RX7 Drift Trike Build - Steering and Custom Tube Frame!

Publicerades den 2 apr 2021
Go to petalcard.com/ghpc to find out more and get started today! Thanks to Petal for sponsoring this episode. This week we took the RX7 rotary drift trike to the next level with custom steering and a trellised tube frame.
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  • Wtffffff

  • Động cơ này về việt nam là một tác phẩm đẹp

  • 🤔🥴

  • Just an idea, you guys should think about adding power steering

  • Is that diff also a butt warmer?

  • Maybe a future turbo for the trike?

  • hydraulic steering maybe?

  • Hope yall end up painting the trike like a kids big wheel.. kinda opposite of the power-wheels process

    • Or just all orange like a Dorito, and to match the already orange block

  • I hope they go for the kids Big Wheels, that would be the coolest thing ever.

  • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💪🏻💪🏻👍🏻👍🏻🇦🇷🇦🇷😀😀

  • What is the engine out of

  • Kreatif

  • You need to twist your pipe a few degrees on one side before you notch it

  • Are you making this road legal?

  • Привет из России Hello I from russia

  • I would have used dual steering rods. You get a push pull action that will give better steering uniformity

  • Are you guys worried about bottoming out and stuffing that engine ?????

  • This could definitely be road legal

  • try having the bars flowing from the "nose" of it

  • Nice work and you are using the similar gloves as I do and I agree they don't handle well sparks but they feel great as a allround working gloves 👍.

  • Is that a cr front end you've butchered! How could you🥺 only joking. Great project boys!!👊✊💨💨💨

  • How freaking great is it to be able to go out to your shop and just make anything you want out of steel? It's a beautiful thing. I wish I still had access to a workshop like that.. I feel like I've lost my soul without it.

  • SEnewss removes every single one of my comments with a link in it. Freaking ridiculous. Anyway, I posted Tower Trikes' Facebook page. They make trikes from big rig components and parts. The wheels/tires, engine, smoke stacks, brake system, etc. Freaking incredible. I bet you guys could build something like that.

  • Here's a thought: See about making it street-legal. I believe it's possible to do so, even with a home-made chassis.

  • I can't wait to see more!

  • Sams killing it these days, nice work boys!

  • I understand people need sponsors but an ad for a credit card that's 20-30%... almost anything is better or similar.

  • Add sign sheet metal over the steering and frame to cover it up

  • Cars and cameras X grind hard plumbing co. ?

  • Take that engine to the vargas brothers !!! They will take care of it for sure 🇵🇷🙌🏼

  • Love the build but I'm gonna guess that front wheel breaks at some point. Might want a bigger wheel up there.

  • Mono tube shock per side along with double tie rod maybe? Concept you’ve got is fucking awesome

  • I love it guys I would think about boxing in those controls arm mounts.( pac man clips ). I have folded a bunch of them over the years.

  • I wonder how that dirt bike wheel is going to take all that weight

  • For the upper steering you should look at a 01 Harley sportster clutch though out bearing and and make the housing out of steel for it to hold the bearing

  • Im super excited to see this project beasting!!!!!

  • I think using a sprocket and chain set up for the steering would look so sick on this build

  • I usually don't mind ads but please no credit card ads

  • Seeing you sit on the diff reminds me of a story my neighbor told me. While he was drag racing in the 70's there was a guy with a modified bucket that had the seat over the rear end. On the launch the drive shaft broke and the leaf u-bolts weren't enough to keep the rear from doing a rotation so the output shaft and yoke split the guy in half. He died right there in his car. Anyways, good luck.

  • yo creo que seria mejor la dirección con 2 piñones(engranajes) y una cadena para que sea mas facil el movimiento y no tenga posibilidad que una soldadura se rompa por las vibraciones

  • Have you considered hydraulic steering instead of a rod?

  • Soooo... How many drones have youguys destroyed so far? 😂

  • what song is at 1:33? ive been looking everywhere for it

  • Awesome project 🏆 can't wait to watching RX trike drift 😅

  • This is a million times better than junkyard wars for sure

  • You need to design a custom radiator that is more like a 4 inch tube that air could flow thru and you could mount along side of your projects like jet engine instead of the classic big rectangle radiators. Yes this random.

  • Make it street legal!!

  • Should’ve done skid steer steering, with like a pivot bar connecting the handles in the middle for rigidity.

  • whatever you do, please DO NOT put the radiator anywhere near the drivers seat. if you do, put a shielding of some sort between the radiator and the driver incase the radiator hose blows off and sends scolding water onto the driver, burning them

  • Wish these guys would finish projects rather than half doing them or pausing them to start another

  • Agree with the comments below that you don’t have nearly enough steering angle for drifting. You’ve set it up to steer like a dirt bike, not a drift trike. See drift cars and how they turn almost 90 degrees to the car. Also see Bikes N Beards channel, where they recently put PVC tires on a huge trike motorcycle and drifted around a parking lot. They ran out of steering angle real quick and really didn’t work out very well. Otherwise this thing looks awesome.

  • What gloves do you guys use? Or what ones flew across to Sam?

  • S O S Olá sou mecânico. Vi um risco para sua saúde a alavanca de macha em uma parada brusca pode causa uma perfuração abedominal

  • Wonder how often that oil pan will get cracked

  • trikes....on the "lameness" scale?, right up there with man buns.

  • Maybe put big offroading tores on the back wheels or drifting tires

  • Make the mounting for the pushrod farther away from the steering column. Why not give it some crazy angle for big slides.

  • Whatttt!!! This a monster trike, great work

  • I see those forks lasting about one run with u guys lmao this thing is sweet!

  • You're going to run out of steering angle REALLY quickly when sliding this. Also, That single push/pull rod isn't going to survive many bumps. When you're steering left (Putting the rod in compression) and hit a bump, the rods going to flex away from a straight line, then the compression load is going to try and force that bend further before it has chance to flex back. Strangely, a lot of things people call "Push rod" steering really should be called "Pull rod" steering instead, because long lightweight pushrods flex like hell in compression. They NEED to be in tension to work without bending under load. Apart from those two things the project seems to be coming along pretty well.

  • 💪🔥🔥🔥❤️ось також зробив senewss.info/slow/i7qsnamDjcbHhsw/video&feature=share

  • The insanity continues! The most artistic {maybe it's autistic? Lol 😂}builds on SEnewss! The fabrication skills are just insane!! You guys are still #1

  • I have a ton of parts you guys could use for most of your builds, many parted out bikes and parts all boxed, and a ton of rims and tires all holding air mostly new from yz bikes. If you all want to hit me up Im over in Oregon and can cut a good deal! Would love to see them used by some smarty pantses like yourselves!

    • A set of quad tires and rims holding air, tons of carbs and all etc, bunch of subframes and seats, etc the list goes on.

  • Why don't change gear lever position bending it to the front? better for handling and..... family jewels!! Ciao!

  • Aloha bradahz I’ve been watching your builds and it inspires me to build my own but I have to learn a lot thanks for the vids , by the way I’m in Hawaii do you guys build and sell any go karts? I wanna represent your rides here in Hawaii 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽aloha ❤️

  • Make your shift handle out to the side on your right side it would be a perfect shift

  • 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  • When are you guys going to work on the fire truck?

  • what song?

  • I love it but I just wish the seating position was over the bellhousing so that you could run a handlebar off of the forks, I just think it looks weird having the bars so far back!

  • Do your signature snowmobile engine builds but put one on a Power Wheels

  • Wow I forgot why I started watching you guys till I seen this this is f****** awesome can I get one

  • This thing gone kill somebody

  • I would pay money to fly your yard 😆 great flying man. Great video too I'm just saying 😆

  • For the steering I would use 2 cables to pull it from each side instead of a metal leakage might be a bit les ugly

  • Rotary engine exhaust headers get extremely hot to the point that their glow red do not use thin pipes I repeat do not use thin wall piping for the exhaust

  • You should put in additional rod on the other side for the steering so that it pushes and pulls at the same time reducing the load on just that one rod and it will help reduce play in the steering

  • The rc cars that can drive upside down and ride side up like you can roll it over and the bottom looks the same as the top.

  • Man i love this mazda rx7 engine and transmissin, audi rear end, dirt bike front end and custom frame, these guys are nuts

  • 🤘😊👍💯💯💯

  • I wonder what it would look like if the steering was flipping like a u shape instead of a n

  • Cool.

  • A motorcycle steering damper might help with the jerkiness over bumps

  • You definitely need something like this: senewss.info/slow/hZOUgbGFiba8mpE/video ;)

  • I think the steering should be completely changed to something like the antique tractors that had the steering shaft across the top horizontally. Then make a big butterfly style steering wheel. Just my thoughts 🤷‍♂️

    • Hmm... Interesting idea! We are definately changing it to something different.

  • The link for the sponsor isnt working

  • Maybe should’ve started out with a big old heavy crotch rocket, The front wheel and forks would’ve possibly been better for a drift trike? Unless your gonna off-road ride then the more travel the better but probably gonna need a bit more ride height! I’m sure it will have tracks and a ski on it next winter! Lol.

    • Yeah, we thought about using a street bike front end, but we had this one already, so we just went with it.

  • The flying bag of gloves sent me 😂😂

  • lk5lklkn/@nxw m

  • For whatever reason, I keep envisioning a huge pair of ape hanger handle bars on this thing

  • Just wanna point out that what Sam has been calling a "trailing link" is most likely actually the toe link so you may want to check that the alignment isnt way off before you burn the welds in for good.

  • hey im sure you need to use two push rod i think that will bent if its only one dont say i dont worn you about that

  • You need to see a man called collin furze

  • hi you say sterng is a bit jumpy when at low speed try fitting a motobike steering dampener

  • Make the steering long chopper arms from the forks to the back would be sickk

  • locating the seat position so it feels good when you slide sideways, now that's designing for people who love driving! 👍 very cool 😎

  • Push pull cables. 2 cables and you could hide them very good.

  • Add another Tie rod to make it symmetrical, will complete the look and make it solid

  • Great idea on the steering. I was hoping for some ridiculously long ape hanger handlebars pulled back. It would be a cool feature and add to the bike.

  • how do you shift that