Logan and I address our issue...

Publicerades den 2 aug 2020
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  • Why just why

  • tydus

  • Jake Paul if you get my text messages I got your phone number

  • fucking haters sneaking into comment section haha

  • Jake Paul is the the guy that gets a girlfriend just to post about it on yt

  • I want some mulch I’ve been a big fan for a long time

  • I love you Jake ❤️

  • ahoj nak se

  • My names nathanael?

  • I just found out these 2 we’re different people I swore that the names was because one was for SEnewss and the other for non SEnewss purposes

  • "I wanna be the older brother i never had"😂😂💀

  • Frick you Jake Paul so rude up to other people

  • thanks me later 6:30

  • You Should be Titus is dad for 24 hours

  • Which one?

  • 3:50 *slap*

  • Hes into grandma's....gilf

  • 4:04 damn 😳


  • They're look like twin brother but more like Chin brother😅

  • Idiot

  • Me: likening dirk in bizzarsard vark Also me: goes to watch jake Paul * cry’s in pain*

  • hes the kinda guys that sitting on a table and put his food in his chair

  • Hi guys cool Lamborghini truck

  • Get you'r ass out of here FBI

  • He’s the type of dude who wear sun glasses at night to keep the sun out of his eyes..

  • Jake is the type of guy to eat the TV and watch his dinner

  • I miss old jake paul

  • 1:30 is that joe Rogan?

  • 3:42 Logans Reaction🤣

  • Ill be your bro - I have a younger brother aswell. Aotearoa.

  • Bro. The overwhelming amount of kids that look up to you actually concerns the fuck outta me.

  • Nice that they’re make more ad awareness for cancer

  • Hi

  • It’s funny watching this after the fight because Jake knocked the fuck out of Nate Robinson

  • [cool]

  • 3:50 that slap tho 😂😂

  • This aged very welll

  • Imma just like for the fact Jake got clapped by that slap

  • Jake Paul the type uh guy to try and help a guy get his wisdom teeth out, and then let him trip on the stairs and then post it on SEnewss.

  • Meme

  • I feel like people subscribe and turn on notifications to get here faster to insult him. I’m here for it.

  • 2:58 that didn't age well against nate

  • Jake Paul, fight me. I am 36 years old. It will be an easy fight to add to your record. You like to talk big. I will fight at any weight you want. Do you except or coward out? I have no professional boxing fights.

  • Me here after the fight and jake Paul knock the fuck outa Nate lol

  • 3:20 they was talking about his shoes tonight.

  • Hey

  • Wheres jake paul camera arm ??!!!

  • I watch West Coast customs


  • Wow you guys had a three some with the guy in the wig wooooow an kenny

  • U think u only have 1 issue to address 🤔 U being alive is an insult to the human race, just keel over already

  • WOAH JAKE PAUL IS MY FAV SEnewss HE IS SO FUNNY AND AN AMAZING PERSON *cough* *cough* sarcasm *cough* *cough*

  • Jake Paul is a bad person oh god

  • i'm bored

  • Hi Jake friend Jessica

  • Pake jaul

  • Bbshs n

  • These guys are so dumb , they r made out of chessy Doritos

  • Jake poul vids our better then ksi channel

  • What about mini jake Paul

  • this shot funny😂

  • Is ur issue that ur gay?

  • Hey wheres ur camera inplant

  • Where the of intro

  • dudes dreads look like they gonna come out

  • Jake Paul is the kind of person to trade emeralds to a villager for a Bane of Arthropods sword in Minecraft

    • lol this is funny but most people wouldn't get it

  • What’s with the beard ?🥱

  • Jake is the kind of guy that would get his tongue stuck to a frozen heater and wouldn’t know how to get it off

  • I know abortion is murder but if only jakes mom...if only

  • Fall back young jock starp....

  • I thaught it was the first guy that was the brother

  • Jake Paul is probably the best condom commercial out there

  • this video should be longer

  • Fun fact : You came here to view the comments section.

  • Did this guy eats rock

  • Jakes the kind of guy to drink expired milk and then complain when he get sick

  • Jake Is the kind of person to vote for the candidate wants out of office because he thinks it means "voting them out"

  • I was very surprised when I heard Christmas Style by Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors. Very underated group. Glad you or one of your editors put it in. Haven't heard that song in a long time. Thanks for reintroducing me to it.

  • to all of y’all haters, just leave. idk why you have to be here

  • Why is it called team ten. I think it should be team one.

  • Im gonna be honest here he used to be a pretty wholesome channel especially with tydus,cringey but wholesome but now he is the biggest prick

  • Void on top

  • Jake the type of person to buy a fish tank with no fish

  • Why isn't he using the vlog cam in his arm

  • this new "accent" is so bad it hurts

  • He's on his head... Jake kinda gay

  • Do you remember taydis he is dedd

  • Lol

  • Jake is the type of guy to knock on his door when he leaves his house

  • You your dad

  • I thought u hade a camera in ur arm

  • jake got bicth slaped

  • Jake you’re cringe as hell

  • 🦃

  • Where us your camera planted in ur arms huh?😂

  • I bet jake Paul and jaystation are related

  • .

  • Matured

  • Jake Paul: *releases a video* Everyone: *scrolls down to comments*