Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC

Publicerades den 8 jan 2021
Chris Hayes: “It is entirely possible that there were people in that crowd, looking to apprehend, possibly harm, and possibly murder the leaders of the political class that the President, and people like Mo Brooks, and even to a certain extent Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, have told them have betrayed them." Aired on 1/8/2021.
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Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC


  • Why is this anchor saying “the riot the former president and republicans incited”. That is false information and dead wrong. This is the problem with America. The left media is corrupt and wicked

  • 如果是BLM在国会这样抗议,会被屠杀吗?

  • MSNBC.. . you're next to be exposed for propaganda

  • I denounce all Trump supporters who took part in this rally because violence like what here was totally unacceptable.

  • "blue lives matter" also them:. just admit it trump supporters you just made up that to demote blm, its like a protest against blm

  • @7:32 now you know how a man crush to death sounds like :(

  • Protest!!!

  • They keep saying that the president incited this riot. Why isn't he being charged? So now Trump gets away with murder.

  • MAGA 2024

  • The fact that he compared this to Benghazi makes me sick.


  • I see most of you are still to stupid to look into something without a bias. Most of you are to ignorant to research on your own. Fact checkers were made for you idiots. You are to lazy to look for yourselves. Stay miserable... Some of you will reeeeeee at my comment without looking for yourself. You are the reason operation mockingbird was created. Go look at that if you aren’t to lazy.

  • MSBC is fake news big news

  • These people and antifa need lots of rubber buck shot from a Remington 870, when they start acting like this.

  • 28k people who dislike are real goons

  • Trespassers shall be shot , survivors shall be shot again

  • we now know the "struck with fire extinguisher " story was false, so who started the lie?

  • only in america.........

  • It shows the Antfa sissies what a real revolution looks like. The patriots on Jan 6th didn't attack innocent bystanders or private property they took there grievances to the heart of US Federal power. That's what upset and scared the progressive weenies so severely. We the people know how to get the job done and we will finish the job if and when needed. Viva the Patriot resistance. Oh by the way this report is full of debunked lies and proven inaccuracies.

  • The dislikes on this video perfectly display the unprofessional reporting. MSNBC sucks

  • TRUMP2024!!!!

  • What did Trump say when he was inaugurated? "This *'American carnage'* ends right now" or something? Look at the amount of carnage this clinical narcissist caused by refusing to admit he lost. "The system's rigged," he said in 2016. Even during his first election he sounded like he was going to instigate a riot if he lost.

  • Only in America !! Not any different from a third world country .

  • Neanderthals trying their best.

  • BlUe liVEs maTTEr anTiFa bAd

  • shoot em , just shoot em . this isn't patriotism anymore , this is terrorism.

  • Whats the point of being United if no one cares.

  • Looking for the blue lives matter folk. Where are y’all?

  • The Republican party's slogan of "Jobs Not Mobs" is ineffective as of January 6th.

  • hey americans!!!!! watch this and be ashamed ashamed ashamed .

  • Nope. BLM riots were more dangerous. More people died. More people injured. More houses burned. There is no comparison.

  • they call muslims terrorist but this is

  • when i heared the pence execution i remembered the french revolution

  • There ought to be a million dollar bounty so nobody escapes prosecution.

  • In the comments, Sane people: "This is just tragic" Insane people: "bUt WhAt ABoUt BLM?!?"

  • Seeing that women get shot is just sad 😞.... She died for a lie...

  • 6:16 you broke into the wrong house fool

  • Send them to gitmo

  • Trump2024

  • Meanwhile, in other cities blm and antifa are still rioting and killing people.

  • Fake news

  • This is why America is the clown capitol of the entiere world in 2021.

  • Lock up every last one of them senators presidents representatives lock them up!

  • America is built on treason and anarchy.

  • Why Rachel wearing a suit.

  • That awkward moment when you finally admit to the world that “Blue Lives Matter” only ever meant “Black Lives Don’t”.

  • This may seem like a stupid comment, but I feel like more brute force by the officers was needed, they broke into a government building and all the officers could do was push back or use tear gas? And the fact the rioters acted so shocked when that women got shot, after breaking into a government building and injuring many officers whilst storming in like a bunch of angry bulls.

  • Be less political, watch more anime 🥲

  • Selective Outrage is all this is. 7 weeks of real riots and cops beaten and even killed over the summer. Where were all the fake bleeding hearts represented in this BS comment section!

  • You know as well as I know that was a setup. That it was not Republicans. You know it's antifa and that they were paid to do this. Most of what's in there we had it slow motion and you can see how fake most of it was. All of it is BS

  • This coming from MO-FO's who make movies. This guy sounds like a drama queen,should be banned from airwaves.

  • If this was black people they would have to bring in alot of body bags

  • Propaganda central

  • Duh!

  • Just a bunch of basement dwelling deplorables the ones we identified and locked up for trespassing didn't have any CEO's, private jet flying on real estate people, cops, lawyers, veterans, state delegates, county commissioners or anything significant among them just a bunch of 5 year old toddlers in mind body and spirit in need of a time out in the corner and no video games is all.

  • It's amazing that these people(insurrectionists)wanted to keep the trump administration in power,even though there poor handling of the coronavirus pandemic cost by that time 500,000 lives.And they still wanted trump as there president?Incredible just incredible.

  • 6:05 spawning in round 20 be like

  • Don’t put the Officer’s picture next to the pictures of the terrorists like their lives are the same

  • the reporter looks so disappointed at america

  • This is beyond disgusting and an assault on national democracy for the figurehead of a country to insight a coup against its own government shows a callous demeaner and why people have fought to remove him from office. A Brainwashed sway over the American People. As a British person I have no point of view on this but the insurrection baffles me when theirs now been a disturbing estimate of loss of lives

  • Where’s all the racist comments now??? Oh the whites don’t wana talk about this mess huh??? But the moment a black is in the news they start with racist ideological bigotry and stereotypes.

  • Don’t believe anything that this media tells you the inside lies to destroy our country don’t believe anything that they say

  • It was a peaceful protest.

  • Communist propaganda

    • Wtf is communist about this

  • No ignorance is worse than the ignorance of killing your own!

  • may have brought it on yourselves. To make an omelette, ya gotta crack some eggs..;) ooooo! I’m a terrorist now!

  • MSNBC oozes mendacity.

  • Oh quit splitting hairs. The riots were caused by major media outlets, who are ran by elitists that are sick in the head. The BLM and Proudboy groups, are being led by false flag agents!

  • The world is disgusting.


  • 6:15 wtf did they think was gonna happen...

  • Imagine how the innocent people at restaurants felt when BLM mobs attacked them and destroyed entire cities????


  • “Way worse”? 🤣🤣🤣

  • This is what happens when the Government keeps heinous secrets over hundreds of years 😢

  • And SEnewss won't stop deleting my comments about the person who ushered in these times of violence and social unrest. Casey Hunt just named Donald Trump and Nicole Wallace murmured in agreement, but youtube keeps deleting all my comments mentioning his name. SEnewss may be obliged to ban political lies, but it's banning the ugly truth as well. The truth is what's needed, but youtube refuses to allow me to speak it with any specificity whatsoever. Now another Capitol police officer is dead and I can't even name the guilty party because youtube will delete it.

  • Tyants are so paranoid the guilt makes them see conspiracy all around . Like Stalin next I guess dems will just start a night of long knives to get rid of anyone that has a opposing view.

  • These Trump supporters should’ve been shot forever

  • The new zombie apocalypse of 2021: America

  • Have fun arresting thousands of people who broke in lol

  • Everything was planned by The incompetent Baiden

  • Layers,comunist

  • Sorry US, you guys are screwed! From the UK.

  • Remember guys, Only in the US.

  • NO, !!!!!! "" It's fixed pictures,""!!!!

  • This saddens me to today. Those poor officers whom fighting to defend the very place that holds the ideas of democracy. God bless those officers whom did their best fighting the veil and wicked people that turned against our nation, whom deiced to act against the very things our founding fathers fought for. I wished i was there to support those officers and helped those officers with everything i have to protect democracy.

  • I feel like we're in the moment of the American Civil war, Trump being Buchanan. After Buchanan, Abraham Lincoln is next in taking president. Who knows? Biden could be like Lincoln and fix all of this, or he could divide us even more. So far, he's done a good job.

  • Mostly peaceful protest.


  • RIP to that officer🙏🏾🙏🏾 I don't care about the rioters

  • They stood up to a corrupt government!

    • Yeah, Trump's government was corrupt.

  • Those violent protesters are complete idiots, no joke.

  • Hashtag worse?? Yeesh, this is what the media wants to consume? Worse stories? So strange to see that hashtag from one of the major media outlets.

  • i would recommend watching the footage with no volume

  • This is rediculious .

    • Only few people got arrested

  • The abject fireman reilly whine because pocket commercially behave beneath a scintillating meeting. brawny, ahead pickle

  • Where was Gondor when the capital hill was invaded by crazy kids

  • What a bunch of IDIOTS!

  • Surprised not more people died. Try doing to the parliament hill in Canada and now it's practically get shot on sight.

  • Wow such people exist in America?