Magnus Carlsen Takes the 100 Endgames Test!

Publicerades den 3 feb 2020
On Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020, I had the incredible opportunity to film with World Champion Magnus Carlsen in Wijk aan Zee, The Netherlands! I recently completed a nearly 20 hour video course for GM Jesus de la Villa's 100 Endgames You Must Know, and Magnus agreed to take the 26-question Basic Test in the course. It was a pleasure to sit and chat with the World Champion as he explained his thought process on these endgames problems, described his approach to endgame study, and shared his tremendous insight into the game in general. Enjoy!
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  • Full 100 Endgames You Must Know course (with Magnus Basic Test added! :): Check out the free 100 Endgames You Must Know bootcamp:

    • Asssße

    • Can someone explain, why at 16:38 Black wins and it's not a draw?? I don't get it..

    • the moment i read your name , is Bartholomew Henry Barry Allen in anyway related to you ?

    • What's that software did you used Mr.Bartholomew?

    • Şuna Türkçe altyazı da ekleseniz keşke !!

  • World champion does the exercise better than the exercise

  • Are not all this 7 or less pieces completely resolved by machine computing-libraries...?

  • Magnus: *closes his eyes to see the board better*

  • "What does he wants now?" says it all...

  • 12:33 Magnus : If you know this, you will never forget it. Me : It's already forgotten. You overestimate ppl watching on youtube.

  • 7:40 someone explain why the black kind was able to go in front of the pawn?

  • I don't know how it felt for John here. He is speaking with one of the best endgame players in chess history about basic endings. Gosh!

  • Magnus at 00:05-00:10 probably replaying a couple of past games' variations simultaneously in his head

  • Marcus: "If you know this, you'll never forget it" Me: forgets immediately.

  • Great to see these boys together

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  • This is why beginner's get confused with methods that teach one answer. Magnus is saying there are many ways to win in these exercises and his solutions are usually simpler.

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  • 6:18 perfect execution of a one eye blink

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  • Magnus a really great guy

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  • Magnus is a true gem.

  • the difference between raising your rating by studying chess puzzles, and being one with the game, is shown in this upload.

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  • 26:06

  • Should be more 100 endgames test gets graded by Magnus Carlsen

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  • This Magnus guy looks like a good player.

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  • 24:13 wtf is he doing? Laughing or coughing?

  • I have absolutely no idea of what is going on but i finished queens gambit and now im interested

  • Imagine in europe when neanderthals exists and as you also knows that humans carry 1.9 to 2.1 percent of neanderthal genes , so what if Magnus got more genes a few more percents that's he inherited from dad and mom by chance and those genes are related to neanderthals big visual cortex part of brain that as you knows they were superior in visions but not in cognetive bias , so he got those gene related that he can visualize more that's why he can calculate deeper and deeper.

  • 8:46 Magnus roasting the solution

  • Wait im only on the first puzzle and already confused...cant the pawn capture the knight at the end? Nvm they are going the other way.

  • Are you not entertained!, SO amazing to see masters at work

  • So he made the 100 Endgames Test and ended after #26...

  • he is just torturing him...

  • 18:49 Rekkles did

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  • NOT

  • Magnus is extremely weak.

  • the entire vibe in this video and the way John is enjoying it is really nice to see. Great video :)

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  • How come you have to under promote at 12:00?

  • i am rated 2000 and i have no idea what sorcery they are talking about

  • great interview. thanks for all the hard work

  • 16:32 good one bro

  • "There are a million ways to win..." I can't see one.

  • magnus carlsen and hugh jackman discuss endgames

  • Endgames are already solved but magnus just solves endgames from scratch

  • 18:50 Rekkles punching the air right now

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  • This is the first time I saw a real person whose name's Bartholomew

  • Chess is life in miniature. Chess is a struggle, chess battles 1970-2020'

  • It's really stupid how the program will stop reject your perfectly winning move so you can play the program's idea of their perfectly winning move. It takes all creativity out it. You should just put it against stockfish 10 and say "win from here" and if you don't it will explain why. You could see Magnus get frustrated by this.

  • How can king move to c4 at 730? doesn't that put him in check?

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  • his head is freaking huge!

  • I wouldn't mind seeing Hikaru do this

  • So in the first example, I dont understand how placing the knight on the pawns attacking square is comsidered the right move? Am I missing something?

    • Oooooh its not the attacking square, the black pawn was moving down the board

  • Magnus seems like he’s high af

  • Look at the size of that cranium.


  • Seems like basic puzzles, he seems like he is 1600 elo. He has alot to work on. Maybe one day if he keeps working he can be gm.

  • 2:27 didn't white blunder the knight?

  • Pov: you either love chess or want to start playing chess after watching queens gambit

  • 1:31 Holy daddy issues

  • 24:15 WTF was that

  • Who is this dude, never heard of him.

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  • I don’t understand why the first one is a draw. Can’t black just develop his pawn to a Queen and win?

  • As a Dutchie I was trying to figure out what city you said. Had to replay it like 5 times to hear it was wijk aan zee

  • 24:16 ok?

  • Is your sister a speech teacher

  • Only endgame I know is how to put my king on its side.

  • That's why I'm here and hes not lmao magnus bossmoves

  • 100 endgames you must know. Magnus doesn't know them and finds a better solution in half if them...

  • Magnus has an eye contact problem. That's a bit rude.

  • Magnus is that kid in school that doesn't memorize any formulas but always get the right solution through logic, but the teacher doesn't give him the full score because he didn't use the theoretical method

  • he looks like he's about to summon his Mjolnir

  • this guy don't think. the knowledge process of thinking is like breathing.

  • This is the “Basic endgames test”? Is there an Advanced one?

  • Looks like John didn't get much sleep..

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  • "this is an unnecessary complicated solution" LMAO 4:35

  • As someone who's only a 1300... this blows my mind. The amount of obsession it would take to get to that level is hard to comprehend.

  • Holy shit.

  • Full 100 Endgames You Must Know course (with Magnus Basic Test added! :): Check out the free 100 Endgames You Must Know bootcamp:

  • he wins because all he gives is alternative wins for well studied end games

  • Carlsen starting to look like a viking god lol

  • can someone please explain to me how white wins at 6:35

    • @miksu Ah I see, thank you very much

    • It is stalemate. It was not possible for white to win the game so that was the best outcome

  • I love how he trashes this quiz.

  • the mastery is beautiful to behold

  • Magnus solves those faster than it takes me to figure out which way the pawns go.

  • 24:15