What Happens When the Women Leave - The Office US

Publicerades den 6 apr 2021
The guys decide to hang out in the women's bathroom while they're all out at the mall.
From Season 3, Episode 22 "Women's Appreciation" - Outrage breaks out in the office after Phyllis gets an unexpected eyeful from a flasher, and Michael makes some important personal decisions when he takes the women on a special outing.
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  • “Go crazy” 😂😂

  • Creed and normality.............that is a BIG something

  • In the real world, you don't want to go for number 2 in the women's toilet

  • This is what I pictured the women's bathroom to be like

  • "Hey Jim wanna go in the women's bathroom?"

  • Kevin is a brilliant character.

  • A verbal “what” came out of my mouth as soon as Creed said “But I pay for that privilege”.

  • @the office can u pls upload Andy's Sweeny Todd play..!!

  • Things get done?

  • better question, why is there a sofa in the bathroom-

  • This reminds me that one time I dropped a nasty bomb in one of my female bosses personal bathroom. What a pleasure, man.

  • "I'm a pretty normal guy, I do one weird thing..." Bud I think you do more than just ONE weird thing.

  • Creed is hands down the best character on the whole of the office.

  • There is another scene when Gabe tries to win back Erin when Creed is seen leaving the women's restroom stall and Erin's like, "Hey Creed" and Creed looks at Gabe and is like, "Not cool man." lol I think it's cool that there is background to all this.

  • Men actually like comfortable soft places that smell good.

  • I thought Kevin was only like “oh my god” because he want Jim to come see.

  • "Imma pretty normal guy" -creed Also creed: had blood on his shirt for halloween and said "perfect timing"

  • It's funny how the head of HR is in the woman's bathroom

  • why tf they still posting. i thought the office was over years ago

  • Kevin's laugh when Ryan says he's not into office relationships either 😂😂😂

  • "I've been caught _several_ times and I have paid *dearly* "

  • Why isn't anyone talking about the fact that Creed said I am a pretty normal guy

  • Plot twist: The camera man is a woman

  • Creed really has some funny moments.

  • What are y’all doing here? I pay for this privilege? He was so shocked when they were in there...

  • Who would dislike on this deal the office is a piece of art

  • In one of episodes Ryan told Kelly that Karen sent him an email 🤣

  • As a guy, I think I identify mostly with toby.. I couldn't be jim, hes the handsome suave guy, knows exactly what to say.. toby is the guy who says nothing at times to prevent more trouble, speaks up when there is something that is potentially harming people (like the radon kits) and really just wants to fit in, knowing he can't. Thats me lol.

  • I'm Prison Mike!

  • always wonder how much it costs to use that bathroom

  • Now, I wanna go into the girls bathroom

  • are women’s bathrooms actually like this?!

  • Dude the biggest joke in this was Creed saying " imma pretty NoRmAl GuY"

  • Why wasn't I Invited?

  • 1:19 Jim's face whenever he hears bullcrap and he knows so well the truth. Priceless. Lol

  • Is this real life?

  • The Office has the best quotes and yet it has the worst and unoriginal youtube comments section

  • why would you put sofas in a restroom? who would like to chill in the restroom? yikes.


  • Yes

  • There’s only one bathroom stall ??

  • This should've been titled "Men Without Women". Thumbs up if you get that reference ;)

  • go crazy 😂

  • Creed bratton is king

  • Creed Creed 😂😂😂

  • FYI, it's shown that both the men's and women's bathroom only has one stall. So tht day Packer came with the special cupcakes.......

  • How come every comment on here has 1k likes in under 12 hours.. Dang

  • Kevin's smile behind the magazine made my day🤣🤣🤣👍

  • Oh man did I need a smile today and the Office always delivers 😌

  • They didn't invite me in the women's bathroom

  • jokes aside, I think that looks quite a cozy corner. I'd love to have one like that in my office or at home

  • “GO CRAZY” - Jim

  • The fact that it’s been years and there are still clips left to show. I love it.

  • The women's bathroom always fascinated me. so much space, a sofa, clean toilets, and there's still a line

  • This can’t be new I haven’t seen that part before 🤔🤔🤔

  • "It's every guy's fantasy "Lmao🤣🤣

  • We all know Creed just walked into the set and decided to be part of the show or he lived there

  • We're all trying to figure out what's going on in Creed's head. To this day, nobody knows for sure. That's why he's so interesting.

  • One weird thing, Creed? One?

  • Put the office back on Netflix 😭

  • Creed is the hero we don't deserve.

  • I love how Toby just goes along with this

  • 1:20 KEVIN KNOWS

  • I wonder how Creed "pays" for the privlage.

  • Creed is my favorite character lmao

  • “I’m a pretty normal guy I do one weird thing” 🤣

  • just creed things

  • Kelvin’s look 0:05

  • Kevin hiding and laughing behind the magazine gave me a rush of serotonin :) 1:20

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Creeeeeed!!

  • I miss this show

  • Gotta love how even Toby, the one constantly trying to make the office sane, is in it.

  • The best part about this is Creed saying that he's a pretty normal guy

  • I pay for that privilege

  • Creed 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Creed, 'nuff said.

  • As a man I have a serious question. Do womans bathroom really look like that?

  • Creed has always been my favorite.

  • Quote from video. 3 million upvotes. 🐑

  • “I pay for that privilage!” lmao

  • Creed: *walks into stall* Everybody: Mk time tah go *everybody just gets up and leaves*

  • Kevin- but its every guy fantasy JIM- you mean girls locker room and in the fantasy girls are in it lmao

  • Kevin smiling after Ryan's denial over office relationship was GOLD

  • Lmao there is only one stall so the ladies at the office created a sort of waiting room.

  • Go Crazy!

  • when I watched this scene I knew Creed was going to have a connection with this

  • Is nobody going to mention the fact that there's only ONE toilet?

  • Epic

  • He's doing the interview with his headphones on. I want to study him for my psych course.

  • The look on Creed's face when he enters the room gets me everytime.

  • 1:19 A classic Malon scene

  • Creed is the best lmaoo

  • I would actually be terrified like Creed too in finding all those guys hanging around and reading on the sofa in the women's bathroom.

  • I didn't think it was possible to put a sofa in a restroom. It's so unusual for me that it feels like something broke in time and space to make this happen.

  • Wash your hands Kevin.

  • Rewatching the office and literally just watched this episode.

  • “I PAY for that privilege!” 😂😂

  • "She said she's not really ready to date someone in the office, but she likes you as a friend" lmao

    • Ive heard that said to me way too many times

    • Kevin losses it uncontrollably.

  • I like how in this clip it reveals Ryan sent Karen an email asking her out and he got shot down hard, and later on when Ryan is VP and arguing with Kelly he tells her a few months ago Karen sent him an email asking him out but he turned her down because he was committed to Kelly.

    • @banana mcdonald It's not that serious dude, I was making light that he lacks a conscience which he does

    • @Finnegan he's not a sociopath. i dont think you know what that actually means

    • @Finnegan Yes

    • @The Fork did you watch the show?

    • @Finnegan How?