The Next Chapter...

Publicerades den 6 apr 2021
I'm excited for this new journey and I hope you all support the decision. Much love
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  • Please don't rush into buying new house again. Take your time.

  • Please tell me someone else notices the symbolism in the clothes he wears.. Its super weird honestly..

  • Here for you rug till the end my boy🚀

  • Bawadis should grow the top of his hair it looks good 💯

  • I don’t know why people hate and can’t respect someone’s decision if you don’t understand then your not in that level yet 100

  • for a sec I thought she was millie bobby brown 🤣

  • Show your family the new faze members that would be sick

  • OKAY we will put our self in your shoes

  • Done

  • i thought that this video would be about the next chapter of the ghosts in his new house bc we all know where ever faze rug goes there will be ghosts

  • Im happy when your happy it don't matter where you live as long a you on youtube


  • I support you

  • Bro mrbeasr gives more money

  • It was awesome that you were on Moms Basement podcast! Keep up the good content

  • My favorite memory was Christmas vid

  • Bruh when will this family learn that the materialistic shits is not gonna bring happiness they are all depressed af bc they rely on these million dollar houses to make them happy humble yourselfs it’s disgusting what you guys have become

  • I will support you now matter what, you should be happy

  • Nice shot!

  • Apparently he couldn’t afford to keep the house

  • I feel Noah when he said bits not about favorite memory it’s about them hanging out and having fun

  • Love you rug

  • Yo we are not fans of your house we are your fan😊 Always stay happy

  • Nothing is wrong with Jarvis head🙄😅

  • I liked the memory u like😭😭😭😭😭

  • Rug: it’s fine it’s just water Rug 2 seconds later: OMG THIS IS GROSS! tHiS iS gRoSs! AHHHH

  • Swagg has a girlfriend

  • @ Fazejarvis

  • I hope you are happy when you get your new house

  • My manz is still a mamas boy lmao 😂😂😂 and he’s 24 yrs old

  • No cap i miss 2016-2017 faze rug

  • I don’t care where you live you are amazing as long as you post I’m happy

  • My favorite memory from the house was when you made a candy store in your house

  • i support you

  • Poor Jarvis

  • No why would you move along with house house that is😓

  • Is that 2hype old house

  • When he said new life for a second I thought he said new wife lol😂 (no offense Rug)

  • Honesty it stinks that your selling but rug I support your choice I can’t wait for a new house to see the best content again 🥺😭

  • I used to love this guy now his content has completely changed and i dont like it any more.

  • Done

  • we love faze rug

  • I think rug is the new Kobe Brian like that trick shot he Rug:lest just start it of with a nice trick shot Also rug;YEET OHHHHHHHHHHH IT WENT IN OOOHHHHHH Me:wow HES BETTER THEN ME AHHHHHHHH

  • Jarvis really does have a busted head

  • 22

  • Good luck in your new home

  • The sour candy challenge

  • Bruh u don't worry about haters......haters developes because of jealousy.....just keep on doing what u want... U will always get support from ur true fans... N I'll support u in wht ever u do😀😀

    • My favorite memory is that 2hype video

  • But imagine if there siblings and there dating lmaoo

  • The basketball court

  • Good for you

  • That jazz was hitting !

  • The real ones will stay

  • You do what makes you happy

  • I am a big fane faze and you are the reason I got a burrito blanket

  • Rug i love that you are puting youfirst- 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕘𝕠 𝕞𝕒𝕟 ;)

  • I get it

  • Soooo hard 😩👆

  • Weirdo cawerd

  • Hi Brian aka faze rug I'm Brandon and I really like your videos when I'm sad I watch your and they put a smile on my face so thank you for the videos and your content🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Best memory is when the maid called him a bandajo

  • My grandma has a golf cart

  • My favorite memory is that 2hype video

  • Can you at least tell us what the surprise room was gonna be?

  • 😢idol💪🏻from 🇵🇭🙋‍♂️

  • Can’t wait for you to hit 20 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS 🎉🎉🥰🥰🎉🥰 faze rug i follow ur whole family but if u see this please please help me out with that Nissan it will be a blessing and it would really help me out but 😢 ik you will NEVER SEE THIS LOVE YA 😍😍Stay Positive

  • Can’t wait for you to hit 20 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS 🎉🎉🥰🥰🎉🥰 faze rug i follow ur whole family but if u see this please please help me out with that Nissan it will be a blessing and it would really help me out but 😢 ik you will NEVER SEE THIS LOVE YA 😍😍Stay Positive

  • Omg

  • Name of last song?

  • He was acting like a demon

  • Did you see the logo on the shirt did he sell his soul

  • Hi

  • We are here for you

  • Anyone else check amazon and then get sad cause crimson cost money

  • im always gonna remember this house from the movie

  • Wat de fok gaan aan met JARVIS dit lyk asof hy gedoos is met n nat koerant What the tf is going on with JARVIS it looks as if he was slapped with a wet news paper

  • Some people don’t deserve money smhhhh

  • Splush

  • I understand rug

  • Bro I support you the whole way I love you faze rug

  • The pickup ball games

  • poor jarvy

  • Brian is the goat🐐

  • FaZe tattoo is hard Brian!

  • Noah and Brian’s brotherhood🥺🤞

  • i will still suport you a house nothing to be mad about a house is just a house

  • Damn imma miss Rugs old house it was so fuc*ing nice, priorities are that he is happy tho

  • I love you Jarvis and all FaZe members

  • Rug what about the hidden game room what are you doing with that

  • And I love it 😂

  • This is why I love Bryan😕🥰. He has always been kind damn dude he deserves the world !

  • Bosley🐐

  • I like ur paintings

  • The only thing I hate is your sirt 🥱

  • My favorite memory is all the Christmas videos with his family that he filmed there! Only the real ones will remember! I know he will be happy in his new house if he just gives it some time 😊

  • bro bosly fat

  • Gonna be lit!

  • Loveeee uuu

  • Noah s date prank obviosly rug

  • I'll miss the house but it's right for you to move if you need to move