BIG MAMA IS IN LABOUR!! 😱(how many lambs were there?!!!) | Spring Lambing 2021 | Vlog 432

Publicerades den 29 mar 2021
The week is finally over!
But not before Big Mama comes in at the last minute to deliver some babies!
Also spent quite a bit of time rescuing a lamb that went backwards and go hypothermia. I was able to remember (sort of) how to administer Dextrose in the situation, and honestly... I will never not have this stuff in my lambing kit ever again.
It is quite literally a life saver.
#lambing #sheep #farming

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  • What did you major in in college? Did you grow up on a farm? Just curious how you obtain your knowledge of raising sheep.

  • So it’s ironic you’re working so hard to save a lamb that will later be butchered when it’s bigger. I grew up on the farm and helped raise the runts of the pigs and cows just so they could be butchered later. Totally breaks my heart. This is why I went vegan. Who are we to say who lives or dies. I don’t like it.

  • All your baby lambs look like big bunnys jumping around. SOOO cute.

  • I may or may not have teared up when lil one took the bottle the first time

  • *me watching big Mama breathe through it* "yes keep breathing, don't stop. Push!"

  • Is the opening of the mouth during labor a pain response? It looks like she's smelling though. I've never seen a sheep labor. This is amazing.

  • All those little hops in the background. 🥰

  • 11:51 That little guy in the background clearing fences.😆

  • Omgosh, you're not joking when you say BIG Mama. ❤🐑❤👍❤

  • You should be proud of yourself. That was an awesome job with that little lamb. You actes quickly, efficiently and effectively. Job well done. From Canada 🐑🐏🐑🥰❤🇨🇦🧚🙏👍❤

  • Your little babies are really energetic in the back ground.

  • According to your videos You have almost 50 lambs, why don't you purchase let's say half an acre or maybe smaller open space land that these lambs can move and run in the nature and herd them inside at night and frosting season? I think that way they wont have difficulty laboring their lambs.

  • Can u just bring the lamb to the vet ?

  • Those are big babies.

  • Those pens are so amazingly clean! You clearly take really good care of all your animals

  • .

  • Sandi I can't believe I just saw you insert a needle into this poor baby lambs belly. You didn't clean the area with alcohol, and on top of that you injected dirty water into it's belly and to add insult to injury, you injected dog slobber water after that. you woman are a hack.

  • You saved a baby. Wonderful. You have a lot of birds too!!!

  • All different colors. Yellow, Pink, and Brown

  • Im always curious but how do you end up with black lambs? Also your doing such an amazing job!!

  • That sheep should never be put through that again.

  • Don't let these trolls get to you ... you do a fantastic job ... no one does 100% ... remember to stay safe and stay blessed

  • Nice music to my ears

  • Shes gonna make a good recovery so far so good

  • Yay good girl. ....thanks for the imformation...

  • Is the goat ok now?

  • The part she said it's time to sign off but stood watching the babies play awwww

  • I know here I am armchair quarterbacking on Monday so to speak but number one why do you allow the dog in with you when you're trying to do something like that she's always drinking out of the water I might be contaminating it if you're using it in an injection and number two I guess my first instinct would have been to wrap the lamb and something to keep it warm so it wasn't laying on the concrete floor! But who am I critique what are you give your lands you are such a kind loving person to those Lambs! My heart would get so attached I wouldn't be able to send any to B shipped... It's the wonderful work you do that keep people healthy and thank God for Farmers like you who do all the hard work getting up at 4 a.m. doing without sleep to the point of exhaustion! God bless I've only been watching your videos for a few weeks. I have a suggestion I wish you'd just set your camera up on the Lambs playing an interacting with their mothers and the other sheep around them so when we feel stressed out we could just watch 15 minutes of all them playing! Thank you for taking the time to make these videos out of your busy busy day... I think you teach all of us how to be thankful for the little things even in the middle of a bad day

  • CONGRATULATIONS! She's a sweetie! 🌹

  • The lamb is so cute

  • They are cute! But I think it’s a little sad that they’re confined to such small areas. I guess that’s normal for that kind of ranch.

  • Farmers always look older then their age I wwould not want to be a farmer it's too much work

  • Just found your channel and I’m totally in love!

  • We had dead doubles

  • Are the sheep ever let outside for fresh grass and exercise?

  • PS. Dr Joel Wallach is both a vet and a human doctor. He knows alot about nutrition and physiology. He says that quite a few diseases are caused by malnutrition. He is often on talk radio. By the way, my husband and I watch Machinery Pete on the RFD TV channel on Saturdays. It's a good show.

  • wow you did a great job, an by yourselve, your a beautifull person, god bless

  • Ewes had 5 lambs . They all died 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Why was one of the lamps really yellow brown colour

  • Saw the sucking, made me tear up. Nice going!!!

  • Please traduction to arabica or franche

  • She makes pulling lambs look Soo easy!! Keeping calm the whole time.

  • Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge! Your herd is lucky to have you.

  • Awesome job mam - you rock and for you who gave this vid the thumbs down...we have a saying here in Oz...f##k you losers.

  • You do a great job taking care of so many lambs. Well done sis! I wish I were there helping you. I love sheep. I used to have a dozen for a short time. They are so neat! Loved watching this video. Where’s the preg mama?

  • What is the chirping in the background? Are there chicks / a chicken operation also?

  • This lady is my idol.

  • 3 big babies, no wonder she was huge!!

  • I think you’re doing a great job I always say do you want to job done right now in time hire a woman

  • Awesome!! So cute!! Love it

  • How come the babies come out looking like Easter eggs? Like, yellow, pink, and orange

  • Anyone remember those toys where it was like a mama cat or dog, with a surprise number of babies inside, and you don’t know until you put your hand in? That’s all I could think of...

  • Whats the edit you uses for that intro its so nice and simply...whats the name??

  • 8(

  • The lambs behind lost their virginity

  • Thank God!! Hope the baby continues to get better. Sorry you lost the mama and babies. I raise goats and Ive learned its just part of it. But its hard. Ive cut my herd just because I couldnt handle it to that degree anymore.

  • Awe those little lambs are so so cute.

  • This made my eyes big oh lawd

  • Why were the newborns 3 different colours?

  • Im so sorry to hear about the mama ewe and her 3 babies. Was she the super pregnant one? 💙💙💙💙

  • First time to your channel and I love it!! I love farm animals, so much personalities! love how your dogs are so so concerned lol

  • You're a goddess! Ive pulled a few goat kids that were positioned wrong in my herd and I am never that calm and collected when I have to. Amazing work

  • You are such a beautiful person! Thank you for sharing this with all if us.❤️ Our LORD God’s Blessings on your life.

  • Me: *sees a black lamb in the background Also me: bA Ba bLaCk shEpE! 😂😂😂

  • Just checked the weather at noon. Humidity in Calgary 19%.

  • I watch the hoof gp, the meticulous manicurist and dr pimple popper. Their channels show all sorts of goo but, its crazy that you tube wont let you show birth. Ree-diculous

  • At first scrolling through videos too watch I thought Alanis Morissette had started her own farm ... quite the resemblance I’m sure you’ve been told .

  • Who else cringed at the fact that the needle she used wasn’t sterile 😳

  • Who else cringed at the fact that the needle she used wasn’t sterile 😳

    • Sorry the Big mama and her triplets did not make it, so sad but at least you did everything you could.

  • Easter eggs is what I thought of first !! 🐑🐑🐑

  • wow, I was in shock when I heard how many rams for ewes you use. Im in Australia and grew up on a sheep farm.. we used one very good quality/very fertile ram for about each 80 ewes

  • these dogs only causing problems

  • Awful to see what we have done to these lovey sentient creatures. Sheep were never meant to give birth to more than one lamb at once, it's unnatural and places a great strain on ewes carrying them. Stressed out and physically exhausted they mostly cannot even feed three lambs at once. In the wild mother and lamb need to be up and running ASP to avoid predators thats why they only carry one lamb. When they are physically weighed down and unable to be agile they are continually stressed. Prolapses are common of both the anus the vagina and the uterus as a result. Don't treat sheep like battery chickens dont encourage triplets and twins. Give sheep a decent life.

  • The colours of the baby's as they came out if big mama made me think of Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate XD

  • fertility checks on the rams.

  • Do the sheep ever get to go outside?

  • That was beautiful!!!!!

  • Wow that seems really full on, with the whole needle situation. We just bring them inside & feed them Glucose powder mixed with lamb powder.

  • Watching the little lambs bouncing is just so adorable... You are superwomen...

  • Am I a farmer? No Am I interested in farming? Not really Did I still start binge watching your vlogs? Yes I absolutely love these videos

  • ThAt dog is so annoying. She should not be in this space like this.

  • I see the black sheep!!!!that’s awesome

  • Sorry the Big mama and her triplets did not make it, so sad but at least you did everything you could.

  • A Big thumbs up for you for saving that baby lamb!🙏👍👏❤️

  • We put lamb in garbage sack up to neck; hold lamb in sink of warm water! Then a sweater made from sleeve of old sweater. Syringe sans needle and put warm milk down little lambie!

  • Deed FDTD fret

  • The lambs! 😍 I could watch them all day long. Thanks for posting!

  • My gosh, you could absolutely see the pain and struggle in big mama's face as she was pushing those big ol babies out. What a trooper. ❤️

  • You saved a Lamb🐑🐑, accomplishment♥️♥️

  • You and mama did a wonderful job delivering. CONGRATULATIONS. HUGS and GOD bless us everyone 🤗💐

  • Hello, new subscriber. Sorry for the loss of Triplets. Glad the baby lamb that was sick is doing better.

  • Your area is so clean. Very impressed

  • They talk. Lol

  • I just came across this video channel. Can anyone tell me what this farm breeds their lambs for?

  • Poor lambs getting hands stuck into them during labor. It has to be so painful and uncomfortable. Big Mama looked so uncomfortable when she was pushing. I feel for her.

  • Thank you 🥰

  • It's like lamb pre school in that pen lol!

  • Was just reading about botulism and toxoplasmosis in hay and grass & the ground .... ☹️ Scary.

    • Tick infections here have been bad. SW P.A. ☹️

  • Well I just found your utube but maybe you need some more help..🌹💖

  • I cryed when the little baby started sucking ,ohhh I love you ..your sn Angel I'm so sorry about the loss of God's creatures he has graced us with..,