Could Zach Wilson be drafted ahead of Justin Fields? | Get Up

Publicerades den 10 jan 2021
The Get Up crew reacts to Todd McShay’s 2021 NFL Mock Draft 1.0 with Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields being selected 15th overall by the New England Patriots. David Pollack also breaks down what he likes so much from BYU QB Zach Wilson, who is McShay’s second quarterback drafted in his mock.
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  • Lawrence-mahomes fields-Watson Wilson- trubusky I can see that being the case a few years from now

  • But Fields won't slip to fifteen. So unless they trade up to 2, what are they on about?

  • Zach Wilson?? Gtfoh 😂😂😂😂

  • I hope the Jets get Fields. Another OSpew Flop. Wilson has the best long range nfl qb upside. Elway wants him in Denver, San Franciso Wants him too. Expect move ups in the draft.

  • It’s crazy people hate fields and said he was overrated last year cause he was throwing it to open wr but Zach Wilson does it this whole year and he’s amazing

  • I thought these NFL analysts learned their lesson with Watson and Lamar.

  • I hope zach drops so he gets drafted by the best team possible.

  • I'd be shocked if Wilson pans out

  • A GM and Head coach is looking at this praying Fields drop to him...then just watch💪🏾💪🏾🚀💪🏾🚀💪🏾

  • lol i thought im the only one that think zach wilson throw kinda like a-rod.

  • ESPN has been trying to drop this kids draft stock.

  • When have they not done this to black quarterbacks. Who guessed Mahommes, Watson, Prescott etc

  • Ppl can't wait to bust out the Patrick mahomes comparison 🤔😑

  • Is Lamar Jackson better than Baker Mayfield..?

  • Stop it

  • I want Wilson over Fields!!!!

  • I kinda hope he does, imagine a division with Brees, Brady, and Fields

  • Zach Wilson footwork needs major work. The mobile ability will be nullified in the NFL. Justin Fields has all the tools but he holds the ball too long. The 2nd Quarterback taken will be about preference

  • Whenever Trever Lawrence has a bad game nobody mentions it. Because nobody cares about Clemson’s regular season games. Because they play bad teams every week. Trever Lawrence had a bad game against North Carolina, Virginia Tech and more. While Justin Fields has one bad game against Alabama. And Zach Wilson plays against nobody teams!

  • He didn’t win

  • Zach Wilson played bad teams. And needs more development. Justin Fields played better teams, played and dominated through a injury. Against a good team. He also has a strong arm. He also has speed, agility. And can throw thru tight windows. Justin Fields is a two way threat. He reminds me on 2015 Cam Newton, he’s 6’3, fast and can throw the ball. Zach Wilson should not be picked over Justin Fields!

  • That’s gotta be racist bruh😂🤣🤣😩

  • Personally. I would like Wilson drop to 14th, and get picked by Vikings. He can grow, similar to Mahomes. Cousins is just ok. I am tired of used retreads. Grow one. They have been hurting since Tarkenton retired.

  • I could drafted number one, remember the name ROBERT BOB LIND

  • I like Wilson better then Lawrence 2 👀 Just saying

  • Wouldn’t be surprised if he did, he’s white

  • What has Zac done in that weak conference? Lol joke

  • I can’t believe people think Wilson is better than fields lol DRUNK

  • They always throw shade at black quarterbacks. It's always an excuse. "They need to develop, their accuracy, can they read a defense, etc!

  • It doesn't matter as long as he's drafted...plenty of high draft picks don't work out

  • Honestly, you better hope he doesn’t drop to New England lol

  • They fall inlove with these bust off of some highlights and a few games. He gonna be a bust....

    • Never, he is going to be a star

  • Had 1 good yr this yr

  • That’s a bunch of bull , Y’all didn’t start talking about that BYU QB until the last few wks of the season, He’s not better than Fields...ESPN FULL OF IT!!

  • YT people to paint losing narratives.

  • He look like Trubisky..

  • 99% of the time you draft a white QB in front of a black running QB. Wilson and Mahomes are a rare breed.

  • ESPN does this every year.

  • Zack Wilson is going 2nd overall. All you trashing Wilson will eat your words

  • Wilson is the better prospect and it’s not really close.

  • If fields is going as far as fifteen Carolina has to make that pick there’s no reason not to, or they better have a trade package in place for someone else, Stafford, Ryan, Watson I don’t care I want Teddy no nuts off the squad yo he’s really scrub territory rn

  • Justin can’t go to the Jets 💯👎🏿🗑

  • If I’m Justin Fields I hope I drop😂 play for a better team and greater situation

  • Pollack didn’t say anything

  • I hope Fields fall in the draft, right to the cowboys, then we can trade Dak to whoever wants him

  • Trevor Lawrence won one big game he lost last year and this year

  • Lol are you kidding me he will be 2nd QB of the board

  • Is it just me or they putting white qbs higher bro Zach Wilson last year had 11td9int

    • He had shoulder surgery and played with a broken wrist bro 😂

  • If justin fields was a white kid wit those numbers, no one would be saying, wilson is a better QB, this wouldn't be a thing, the sad part us Fields can throw for 500 yards and 9 TDs people still wouldn't be able to see past the color of his skin, people try and pretend that things has changed and some things has, but one thing that's hasn't, is the way blacks are viewed.

  • What a joke. Wilson literally had no competition. Best opponent? Costal Carolina.

  • These guys are ridiculous. Sam Darnold is not better or will be better than Fields, Wilson or even Trey Lance. Jets need Eric Bieniemy and then, as much as I love my brother man Fields, Wilson has the better arm and smoother motion. Jets do what I say - don't listen to Mel and McShay. Get Wilson not some tackle, yikes, and hire Bieniemy not some young dude who has a laptop and hair gel and looks like the owner's son in law. PLEEEASSEE!!!

  • White privilege

  • If he's Pat mahomes and Aaron Rodgers then he should be the number one quarterback in the draft


  • ESPN is the CNN of sports

  • Justin Fields has proven he not only has the skill and athleticism to be a dominate qb in the nfl but also he has the intangibles. Zach Wilson to Pat's Fields to Falcons just watch.

  • You're on the best super drugs in America if you draft him over fields. Why y'all always some OSU or Fields haters.

  • 271th comment

  • ESPN...the PT/Cruiser is better than the corvette.

  • What has Wilson done.

  • LOL there's no way the Panthers pass on Fields 🤣🤣🤣

  • I would love to see Zach Wilson with the Ohio state offense 😭 that would be the bet offense of all time


  • Bra they do this to alot of black qbs hes way better than Zach Wilson one good season and they on his nuts fields been doing it for two years proven hate this new England lets get him

  • Zach Wilson might look so good n look so smooth n natural in the pocket Bc he hasn’t played anybody smart enough to disguise coverages or just have nfl talented defenses... Just a thought 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • @Adam Fuller Fields is about to play Bamas Defense bro. What’s re u talking about

    • Yeah the defenses haven't been so great as NFL defenses but Fields hasn't played any NFL level defenses either and he has insane future-pro offensive weapons all around him unlike Wilson.

    • Justin felids only looked good because he’s surrounded by 5 starts, and doesn’t have to do much to look good… Just a thought. Do you see how dumb that logic is?

  • Zach Reminds me of Johnny Football on the field.

  • If Fields beats Bama in the Natty he will go 1st overall. He’s showed he’s durable, has tremendous arm strength and descent accuracy. Not to mention the athleticism he harbors. Beating Bama boosts anybody’s draft stock Bc it’s Bama lol.

    • Nah they’ll do him how they did Deshaun and make him fall because other guys are “the prototypical” qb and more “nfl ready”.

  • Still don’t get how that was targeting?

  • The fact that Todd mcshay and Mel kiper still have the jets keeping darnold just shows that they don’t belong on TV

    • He is 23 but man Darnold has had too many chances . Chances some other QBs were not given

  • i dont get all the analysts that drool over wilson lol. fields just fucked over one of the best teams in college football last week. is that not enough? lol

  • Yes he’s as good and he’s white so obviously white owners are gonna prefer a white qb

  • No. The answer is no. Todd Mcshay sounds like a drunk moron recently. He also has the raiders taking TWO wrs in the first....

  • Yes Wilson is QB2

  • Good arm on Wilson, but I only see him throwing to wide-open receivers with no pressure on him.

    • Nah he’s made some incredible throws especially some under pressure

  • Wilson is basically another version of Kyler Murray

  • I hope for Fields sake that he goes to New England. He should tank every interview so that he drops down to an elite team who can develop and surround him with talent.

    • Facts he gonna end up like Stafford. He needs to pull a Eli. Eli would never have win 2 superbowls if he didn't

  • Zach Wilson = Mitchell Trebisky

  • Another BLACK quarterback beginning clearly disrespected; PERIOD!!! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME

  • Wilson is best pro ready QB in draft!

    • Your crazy. Bust.

  • Justin Fields beat Trevor Lawrence in every statistical category available last two yrs and also beat him in a championship game. To drop him at 15 is disrespectful

    • @Cj Marthins he sucks another cam folds under pressure

    • @Gio Chapo no he won’t, he’ll just need to develop first

    • Fields will be a bust book it!!!!

    • @J dude you were literally comparing the two, I know you didn’t say that, you didn’t have to

    • @Cj Marthins you clearly didn’t understand what I said cause I never called fields a heisman runaway and that was only the start of you addressing points I didn’t make lol. Regardless fields will be picked ahead of Wilson no question

  • Zack Wilson can’t even light up Coastal Carolina

  • The level of disrespect SMH

  • If a team seriously picks Zach Wilson in front of justin fields then there is zero other ways of explaining it except for......racism. Obviously that wont happen though because is just clickbait bs.

  • That mock draft sucked

  • Nothing to see here just another white QB who played at a non powerhouse without a great W-L record somehow jumping over a non white QB leading a powerhouse to a great season months before the draft. Seen this same story every year the last 4🤷🏾‍♂️

  • You cannot judge a QB BY 1 Game come on man.Fields is good ,had a great game,but I seen him against Indiana...He's got alot of work ahead in then can be a good NFL QB.I f u don't agree your a Ohio St. Fan. Which you ll said about the last 3 QB from Ohio St.

  • You think teams would think twice when they draft an Ohio State QB since there has never been a good one. These QB recruits that choose OSU need to realize they wont have an NFL future.

    • People never talk about the Mark Sanchez, Matt Barkley, Matt Cassel, Cody Kessler, Carson Palmer, and Sam Darnolds of USC but love to hate OSU qbs.

    • @Terrance Bond They say the same thing every year

    • USC, LSU, BAMA, FLORIDA. Only one OSU qb I know of went in the first round and that was Haskins who is nothing like fields and is immature. All these other “unsuccessful OSU qbs” that “can’t be trusted” were late round guys or sign in FA guys. They weren’t supposed to be good anyways, stop the generalization based on school when other schools have just as big of a problem but nobody speaks on that. Not to bring race into it and please just listen, it’s funny how all the OSU qbs people say you can’t trust are all Black qbs that we’re late round draft picks besides Haskins you have Troy smith 5th rounder, Terrell Pryor 3rd or 4th round guy, and JT Barrett and sign FA guy. Field doesn’t fit the mold and is a truly good qb people need to wake up.

  • The Falcons would be interesting place for Zach Wilson too, with Taysom Hill at New Orleans. It would be the "2 BYU QBs rivalry" every season! That would be fun to watch!

    • I hope taysom gets a chance. It's like because he's so fast and strong of a runner, people think he can't be also a great passer, which I think he has been when given his limited chances.

    • Taysom Hill is a gimmick..for the long hall he is not a starting QB. He knows the system in NO thats why he had minimal success. On any other team he would be a joke...

    • no way taysom stays at qb

  • fields: dominates vs #2 clemson wilson: dominated vs #21 boise state fields: one of the best in 2019 wilson in 2019: who are you

    • @Dub fun you literally said “which QBs in BYU HISTORY” they gave you some and you complained that it wasn’t recent. 🙄 you thought you had a point but failed.

    • @Papa_zoeee this is nothing like that. But okay

    • @Jarvis Juice no he doesn’t I’ve seen his tape his oline is bunch of grown men going up against boys Wilson struggles going through progressions he only passes to wide open guys and even then he under throws those wide open guys Zach Wilson lack almost all qualities to translate in the league and if he gets picks high he’ll be a bust and although fields has elite talent around him he’s going up against elite competition don’t be a dumb the B10 is the second best conference in all of cfp and then there’s a huge gap it showed in the bowl games

    • @Dub fun but Fields doesn’t benefit from the talent around him? Are you kidding me? Fields entire football life has been rainbows and butterflies. The best coaching and teammates a QB can ask for. And Wilson’s skill set translates to the NFL, how many prospects can roll right and throw 60 yards on a rope across the field for a TD, not many. He goes thru his reads very quick too which Fields doesn’t

    • @Jarvis Juice Zach Wilson throws to wide open wr Zach Wilson plays against inferior competition Zach Wilson doesn’t go through his reads Zach Wilson benefits from sitting in the pocket all day once he gets to the nfl he’s going to get blitz and that’s just facts

  • I just Zach Wilson doesn't get drafted "too high" if you get what I mean. Particularly I hope the Jets don't draft him. That franchise is where careers go to die. I hope he gets drafted to a more stable franchise like San Francisco so that he gets paid well and he can take some time to be an "understudy," learn, and have some longevity with his NFL Career.

  • You know what: I actually don’t even want Fields drafted #2 by the Jets. If he can avoid going to that absolute garbage of a team then by all means, let Zach Wilson get drafted their. Any other team he would be fine on (except maybe the Lions).

    • So Zach Wilson can go to jets but not fields why is that I wanna know and who is your team

  • Stupid. Absolutely stupid. Justin Fields is a better player than Lawrence not necessarily because of their playing ability, but Field's ability to persevere through pain, adversity, not to mention Field's accuracy and arm. Not to knock on Lawrence, though. He's still an exceptional quarterback. I just think Fields is hella underrated.

  • They're both good and different QBs. Wilson is similar to Kyler/Baker and Fields is Cam/Watson. Fields has the higher ceiling due to his physical ability, but Wilson seems quicker processing defenses and getting the ball out. I think it's gonna depend on what team they go to. Similar to Allen and Lamar in '18 and Burrow and Herbert last year, its close and a toss up.

  • That's Racist, says ALL ESPN EMPLOYEES.

  • if justin fields goes on to win the national championship, he will drop down to 24th overall.. just watch

    • @Palitine Boors what about Byron Leftwich?

    • @D Huck this quote turned out to be a bit of an understatement

    • Hey may have lost the national championship, but this guy got some crazy skills to pay the patriot bills

    • @Bronze One don’t forget Lamar Jackson too

    • @Bronze One point is blk qbs like fields and Watson get doubted every time and kill it in the league. 🤷🏾

  • This man played against Alabama technical and California Middle school who tf did he beat. NOBODIES only reason is cause he’s white and fields is black if fields was white he would be the number one QB

    • @Cue Truth yea I was so mad about this video lmao

    • LOL....u mean if Fields was whyte he'd be the #1 Qb in in the draft....right?

  • This is horrible journalism, there should be no debate, but ESPN loves to create these narratives.

  • Tod Mcshay created this silliness

  • From an Ohio state fan zack should go before Justin. Guy is polished

  • You believe this foolishness if you want to... Justin Field's will not make it passed the falcons... Lol They get paid to say anything... Todd McShay is the new Bill Polian he say some real stupid stuff alone with David Pollack ....And. Pollack play football but I'm sure they get paid to say stupid stuff and create the narrative.... Every year they down play a Black Quarterback that's going be a top 5 pick.... 😂 Im not surprised .. Then when A team pick them early they make excuses... Smh