Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC

Publicerades den 8 jan 2021
Chris Hayes: “It is entirely possible that there were people in that crowd, looking to apprehend, possibly harm, and possibly murder the leaders of the political class that the President, and people like Mo Brooks, and even to a certain extent Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, have told them have betrayed them." Aired on 1/8/2021.
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Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC


  • so much for a first world country...

  • Does anyone know if Trump has spoken about these events and the people who died?

  • I saw the poo tree est republicans on tv youtube, they should change theirself to become a democrat. richer than that.

  • This makes me physically sick

  • We the people.. this country has been headed towards this.. history repeats itself.. this is war.. this is real if you are struggling you aren't alone things are not okay right now but it is okay

  • More of them should’ve been shot

  • A fire extinguisher killed him? 🤨😂... what?

  • Same video on all MSM LOOK FOR OTHER VIDEO'S


  • We need a legal definition -- as a felony -- of Trump criminal stupidity,.M inimum $10000 fine and 6 months in federal prison

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  • If BLM went in there they could never go across the first step

  • How i wish that someone had a tomato cannon

  • Ya nice try MSNBC 😂

  • I oppose the impeachment of Trump. He did and said nothing wrong. Pelosi is blameshifting and should be investigated by all regulatory authorities.

  • Whats all the fuss? Aint no big deal

  • Why you forcefully keep it "the united" states when it clearly is not united???

  • Such despicable evil!!! Trump & his supporters & enablers must be held accountable at last!!!

  • Every person involved & every congressman, as well as senator exhibiting support &/or covertly supporting the rioters including Donald J Trump need to be arrested, charges w/insurrection, sedition & every other crime possible & prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Not one of them should be given any break at all. Especially Trump. He is guilty of treason & insurrection at the very least & should be prosecuted for those crimes, along with all of the rest of his crimes including murder.

  • Oh I know binder is gonna win after this lol

  • This kinda stuff happens because so many people are realizing the wrong and corrupt thigs that are happening and can't take it anymore.

  • Western countries and USA in particular praised hongkong mob for entering and ransacking hongkong parliament. Now USA leaders got their bittersweet of their medicine. Karma comes back to hunt you right???? Hahahahaha

  • Everything looks so good ???

  • 👮‍♂️ 🚔 ⚔️ ⚔️ ⚔️ @6:34 ~ *Capital police should have open fired on the crown with deadly bullets. As awful as that is, that’s what should have happened. But I get why that didn’t happen. The Secret Service would have Open fired the minute they crossed over the White House’s black fence.* I'm not saying the insurrectionists/riders should have been shot for punitive reasons, purely for defense. They could've been armed with explosives, especially since explosives were found in a car by the FBI and were planted at political offices in DC. Killing several members of Congress would actually be worse than killing the president. Doesn’t matter who the president is, it would still be worse. I don’t know the exact number where the scale is tipped, but it’s worse no matter who the president is. And lastly, VP Mike Pence needs to get Secret Service protection for at least the next 10 years instead of six months. He and his family should not be living their life scared because he finally stood up to Trump and by doing his constitutional duty With certifying the electoral college votes. It’s not even something that “should” be a discretionary move, it’s supposed to be a more procedural move. It’s crazy these idiots think the president’s sidekick (meaning no matter who the POTUS/VP) should be able to overturn an election. The reason the states run the elections is to prevent a POTUS from becoming a tyrant and keeping themselves in office or picking there a successor like a king would. What if a VP did the same thing in order to HELP Hillary Clinton? What if when Joe Biden was VP he tried to give the election to Hillary Clinton for the 2016 election? Or what if Hillary Clinton had won in 2016 but then lost in 2020, should her VP have overturn the election to keep her from being kicked out of office?

  • Give me the blue pill...

  • Should Let Trump and his family watch this Video everyday for the rest of his life!

  • She was scared, she cried for help, no one came. That's why the second amendment is so important!!!

  • Lol funny country

  • Shoot them, no man, no problem

  • im lag YT is now in theis bussnines with netflix and amazone because this whole MURICA show is fkn great 🤣

  • How many have been killed by Black Lives Matter I wonder

  • 🙄

  • That’s a beautiful scene! As said by the Americans about HK protests two years ago. This is beautiful indeed. That’s democracy right.

  • Sigh...

  • Was it that foggy on 6th? Keep it real please.

  • It was Trump supporter cosplay Antifa who broke into the Capitol! ️It is known all over the world!

  • It's all a set up

  • Haha, I'm crying 😅😅😅😅 Yall spent 5 years threatening trump and pence and are now in an outrage when a mob is trying to do it? All about fitting your narrative right? Hypocrite lefties... enjoy your soup lines for rations you can't afford what's coming under Biden, peasants....

  • This is what happens when communists try to take over the government

  • Only white people in America can do this!

  • To save a country you burn it to the ground... seems logical enough...

  • Could you be just a little more dramatic, you are kind riding the line and it’s almost believable at times.

  • One trick of brainwashing by use of propaganda is repeating yourself over and over how many times did he repeat himself insided by the president with vigor pronunciation?

  • Yt: Planetary collapse is a growth opportunity

  • No sympathy for those senators nor any suit in that Capitol building. Off with their heads.

  • Qanon and tRumpism. When stupidity should be painful.

  • Good editing 😂😂😂😂

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  • Hey USA, 5 people died in *your* White House. *No matter how/who/why.* There is something wrong going on. Condolences.

    • That wasn't the white house. Stick to your own countries politics

  • President Trump had nothing to do with them idiots going into the capitol y'all are making all this up and just saying it was him. we all know it was not him President Trump would not do that!!

    • Mike, Trump asked the people to march to the Capitol and his son asked for the people to use violance. Trump wanted this. How ignorant are you to think this were not his people.

  • America will never recover from this....

    • @Moon Love All Empires fall some harder than others. Good luck 🇺🇸

    • I agree. It's the end of America as the world leader all thanks to Trump and these people.

  • this all is so scary, i might have to talk to my therapist after this.

  • This is equivalent to entering a museum at night illegally when it's closed, or someone's home uninvited. It's lack of respect from a bunch of morons. My condolences to the victim's families.

  • Oh what a load of crap, Trump never implied that by saying "Pence better be there for us" that he wanted to hang him. Everyone and i mean "everyone" can expect a few people who go over bored. But you have to expect that from groups. There will always be people who act that way. All Trump wanted was a little smoke and a little fire strong enough to be noticed and heard. The message he meant to send was that he is strong and will always be there to fight for us. Even when others are bent on bringing this country down by lying and cheating. Be proud of the few that have enough brains to know when their country is being lead astray by wolfs. Yes, that is too bad about the deaths. but everyone is to blame for this mess. So dont act all clean yourself. Their blood is on the "countries" hands not just one group. Just remember, when others see people giving their life for a cause. All you can expect is for them to buy more into that cause. Because pretty soon you may see that it will be a matter of time for that group to get more determined.

  • The constitution will hang by a thread. And i am sorry to be alive to see it.

  • Well welcome to the average Americans daily life. The elites aren't used to this in their lives.

  • And they caused over $2 Billion in damages! Oh wait, that was BLM. Nevermind.

    • What are you on about. Regardless if anyone else has caused damage, watch this video and see how these Trump supporters have just singlehandedly ended America's world leadership. And that was worth much more than 2 billion.

  • Indians and Turks watching this report should understand this is the true face of Majoritarianism. Betrayal, antinationalism and hypocrisy is what they truly stand for. Please understand there is actually no difference between Trump and Modi and Erdogan. The people have the power to bring these coward down from power, please stop letting these extremists divide your nations.

  • Only whitefolks acting out everytime yall just stop yall crap jesus !!

  • The young boy trapped in the door was in agony..,he could've been crushed to death awful way to die (look up Hillsborough in the UK 1989).. thankfully that young cop still has his life...if only the other young man had lived...sadly Brian D Sicknick (30.6.1978-7.1.2021) wasn't so lucky 😥😥😥

  • Lol we need a civil war soon

  • Wtf...are you people doing..I gotta say as a white Aussie even I can figure if that was any of the duskier folks this would of been a slaughter house.

  • At this point I’m about to move to Canada, Eh.

  • MSNBC clearly didn't actually listen to Trump's actual speech that allegedly incited the violence. Seriously, it's like someone just told then "Trump incited the Capitol riots" and they were like "Yeah, let's go with that!" This is second hand news from a reputable source. Very disappointing.

    • he called them fine people and he didn’t condone them so therefore he incited them

  • Dems funded BLM & Antifa who dressed as Trump supporters and caused the Capital mayhem. (1) BLM leader already arrested and confessed to being on a dark chat with Antifa as they planned it.

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  • Its a complete lie to say that Trump incited this. This might actually be a court offensible because he did not incite breaking into the capitol. That is a false statement.

    • @Moon Love He said something around the lines "let's walk down Pensylvania Avenue and give the senators a piece of our mind.."or something like that. You should learn to listen closely and not rely on what lies CNN tells you. BTW what Nancy Pelosi said in 2016 after Trump got elected "There should be uprisings. This election IS fraud..blabal" First she gets arrested and Chuck Shumer for his comments after the appointing of the judges?

    • Have you watched the video? Have you heard the same speech?

  • Not for nothing we the people own it!!! If we choose to burn it to the ground that’s our choice !!! This is our country!!! Not the politicians and puppets !!! Not the left extreme or the right extreme but is the normal hard working families who just want to live life be happy and raise happy healthy kids why shouldn’t we demand by an means necessary our country to be run the fair and honest way it was supposed to be set up to do !! Now it’s nothing but lies and corruption payoffs and bribes!!!!!

    • And Trump is the most corrupted one of them all.

  • They can remove the TRUMP name from buildings all they want but they will never be able to remove the TRUMP name from this murderous Trump domestic terrorist event. Trump sent them into combat and from every angle it is abundantly clear that this domestic terrorist event was Sponsored by TRUMP.

  • They are doing well

  • Chris , you are a genius . I'm glad you are on the good side


    • How did he do that Frank enlighten us, please? You are actually the reason the country will no longer be number one in the world.

  • If there still is or was such a thing as the cold war, Trump has just single handily won it for the opposition.

  • Ce pays de dégénérés.

  • What were these people thinking? Honestly, it scares me how this one guy had POLICE EQUIPMENT. This is why I hate trump and his twisted followers. If you’re offended by this, my comment is about you.

  • This is America. : (

  • Barbarian & terrorist ethic in America who claimed to be the most civilized & democratic country in the world..

  • At the end of the day the so called America Government Defence Agency are useless.

  • But not as bad as Blm riots though? Or antifa?

  • The Dictator have left the building, now start clean up his mess and make America great again!

  • Disgusting to watch

  • That dude is trying to sound like Tucker Carlson

  • God forbid people take back the power they’ve given away.

  • Form the Testudo! Forward!

  • This would never had happened if it wasn't for "fake news". Shame on the corporate media.

  • Translated video by MSNBC siezes to be a real footage, I am looking for original footage. Someone send me a link.

  • Trump nearly caused a second Civil War. That was terrible.

  • If this is what some Americans call 'peaceful' protesters, no wonder your country is a basket case.

    • If the mpls riots were peaceful that's a joke too. You can't call one peaceful and not the other no matter who you are.

  • Wao, Trump is going to have to answer to some of this, incredible, people were there for the country to see them, their own faces and words will convict them, and aslo will be their downfalls; many people in the country have identify a lot of them and turned them to the FBI.

  • Trump should have went to prison too

  • Also no one was upset about people being killed during the summer riots/looting. No one on the major news channels spoke about their deaths!! People wake up and speak your opinion

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  • They were not trump supporters they were Biden supporters they wanted a wonderful president trump too get blamed so he would not win election it was a set up by Biden supporters they were they did not support president trump they wanted it too look that way so this dear President Trump🐇 🌷gets treated meen

  • No different from the aggressors of BLM... all the same to me

    • Yeah, because a protest that spawned riots and looting due to the area being low income neighborhoods is totally the same as a large group of white supremacists breaking into the Capitol because of radical/ fear mongering leadership

  • Hello everyone I hope you guys gonna watch this 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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  • And BLM was peaceful?

  • If it would have been antifa that killed that cop it would have been no big deal.

  • P.s I love seeing violence and disturbing images it shows how real life really is so why are we hiding it because our kids if anything those kids should be knowing this so maybe they can change the future because they are the future so what up