  • Bruh are u on crack? Doesnt Rask have like the second or third gighest svp all time??? Couple in the wins and the vezina- he's in

    • @The Hockey Guy i only used luongo as a reference point to wins. I agree that one vezina doesn't mean a whole lot. But lets take a few things into consideration. The save percentage is very high. All time high. The bruins have been a defensive power house for roughly a decade with him being starter in what 9 out of 10 of those yrs? He doesnt have tons of wins, also doesnt have a ton of games played. Winning percentage is phenomenal. Throw in the jennings and almost perennial all star and hes just about a lock for me. When you think of the great goaltenders of this generation hes not far from the top. Osgood and cujo unfortunately also played in eras where there were haseks and brodeurs and roys. Other than price who is rask fighting for a spot with? Johnny quick and fleury? And even then quicks numbers get worse year by year. I think thats what separates him. And he also has a type of bee named after him and i dont see any of those guys having a species of bee 🤣🤣🤣

    • Wait, did I say Lou is getting in? I am 50-50 on that one. He never won a Vezina. He never won the Cup. No, a Vezina doesn't mean you get into the Hall. Osgood was a fantastic goalie who won more than one Cup and even replaced Hasek for his last one, yet he isn't in the Hall. Rask never won the Cup as a starter. CuJo was a beast in the playoffs year after year. He didn't just rack up wins. He did it on some pretty mediocre teams.

    • @The Hockey Guy so a vezina and jennings as well as one of the best svp of all time doesnt get you in because u didnt play a ton of games and rack wins ??? Seems like backwards logic. Youre gonna tell me luongo is more deserving of the hall because he won more games??? I dont see it. Great players have had limited careers and made it. Lindros, orr, etc. Not that rask is on their level whatsoever but you get the point

    • 300 wins doesn't get you into the hall. Until CuJo gets in, I don't see any way Rask gets in. Osgood should be in before him and he's not in either.

    • @wiggle wiggle 🤣🤣🤣 yeah cause brodeur was only good cause the njd trap, or roy cause the canadians. Just shut up man, stupid ass argument

  • And great subject to get people talking. One of the best debates every year.

  • But the one who really deserves to be in...its Patrick Kane. He will retire as the American G.O.A.T.

  • There are a lot of guys that are stars and have done some great things. But when it comes to the question of, "Hall of Fame-ers" it is a different set of standards. To me the majority of the guys you talked about are in my Hall of Fame. But a lot of them probably won't make tge cut in reality. Sad

  • Braden Holtby has been bad for Vancouver, and I'm not saying he should even get in. But the man does have 286 career wins, a .915 save percentage, a Vezina trophy, and a Cup. I think he deserves to be talked about in a video like this.

  • I know that you said there was gonna be names not on there that should be but lets be real...Joe Pavelski should be on there and Logan Couture shouldnt

  • Amen to us being the winners of Crosby vs. Ovechkin.

  • John Carlson is a tough one to call, he had a bit of a slow start to his career. He puts up really solid numbers for a d-man and was a bit robbed for the Norris. Him having a cup win will definitely help his chances, but I think if he either wins a Norris or plays a major role in another cup win he will be a lock for the hall. Same kinda goes for Brent Burns, I think his stats are probably worthy of a spot in the hall, but he might have to either win another Norris or finally get a cup to be a lock.

  • Great video! New to the channel deff earned my subscription.... I will say I do think Tuukka makes it though. He has a vezna, yes he’s lost in 2 cups.... but his raw stats are incredible, 4th in save % and 10th in GAA all time are pretty hard to ignore. Just my opinion though!

  • If Rinne hadn't dropped off these last few years a much better case could be made. :(

  • Dustin Brown for sure in HoF. Captained two cups to LA.

    • In 2012 if brown wasn't there they still win easily brown isnt getting there

  • Anyone who doesn't think Getzlaf was ever dominant simply hasn't watched enough Getzlaf. He was a top 5/top 10 center for several seasons, and during several playoff runs he was arguably the most dominant player left in the playoffs. In the ducks' 5 longest playoff runs during his tenure he has recorded 89 pts in 79 games.

    • Hall of fame level is a level above and I don't see Getzlaf as being a hall of fame level player.

  • Nice to see G even get a consideration in this video. Go Flyers.

  • Im stunned at the comments on who people think are hofs or not. People say spezza, pavelski, brown, rinne, parise, carter, TAYLOR HALL for what exaxtly one great season hes never come close to replicating. Theyve all had good careers and made a ton of money but no way in hell are these hall of famers. Im embarassed these are so called hockey fans.

  • Thoughts on Kris Letang? He doesn’t have any individual awards, but he’s been a key contributor to a couple championship teams (Pens actually won one of the back-to-back Cups without him). But even as a huge Pens fan, I think he still falls short. Great player but not quite HOF worthy.

  • Any specific reason as to why you don’t have Kris Letang on the board? I know he hasn’t won a Norris but he has 3 cups and has been a cornerstone for the pens for the last decade. Just curious!

  • If you think Draisaitl gets in because he is a trailblazer, Mogilny should be in as well.

  • Mr Game 7 Justin Williams 🏆🏆🏆

  • The Conn Smythe.............

  • The amount of disrespect Giroux gets is staggering considering he has been dragging guys like Mike Raffl and Scott Laughton to success on bad teams for his entire career. Put him with a guy like Malkin or Backstrom, there is not an ounce of doubt in anyone's mind that he's a first ballot Hall of Famer. List of point scorers in the 2010-2019 decade: 1. Kane 2. Crosby 3. Ovi 4. Giroux

  • They need to tighten up the restrictions for hall of fame. Nowadays everybody gets inducted, and that's not how it's supposed to be. They should accept the people who are really good, not just somewhat good. Like yeah, kessel has however many points, but he isnt really that much of an amazement.

    • @Brent Razmek Couldn't say it better myself And hey we have same name 🤣

    • Couldnt agree more, ive read the comments and im stunned people saying what about dustin brown, jeff carter, taylor hall..oh yeah spezzas a hof, so is rinne. Wtf no there not. Marleau to me is borderline, 1 40 goal season and a career of .67ppg. 0 cups 0 awards 0 top 5 finishes. So many players id take over prime marleau. Whove accomplished more in way less time. You could say wow marleau 500goals 1200 points games played redord on the other hand you could say wow 1700gp and only 1200 points...thats 6 seasons of 0 points between gp and ppg.

  • No Okposo?! Harsh!! (Sarcasm)

  • Fluery was a starter in 2009

  • International achievements???

  • Joe Pavelski has got to be close in this conversation, I think a lot of people expected him to flop when he left the system in San Jose but he has been a stud for Dallas and furthers his name in the HOF conversation.

    • He might be lucky to reach 1000 points and what accomplishments does he have. How many awards? Cups? Cup runs? Ppg seasons? 36 years old and 800 points no chance in hell buddy. He wants in the hof needs to buy a ticket