How to Sell ANY Car for a Profit

Publicerades den 20 feb 2021
In this video I go over the full process of how to flip a car for profit. Flipping cars is something you can do to make money. I show you how to research price and then sell that car on for a profit.
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  • That was phenomenal! I've flipped a few cars and made some profit. Thank you for sharing your tips and knowledge, wish I had that kind of insight and experience, I would love to increase the volume of vehicle flips. I have to agree, my least favorite part is doing the interior detail work. How tedious and time consuming 🙄🥱 My body is sore, achy, and sweaty by the time I get done with scrubbing the vinyl, steam cleaning and brushing the upholstery.

    • Good to hear to hear it man and thanks for the comments 👍

  • you dont account for the value of your time..

  • Great content !

  • Well done. Great video

  • if i went to see a car and it was in that filthy state when i went to view it, id walk away staright away, no matter what condition the car was in

  • This is a brilliant video mate. Just going to ask someone has scuffed my lease car and it's due to be returned. Any advise of how to fix the scuffs? Or is it better to just give it back like that and let them charge me for it? It's a Seat Leon 2019 plate but I can't mind the paint code in the boot anywhere :( please help

  • The gaming terrorizer flipping cars is what I can get behind😂

  • You're very good mate. So uncomplicated. Well done.

  • you forgot to add blinker fluid

    • @Mad4Motors You should tell the buyer that then so he doesn't have any faults with his car

    • Don’t know what that is man, but thanks for watching 👍

  • What website do you use to find these cars?

  • Well done, mate, great tips and great work

  • 👏👏👏👊💀, parabéns ficou muito bom

  • Just a simple and effective way to make a happy profit from €1000.

  • has it got MOT?

  • Owners online " no rust, 1st owner, runs perfect, motor doesnt shake, no smoke" You go there and see " 5 or 6 spots where rust made holes inside the chassis/structural damage, car rathless, gearshift is dead, suspension is tied with bubble gum and some 3 year old girl hair tying elastic, car makes blue, black and white smoke all at ones from various holes underneath" Owner " no bargain, maybe 50$ lower it only needs fluid and runs as new" You " iron bat smash brain"

  • subscriber earned

  • What sort of scanner do you use ?

  • I learnt something there thank you. A really quick and cheap flip is to just buy a car cheap that the owner cannot be bothered to have valeted. Get a back street valeter to bring it up like new and put it straight back on the market.

  • That sline tunning?😬

  • I loved every little detail you putted in. Can you make a rebuild to a Honda cbr 400 rr 1994 to a newer model?

  • break pads down to the metal? geee

  • Good job on the alloys

  • I brought a nisan micra painted the calipers blue listed it as a nissa gtr sold it for £22000 made 500000

  • Why did you change wheels, the original ones where 17’ from A6 C7 2012-2018

  • 850 in the car? You don't have to title, register and pay tax on it in your country? Not to mention insurance. Around here, you technically can't sell more than 2 cars a year without getting a dealers license.

  • what 600??? Here in germany model like that with blown motor is arround 3000 :D

  • I wouldn't buy a car from them, that almost borders on fraud.

  • Lovely job you did. Car looks really good

  • Really interesting mate, red for the brake calliper was the way to go too !!

  • im shocked that he didn't wash the car before any work.

  • what was that cleaning foam you used on the interior?

  • Good video. Difficult to make money buying and selling cars of this vintage as the buyers in this market are not prepared to spend much on a 15 year old car that costs a lot to tax.

  • I thought you would seriously flip a car. Like roll it over loolz ;)

  • I think that Red paint on the Calipers is great

  • Just beware that you can't do it full time, unless you start paying taxes and all that shit. Know a guy who got busted for flipping cars a couple years ago and he's still paying off the fines from the government. Unless you do it in cash, though, then you should be good

  • I set my labour rate at 1.5 times my day job and my profit seems lower but that way I don't buy cars that need a lot of labour.

  • im wondering why you don't wash the car befor you start ? and why not wash the doors etc. .. you scratch the care more with that wiper .

  • This guy’s voice sounds like a Skyrim NPC. Great video though, a lot of great info here!

  • Such clever tips. Like painting the calipers--genius!

  • Must be nice to have so many used Germans in Europe

  • In Germany they are around 6000€ in this condition. In great condition around 9000-10000€

  • Bloody good show! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👌🏽

  • Well done. What happens to v5c and sorn etc when you buy and sell do you have to pay for sorn or how does that work.

  • Nice one mate...good result

  • Well done mate...everybody is happy that’s the main thing 😎

  • in my country this car cost 6000-8000 €

  • Red works great with this colour!

  • Great video. When you said you wanted to paint the calipers red I was like "nooooooo" but it was the right choice.

  • Good video well done 👍 Always had you down as wexford area for some reason, turns out I'm only few miles from you

  • You didn’t make the car flip wtf dude what a waste of time smh

  • Considering all the hours / work you put into this, plus buying all the stuff. Do you even profit ?

  • Carwash the car first . Dummy

  • U sound like mccavern in peaky blinders

  • Wow 600€ crazy. In Germany you wouldn´t have got that car for under 3.500€.

  • Imma try this

  • never buy a black car.....

  • instructions unclear. my car is now upside down

  • what’s the website you found the car

  • Thanks so much bro, fabulous work

  • Great result!

  • where do you get your cans of spray paint made up

    • Hey, most local car parts shops will do it

  • That accent ? You sure you’re not Brad Pitt ?

  • How to prep and spray a car in 2 pack, quick guide ..... 42 seconds !! You just know your average Joe is gonna get himself into a whole mess of trouble don’t you ?

  • Love these vids

  • Fucking wicked channel mate, just bought the first car I actually like - 2008 A4 Sline. Channels like this make me want to get out there and sort everything myself! Just dont want to fuck it up lol you make it look easy!

  • omg!! in hungary the same 2006 a4 2.0 is starting at 3200 euros... the fact that you can buy the same car for 600 euros (and you have higher salary rate) is killing me. i hate this country

  • 600 euros? That year/model in Croatia isn't under 3500 euros..

  • How many hours of labour?

  • u spe too lw

  • its 74 not 64 for paint supplies

  • New pads only? What about the brake rotor mate

  • great work dude, i just feel that those wheels don't look the best. Otherwise, great

  • Where are you from?

  • I jus absolutely love it when a good paint job is done nice👌

  • Good job but why do you start painting and cleaning the doorsills with a paper towel before giving it a normal wash?

    • Oh yes I didn't want to dirty my microfibre cloths

  • Style and I have to be in

  • rly nice to see some actually good content

  • These wheels doesnt fit at all

  • The cheapest Audi b7 diesel for sale on my country lists for 5650€ with 278k km!

  • question, why didn't you take t5he whole calipers off when painting them?

  • i bought a Volvo s60 2.4 2001 for 400$, with a completely bust engine, took the whole engine apart and fixed it, sold it for 1900$. I call that a win as the parts cost only abput 600$.

  • Dang, that car looks so badass now

  • red calipers always look good

  • Where do you buy your cars from

  • When you buy a car don’t you have to pay a tax? Here in Italy for an A4 of average displacement and power, let’s say a 2.0 TDI with 140/150HP, you need to pay around 600€ in taxes just to move the registration of the car from the previous owner. And preparing the paperwork with the government offices takes at least a couple of weeks. It will be uneconomical to try to flip cheap cars like that.

  • Excellent video again 👏👏👌

  • This is awesome the only problem is a car even much worse then this goes for 10,000$ in US which means nothing because our currency is complete garbage and is probably worth nothing by the time you will read this-

  • it really triggers me how he spells the word car. but nice video anyways

  • I'm really interested in flipping cars but my only worry is me not being diy geek


  • Dude, one suggestion, first, you should give this car a good clean inside and out.. You started polisihing while car was pretty dirty outside ?

  • Great job! I'm good with hands, but I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to paint that well or even close to that. Actually one thing struck me: In my world (I used to live in Russia) people stay away from repainted cars. It's the clearest sign of a big accident. They just check the whole car body with a thickness gauge and if it's shows signs of repaint, they just move on to another car. So most people just leave the scratches unless they start to rust badly.

  • Great Content Man!

  • personally i think the red fits perfectly with the black paint

  • great job..amazing skills..

  • In my country they sell u a lada for 4000 pounds XD great video !

  • Getting those paint work and the laborious cleaning shows it is really hard work you put into detailing the car. You deserve the $1400.

  • thats alot of work

  • Nice job fair play little bit of graft n nice profit

  • you earned a subsciber :D sell me a car european ON ! left side straering weel xD