INSANE 2 v 2 W/ #1 Ranked Player in The World!! Team George Vs Team Wesley!! | Bryan Bros Golf

Publicerades den 29 mar 2021
Lets Go!! We have an incredible video for y'all today! Me and the #1 player in the country and #3 player in the WORLD, Pauline Bouchard, take on Wesley and Scott Stevens. All I can say is a lot of birdies were made. Hope y'all enjoy!!
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  • at 20:40 -

  • Yes geeerrge... I am into tight little draws....😂😂😂😂

  • Doesn’t matter how bad the day is. Always nice to come home to a 2 v 2! Great work!

  • CAPTAIN AMERICA! Love the content Jerge, & Wesley entertaining as always 🤣

  • No

  • Never seen a younger brother win so much

  • This young woman has got a future in the pros

  • Montezuma’s Revenge brown....Cabo brown! 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Saw that Po did well in Amateur Masters Tourney Tie for 3rd have a heck of a second day.

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  • Po is straight up legit!!

  • bro "fore left" on george's putt got me good lmfaoooooo

  • Great golf being played!!

  • Pauline makes 1 or 2 more pars in the ANWA she walks away the winner. 2 under with 8 birdies I believe

  • T-3 for Pauline. She is so freaking good.

  • Title of video: #1 player in the world In the video: #3 player in the world Is this done intentionally as click bait? is #1 in the country not good enough for the algorithm??? haha

    • She is the number 1 college player in the world...and she was number 1 in the world at one point this year. Also, I needed a catchy title that was short..and click baity👀😂😬

  • 81...yikes

  • Algorithm

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  • Amazing golf

  • Man please chill with the clickbait titles. Cool vid tho

  • does Scott ever miss a fairway, WOW

  • Cardboard 📦, for the record I liked the pants

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  • Scott was a player

  • Po moves her left hip out of the way so fast: very Jack N

  • Wouldn't you hate to be living with George the week of the Augusta National Women's Amateur when he repeatedly screams the word POE at the television during the NBC coverage

  • Spicy mustard is the color

  • Why you gotta click bait the title so bad, so dumb.

  • Scott 🔥 in this one! Good to see him back on the channel

  • Ok full disclosure, watched the whole video first thennnn watched again and just fast forwarded to watch Po putt. Holy smokes what a putting stroke. So simple and pure....

  • Everyone: Cardboard hahahaah Me: Looks down...dangit!

  • “PO” made Roman’s new video also! Bryan Bro’s is everywhere golf!

  • “CARDBOARD” made Roman’s “Golf Stories” channel in a big way. Must have 6 driver bombs in the most recent video!!! Let’s go Cardboard!!!!

  • Carhatt Brown

  • What a Match!! 💚✌🏽

  • What's with Cardboard today? He's acting weird.

  • My dad does construction and has those same pants 😂

  • They level of great golf played here is unbelievable

  • man her level of consistency is ridiculous, she's gonna be untouchable soon enough...

  • Scoootterrrrr

  • Def cardboard 😂 but it looks good

  • It looks like he's wearing Carhartts.


  • those pants look like the bottom of a Five Guys Burgers bag

  • Congrats boys!

  • 100k!

  • Pitching iron

  • You put "W #1 ranked player in the world" in the video title then started the video with "#1 ranked player in US, #3 ranked player in the world". Nobody likes a liar. Talk about new subscriber self sabotage.. dumb

  • Wesley I was laughing w you when you made the McD’s bag joke, dw that was a prime roast

  • I mean, you gotta love how humble Wedgely is on this channel!

  • Go Gamecocks!!!

  • Cardboard should’ve work Po’s shoes

  • whoa Po

  • I genuinely appreciate that the Australians are always looked out for on this channel

  • *Wet* Cardboard

  • Great video George, Po has got the complete game. She is truly savage especially with her putter. Being a Gamecock fan its great to see how the women's golf team is represented. And good luck in the ANWA. Great golf all around

  • Rick Shiels was asked recently if there were any SEnewss golfers who could beat him. Everyone on this channel, and that's no disrespect to Rick. My goodness you guys are good. Gonna be great to look back on this when Pauline eventually wins a major. Hope to see Bryan Bros vs Pauline & MC

  • Yeah the girl

  • As always, great content!

  • They look like Carhart golf pants lol

  • I wanna see the Bryan Bros vs Tig and Garrett. Make it happen!!!!

  • is wesley going to be playing the travelers championship?

  • That girls play is so damn pure. Swing mechanics are off the charts. I’m a fan

  • Enormously entertaining match, in spite of the beat down! I smiled more through that match than any of your others. Merci!😁

  • Where did Pauline come from!? Wow! Very impressive! She makes golf look easy!

  • Hey George several videos ago you were talking about “strokes gained”. Could you explain how that works in a future video and enlighten us??

  • Some of the best golf I've seen on the channel so far! 👍 I bet Po's back is sore from carrying George though!! 😂 JK! Love ya buddy!

  • Wesley Bryan is not the #1 ranked player in the world

    • He was talking about the girl

  • George you need a win! Lol. Class! Great sport and brother.... 👍🏻

  • His pants are so cardboard, that he is best friends with Cardi B 😀

  • Jittery Jerge, Wedgeley, Will Kilometers, all are getting quite a collection of nicknames.

  • Damn that girl is almost as good as me

  • Do a kickflip!

  • Hey George, what style putter are you using?

  • Po is an absolute STICK. Hopefully you can get her to come out and play again!

  • Po is legit! She will win for sure@Augusta!

  • George with a new putter?!?!

  • Pants color?-poop brown! 😂👍✌️

  • Are those UPS issued drawers?

  • George you can't be true partners unless you actually ride in the same cart together 🤣

  • Great golf this week. It makes up for the golf we had to watch last week. haha. I will be rooting for Pauline at Augusta!

  • Very entertained @Wesley and @Scott aka @Cardboard, by the discussion of living rent free in Jerge's head and plotting to get into Po's.

  • Pauline talkin smack to Wes on the 1st hole just made her my favorite player in the world

  • George I’m tired of seeing Wesley beat you. Let’s go man. Don’t let him get in your head!

  • She's a beast holy crap!

  • Sorry bro, those are cardboard brown all the way!

  • Cardboard swings like Dustin Johnson but inside out. Kind of interesting to flip back and forth and watch DJ swing then his.

  • Can’t wait for you to get to 100k subscribers, you deserve it man!


  • Scooter’s swing is sneaky good, I really like it. That left hip turns at exactly the right time. Po has a real future, she’s big time marketable too, great look, cool nature. Why didn’t Wesley play Corales Puntacana? Surely he gets into that field?

  • I can’t believe Scott wore his ice fishing pants to the golf course.

  • George please have Garrett and Micah Morris on the channel with Wesley of course. With Wesley and Garrett vs you and Micah.

  • Scooter & Po can move it! Love to see more studs on this channel

  • Not "KHAKI" pants but the guy can play

  • George...., you should try to work up something at Cobblestone. Maybe with Pauline and another Lady Gamecock, vs you and Wesley , Scott or Will ?? if so , please let me know. Would love to drive down and watch some EPIC golf being played.

  • Yeah you need backup to beat Wesley :D

  • It’s weird , watching you guys on SEnewss being real and personal. It’s hard to watch the pga without Wesley in the tournament. Can’t wait for him to play. I want him to win on the PGA but lose on your channel.

  • Cardboard is a STICK!!! Po is awesome, good luck at Augusta!! Wesley is definitely NOT team Good guys. Great content.

  • Bravo Pauline 🇫🇷 !