The Stress and Anxiety of a Chill Winter Sail - Sailing Uma [Step 260]

Publicerades den 1 apr 2021
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  • That drone catch had me on the edge of my seat!

  • Have you tried to attaching a lightweight pole to the bottom of the drones to keep your hands away from the propellers?

  • you should have the the orange jackets on your merch store

  • Totally with you guys. EVERY time I fly our drone while the boat is sailing, I think I loose 5 years off my life! (Sail Cloudy Bay)

  • Are most of you top layers zip-up? Do you avoid pull-over?

  • best chilling sailing videos ever :) subscribed

  • You need to make a portable landing pad for the drone.

  • When docking, I prefer the boat to come to the dock and have the deckhand STEP off the boat onto the dock. Especially when the temp could leave ice on the surface. A slip can be nasty and really ruin your day ( or week or more ) depending how many ribs you crack. Just sayin'. Love your vids, thanks again.

    • Yea 😅thats always the ideal!

  • You did a go around. That's what pilots call it. Away a smart choice. Forget ego.

  • So where you docked is basically at the end of the runway! This will be noicy

  • Hey Dan have you looked at savvy navvy for wind & tidal streams?

    • Ha. Funny you should ask. Yes, we’ve actually been working with them a lot over the past few months to perfect their app. Glad to see they’ve relaunched it.

  • Maybe an fpv drone will be easier to land because you can just disarm it. The DJI fpv can't though so you have to build your own. I have heard that The phantom 4 that you have is also good for catching though. The shots are epic and breathtaking!

  • cant u use a net between to sticks to just hold out an let the drone "drop" into it? at least no finger dmg will be taken

  • when trying to catch the drone, it sees your outstretched arms as being an obstable.Keep your arms down at your sides till the drone iscose enough to grab, then quickly grab it using gloves so you don't get hurt. Takes practise.... you can do this practise on land.

  • Norway is a cold, terrible country where everything costs far too much. just owning a car here means you can not eat what you want

    • Most of the US has winter too. Even colder in most inland places. Also, not all cars are cheaper. Electric cars are less expensive in Norway. It just depends on what the government chooses to subsidize. We much prefer countries where taxes are used to make healthcare and education free for its citizens, instead of paying for the interest on war debt in 80+ countries around the world. But hey, some people just want a massive steak and potato chips. In which case, America is just the right place.

    • @Sailing Uma A few things can cost the same, but if you live here you have to pay a lot of taxes for everything. just look at the prices of cars. a friend was in the usa and told how cheap it was, how everything was bigger. whether you buy a steak or potato chips. also shit tired of freezing.

    • Ouch. Yeah we have to disagree. We’ve found it much less expensive than places like the USA.

  • 👍!

  • I love how you included the drone landing video! :D The "messy" video pieces are just as enjoyable, if not more than all the perfect times. BTW, when underway fly the drone directly at the stern of the boat from the rear, it makes matching the drone and boat motion MUCH easier!

  • Once again, I thank you for the visit. Fair Winds and following seas. God Bless.

  • Why not land the drone in a net??

  • This is why my second offshore boat had a pilothouse and an inside steering station.

  • you guys are awesome nice video!

  • It's called a forward back spring.

  • For docking alongside jump ashore with a long rope from the bow quarter and make fast on the jetty where you want the stern to moor . Driving ahead will bring the stern in..

  • but how many power is your motor many milles per hour can you doo and tks if you can answer a lot if not wharever

  • Hi, I've been watching your channel since about step 8. So, Longtime Subscriber here. Can you or anyone else tell me if Stephan from "Sailing Miss Lone Star/ GoSea Sailing" is still making videos? Does he have a new channel? I now he parted with Aubrey but I never saw anything from him after that.

    • @Sailing Uma Thanks Guys. And head south as ASAP as possible. I can see cold places from my window.

    • Yup. He started his own channel.

  • You've got such a nice platform, landings spot, with the solarpanels.

  • Ask ran sailing they seem to know Sweden they may know Norway.

    • Sweden and Norway are like in two different worlds, although they are neighbours. :-) RAN sailing from Sweden have no vids from Norway.

  • I jumped backwards onto the pontoon from my yacht, so I thought, but I slipped & fell into the water breaking 4 ribs on the edge of the pontoon in the process. So please don't jump.

  • I like the application of your design talents you have used on your boat's electric power conversion and your interior redesign. Good to see more North Sea Sailing along all those countries.

  • Excellent video. However, your kiss made me so happy for you both! Wonderful chemistry is magical to watch.

  • Alway fun! So laid back.


  • Excellent touch & go! Thanks for bringing smiles and thanks for the AMAZING drone shots. Seriously, appreciate your risk for our reward. :-) ❤️ from 🇨🇦

  • I'm a hater so you can delete this comment. I hate and envy the fact that catching a drone is the most stressful act in your life. Sorry. I know I'm a loser.

  • air plane having to abort landing and make a second attempt is called a "go-around" I think...

  • Why don't you make some ligtweight fiberglass legs for the small drone so that you can catch it? You so good at fabrication, you got this! Go for it!

  • 3:50 fly into a fish net in foul conditions.

  • Just completed the binge watch :)

    • @Sailing Uma I love your videos! I feel as though I have shared in your adventures while following along.

    • 🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • Hi guy's, another great story. You and Ruby Rose, RAN Sailing, Captain Q, Odd Life Crafting, Sailing Yaba, Expedition Evans and Sailing The Far Side has inspired an old sailer to take up sailing again. I just bought a nice 35 old 33 foot sailing boat and will start setting her up for some local cruising in the wonderful Danish Archipelago. Just a huge thanks from here and best of luck in the freezing cold Norway. Remember spring is coming, it's just around the corner.

  • I wonder if they'll come up with a bluetooth localizer for a drone so it will drop right into your hands even when you're moving.. we need that

  • Taking a second go at parking we call that a combat landing first pass was for reconnaissance

  • Have you ever considered a tethered drone. You might have more luck

  • Just a heads up...I wanted to look at the foul weather gear that your two wear and decided to clink on the "shop" link and when I did I received a notification from my antivirus software that it blocked the website as a known bad website. Afterwards I went to your link in the description and found what I was looking for. Not sure if you can remove that link, but it may be a good idea.

  • Cross over to - Svalbard and Jan Mayen - Feature winds

  • Great video and wow! Damn drones! :P Hope you all get to sleep some. are you all planning to stay up in the north all summer and see the eternal sun? Hope you have good curtains if so! Cheers!

  • Outstanding work on camera and editing, your love for one another shows through, very professional - Melbourne Australia.

  • I was a crew chief (backseater) on Army BlackHawks once upon a time, and used to lean out that back window to guide in the deck landings because those pilots also can't see directly below them on those landings. Basically, you just try to time it to the ship coming up to meet you and just slam it. It's....."fun". The Navy guys are nuts.

  • Why do they keep a large reel of rope on the stern rail?

  • To me this northern sailing stuff looks absolutely Miserable! Good on you two for taking the road less traveled & documenting it. But what a constant battle trying Not to Freeze!!

  • Good call on the go-around. I've heard too many stories of dock vs sailor accidents. Thanks for the drone footage - it helps the narrative a lot.

    • @Sailing Uma Understood. I didn't mean to offend🥺

    • you know the saying It takes 2 to tango... 😉 Everything is always a joint decision.

    • Dan wasn’t the one at the helm

  • Proud to see that Canada flag flying at the back of the boat. Love your show. Thanks for sharing.

  • It feels like I am there with you. I feel the cold. So you did a good job!

  • This might be a bad question but does uma have a horn like larger ships seem to have?

    • No. It’s not required on small boats like ours. We have a small handheld airhorn to meet requirements. Maybe one day we’ll install a proper one. That would be fun.

  • So very beautiful sail. Yes 6 layers is rite on the $.. stay warm loves... You two always make me smile... Thanks for posting an being positive an inspiring ✌🏻💗😊❣️

  • I was looking a Windy on the macro level and zoomed quickly around the world. It appears you guys are getting hit my some serious winds today - 25 April 21.

  • 13:55 Go Around. Touch and go is a successful landing. Go Around is where they aren't comfortable with the landing and abort it.

  • Great video guys. Seems it was a double duty day, two attempts with the drone, and two attempts with the docking. But both were more than successful whenever there is a happy ending!!!!

  • There is a thought that drone’s accidence avoidance software May recognise your rig as dangerous.....solution Said to be to180 turen the drone and reverse the last short distance towards the catcher, with the camera facing the Ocean....

  • At 11:02 you went in reverse. I wouldn't have done it but when you do it it is still ok when afterwards you give a short strong forward with the rudder completely to port. Try this when you practice in nice weather and when you are not tired. You can not control the boot without speed when you don't use engine force. (telling you from a warm desk ;-)) After all it's better to try again when you are not sure than making a bad decision like the drone flight. Both showed on camera so....Compliments!!

  • Your editing is inspiring. Had I not known (or you hadn't told us) the illusion being others are also helping with filming. Great job! Come and see us in Port Ginesta Barcelona Spain.

  • Great videos, I love watching them ! As for keeping warm in these cold climates, perhaps you wear your jackets too tight fitting. You need layers of air between layers of clothing to create warmth within your jacket. No matter how many layers of clothing, if no layers of air in between, you will never get warm !

  • Good morning , you must get a landing net , to catch the drone !

    • @Sailing Uma Was a joke ! i am french , vous etes trop mignons ! bon vent !

    • I think a net is one of those things that "sound good" in theory, but are not as practical as you might think.

  • take it from a pilot, "every approach is an approach to a go-around unless its safer to land"!

  • love your channel...

  • I really love seeing Norway in the winter and early spring. I have always wanted to see the seasons ,, not just the summer.Thanks

  • I'm starting to like your movies so much more, now the Temp in The Netherlands is starting to rise and the icecreamstore has opened up xD .

  • Do you have any idea of the pleasure you are missing by not having a cockpit enclosure

    • @Sailing Uma I forgot about your traveller although I have seen enclosures where they install Double zippers from either side and adjust the zippers to match the main sheet position. Great Vids please keep it Coming.

    • with our main sheet, a full enclosure isn't really possible unless we move the traveller... which isn't something we personally feel worth doing. So we don't mind the setup we have.

  • You guys give good vid! Why not have pontoons attached to the drone when flying over water?? Lemme know...

  • To calculate current in fjords you have to check tidalscedules at the fjords- beginningpoint, compared to your destination-point, and distance between these points. Then convert km/t to kn. Viola! You got average current in knots. If the fjord have narrow spots, or shallow spots, the current will increase at that point, but of course average will remind. The current are with you going into the fjord if tidal are rising, and opposite if falling. Vice versa going out the fjord. Bonus: The best time to catch fish is between tidal change. ;-)

  • C’est toujours un plaisir....joyeuse Pâques.....🇨🇦

  • Based on your wintering in Norway I'm assuming you plan on summering in Abu Dhabi

  • Just as in flying an airplane, the approach to landing needs to be stabilized and feel right. If it does not, never hesitate to reject the landing and go around for another approach.

  • Haaaa Dan the cat

  • Thank you for sharing these moments!

  • Looking at the footage of sailing through these snow covered fjords reminds me so much of Skellige.

  • "Can't you jump??" ...... Kersplash...

  • Maybe check NTNU databases for oceanography research on Trondheims fjord and surrounding currents.

  • Is it possible to land the drone on the solar panel? Great video. 👍

    • Not while sailing. Way too much movement. Plus the backstay runs right down the middle.

  • God you guys look cold // time to head south hahahahahah

  • I hate skiing because of all the clothes and now I know I will never sail Norway. Thanks for the confirmation.

  • I have an idea, could you catch the drone with a butterfly net?

  • I love you guys ! Your such a great couple .I love the adventure, thanks for videos !Always !

  • Love your video's so much that I even want to read all comments - but it is becoming a bit too many now! :)

  • How come Kika always docks? It's like she's the captain and Dan is the first mate.

    • There is no roles on our boat. We each equally practice both.

  • You said it, a go-around. Nicely done.

  • You didn't take the hint, Dan? There is an idea that you could patent that could save the drone if it went in the water?

  • Try the Saildrone app

  • Is that a Phantom 4?? I have a Phantom 3 Pro and I find that having it in follow me mode makes it way easier to land while sailing.. it matches motion and makes coming in super easy.. otherwise if you're good at flying like I've gotten, I flip it into atti mode and I'm just able to fly it and darn near land it on the deck while sailing..

  • Ahoy !! So where did you purchase your Zhik jackets. I would like to get some for me

    • @Sailing Uma I am enjoying your playlist!! You have great selections. Thank you :-D


  • 2nd docking attempt - like music!

  • I see a lot of people in your position get messed up this time of year with local current updates/predictions/forecasts because of daylight savings...Just a thought. Awesome videos and keep up the great work!

    • Local forecasts are always in local time. If in doubt just check it against GMT.

  • 5:13 ... That laugh.! Im crying.! :D

  • Drone needs a PFD. Probably doesn't like getting wet tho.

  • Great to see you guys sailing in the cold weather 🤪 If you need help with the tides and winds, maybe get in contact with Ran Sailing, they are from the area and might be able to help you guys out.

  • Did you forget to pay current tax ? ,, as a foreigner you must pay current tax to get favorable current , just like road tax ,, :-)

  • 💖💖💖

  • Talk with local sailors about local curency 😊 or try the other side. Look at the waves how they act. Then you will find it Even more intresting to sail in the fjords 🤞 Good luck. Love your vids Thanks

  • Add styrofoam floats to the drone! and seal the control board with epoxy.

    • And what about the 4 engines, and kamera with gimbal+ memorycard-slot? Also, any wight added to the drone will negatively affect to manuverability and flight-time. :-/

  • Little drone flying in the morn to get the blood pumping:)

  • The battleship New Jersey used to fly a rather larger drone for surveillance. To retrieve it, they simply raised a frame of "tennis" netting and ran the drone into it. A hula hoop and some lifeline netting or fishnet should work nicely for a small drone.