START 1000th AND FINISH 1st! IS IT POSSIBLE?! Mountain of Hell, the biggest mountain bike race!

Publicerades den 29 jun 2020
Is it possible to win the biggest MTB race on earth while starting 1000th?! Jump on board with Damien to relive his journey through the Mountain of Hell final race. To learn more about this MTB mass start and Damien's result:

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  • Cette vidéo n'est pas un reupload, la vidéo n'a jamais été publiée. On vous avez partagé le run de Max, celui-ci est celui de Damien ! 🔥 Pour en savoir plus :

  • Excelente muy bien 👍👌

  • Alguien que hable español en el 2021

  • Is the chick at 21:26 topless?!

  • 14:10 this guy has a parachute in his backpack in case he misses a turn and falls into space

  • sir apkai saans lainai sai lag raha hai kai koi gadha saans lai raha hai

  • 2:38 !!! 2:50 +++ 4:15 ouch!" , 4:38 :O damn! 4:56 flyyyyy , 5:38 :poop: .... :D

  • Indonesia 🇲🇨

  • اول عربي

  • A moment of silence for the people that were crushed by other bikes

  • Les organisateurs : "on va tailler un circuit dans les montagnes, on va voir si ils arrivent à le faire".

  • How did you do that omgg

  • PAUSE 3:04 RIP Santa Cruz :(

  • When you got an e-bike and nobody knows 😂

  • being a virgin until 24 and still get a prime age gf. is it possible?

  • This is downhill 🤣

  • this looks hell a fun

  • Wow

  • that looks fun,I would do it

  • I'm surprised there is no comment about the boob flash yet. And how could there be when there is so much more content in this video? :)

  • Yep que quiero

  • cant believe I watched it all

  • Increíble, este hombre se salvo de muchas sin embargo buena carrera, y baya habilidad hermano👍

  • 0:19 holy fuck

  • That's's how my parents got to school

  • as i skip the video i have a feeling like im going thru madafakking minecraft biomes

  • This is how my grandpa went to school

  • Fucking bad ass just fucking bad ass. You would of won and maybe break record bud 🤙

  • Lol 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂💔

  • 10:47 Props to this guy.

  • Tu si sul strunz

  • excuse moi, puor moi c'est trop dangereux, jamais arriver. Mais top video, félicitation

  • This actually looks fun as hell

  • عههههههههههههه

  • Nobody : Yo its getting old but ABSOLUTELY NOBODY : These guys : Falling off

  • imagine going up the same route on foot

  • Tu Et Trop Fort

  • 25:31

  • 26:45

  • Imagine yourself in the first place and your cycles chain break

  • That was insane!

  • Wow.... where is here? what is the name of this race?


  • Omg do they have something like that in fort Lauderdale Florida

  • When you sell your bike on ebay and the description says it's only used once 😁

  • I can really appreciate the fact that he stuck with the race despite things going wrong. It's really a trait worth having

  • Me trying to explain to my family that his breathing is not what it sounds like

  • Gr8!

  • Liked

  • اول عربي

  • Wait is this riders republic in real life

  • 🙃

  • Найс рекомендации

  • False advertising! He did not finish 1st!!

  • C’est quoi son vélo

  • Vous êtes des Ouf

  • Correa en la ciudad y que no me gusta la ciudad de buenos Aires

  • 5:10 co on powiedział?😎

  • Which country is this? Nice

  • your wife must be satisfied and happy

  • Wow thats a lot of mtb lovers outhere..its real fun.

  • Keren bang

  • Franchement très bien et trop courageux , pas tout le monde peut faire ça , bravo👍🔥

  • Wow what a bad 👎👎👎luck

  • omg beeaucoup d'energie continu

  • are we not gonna talking about downhill ps 2?

  • Whoa this is so fun to play 😄

  • I felt tired just by watching u man

  • My anxiety watching the beginning of the race went through the roof

  • Wow beautiful place so amazing I want to do that

  • I like the part with the bike

  • كنت اتنفس معه

  • Le gars, dès le début, il va 2 fois plus vite que les autres, on dirait presque qu'il a un moteur 🤣🤣🤣 Et tout ça pour gagner une encyclopédie Larousse à la fin 😁 Eh revanche, moins marrant, dès qu'il crève, il continue à descendre tout en mettant les autres en danger du fait de sa lenteur. Ca, le règlement devrait obliger les participants à stopper dès qu'ils sont out.

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  • Wooooowooo nice👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Riders Republic be like

  • Corona

  • Wow! Ouch must have hurt! Otherwise congratulations first

  • Bien fait !

  • Adventures experience

  • That was fun


  • nice

  • Como termine aquí??😂💁‍♂️

  • *Heavy breathing* *Heavy breathing intensifies* *Heavy breathing*

  • U finished the race... Thats totally a big deal bro🌝

  • Кто русский?

  • Fallguys biking

  • Can we just take to attention the perfect stabilization of its camera

  • This does look fun

  • No hardkor my dad ride bayk mondewerest

  • Cuando vemos que la vida es injusta para algunos... Muy buena carrera! ;)

  • Hay alguien aquí que no hable taka taka?

  • When Yoda said, do it or not, but not try to, This guy took it personally 🤣🤣

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