Doctor and Lawyer React To Grey’s Anatomy Malpractice Episode

Publicerades den 2 maj 2021
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Legal Eagle and I went head to head last year to see which was harder, Med School or Law School. We decided to bury the hatchet this time and join our forces to react to the popular medical malpractice episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Season 10 Episode 9 “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word”. I brought my medical knowledge about a surgery gone wrong for a snowboarder who loses his legs above the knee. Devin Stone brought his legal expertise to break down what was accurate and what was fake during the trial of Dr. Callie Torres.
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • The sponge was wrongfully accused! #spongejustice #justiceforthesponge

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  • For a surgery like this, would all the research be done by one surgeon (like in this episode), or would there be a team. Also I would think that a team should have made this decision, not just one doctor. Anyone know how these things happen in real life? Team work Vs single person decisions..

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  • After a shitty week that involved 4 days in the hospital and going to court this is oddly relaxing. Btw, I got robbed, but I’m fine for the most part.

  • A quick comment about one hard crash causing arthritis: I don't think it was arthritis that did him in, but Bo Jackson's athletic career was pretty much taken away because he landed on his hip during a what looked like a routine, simple tackle. Just a freak accident is what it was.

  • "Only one proper colour for a shirt which is white" bro they got shirt racism now

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  • last week on monday i got my blood taken for a bloodtest. While doing so after putting the needle in i stoped feeling my arm like it was all tingly and my arm is still bruised till today like blue green aspots... and my doctor said she can do nothing... cool cause i cant do either i cant use my arm 100% normaly without feeling pain is that a case of malpractice? (ps: i found out the assistant who took my blood hasnt finished her exams yet and is not allowed to draw blood)

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  • The issue of the arterial clot causing acute limb ischemia is pretty easily explained given that he has endocarditis. Sounds like septic emboli. Alternatively, you can see similar presentations of both venous and arterial thrombotic clots in DIC secondary to sepsis.

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  • He never went home with a fever, he went home fine and was brought in two weeks later with a fever.

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  • As a phlebotomist when you said " patients think its like , "I want X " when in reality its not in their best interest". I get patients with pipelines in their antecubital but want a butterfly needle in the back of their hand with thin and and swirmy veins, who then complain about bruising or a hematoma. lol but as a masters of biomedical science student its funny to know this will stay with me in the future as a doctor lol .

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  • My doctor said I would be perfectly fine after my femur break didn’t happen nerve damage that he acted like was my fault and couple other problems

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  • OK Dr Mike I normally agree with most of what you have to say but imma have to call you on this one. First off this episode has many flashbacks so it happened over the course of months because if y'all were paying attention it starts with Torres married and when she's in court she's separated from her wife. Secondly the patient was a former pt of Dr Yang when she did a valve replacement on him. Dr Torres didn't want to use the valve because it wasn't even approved on the market yet so no help in the OR from the company because it was still in trial phases but she tried for it anyway and made sure he knew it would be her first time. Thirdly the patient was crashing during surgery so she had to weigh leaving the sponge and potential infection or him dying on the table. Fourthly the pt went home fine with no signs of infection but when she saw him again it's cause he waited 2 weeks to come back and had let the infection continue as you well know hard headed patients can easily do. Fifthly your experience seems to be limited to teaching hospitals with giddy and anxious interns and residents constantly watching patients but that is not the case in every hospital in the regular world. I live in Houston, one of largest cities in the US and have worked for teaching and non teaching hospitals and in neither environment will the doctors be doing neuro checks, monitoring vital signs and physically assessing the patient multiple times a day after a hip surgery -- that's our job as the nurses to do and you bet your fine booty that the nurse would have found that leg cold before it got that bad as that patient would have went through the ER been given a sepsis protocol and probably put in ICU or at least IMCU where nurses would be monitoring him. Unfortunately Grey's doesn't like to show how things really work but in most hospitals after surgery the surgeon will stop by maybe once or twice unless something happens otherwise the patients care is mainly given over to the attending doctor and any consults (like in this patients case cardiology) the patient typically doesn't follow up with the surgeon in their office until at least 2 weeks sometimes up to 6 weeks later depending on what surgery they had. This patient obviously didn't care for the incision site or monitor it nor did his fiance until it was very far gone it didn't get that way overnight.

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  • Aren’t post-surgical wounds re-dressed frequently?