Edd China's Workshop Diaries Episode 5 (1986 Range Rover Part 3 & Electric Ice Cream Van Part 3)

Publicerades den 30 apr 2021
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Back to a bit of a wrestling with John’s ‘garden-find’ Range Rover; having sprayed fuel all over the workshop floor I now need to work out exactly where it is leaking from and whether the fuel lines can be repaired or if they’ll need to be replaced…
Also, part three of the World’s Fastest Electric Ice Cream Van project; having removed the diesel engine, chosen the electric motor and 3D scanned the mating faces I now need to work out how to connect the gearbox and motor shafts together so in this episode I explore the various components and how they could go together…
Thanks to my production pixies for capturing the magic and stringing it all together in a plausible fashion.
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So, grab a drink, pop some corn, and settle down to enjoy the episode and do keep sending me your comments and questions…
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  • Finds a land rover at the bottom of a river. Edd: yeah my mate’s trying to get it through an MOT. 😄

  • Go Ed Go !! Ed i think you should travel the world and show us the cars around the world . I dont know go to Cuba and do up and old 50s car for a family. Like car SOS etc . You have so much potential Ed and its staring you in the face buddy . Hope your well

  • Its nice to see you again. Beautiful staging. The plans and the lighting are very neat, but remember to take a few wide shots so that we can see the car you are working on.

  • You have what looks like the dangerous American axle stands. They have a reputation of collapsing when a person is under the car. You want the stand with a steel bolt on a chain that goes into a hole in the vertical support. The stands you have collapse when you accidentally hit the lever with your boot moving under the car and then it is game over. Some 1.7 million have been recalled in the US due to worn out tooling being used in China. This is apart from the inherent dangerous design. It is possible that stands rejected by the US are being sold over here.

  • Selam reis kolay gelsin

  • 8:51 turn subtitles on 😂

  • I like atmospheric drone music at points in the repair. Quite lifts it. This is surely new for a tech program.

  • Hi Edd, instead of getting marooned bangers on the road again, how about restoring an old classic sports car? They are just exciting cars and were always the most profitable on Wheeler Dealers. I enjoyed them the most for all the non-stock solutions and details, where you had to get things manufactured or find workaround solutions. And don't rush it. Doesn't matter if the going is slow. That's what people like on SEnewss. It's counter-intuitive, but just look for example how the biggest talk show in USA is Joe Rogan on SEnewss who will chat for hours on end with the same guy.

  • Fantastic camerawork by the way ! Love it

  • No offence to YT but Edd should be on proper big audience telly. Not those clowns on TG which I’ve not watched post-Clarkson etc, nor other crappy car shows, possible exception of SOS. Edd knows and shows better than anybody

  • So pleased to have found you on here Edd. Really missed watching you fix stuff after Wheeler Dealers. Now we have 100% Edd! Bloomin' marvelous!! :)

  • Welcome to edd china's adverts with a little bit of footage in between

  • Remember watch those ads so Ed and the team are supported.

  • Welcome back Edd

  • Has the body come down to the chassis due to old, worn rubber blocks?

  • Very odd, I could smell the oil/grease burning as you were heating up the flywheel!

  • Hey Edd can you add some subtitles please i love your works so Hello on Turkey🖐

  • I cringed when you cut the flywheel.

  • Edd, in the future; the easiest way to remove a ring gear is one good whack with a maul and a cold chisel.

  • Top videos mate. Glad to see your back on our screens. Stopped watching Wheeler Dealers since you left.

  • Excellent program, well done and good to see you doing what you do best. Many thanks.

  • Did the cutting disk damage the flywheel?

  • Acompanhava você no jóias sobre rodas agora irei acompanhar aque.

  • I’m a big fan & have been for a very long time. However, the amount of ads made me turn Ep5 off. Good to see Ep6 with a lot less ads

  • Hiya Edd

  • So....teng. was a prior. Now milwaukee. But what is your personal fave brand?

  • Dual mass flywheels are the work of the Devil. Source Nissan Patrol Y61

  • You seem to have better tools now you work for yourself Edd

  • Süper....

  • Most of the comments relating to the ads are misdirected at Ed. The issue as far as I can tell are the quality of the ads, which are basically scams (in my case anyway, as I don't have targeted ads) and that's on SEnewss. Ed has every right to have ads on these brilliant videos, and I have no issue with that.

  • Ed please stop using a Co2 fire extinguisher to extinguish a liquid fuel fire! It’s extremely dangerous to use Co2 on a petrol fire as it blows it all over the place! Co2 extinguishers are mainly for electrical fires. For Fuel fires you should use a powder or foam extinguisher...... I appreciate foam and powder will make a right mess so you’ll be better off in future demos to use a fire blanket instead of Co2. Keep up the great work with the channel, love watching!

  • 11:57 the noise you make when the mole grips are a tad too tight

  • Quick question, why if the van had a dual mass flywheel the disk has springs on it?

  • That is one manky old Rangey.

  • Love your work mate. So much better without the used car salesman.

  • Feels like home when you hear that voice!

  • HaPpY 50th BiRtHdAy ON MAY 9th ED !!!!!

  • Hi Edd! Greetings from The Netherlands. I don't do Facebook and such so I'll put my five cents in here. The bit about the icecream van is extremely relevant to me since I am working on a similar solution. I am using the drivetrian of a Moto Guzzi V35 on my electric motorcycle project since I believe that having a gearbox is still relevant for the longevity and economy of electric vehicles, including motorcycles. What I have learned from your video: I will check out tomorrow if the startermotor ring is also a seperate part on my clutch bed. Probably not but it would indeed be a good way to remove a bit of fat without having to revert to an outside lathing service. I am very much looking forward to seeing how you connect the clutch to the electric motor. Keep them coming. I love it!

  • wouldn't it have been better if they used rubber tubing for fuel pipes rather than steel ?

  • Having worked with angle grinders for many years, and seeing first hand the damage a failed disc can make. Please Ed stay safe and leave the guards on .

  • Precisa colocar legenda, ou na melhor hipótese traduzir para todos idiomas...

  • Don’t watch too many adverts

  • Giving us what we want we love it thanks Edd we love your new show 👍 🧰🪛🔧

  • These are fantastic.... Keep it up Ed.

  • Always wanted to go and get a picture taken outside the grease junkie garage when I was younger ! Fast forward a few years later I could drive, became an apprentice mechanic, done my time and became a MOT tester too and now starting up my own business in the trade, but I got so caught up in life I never made the trip down from Scotland to just see it ! Still annoys me to this day 😂 weird how you can lose the passion of working in this industry as it changes and evolves but sitting down and watching and old ep of wheeler dealers when Edds hair wasn’t so grey 😂 can just spark it all back up again. They say never meet your hero’s but I wish this was the one I did. Love this new content keep it coming Edd 👍🏼

  • Please don’t go to a paying page I love the show The ads are a pain but I can live with them Keep up the good work

  • Edd you're the motor master!

  • Une petite traduction serait la bienvenue !!!!😉

  • Edd your restored Bedford CF ice cream van was restored by myself

  • This range rover is an absolute POS uve been mugged off m8,... why u wastin ur time on it m8 get a good car, like a Toyota GT86

    • Also I notice when ur talking to camera, it's like its slowing donw ur work. Concentrate

  • Edd..did you think you were going to embark on a archeological dig with this vehicle? I was under the impression Land Rovers were used to get to dig sites, not the actual dig site😂

  • Long time supporter Edd but some constructive criticism if I may. The background music is well... woeful. So downbeat and frankly depressing. You need something a bit more spritely ... PLEASE! The content is interesting although I think the pace of what you are doing is a bit too slow and deliberate - detail is good but the fuel burn? Didn't really add any value - put two motors on both fuels on a dyno to get a real world test. I actually like long content as I watch it while doing gym and its great multitasking viewing, but 30 minutes on removing some fuel lines is a bit tedious - I wanted to get up and help you get a move on. Hit the high notes, snags and how you solved issues in detail. I think you could have done the full removal and new fit in this one episode quite easily. Anyhow - its not quite the content I am used to from you so I guess that's why I perhaps a little disappointed. Bu for heaven sake lose that background music!

  • Hi Ed, it would be great to meet you in person. Is that possible sir..?

  • Again, so happy to have you back! I have to know the make/availability of those ear/eye protection you are wearing in a few episodes

  • türkçe istiyoruz

  • Keep it going Edd. The advertisements aren’t an issue if that keeps you producing this great content.

  • like the videos . kinda like your old vids before Hollywood set in. I enjoyed the snippets your old show gave us of British life wish you were back there filming! but will take what i can get!!

    • just realized he is still there! great ! maybe one day this will move outdoors now and then!!

  • That land rover will take forever to do

  • The World Loves our Edd. Carry On. I am always, always excited to learn.

  • You are such a good mate!

  • So remember folks, if in the unlikely event you're invited around to Chez China for dinner, if Mrs. china brings out the gravy in a 500ml Pyrex glass jug, politely but firmly decline, we know what Edd has used it for! ;-) Cracking video as usual, Edd has infinitely more patience with that RRC that I would ever have with mine!

  • Thing looks like it's built out of rust. Hope you've had your tetnus shots

  • So much better than hearing the "extra man's" blah blah blah. Congrats - great format. Could do with some more exciting background music - in my opinion.

  • Hi Edd, great to have you back doing these programs. I have a question.... why do you always have a Shaftesbury Avenue sign in your workshops 🤔🤔🤔

  • Dear God, where does Mike Brewer find the time to dislike this video 169 times...

  • Such a nice relaxing break watching this. Back to my uni work.

  • Still waiting on that flag, Swiderski

  • one aspect of this work I just don't understand: Why would you not give the entire vehicle a thorough pressure wash top and bottom before starting work on it? Working on a slimy/muddy/grotty vehicle is miserable. The work would be significantly easier if there wasn't a constant battle with mud/grot/dirt everywhere.

  • I didn't quite get the idea on this series. Edd does some work on car but its too little to be interested. Why he doesn't do more work on every episode ? I mean he just removed fuel line.

  • Sorry big fella but, as much as I like yer stuff, just replace the entire fuel line under the car and stop fuckin' about mate....

  • I did not poke any holes in your iron maiden yet, Edward. Are you going to put the flag back on the truck?

  • Nust say that i did not expect Ed to know asboyt Biltema!

  • Hideous vehicles to repair back then and today,backwards vehicles built with absolutely no consideration for when they inevitably break Dow.Edd you must be MAD.

  • Two white mice chat... The first one asks: "Did you get the Covid-19 vaccine?" The second replies: "Hey, I am not crazy they didn't yet finish the tests on humans!"

  • I'm not sure that Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine will work, but it's worth a shot.

  • I did not mean to have sex with that woman.

  • put in flexible line and get a haircut

  • Hey edd im ayden ive just gone and baught a 1.6 from an astra to put in my 2007 corsa D which was a 1.0 3 cyclinder, this is my first engine swap any tips

  • Just found your channel! Thanks for keeping on- keeping on, after your chubby little buddy sold you out!

  • Dont really care about the ads...We got Ed back :D

  • wu tang clan under the hood

  • This man is the Bob Ross of auto repair, and this show is Edd's "Joy of Painting". I'm mesmerized.

  • monsieur china vous nous avais manquer !! mais dommage que vos vidéos ne soit pas en Français car je me serai régaler à les regarder avec PLAISIR bon vent ms china

  • Very glad to see you back my good Sir, still remember the episode of Top Gear with your presence. Been loving these new episodes, great work, and i have to mention the intro of this one, very 'Stompy', love it! Also, gotta appreciate the help on the whole team that is making these possible with the support of all the viewers, brilliant job! Keep it up, and i'll keep educating myself ;) Peace \/

  • Personally I wouldn't have bothered even considering a repair. The lines were so rusted it will inevitably happen again elsewhere. Replace!

  • Edd has pure heart,you can see that in his eyes.

  • thanks for all the effort Ed, really enjoying the vids

  • Ed. Saludos. Apenas.me.entere que ya no estás en joyas sobre ruedas. Excelentes vídeos.

  • who needs the new Wheeler Dealers when you have the new Edd China's workshop Diaries love the new youtube channel Edd. i dont really like the new Wheeler Dealers i like the old one better with Edd China and Mike Brewer

  • Edward, I promise it was not me. Will you put the little American flag back on the black Ford again sometime please? I have the other one of the set, you must have found that after I drove away from the ponzi parent's house with my window down. I really like having you for a neighbor, I would like to be friends again. You and Marilyn treated me better than Garth ever did, and I miss your company.

  • I don't mind the adverts, its only in four 5 second bursts, it's not as if you can do this for free for us.

  • Love your work Ed but why would you try to salvage a.) rusty and troublesome fuel pipes and b.) a complete rust bucket of a Range Rover. I know it’s for your channel but surely it can’t be cost effective.

  • Hey Edd, you have no idea how much joy it gives me watching you work on cars again and explaining what you do so crystal clear as you do. Screw WD, your section was the star of the show, for sure! Keep up the good work!

  • Can I just say ...with headphones on the Ambient Music is superb. So refreshing rather than the upbeat tosh we are used to.... brings a whole chill vibe to the work.... Nice.

  • Sen kral adam sın 💯🇹🇷🦸👼

  • So what did we do this week? Took out old fuel lines. Come on Ed, let's fix some cars.

  • Pretty sure that old dog need to retire.

  • Love the content as always Edd - it’s great to have you back. Just one suggestion on Patreon, you may want to make a more obvious difference between the levels, perhaps even stretching out the cost spectrum a bit. For instance, at x level you get sent a sticker, at a higher one after a few months, a t-shirt etc. Just by way of example, one of my favourite couples have their Grizzly ‘n Bear overlanding channel and a Patreon at www.patreon.com/GrizzlyNbear. Their tiers go from $3 to $20, with different things coming at each level. We even got a lovely Christmas car from Taiwan! Anyway, they have plenty of people supporting them at the higher level. Just a thought. All the very best

  • Excellent

  • all those people complaining about adverts - the answer is called youtube premium!